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Sometimes it feels like fate. And I don’t mean that in a weird spiritual way.. but also I kinda do. When the circumstances all line up and you literally get the perfect light, pilot, wind and weather conditions during the one day you are able to fly on your schedule & theirs. More often than not these things just do not happen. It had been raining nonstop in Kauai & the forecast was looking pretty bleak. There was momentary break in the weather & this came together.
I shared this on my personal account @burkgnar and felt like it would be applicable here.
Shot on iPhone X


Wander & WONDER - a journey through India. .

This short film brings me right back to the beauty of this culture & leaves me longing for more. @benweiland you did an amazing job on the edit, capturing the spirit of the trip. For the full video - click my bio link or go here:
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As an adult, it’s rare that you get to watch your parents experience something new. Today I got to share my love for photography + flying with my family, as I watched them take their first aerial tour. They were stoked and wide eyed as we soared over the Na Pali coast. I photographed its many moods, colors & shifts of light for hours & hours.
Years ago, the first pictures I ever took were shared with only a few family members. In some ways it feels full circle to be able to have that same joy many years later.



Over 7,000mm of rain a year. That equates to some of the lushest rainforest on the planet. I was shocked to learn it actually rains more in Milford Sound than the Amazon. Given the steep vertical walls, trees & foliage have no choice but to grow upon the rock faces. If the forecast says rain and clouds you are in luck. That is truly the best way to see it.


Certain photos just make you smile.

@_ryanhill_ @russell_holliday @christian_adam_ @stefan_haworth & I enjoying the perks of a New Zealand summer.


Collaborating with talented people is by far my favorite thing about this app. @rachelryle put together this awesome animation inspired from my film ‘Under An Arctic Sky’. Watching this brought me right back to the Stoke we felt while making this film. It still feels surreal we have been able to tour this across the globe with over 100+ screenings & share it in places as remote as Greenland & India. Now it’s available on iTunes & Netflix for everyone to enjoy. To watch, check my bio link.



Hard to grip a landscape this big with photos alone.


Middle Earth.


The shape of wind.



Growing up my backyard view was a neighbor’s fence & telephone poles that lined a busy street. I craved open space. I wonder if seeing this view as a kid everyday makes you numb to it, or appreciate wilderness more. Deep in Reinefjord.


I would say that among my most cherished memories over the last 10 years shooting surf, has been the times where local kids have come out to watch the surfers at a remote wave. It’s happened everywhere from remote villages in the Faroes, to tiny islands like this one in India. I guess there is just something to be said for watching the expression on their faces, the excitement as each wave is ridden and in some way sharing what we love with them. The stoke for waves is universal... whether you are in the water or not.


6:50 am...One more year around the sun. Couldn’t have spent it any better then out of cell range, surrounded by some amazing friends on an isolated peak, high above the clouds. It was a windless night on Mitre Peak... you could hear the Tasman Sea below our small wet bivy spot. I can’t think of a greater birthday present than waking up to this view 🙏🏽
For the full experience - check my IG story.
Shot on iPhone.



I’ve found a shift in perspective is one of the healthiest ways to stay happy. @kcdeane gets a unique view of the Sea of Japan.


In many ways aerial photography has consumed my creative process. I can’t travel anywhere without imagining what the perspective might look like from above. I’ve shot out of just about every type of craft you can imagine but my favorite is still the light weight aircraft .. Cessna or Piper Cub. .
A selection of my aerial photographs are hanging in a new show called “ Winter Waves” at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel. My work is alongside some incredible surfboards shaped by my friends at @albumsurf @albumatt . Check it out if you are passing through Southern California. Partial proceeds go to supporting - a non profit working to protect Iceland’s rivers by creating a National park.

This photo and others are also available as a print on my website.


