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🏆│Competing/having fun in Grade 4 Agility 📷│Nikon D5300 🎀│Models for @petpurchases


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Autumn is certainly the most beautiful season of all 🍁 this is our entry for #CCOMODELSEARCH @caninecutiesco 🍂 we would love to model for you guys as from day one I've adored canine cuties co and would love to represent yourselves! •

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Happy 2nd Birthday to my big bear Digby ❤️ couldn't ask for a more loving dog! He may be the naughtiest pup ever with no signs of maturing any time soon but I can't help but laugh at his antics 😂 here's to many more years buddy!🐾

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So here's the long awaited video!!! I'm so excited to be able to create more now I have my new laptop 😆

So without further or do here's our @pawsomebox review! I loved the variety of products and they're all useful things such as a waterless shampoo which will be very handy for when we are out at shows etc. The next product is the @pawbakes kit which I cannot wait to try out and I'm sure the dogs will adore the sweet treats ☺️ as well as this we received a tricked training treat roll stick. I'm excited to try this out with Digby especially as I believe it will be extremely enrichment for his training sessions. Within this package we received two toys! One is a fire hydrant and the other was a fox themed runner ball which Darcy and Digby loved from day one however they've misplaced it so it couldn't feature in the video. In addition to this there was also a tricks chicken treat included! Lots of delicious and fun treats for the dog and the packaging to this box is lovely and high quality. I especially enjoyed reading the paw notes which I believe is a great touch to the box! Thank you @pawsomebox for sending us this box!❤️



How cute does Darcy look wearing her @petpurchases collar! Absolutely love this collar to death ❤️ the quality of it is incredible and so durable! For 10% off use our code COCKAPOO10 🐾

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Beautiful views with my beautiful pups 🐾

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Bright as a button 🐾

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We've had another amazing weekend full of agility spent in amazing company 😊 I can't believe the summer is already over! •

Also did anyone see our feature over on @dogsofinstagram 😱 I think I'm still in shock! Thank you for all the lovely messages ❤️

This is our entry for @colliecomforts #colliecomfortsbirthday giveaway! We would love to be considered for all three as to win any would be a dream! Darcy has worked so hard all summer with agility! She's made all my dreams come true from going up three grades to qualifying for crufts! So to be able to repay her for being the amazing dog she is would be lovely 🐾

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Happy national dog day!🐶

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We're currently on holiday in the Lake District after a 4 day agility show near thirsk! Had a super amazing time and we got the last Jumping win we needed so we're now grade 4 😆

what have you all been up to so far these holidays?💛

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"You're my sunshine on a rainy day"🌦️💛

Apologies for being super inactive as we've been away at a show last weekend and super busy since we came back! •

This is our entry for #pawsomepawsboutiquebrandambassadorsearch @pawsomepawsboutique 🐾 we would absolutely love to be able to be part of the team! The designs of your bows and bandanas are so unique and the colours would compliment Darcy and Digbys cream fur beautifully. To be able to represent and promote yourselves would be a dream!

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What I would do to be on a nice beach and not in the middle, of what feels like, a monsoon! Great British summer at its best 🌧️

This is our entry for @petpurchases #petpurchasesms2 - we would love to model for you guys as I believe Darcy and Digby are just perfect for showing off your products and the gorgeous colours will stand out amazing on their light fur 🐾

Why don't you go and check out @barking_heaven for some gorgeous pet accessories? Use our code BHCOCKAPOO for 10% off 💙 this is my entry for #TEDCO5K


So sorry for being so inactive as we've been away! But it was worth it as we qualified for crufts 2018 😆🎉

Have you ever been to crufts? What was your experience like and if you've ever competed there I'd love to know some tips 😅 We're going to need all the help we can get!😂

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Wow what a weekend! We've been so busy this weekend at an agility show! Coming away with three 2nd places which I was pleased with 😊

I can confirm our 1k giveaway has closed and our runner up is @storm_alaskanmalamute and the overall winner being @pawsinpursuit so congratulations guys. I also want to say a huge thank you to the vendors and all of you who supported and entered. Can the winners please contact the vendors of their prizes ,who I have informed, and I will tag in this photo. •

Here's a photo of Darcy sporting her gorgeous @barking_heaven bandana and for 10% off make sure to use our code BHCOCKAPOO 💙 this is my entry for #TEDCO5K


I can't quite believe this girl has been with me three years yesterday! They've honestly been the most amazing years of my life so far and I can't wait for our future. My heart dog ❤️

Here's Darcy modelling her lovely @barking_heaven Bandana! Don't forget to use our code BHCOCKAPOO when ordering from them for 10% off!!! 💙


