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“I can no see” ~Ds


Then Vs Now “It’ll still fit” ~Brian #Pensgame #Letsgopens #sidneycrosby @lets_go_pens8766


Summer 2k17 7-2-17



O my god. Found this picture from 2013 wreck soccer


Fright Night



Many of you guys might know know but my dog has died. He was put down. I want to thank my best friend Brian for being such a great friend. He was the only person I felt comfortable talk about Schenley to. I was to thank Izzy for always being there to help/listen to me talk about random shit. I only knew him for four years. My parents knew him for twelve. We first realized there was a problem when he started not eating all of his food at meals. Then one day he just stopped eating. We took him to the vet at she tried to help hooked him up to some IV'S. He stopped eating completely on Sunday. Today is wensday. Earlier this morning my mom said it was time. I came home from school and they told me. He was going to get put down by a lady at 7. At around six they put him on the couch with me. He doesn't really like to be really close to people anymore but he snuggled up against me and layed there until 6:45. The lady came at like 7:10. We talked for a while. Then she gave him a shot that would make him so tired that he would not feel the lethal injection. He slowly started to unteanse and layed down. He looked so calm. He was so old that he did not need the lethal injection and that the sleep shot was killing him. Right when his heart rate died he made a last gap for air. When he died I felt a coldness in the room. It felt like the warmnees that used to be there had just disappeared. A piece of my heart had left me. For whoever made it this far you are what I consider friends. Thank you. @bjt_8766 @izzydharvey @nutmeg3711 @jp.p #ripschenley


Had ODP tryouts today. It was really fun 👍⚽️😍


Aaahh Keystone 🔑



When the squad is at its highest


Practicing shots at cmu