To the women who Inspire me today... and everyday. Thank You



How I yearn to know all the secrets hidden among these granite walls. To see what they have seen...from Viking færings to modern ships. The settlements in Reine fjord are like a history book being opened.
Shot from a Cessna 172


Few homes remained inhabited in this small village in Greenland. Besides diminishing sea ice, It has become easier and easier for people to move to towns & cities where prepackaged food is readily available, rather than pursuing the hard work of hunting throughout the year. It’s a death warrant in many ways to the thousands of years of culture they have lived as well as their diets. This was something that really stood out to me while I was there and maybe me really appreciate the great lengths in which people have gone to preserve their culture... not because it’s easy... but because it’s worth it.


I feel at times, like I’m on a constant quest to share the best images of nature or athleticism I can...often in it’s perfect form. Always looking for the bigger, better, best of what the world has to offer. But the reality is that the truly significant moments are never that grandiose.

During our last day in Hampi India, we spent time with the local community sharing our love of climbing, teaching, & watching as one by one, each young kid fought their way up these sharp granite boulders. (Often without shoes) It was my favorite memory from the trip. A simple moment captured on a phone .. not my digital camera.
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Never has Sand & Mountain collided in such a beautiful way.
Separated by the faint dry riverbed of Sand Creek... this is the seldom seen NW side of the Great Sand Dunes.


A kaleidoscope of color dances & reflects off the Swiss granite that lines this river. Despite the freezing temps, I felt compelled to make sure it was real & see it without goggles on.
My favorite part is the silver trail left behind by @deepleigh ‘s wetsuit.


Flying through castles of ice & rock throughout the northern patagonia Ice field. I still feel left in awe when I’m able to work with such talented people as @renan_ozturk & @uavantage . Flying in these conditions were extremely challenging and technical with wind gusts well beyond anything I feel comfortable flying in.
Shot during our last conservation project for @tompkins_conservation . Weeks later this area became the largest private land donation in history creating Chile’s new national parks.


Until I traveled to Alaska, I don’t really think I ever had a full appreciation for real wildlife. The biodiversity in such a small area was incredible and every trail & road led us to a new vantage where we would take hours to just sit & watch. Less photos were taken and binoculars became our best friend. At times you would even get an up close encounter. Grateful for places like @denalinps who have set a benchmark for how we can protect & preserve wilderness while still making it accessible. #WorldWildlifeDay


Love in the Valle Verzasca.


If they only knew the world that was down here.


A the low point my loaded bag & feet were almost dragging in the swollen river below. The Tyrolean traverse, a classic Patagonian commute, is one of the most memorable experiences from my trip. My smile was big as I whipped across this river passing through mist and wind en route to the glacier.

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Surfboards in a forest may be an odd sight to see, but some of the worlds best breaks are usually the most secretive. The search for waves is always a bit of an adventure, but exploring a forest illuminated by early morning light on your way to a remote beach is easily as good as it gets for me. Add a few good friends (and a possible sasquatch) & it makes the trip worthwhile even if there are no waves to be found. .


I remember pulling over the car at a lookout & @jamesqmartin saying ... “You are really gonna love this winding road. After this though, it all turns to dirt and the real adventure begins.” He was right .. 6 hours down windy rocky roads led us to Parque Patagonia through the night. Often food & gas & spare tires were sparse ( we learned the hard way) so you would have to ask locals or carry your own.


Every photographer knows that a part of you never leaves Patagonia. It’s a place that stays fixed in the front of the memory bank for years to come.


Nothing good in Patagonia is ever easy to get to and that is exactly how it should be. Our thin hiking trail cut through the trees below and led to two small boats stashed on the shore. The path to what the locals called, “the secret glacier” was a long one. Involving a drive, river boat, hike, tyrolean traverse, and finally one last boat to get there before we kayaked. The entire crew was left in awe as we saw one of the largest glacier calvings of our life.
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I remember @ellithor saying the reason he has such a hard time as a photographer on days like this is because he gets too excited, loses his mind a little bit, and wants to surf all day like a Grom. When we pulled up that is exactly what he proceeded to do.

Shot during my iceland photo workshop last December with @arcticsurfers . I just released new workshops for 2018 with many more on the way. First one is in TEXAS.
Details on my website