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Now you can see @hondrosfilm on VOD. I know it is available on @itunes. I am very proud to be a small part in the telling. Important work.


Thanks to all who supported @hondrosfilm Tomorrow you can rent it or buy it on @Itunes . It allows everyone, everywhere to see this extraordinary movie and the brave man who inspired it all. Link in website.


War can always be summed up in one image. For me this image of Samar Hassan by the late, great Chris Hondros was such a picture. The documentary about his life and work and courage under fire and art and music, @hondrosfilm opens today in Los Angeles and New York. Support this work. This labor of love of Chris and lens.#chrishondros



The reviews are in and all the hard work and passion pays off with the release TOMORROW of @hondrosfilm New York and Los Angeles audiences can join in the swell of affection for this portrait of bravery under fire. #hondrosfilm


Thank you @jeffswensen for this searing portrait of Chris Hondros, a war photographer, a brave man @hondrosfilm His story comes to life in theaters in Los Angeles and New York this weekend. Please support this important story. LA info in my bio/website


This Friday @hondrosfilm is in theaters in Los Angeles and New York. A labor of love and friendship and a portrait of courage under fire. Support his vision. #hondrosfilm



And that’s a wrap. Darlene Vega painted this portrait of Michael Myers. A fitting last tableau while shooting @halloweenmovie #halloweenmovie Everybody who made the movie did so because of their passion for John Carpenter and Debra Hill’s original vision. I think you will all be very happy and VERY scared. See you 10/19/18


So, when I knew I was filming in Charleston I looked for a hotel that was dog friendly and that was near a park. The only one turns out to be the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. @thedewberrycharleston It is warm and welcoming, the staff is friendly and helpful and all seem to love their jobs. It is old school elegance meets new school cool and I couldn’t recommend it with more enthusiasm. Farewell new friends and many thanks from @Runivision and @curtisleejamie



Wrapping things up here in Haddonfield. Three generations of strong, striped, Strode women. These two @missjudygreer @andimatichak brought it ALL to their work on this terrifying revisit of @halloweenmovie #halloweenmovie @marinelayer


So sad to leave all my new friends in Charleston. Thanks to @kuduchs for the friendship and morning noon and night caffeination and carbohydrates, @hajsalon for my much-needed wash and trim, @dogwashcharleston for my little dog’s much-needed wash and trim, the stylish folks @hampdenclothing for my new kicks and mostly to everyone @thedewberrycharleston for their hospitality and elegant, comfortable care. #halloweenmovie @halloweenmovie



Set self portrait of Laurie Strode 2018. A survivor and a protector. @halloweenmovie #halloweenmovie


Change of address. She’s got mail! @halloweenmovie #halloweenmovie #fourtyyearsoverdue


So, when I went back to do more gun training an OG fan of Halloween asked me to shoot his vinyl of the soundtrack. Not the actual vinyl but the cover. Needless to say I felt the pressure but hit my target none the less. #lilmisssureshot @halloweenmovie #halloweenmovie



First shot. @halloweenmovie Halloween 40 years later. Same slate. Same Laurie. David Gordon Green directing from his script. Happy Halloween 2018 everyone. See you all 10/19/18 #halloweenmovie


Warren Miller. Brought skiing and the snow you skied on and all the sport had to offer into people’s lives all over the world. A pioneer and a great artist. #restinpowder


First shot. 357. ❤️ Feels good for Laurie to be back on set for @halloweenmovie #halloweenmovie



So thrilled with this news of a theatrical release for @hondrosfilm Proud of the love and devotion and friendship of @gc4mpbell for Chris Hondros and the whole team at @ninestories @boldfilms @realbyronallen and his #entertainment studios for the March 2nd theatrical release and streaming on March 6th.


Don’t know whose brilliant picture this is but am sharing in the spirit that the picture speaks truth to power. #womensmarch2018


“More determined to achieve our final goal.” “Yes we are wise but it’s wisdom born of pain, yes we’ve paid the price but look how much we’ve gained.” “WE ARE STRONG! WE ARE INVINCIBLE! WE ARE WOMEN! “ #helenreddy #womensmarch


Dreaming a little dream for the DREAMers.


All we are saying is give peace a chance.


So proud of Tarana Burke and my friend Michelle Williams. #metoo #timesup


So proud of my friends and namesakes as they turn their years of ski racing into service with @DSES #disabledsportseasternsierra Link in bio


#kylorenchallenge #johnmayer “Jamie, I am your father.” #tonycurtis


Dream a little dream. I’m a practical gal and I’m not a big dreamer and have basically followed every job from one to the next without a big plan. Having just turned 59, I’m amazed as I look back at how varied my work has been. When the sun comes up and I’m standing in a makeup and hair trailer at my job, waiting to go do my work, it never ceases to amaze me that I get to do this. That I get to pretend to be other people. I get to work with creative people. That’s it’s how I make my living. My sweet friend @seanjameshair hair feels the same way. He took this picture this morning as I was stepping out of the trailer. I’m sure he felt the same as he stepped off the plane from Australia all those years ago, knowing no one here and creating a big life in the arts. We both are feeling very lucky today and immensely grateful. @newgirlonfox


Going out with a bang, albeit a very short one! So fun to be back for one of the last episodes! It has been a pleasure to be the New Girl’s mama, Joan. End of the run and my girl is all grown up! @newgirlonfox @seanjameshair