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@otford_magpie riding one of the smaller waves I’ve seen him on. So much gratitude for the friend he has become and the energy he has given to teach me how to surf.


@kimi_swimmy dropping to artificial reef


Bali is one of my favorites. Here is a sequence of @kimi_swimmy catching dinner. Who better to finish this sequence and hold the fish than our friend @ripzinger ! Kimi is having another retreat at @uluwatusurfvillas this coming fall and I’m so stoked! 🙏 @drifterbali @uluwatusurfvillas @tim_ulu @seewahc @jakedrifter



Making a fishing film is fun, especially when you have a great crew. From getting ’iced’, helping remove sea lice, sun-up to sun-down missions it was a blast making this one (link in bio). Here are some photos from the trip even though I shot video most of the time! Thanks again @camp4collective


@camp4collective invited me to help make a fishing film then dragged me along in the water for a week with the @badfish guys in Belize. Our target species was tarpon on a fly. This shot was my favorite as it was my first experience seeing tarpon underwater. Check the link in bio to watch the short vid and see if the boys caught! @timkemple thank you! @willsaundersphoto @halfmanhalfparty @dylanschmitz @scubastevie @wesleylocke


@timothy3mcdonald visiting from Australia so the A team took us out for a quick one. We got out there discouraged as the water was brown and dirty. So we sent the ambitious Aussie in to be our team guinea pig and he said “it’s crystal clear 2 ft down”. He was right and the conditions and experience was really awesome.



One of my favorite clips from a quick underwater dip with the donkey show @healeywaterops full video link in bio. Such a hammer on land and in the water. His big wave surf shots in the edit are crazy.


Happy Valentine’s Day to this beautiful woman who makes me smile and feel so loved. @kimi_swimmy thank you


I almost feel guilty when I’m swimming under the waves and watching people get thrashed. Mother Nature has so many powerful ways of showing her beauty.



Kimi and I jumped in our truck on Friday with dive/surf gear and missioned through to Sunday. Here is one shot from the weekend pushing my lungs for dinner Photo by @kimi_swimmy - thank you all for a great weekend!


cruise day


a swell day to dive. 🧐



[ a woman so connected to the ocean ] I grew up a hunter myself and I feel one of Kimi’s greatest qualities is bringing people together to have conversations - more particular bridging the gap between the non-hunters that originally scold her for killing the food she consumes, or the fellow hunters that also strive to provide for themselves. I look up to you Kimi and you can teach this world so much.


Over looking the Whitsunday’s with an awesome crew on a research trip to Great Barrier Reef. Check link in bio for the full video.


Almost that time of the year... right? These two legends have such an awesome friendship and bond solidified by the mountains and chasing elk. They work their asses off doing it too.



Beauty of a sunset tonight


Australian down days


@kimi_swimmy and @hkawelo - two incredible woman that do so much for their communities. @hkawelo operates a fish pond on Oahu - @paepaeoheeia this day we filmed a segment with @konabrewingco on living local and providing for ourselves



I have the overwhelming opportunity to enjoy her food everyday when we are together. @kimi_swimmy preps her uku she shot herself also.


kimi_sendy over the holidays.


Cruising over Waikiki with @wrffll @scarth100


The ocean is a beautiful spot to reflect. @kimi_swimmy


Twenty minutes after @perrinjames1 snapped this photo of me diving in some spooky Queensland waters, construction workers on the pier told us that a five meter croc patrols these waters daily 😳🐊! Grateful for everyone who teaches me how to dive, surf and manage risk in the ocean while pushing me not to be a little b^%ch 🙏


Congruent asymmetry @kimi_swimmy Bali >


Variables missions @alaskan_escape


Beauty conditions at @alaskan_escape - just cold smoked salmon from this trip and reliving the memories. Probably ice here now.


After years of mentoring me underwater my girlfriend watched me shoot my first Oahu mu (fish on way right). Pretty special when I arrived to the surface to have her scream, “I LOVE YOU!!!”. Thank you @kimi_swimmy for giving your time and energy to teach this haole boy how to provide from the ocean. Thanks for the great weekend dives @otford_magpie @klauseyboy @coconutadventures @fun_has_no_limit pic @kimbermalie


Sloooooowing down for the holidaze. Kimi and I enjoying some time underwater which felt like ages ago. Pic @otford_magpie


Cooking with @kimi_swimmy and @traegergrills is a great combo. Thanks @kilinahe


A few frame grabs from a recent project I worked on with @kimi_swimmy - link in bio. Short film directed by @wrffll DOP @scarth100 shot on Arri Alexa Mini @swil012 @kala_dacaptain @prahlad_strickland @kilani.villiaros @ollinermerich @nanikaioceanadventures