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"What do you mean I can only pack my 'favorites'?! They're all my favorites when you start making me choose!" ~ Crusoe


"Shoot, I think I missed it.. Quick, what time is the next one?!" ~ Crusoe

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"Dad likes to carry me around folded up in my bed like this.. he wants to add handles to it and patent it as the hotdog-suitcase!" ~ Crusoe


"Missin' this guy right about now! It's Friday night and I'm down a wingman! Any volunteers?!" ~ Crusoe


"Please, no kisses on a fishin' trip! Geez!" ~ Crusoe
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"Well, I'm going to miss this goofball! My brother Oakley heads home today after spending almost a month with me! I'm a little sad, but have Germany and Sicily with the family to look forward to!" ~ Crusoe


"I may be missing two toofers, but I'm still a happy pupper!" ~ Crusoe


"This is how much I always wanna go fishing 🎣" ~ Crusoe


"Tweety bird? Nope, sorry, haven't seen him..." ~ Crusoe

Can you believe that in just 10 days I'll be heading to the Black Forest in Germany (one of the classic cuckoo clock regions) and then the beautiful island of Sicily in Italy! Two weeks of vacation and fun, which will be included as content in my book. So fans, any suggestions for costumes, videos, things to do?!?!


"There's one in every family..." ~ Crusoe


"Yes, I'd like to order some chicken, please. And instead of fries, can I just get more chicken?" ~ Oakley


"#ThrowbackThursday to when I was still recovering from surgery and receiving the royal treatment around the house... But guess what, I still do to this day!" ~ Crusoe


"I can't believe it's been a whole year since I went for surgery.. Check out my whole surgery and recovery story as I takeover @thedodo account today!" ~ Crusoe


"My brother Oakley LOVES the water (we call him Oakley the Otter), but he is a BOSS for surfing so well his first time! Never did let go of that squeaky ball tho! 🀣" ~ Crusoe

Tag a friend who should see the proper way to go boating! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘


"Oakley's only got one week left with me, so I've been making him hit the gym hard before he goes home!" ~ Crusoe


"Dad is home!!!" ~ Crusoe


"When you get caught in the act!" Thanks for destroying my alligator, Oakley! ~ Crusoe


"Mum! Oakley stole my ball. Make him give it back!" ~ Crusoe


"One last rep Oakley, we only have a few more days of this boot camp! Chip chop" ~Crusoe


"Sorry guys! Reason I've been gone all this time is that Dad left for a week to go backpacking on Vancouver Island, and I didn't even get to go! He'll be back in a couple days! Can't wait!" ~ Crusoe


"So it's been decided! I'll be heading to Germany and Italy (Sicily) in September to be included as content in my next book! But don't worry, when the book comes out in Fall 2018, I'll also be going on tour to visit more places and more fans! 😊who's ready?! 😝~ Crusoe

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"⚠️ PSA: please stay alert when at the beach. Multiple #Sharkwiener sightings and attacks are being reported. πŸ”Š ⚠️ " ~ Crusoe

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"One of my favorite adventures with my brother from a few year's back (new 2017 remake tho)" ~ Crusoe


"Flip flop weather is my favorite kinda weather! Get 5% off Mum's sandals with code CRUSOE5 via link in my profile!" ~ Crusoe

Thanks to @anvali_shoes !


"Oakley's first time trying watermelon!" ~ Crusoe


"This is not an arm rest, it's a bum rest - for squirrel watching.." ~ Crusoe


"Just had a bath before the weekend, and now I'm clean as a wiener whistle!" ~ Crusoe


"That time my brother Oakley almost got away with stealing a truck full of @barkbox boxes! Luckily a prudent police officer on duty caught him! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‰" ~ Crusoe

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"Alright fans! I need your help! I need a couple other destinations to visit to include as content in my 2ND BOOK coming out Fall 2018!!! Tell me where you think I should go by filling out quick survey via link in my profile!! Thanks so much" ~ Crusoe


"You best tell me quick because they're all getting licked!" ~ Crusoe

Happy #NationalHotDogDay