Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Wiener Dog Extraordinaire, New York Times Bestseller, Shorty Award Winner. Seen on Ellen, GMA, etc 👇GET 20% OFF PETCON TICKETS WITH CODE 'CRUSOE'👇

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"Let's take a walk... to NYC for #PetCon on Nov 18/19, and for 24 hours ONLY you can get 20% off your ticket using code CRUSOE via link in my profile!" ~ Crusoe


"Oakley and I are on illegal picnic patrol... and don't test us because LUNCHES WILL BE CONFISCATED." ~ Crusoe


"(This didn't work first time posting), but here's that time my brother Oakley went duck huntin'! The only type of duck he caught was a squeaky one tho! 😝" ~ Crusoe #throwbackthursday


*sigh* "Brotherly love I guess..." ~ Crusoe


"And the winner of my VIP ticket to #Petcon by @petinsider is @onefineporcupine!! Whoohoo! And for everyone else, get your tickets via link in my profile to come meet me, @harlowandsage, @tunameltsmyheart and more pups! Hope to see you there!" ~ Crusoe


"When you need to get a job done, just hire dachshunds! 😉🤣" ~ Crusoe

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"How much wood would a wiener dog chop if a wood could chop wieners? Nm, I've confused myself already..." ~ Crusoe


"FINALLY! Introducing the 'Crusoe Cowboy' t-shirt, sweater, and tank top, with Oakley the bartender on the back! 15% of all proceeds goes to helping Puerto Rican animals in need. Available for two weeks only!!! Get yours via link in my profile!!" ~ Crusoe


"Friday 13.............. and Oakley had a nightmare!" ~ Crusoe

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"Worry not when BATDOG & Robin are on the clock!" ~ Crusoe
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"Oakley needs his nighttime belly rub! Say YES or tag a volunteer 😉" ~ Crusoe


"Being Superman is a bit better than being a turkey, eh Oakley? 😉" ~ Crusoe


Do you hear that?.. I think, yes, it's NYC calling my name again! I'll be headed there for #Petcon on Nov 18/19, and I will be choosing one winner for a VIP ticket for weekend access and reception with celeb pets including myself, @harlowandsage and @tunameltsmyheart and more! Just tag a friend in the comments and make sure to follow @petinsider and I will choose winner at random in 6 days! Good luck!


"Happy Canadian #Thanksgiving 😅😋" ~ Crusoe


"Oakley, look at the camera.. ready, cheeeeese, wait, were you looking?!" ~ Crusoe


"I can't believe that in just 3 weeks I'll be turning 8 years old.. I'll always be Mum and Dad's little puppy dog tho!" ~ Crusoe


"Starting today, guess who's comjng to spend a whole week with me?! 😉 THIS GUY ☝️" ~ Crusoe


"Sing it with me now! 🎶" ~ Crusoe


"You may know me as a pilot... but I'm also an airplane! 😉😝" ~ Crusoe #tbt


"I do believe I've been duped." ~ Crusoe


"Alright, here's the final 10! Anyone change their mind on which one their fav?! 😉" ~ Crusoe


"The first 10 of my Top 20 HOMEMADE Dog Costumes! What's your fav out of these ones? Last 10 to come shortly.." ~ Crusoe


"Do you know what sound a pumpkin makes?!" ~ Crusoe


"Dogs are like sunflowers, we always follow the sun! 🌻 😊" ~ Crusoe

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"Come to think of it, maybe I shouldn't have wrote my name there.. 😅" ~ Crusoe


"Tired of second-rate flight service? Choose WIENER AIRWAYS with unlimited on-board snacks and complimentary toilet water for everyone!" ~ Crusoe

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"Two out of three of us are very comfortable! 😝" ~ Crusoe

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"First year with my backyard beehive was a success! Unfortunately it's been attracting 'bears' for a taste though! 😝" ~ Crusoe


"Geez, women and their apple picking, am I right?!? 😅😘" ~ Crusoe


"But why do we need a new dishwasher? I told you, I'm happy to do it!" ~ Crusoe