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A couple years ago I was terrible at frontside flips. Not at all saying I’m great at them, but here is what I did to get better. I spent a solid 40 minutes, by myself, over and over, picking apart each try and what could improve and make this thing work for me. 40 min on flat ground try after try feels like an eternity, but it was so worth it. I’ll never be Reynolds, or Penny, but at least now I can pretend in my head that it looks like that.


Tre flip while skating with my friends. 📷 @delanofields


A good session in Long Beach with @chrisrayfilms #goprohero6 pic



Critter finder


@hallowcollective ❣️thx so much. Red showed me this brand a while ago and I really loved what they do. The design, feel, art direction, captions, names, etc. check them out, support rad companies with great people behind them.


@grizzlygriptape 🐻 keeping my feet where I need em. New grip for that axe



One of my favorite tricks is a 180 switch crook. Go to @stompsessions app and watch the long version for tips on how. #quicktips


❤️Metal ledges❤️


❣️custom made spitfire radial slim 50mm just for me. They’re the best Company/crew/product hands down



@gopro #goprofusion is fun and different. Took it for a test today with a heel flip.
Swipe for two of the options


Oceanside today with @richievaldez getting down on some noseblunts


Shreddy Kruger with the @planbofficial dudes @fgustavoo @trevormcclung @drpurpleteeth



Back smith grinding with the @planbofficial crew today


Trouble with fakie tre flips? I feel you. Maybe this can help @stompsessions


Happy golden birthday to the girl that fills my heart. The one who one day I’ll walk down the aisle with and then I’ll explode in man tears. My little girl turned 8 today, and before I know it I’ll be teaching her to drive, telling her “that____is a bad influence”, and wishing she were still this small. For now though I’ll keep her close because the time flies and I want all I can get of this. Penelope is a dream come true, and her humor, energy, and outgoing personality makes her so magnetic. ❤️ 🌹 words cant describe my love for this future grown up. I’ll welcome the new Penelope each year but I’ll have to forever mourn the loss of the previous stage of her. I’ll never get over the last 7 years of Penelope, but I know year 8 will be magical



Pushing hard against the wind today in Encinitas with @drpurpleteeth @gopro #goprohero6 @planbofficial


Check out my @lifewithoutandy day in the life......ok it’s Sean’s day in the life, but that’s my dawg and if he’s rolling- I’m down. @currencaples @seanmalto and i- Check us out link in my profile


🇫🇷 I’ve always loved this photo Mikey shot of me in Bordeaux France doing a 180 over this fence. @mikeytaylor #frenchfence



Thank you @nomatic for the kick ass package of packing. I’ve always been a bag nerd searching for the perfect travel kit. Stoked to take these out on the road.


E.A.G.L.E.S. 🦅 I’ve been an eagles fan since I was a baby. Good job @philadelphiaeagles


My dawgs and I went out for the @grizzlygriptape spring 18 line drop. When we are smiling it’s cause we actually have fun haha. @davidreyes303 @justinschulte @aleks_lewandowski #skateboardingisfun


Solid Sidekick during my interviews today. Ssshhhhhh 🤫


Wy, guy. Fifty fifty at “no judgement park”


Radically @Stompsessions is now live at @squawalpine. Check the Stomp app to book “Ride with a Pro” sessions with me and other pros. Link in bio. More locations coming soon. Stay tuned in on the app. #StompSessions #skateboarding #VisitCalifornia #Snowboarding #Skiing


Link in bio to see all the winners of the Holiday Hookup. Took a bit for all the winners to reply but we got ‘em all. Thanks to everyone that signed up and tried to hook up a friend. Special thanks to all my sponsors for providing the prizes. 🙏🏼💪🏼


“Rollin with the homies” tonight. Good to roll through for a good drink and some eye candy


Thank you @andrewmucci over @sennheiser for the awesome set up. Testing out my vocals as we speak. 🎤 🎧


As Rob Halford would sing “So I might as well begin to put some action in my life....”_____________________
Breaking the law with my kids today. Skate or die


The struggle is real, but hurts so good. #getbusylivin #goprohero6


Wyatt dirt jumpin. Don’t know how, the bump is steep and as big as his front tire. So kinda like a wallie