Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Wiener Dog Extraordinaire New York Times Bestseller Seen on Ellen, GMA, Shorty Awards 👇EPISODE 4 FACEBOOK LINK HERE AND YOUTUBE LINK IN PINNED STORY👇

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“New episode of #TheCrusoeShow is here!!! Go find out if Oakley gets his cupcake via links in my profile and then let me know how you like it in the comments here!! ~ Crusoe

Also, with this 4th episode we’ll now be taking a little mid-season break but will be back in a couple weeks with new episodes 😊😘


“Oakley and I return tomorrow for an all new episode of #TheCrusoeShow, where we host a CUPCAKE PARTY. Will Oakley get a cupcake?? Who’s watchin’ to find out?! 😝” ~ Crusoe


"It's Crusoe vs Oakley in the first-ever WIENER 500!!" 🏎️🏁 We're hoping to get invited to #Daytona500 😉😝 ~ Crusoe
Tag a friend who would be stoppin’ for the chicken!! 😆



“Mum and Dad are in Hawaii without me (their first trip without me in 6 years!), so I’m trying to prove that I’m not jealous 😝


“Wieners, start your engines.. the race starts tomorrow with my all new #NASCAR video!! 😆 🏎️” ~ Crusoe

I need a driver nickname tho.. wutchu think??


"Happy Valentines! 😍 Today, I am sharing the love with my brother Oakley by giving him his very own TEAM OAKLEY shirt for his fans! We've seen how many people out there are rootin' for the underdog, and he deserves his time in the spotlight too! So get your t-shirt here via link in my profile, the bow-tie changes color with the color of the shirt! 😍

Available for limited time and we're also happy to be donating 15% of proceeds to my partners at the Ontario SPCA & their National Cupcake Day. ~ Crusoe 😘



“Is it any wonder I melt hearts and knock-off socks?!” ~ Crusoe

Happy Valentines Day everyone 😊❤️😘😘


“What can I say? I’m a hound dog! Happy early Valentines everyone!” ~ Crusoe

P.s. movie tix winners were announced in my story! #50shadesfreed #50shades #happyvalentines


“I’d catch (drink?) a grenade for ya” ~ Crusoe

Tag someone who you’d do the same for! 😅🍹 #mardigras2018



“I’m giving away two movie tix for you and a special somone (or hey, even just a friend 😉) for this Valentine’s Day! Tag your friend or special someone in the comments to enter! I’ll choose TWO winners who will EACH get two tix! Each additional person you tag is an extra entry vote! Winners announced tomorrow! No smoochin’ tho 😅😘” ~ Crusoe


“Who’s watching #Olympics?! Keep watch for the wiener dog hockey games!” ~ Crusoe

Clip from today’s new episode of the Crusoe Show, go watch more action and our COMMERCIAL BREAK 😉😉 via links in my profile!


“Episode 3 is HERE!!! Go check it out via links in my profile, people are already saying it’s the best yet! ❤️😝😎” ~ Crusoe



"The brothers return in an all-new episode of my show TOMORROW! And you have to watch it like Oakley does - face turned to the side but eyes forward! 😝” ~ Crusoe


“We’ve been working too hard.. @hermaninthehood - if your dog had a favorite drink, what would it be?! 😝” ~ Crusoe


“They say my small, aerodynamic, wiener-shaped form will make me a top #Olympic competitor this year. What do you think?” ~ Crusoe



“Better than #P90X.. Tag a friend who needs to get on this program ASAP!” ~ Crusoe

This clip from Episode 2 of my show, go watch full thing via link in my profile!!


“This is my apres-ski sweater” ~ Crusoe
Thanks to my fan Maylove who knitted this for me all the way over in Norway!


“Need a little workout motivation? Tag a friend who needs my patent-pending DonkeyMaster500 - and if ur quick, you might just snag the cookie! 😉😬” ~ Crusoe

Clip from Episode 2 of the Crusoe Show, so go warch full thing via link in my profile!!



“It’s a Crusoe’s Peanut Butter Cup!” ~ Crusoe

Thanks @dogs_infood for the edit!


“Guys, I caught a chipmunk..” ~ Crusoe


“Episode 2 is here, where Dad and I are working on a workout DVD and a SPECIAL friend shows up partway through! Find both YouTube and Facebook links in my profile!!” ~ Crusoe


"Puppy Bowl got you so excited that you made a mess? That's ok, because I'm giving away one free @bissellclean Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off Vacuum ($299.99 value)! Just “like” this post and tag a friend to enter! And did you know, for every pet product sold, BISSELL donates to the BISSELL Pet Foundation to help all pets find a home ($1 million last year alone) - which is what the Puppy Bowl is all about; helping rescue pets find their forever family! ❤️ And don’t forget to tune into the Puppy Bowl this Sunday on Animal Planet at 3 p.m. EST." Learn more about Bissell via link in profile! ~ Crusoe


“Would you cross the street if this wolf was being walked towards you?! 😬😂” ~ Crusoe

#wolves #wolf


“If anyone sees that dang groundhog, let me know..” ~ Crusoe

#groundhog #groundhogday #groundhogday2018


“Who’s lookin’ forward to EPISODE TWO of #TheCrusoeShow coming this Sunday morning at 10:30am?!? And guess what, there might just be a SPECIAL GUEST making his grand appearance! 😉😉😉” ~ Crusoe


“Scale of 1 to a million, how bad do I look like I need a vacation right now?” ~ Crusoe


“Mum always say I’m a monkey.. maybe she’s right?!” ~ Crusoe (Clip from Episode 1 of my new show which you can watch via link in my profile!)


“We’re just going to pick up some bread..” ~ Crusoe

Scale of 1 to 10, how likely would you be to stop and marvel at my cuteness if you saw me going by like this?


“Little clip from today’s premiere episode of #TheCrusoeShow where I answer a few of my emails! 😬 Go watch full video!! Facebook video link in my profile and YouTube video link is first pinned Story on my profile!!


“It’s here!!! Go check out EPISODE ONE of my show via link in my profile RIGHT NOW!” (That’s the Facebook link but I’ll also post youtube link in my story later for anyone without Facebook). And let me know what you think!!!!! 😊👍