We had a great competition day yesterday and I'm happy with her performance! But can we take a second to appreciate how adorable this @barking_heaven bandana is 😍 if you would like 10% off don't forget to use our code BHCOCKAPOO 💙 @lokithefirefox #LokiBirthdayGiveaway



Gosh lots of plans for the summer! Many agility shows and adventures. So excited to get out competing this weekend 😆

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"We must take adventures in order to know where we belong" 🌏

How true, agility has been such an amazing journey for us and I can't wait to see where it takes us 🐾 Good luck to our fab friends (@moremillie and @pawsinpursuit ) competing this coming week in Luxembourg for team GB - I know you'll smash it 🇬🇧

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I swear I own the biggest diva ever! She can't have her photo taken without barking in my face first 😂 what are your dogs quirks?

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Woohoo! Guess who's just bought a caravan 😆 lots of exciting adventures ahead!!! •

What adventures do you guys have planned this summer?☀️ #tedco5k

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Apologies for not posting in so long, hopefully this action shot will make up for it 😅

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So I've finally got round to posting beach photos from last weekend 😅 shoutout to the random dog in the background that decided to attempt to pee on me after this photo 😂 what's the funnies thing a dog has ever done to you?🐾

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When he steals your ball... 😂

What are your plans for this weekend?🐾


Yayyy another Digby photo! He's finally starting to mature and sit still for a change 🙌🏻 or so I hope 💙

This is our entry for the @barking_heaven model search! As you know we're huuggeee fans of you guys and majorly proud so would love to support your new business!🎉 #bhmodelsearchuk


I swear he's always happy 💙 also can we just ignore the fact that I own the scruffiest dog on the planet?😂

Apologies for the absence but I've been so busy with exams recently however I've now officially finished and have ten weeks off school!#bhmodelsearchuk


Darcy is absolutely in love with her new @wattsinthebox tuggy! We had a really fun agility training session tonight after having a week off last night due to the weather. I may also post a video later over on @darcyagility so watch out for that 💕#witbtoyrep

This is our official entry for @barking_heaven Model search! I think Darcy and Digby would love to show off in your amazing products and promote you guys #bhmodelsearchuk 😆😊

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Had a super day helping out at an agility show! Forgot to enter so no competing but I think Darcy will forgive me when her new @wattsinthebox tug toy arrives! While on the subject I just want to say how much we would love to rep for you guys 😁 I think Darcy in particular would be fab at putting the toys to the test 😂 #witbtoyrep


Here's Darcy sporting our wonderful @woofattire bandana! I will admit I'm completely head over heals for this print 😍 it's certainly held its own so far with these two crazy doodles! Superb quality and I can't recommend them enough!!!❤️

What's your all time favourite purchase for your dogs?


This giveaway is open to uk residents only so really sorry for our international friends! •

In this giveaway there will be an overall winner and a runner up so to be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is:
•tag your friends in the comments •And follow all of the vendors and myself.
Any entrants who don't follow the rules will not be eligible for the giveaway.
(One friend tagged = one entry and for ten extra entries you must repost this banner with the hashtag #CD1Kgiveaway) 💛💛💛 And now for the spectacular prizes!
The winner will receive:
•A bag of treats from @pawtisseriehugo •A bandana from @bandanasbyhannah
•A bow from @pawsitivelybarkingdesigns
•A £10 voucher from @katosussex
•A small pet portrait from @jj_art_handmade
•65% off @Lux_collars
•A bow from @rnd_paws •A £15 voucher for @danishdogfashion
•And finally a buy one bandana get one free offer from @archiedesigns 🐾

Our runner up will receive:
•A toy from @barking_heaven
•25% off @bandana.boutique •A personalised dog biscuit from @neohandnobo
•50% off at @doggy_lilly_dog_equipment
•A bandana from @wotishore_accessories
•30% off at @bandanasbyhannah

Giveaway will close on the 20th of July and the winners to be announced shortly! And I just want to say a huge thank you to our amazing vendors for all their support and generosity!🐾 DISCLAIMER IS THAT WINNER WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR ANY POSTAGE FEES


Wow what an amazing week we've had!!! Two days ago we hit 1000 followers and I honestly can't believe it 😆 following this I can confirm we will be hosting a giveaway with some amazing prizes which I will be posting about very soon 💙

Thanks again for being so supportive of our account and I can't wait to share the giveaway with you all so please stay tuned for that 🐾


Yesterday's training was so much fun! I know I said I wasn't planning to post videos on this account anymore but I couldn't resist! Also can anyone spot the fail 😂

What's your favourite dog sport?🐾 @tricksterdogs