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I always tell folks I started my career in a Van.. a 3 month road trip living in a VW Bus photographing California from north to south. It took me almost a decade but I finally made a dream project of mine happen (alongside some really creative people) I built my own. The novelty of living in a van wore off a long time ago. 😆 This rig was created with a single purpose, hitting the road at a moments notice & photographing the beauty this world has to offer. Whether it's with my kids or the guys I work with. I am releasing a video in the following weeks about the entire process of the build from what we used & fabricated to how we did it and ultimately why.
Stay tuned.
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One of the only things I had on my bucket list for Lofoten was to climb this beautiful feature known as 'Svolværgeita'. But instead my shoes & harness sat in my bag never to be unpacked. I hurt my shoulder protecting a water housing in the surf ... and separated my AC joint. So instead of climbing I sat with my arm in a sling & got to photograph my friends on this perfectly fun granite spire. The steep hike up with a heavy pack was probably the furthest thing from what the ER doctor meant when he said to Take it Easy & no weight bearing.
Wounds heal... Experiences like this come once. If at all.
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It's amazing how all these colors can live in harmony. Each complimenting the other. Maybe someday we can learn to do the same.


Have you ever read a book you can't put down? Taking notes on the pages & studying it like a manual for life. The autobiography of 'Ansel Adams' has been like that for me lately.
He discusses The formula for creativity as being simple... 'A freedom from rules and techniques'. Are the results meant to be perfect? No. I don't think so. Nothing great ever begins that way.


Start your morning at the beach with a dip in the Pacific. End it with a hike & campfire in the Sierra. There are no better days than these. The close proximity of mountains & ocean are what keep me here. .
The open space & open mindedness from where I was raised is what I'm grateful for most.


It's often you (the viewer) that comes to mind when I'm shooting photographs like this. I've gone to great lengths to bring scale & ultimately understanding to an otherwise foreign and undefinable landscape. While flying over these braided river systems, this small Piper Cub below our Cessna helped give a perspective for how large these glacial floodplains appear with the naked eye. Matching our speed as we created this image was almost impossible as we struggled to maintain a distance of 1,000 ft apart. I've never felt more sick while trying to focus through a viewfinder as our plane turned to reveal the ground below.
A collection of this 6 year body of work is still on display at @paulnicklengallery in NYC as apart of 'Vanishing Worlds' a fine art show that looks at some of our most delicate landscapes. Signed copies of my book are also available.


What does it mean?


This beach changed my life. Amidst losing all feeling in my toes & fingers I had never actually felt more deeply than in this moment years ago. I learned valuable lessons about the important of risk, and the joys of enduring the cold on that beach. It's been a few years but I always knew I would return at some point. This Saturday I fly back to Norway for a quick trip to revisit some of these places that inspired me so long ago. It was even the basis for my TED talk & a big section of the memoir I've been writing.


Failure and success become pretty irrelevant when you realize that trying is half the fun. The other half? Well... the view of course.
@rannveigaamodt moves through space in Kalymnos, Greece. @prana


'Under an Arctic Sky' is finally available for pre- order! Releasing globally online Sep 5th. With 2+ years of work... blood, sweat, tears and 20 stitches (in @renan_ozturk 's leg) and we finally have something we are beyond proud to share! European tour coming soon! Check my bio link for more information or
Thanks to all those who have supported this journey.


It seems like most of what we shoot has a pretty certain outcome. In fact we often go to great lengths to remove as many variables as we can. The same location, same times of day.. even to the point of shooting what we have shot before hoping to see something new. I do it all the time. Over the years I've found myself drawn back to shooting in the Ocean simply because of it's pure unpredictability. In a split second you can create something you never could have envisioned... because you simply have never seen it before.

A water droplet creates a portal behind the wave as @petedevries drives through a Nicaraguan tube during our @clifbar trip.


In this immense glaciated landscape we humans are restored to our proper size.


Everything else is just noise.


The craters of Mývatn ... I had a dream about this place last night. Probably induced by the film I stayed up watching about cars driving across the ice that was filmed there. It's better in real life.


There is only a handful of really great nights to see the Milky Way throughout the year. Often during the peak summer months when the moon is almost non existent or just a sliver 🌙. These celestial events are always fleeting.. never still.. constantly moving. I think that is why photographing it feels so rewarding. You can literally count the hours its visible.


Let's be real... we all know who the real artist is. .
Unedited video shot on iPhone


It's amazing how we have learned to make one good memory last for a very long time. Selective memory at its finest. .
@forrestshearer shot in Nicaragua for @clifbar


I wouldn't be where I am today without an amazing team. My favorite thing is to bring these creative visions to life, but with the commercial projects we take on there's always a lot of people behind the scenes that make it work and probably don't get enough credit...If it wasn't for @russell_holliday 1st assistant, @_ryanhill_ Photo Editor & @mikeysandifer operations manager (and all those who came before) none of these jobs would be nearly as successful...or fun. It's this collective effort that makes so much of what we do possible. Even from the beginning stages of planning months ahead, scouting & ultimately final execution, these guys are always putting in the long hours it takes to pull these projects off... Some of the most talented people I have ever been able to work with. .
Shot for @prana catalog in Greece last fall.


