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"I'm a lumberjack wiener dog 🎶🤣 (PUT SOUND ON)" ~ Crusoe

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Song performed by Jim Bellar of Nashville TN


"Met a few fellow Instagram pups today, including @hermaninthehood @deanthebasset @smileytheblindtherapydog @pompomchewy @mightymorkie - fun day 😎😛" ~ Crusoe


"What?? I don't like getting my ears or paws wet, okay?!" ~ Crusoe


"A bee's work is never done! Mum and Dad are starting the new project of a beehive soon and I'm just giving them a litte practice 😉👍🐝" ~ Crusoe



"No costumes, no outfits, no nuthin' - just me in all my naked glory" ~ Crusoe


"Is that what I think it is?! A SHARKWIENER BEACH TOWEL?! 😲 You betcha, plus I got a whole bunch of other new stuff in my store including LEGGINGS, T-SHIRTS, SOCKS, GARDEN FLAGS, and more! Link in my profile! Let's rock this summer 😎😁" ~ Crusoe


"When your pawrents are secretely happy there's a thunderstorm because its the only time you cuddle them like a baby" ~ Crusoe


"A fine day for the course, isn't it?!" (New edit) ~ Crusoe

Tag a friend who golfs like this! #golf⛳️ #golfing



"Skinny dipping! Who's with me?!" ~ Crusoe


"Baby, I could be your lumberjack. I know you love a true hardworking man's beard, oiled every day" ~ Crusoe


"Well would you look at that... the scale appears to be working properly again!" ~ Crusoe


"Guys, seriously, I don't need a vet checkup, I feel fine, top notch! Dad, you've been looking a little pale lately though.. maybe you should take my place?" ~ Crusoe



"Although she wasn't actually my mother, I also want to say #HappyMothersDay to Laffie, who was a mother "figure" of mine since I was a little pup, and who sadly passed away just shortly after my surgery last year... I'm sure she's just as proud looking down on me now as I am looking back up at her ❤️" ~ Crusoe


"The sweetest, happiest, brightest #MothersDay to all the "Mums" out there, especially my own, this one's for you!" ~ Crusoe

Song: "That's How I Say I Love You", by Jim Bellar, Nashville TN


"Went to visit the #TulipFestival with Mum today! I don't know why they didn't hire me to help dig and plant all these tho.." ~ Crusoe

#tulips #dachshund #ottawa #canada150


"Who needs a shovel when you have a dachshund?" ~ Crusoe

#gardening #dachshund #crusoe #fridayfun



"That time Mum sprained her ankle and we came to her rescue.. 😂 BUT WAIT, read about how we "treated" her injury in our throwback blog post via link in my profile!" ~ Crusoe

#tbt #nationalnursesweek


"Sometimes you just need to get a little 'RISKY' 😉 and dance like nobody's watching!" ~ Crusoe

Stay tuned for ALL NEW merchandise coming to my store next week, including leggings, beach towel, and more!


"Thinking of all those poor saps at work or school right now has got me feeling tired enough to go back to bed.." ~ Crusoe


"Rain got you feeling down? Yeah, me too.. but maybe this'll brighten your day! ☔️ ☀️ " ~ Crusoe

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"Getting so tired of all this rain already..." ~ Crusoe


"That time I thought Dad had fleas... Don't worry though, he was released after 48 hours." ~ Crusoe

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"Happy #CincodeMayo everyone! Now let's shake it up! (Just happened to have this outfit handy! 😉)" ~ Crusoe


"#maythe4thbewithyou ... and bring you many cookies! Tag a friend who should lay witness to my Jedi powers!" ~ Crusoe #starwars #starwarsday #jedi



"Please don't poke your fingers in the wiener dog cage.. 😬" ~ Crusoe


"Are you seriously telling me I take up too much room in the bed? Have you seen the size of me??" ~ Crusoe


"I'm hoping I'll grow another couple inches tall this Spring.." ~ Crusoe

Picture from my 2017 calendar which can still be found via link in my profile if you're still looking for one!