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“What everyone secretly wants for Christmas!! 😉😝” ~ Crusoe

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“Sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen - can never be too safe when it comes to protecting this handsomeness! 😉” ~ Crusoe

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“Know what this thing is? It’s a cocoa pod! The amazing folks at @hotelchocolat showed me around their cocoa plantation and how to make my own chocolate bar! But get this - I couldn’t even taste the frickin’ thing!” ~ Crusoe

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“Santa Crusoe’s visit to @ottawahumane (part 2 of 2)” ~ Crusoe


“Santa Crusoe came early this year! Every once in a while I take all the extra toys & treats given to me by fans and pay it forward to pups in need at @ottawahumane (Part 1 of 2)” ~ Crusoe



"Babe watching 😎👙" ~ Crusoe


"The newest Star Wars character - WienerTrooper, who's quick to shoot up Rebel ankles." ~ Crusoe


“St. Lucia me love! I WOULD be admiring this view but I’m pretty sure I smell chicken over this way..” ~ Crusoe



“Star Wars WienerTrooper.” ~ Crusoe


“And suddenly I find myself in sunny St. Lucia! But hey, I ain’t complainin’ 😉😎🌴” ~ Crusoe


"Complimentary toilet water, no snack limits, extra wiener room - these are just SOME of the luxuries you get when flying Wiener Airways. I am on a plane, and to where, you'll find out soon! ;)" ~ Crusoe



“You may now pay me $1 to come sniff these puppy paws. Spoiler alert: they smell like Fritos.” ~ Crusoe


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“Hey Mum, we got a problem. I don’t think all my gifts are going to fit through this fireplace..” ~ Crusoe



“Hey Dad, I found a replacement to chop wood while I go take a nap inside.. 👍” ~ Crusoe

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“This is why you never ignore a dog’s dinner, amirite?! 🤣” ~ Crusoe

Tag a friend who knows WELL not to ignore their pup!


“Yes, two lattes please, and what the heck - throw in a dozen beignets.” ~ Crusoe



"A classy gentledog knows how to enjoy a nightcap, often followed by an evening stroll and poop in the park." ~ Crusoe


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Tag a friend who should learn how to properly rob a cookie cupboard!


“When you’re in the line for 12 items and under but no one has 12 items or under.. 😠” ~ Crusoe

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“Hear my heckin’ mighty wiener ROAR! Scale of 1 to 10, how mighty is it?!” ~ Crusoe


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"The turkey won't be ready for another 6 hours.. but if you don't mind I'll just wait here. #HAPPYTHANKSGIVING!" (Getting the best spot at the table is important 😉) ~ Crusoe


"If we push forward the clocks, can we start Thanksgiving now?!?!" 😉 (Yes, I'm Canadian but I can celebrate BOTH Thanksgivings IF I WANT TO OKAY?!) ~ Crusoe


“It’s alright, Oakley.. happens to the best of us” ~ Crusoe


“Geez, I leave for a weekend and when I get back, Winter is already here! 😮 Oh well, Mum says I look extra cute in winter gear! 😉” ~ Crusoe


“Huge thank you to all our fans who came out to meet us yesterday at #Petcon! We had a blast meeting you all! And fun to catch up with some of my old celeb pals too including @harlowandsage @herecomesmeatball @tunameltsmyheart. Keep ballin’ all!” ~ Crusoe
Other pups too in this pic: @mooney_doxie @franklytheweinershnitzel


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“Struttin’ the #petcon red carpet! Scale of 1 to 10, how’s my pose?”~ Crusoe