Our award winning film 'Under an Arctic Sky' is coming to Europe for a 10 City Tour Aug 28- Sep 8. I'm excited to personally visit every city & present the film + slideshow + Q&A.
For tickets check my bio link or here: .
*limited tickets available
Film is showing at other European cities at film festivals.


Last night after hiking through a thunderstorm I saw an orange glow in the distance from my campsite. In the high country the views go on forever & just a few miles away lightning had started a raging forrest fire. There was mixed emotions but luckily the wind was in our favor... blowing it away from us. But winds can change quickly & I've leaned that fire can move fast... especially when you are completely surrounded by fuel with miles & miles to the nearest safe point.
I got up early & smoke filled the air... a haze was in sky & the sunrise looked like something you would paint. It seems that most of the photos I've taken that ever meant something to me were because of adverse conditions. This morning was such a blur.. my eyes stung... I felt like I saw something in nature you were never meant to see and it was beautiful.
Shot on my phone.


When it comes to Wilderness everyone has an opinion. I want to know what yours is!
Next month I am guest editing the Wilderness Issue of @whalebonemagazine along side my good friend @charles_post . I wanted to create an article created entirely on social interaction & opinion. Basically your comments. So I'm asking two questions that seem pretty relevant today.

1. Wilderness at the Expense of Access or Access at the Expense of Wilderness?...
meaning should trails & Access be created so everyone can enjoy - even those limited to wheelchairs. Or should we limit access, preserving the wildness but limit it to a select few. .
2. What role ... if any... does social media play in our national parks & Wild places? .
Please understand- by commenting you are agreeing to be apart of this article & have your comments published with your handle credited.


The anticipation of this month's Solar Eclipse has had my head spinning. The excitement at times has felt palpable & other moments complete stress. Just last week I scouted & shot for @airbnb in central Oregon. The job was simple - photograph one of the best viewing locations for the eclipse in the US. We tracked the suns paths to where it will ultimately climax on August 21st as the last great solar eclipse to sweep the USA in 99 years. The best part about this viewing dome location is that it's here & gone... just like the eclipse. If you want to win this private viewing experience check out the link in my bio or here:


Dip your hands in cold water, imagine the sound of the Stellar Jay & the rush of the Merced river & you get the picture. This is good medicine. .


Instagram is rarely instant for me... with the conveniences of modern day cameras & editing software it's hard not to want to perfect every moment behind a computer. But once in awhile an experience is so ethereal that it has to be shared just the prove the moment was real... more for myself than anything else. Tonights sky straight from the iphone. No edit required
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The optical illusion created by a partially dipped lens has always intrigued me. The over/under effect was a technique I used to think was only reserved for expensive Waterhousings & highly skilled photographers. The truth is I was wrong about both.. I shot this out of a cheap plastic bag housing with pretty minimal skill other than being willing to experiment. The 'willing' part was the main skill needed. Clear water & the correct angle of the sun created the canvas & I just picked up the brush. A single image shot in camera.


Best use of a roof rack I have found yet.
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Peace of mind. Many people have called Jökulsárlón the Jewel of Iceland... and if you have visited it's glacial lagoon or diamond beach you know of its beauty. After a 20 year private land dispute the area has finally been purchased & placed under environmental protection by the Icelandic government & added to the Vatnajökull national park. Ive traveled here almost a decade & have seen the visitation swell.. but have always been able to walk along the shoreline & find a peaceful spot all to myself. Regardless of how you feel about tourism, protecting this natural wonder is a step in the right direction to educate those that visit & yearn to know more.


Everything begins again.


Last month I spent a week in Nicaragua... I swam, surfed, got food poisoning, a sunburn, shot photos, ate copious amounts of Clif bars, got a drone confiscated (got it back) and met my old friend the mosquito. By far the best part of the experience was the time we spent in service helping build a music room for a small local school. Eyes filled with sweat & hands weak from using the sledgehammer.. I can't remember the last time I was more grateful to get on a plane go somewhere knowing my time spent there might actually help someone else. .
For the full trip report check the link in my bio:
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A near vertical Milky Way divides the two dormant volcanoes Bishops peak & Cerro San Luis mountain. It wasn't the clear perfect night I hoped for but it never really is when shooting in your own backyard. I know for me at least I take more pride in shooting photos near my home than anything I create across the globe... my 👣 is much smaller & there's something to be said for the challenge of seeing your community in a new way.