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Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Wiener Dog Extraordinaire New York Times Bestseller Shorty Award Winner Seen on Ellen, GMA, Mashable, more πŸ‘‡READ NEW BLOG POST HEREπŸ‘‡

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"It's here! Read my new blog post on our Smoky Mountain trip - part 1 - via link in my profile!!" ~ Crusoe



"I know, I'm being rolled around in a pink wagon, but what can I say? Kids love me.." ~ Crusoe


"And look, just because it's #BringYourDogtoWorkDay doesn't mean you get to slack off either" ~ Crusoe


"Wait a minute.. I thought it was #BringYourDogtoWorkDay, not #MakeYourDogDoYourWorkDay?!" ~ Crusoe


"Saloon Showdown!! 😝Tag a friend who needs to see this rootin' tootin' gunslingin' wiener dog cowboy! 🀠" ~ Crusoe
Thanks to @wildgalsoldtimephoto for building me this awesome set! #CrusoeinTheSmokies


"Happy #nationalselfiedayπŸ˜œπŸ“Έ ! " ~ Crusoe


"Oh Summer, I've been waiting and ready for you! 😎" ~ Crusoe


"We made some new PENGUIN friends at @ripleysaquarium last week! 🀣Tag a friend who should watch us play πŸ˜‰" ~ Crusoe


"And of course, Oakley plays the 'saloon bartender'! πŸ˜… And he wants to know what you drinkin'?" ~ Crusoe

#CrusoeinTheSmokies @wildgalsoldtimephoto


"Don't even try me, pawtner, I got the quickest dang paws in these here parts..." ~ Crusoe


"Well Dad, I didn't have time to make you a fancy video or anything, but I hope this hug says it all. Happy #FathersDay!" ~ Crusoe


"Maybe my favorite book signing attendee today in Knoxville 🀣" ~ Crusoe



"Taking in our last of the Smoky Mountains.. today we head to Knoxville for our book signing then fly out tomorrow! Hope to see lots of you at the event today! (Details in profile) ~ Crusoe



"Hey look, I'm @dollyparton!" ~ Crusoe



"Paint me like one of your French dogs.." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ Oakley and I recreated this scene from Titanic at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge!!" ~ Crusoe


"Thank you to my Dad, and all the other Dads out there. You make me who I am ❀️" #ThrowbackThursday ~ Crusoe


"What did I do today? Well, we went river rafting! Oakley and I had a blast - er, I mean splash! 🀣😊" Huge thanks to @smokymountainoutdoors and my guides @scottwoodson and @one_adam12 for hosting us on this amazing adventure!!! ~ Crusoe


"Smilin' in the Smokies 😊" ~ Crusoe


"We made it to our cabin, and WOW, it's beautiful here in the Smokies!" I'd also now like to ANNOUNCE THE WINNER of my contest, for a private afternoon with me and Oakley, and then two free nights at a cabin as generously provided by @timbertopscabins & @hearthsidecabins
We had a INCREDIBLE total of over 6,000 people enter this contest which was way more than expected. It was a hard decision, but without further ado I announce the winner to be: Taylor Libby! Congratulations! I will be in touch shortly :) And thank you to everyone else for entering and for all your kind words. Wish I could meet all of you, but don't forget there is still my book signing on Saturday June 17th where you can meet the two of us! Details/rsvp via link in my profile!"
~ Crusoe


"Oakley's post-flight stretch and itch session!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ He did well though!" ~ Crusoe



"Oakley, I told you to bring some entertainment for the flight.. if you forgot that's not my fault, but I guess I could lend you my fidget spinner for a little bit.. " ~ Crusoe



"The boys are ready! Tomorrow morning we take off for the Smoky Mountains for a week - Oakley's FIRST trip away from home, so going to be INTERESTING! Also LAST DAY to enter for a chance to spend a private afternoon with the two of us and 2 free nights in the Smokies for next weekend! Enter via link in my profile! Winner announced tomorrow!" ~ Crusoe


"When you're not sure if you're invited but you're not coming out from under the car unless you're coming" ~ Crusoe


"For today's #TBT, I'm thinkin' about some of my previous travels, like California's Highway 1, as I get excited for my NEXT TRIP to Smoky Mountains!" ~ Crusoe


"Only a few more days before I leave with my bro on what will be his first-ever, REAL "trip" away from home! Knoxville, we're comin' for you! Want to meet us??? RSVP for our book signing on the 17th via link in my profile!!!πŸ˜‰" ~ Crusoe


"The TENNIS BROS are here for a game of SUPER SMASH! 🎾🀣 Tag a friend who needs to watch this match!!" ~ Crusoe


"If you didn't already, check out my new blog post via link in my profile on my new #BEEKEEPING hobby AND the announcement for theme of my SECOND BOOK!! 😲😝" ~ Crusoe