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All we are saying is give peace a chance.


So proud of Tarana Burke and my friend Michelle Williams. #metoo #timesup


So proud of my friends and namesakes as they turn their years of ski racing into service with @DSES #disabledsportseasternsierra Link in bio



#kylorenchallenge #johnmayer “Jamie, I am your father.” #tonycurtis


Dream a little dream. I’m a practical gal and I’m not a big dreamer and have basically followed every job from one to the next without a big plan. Having just turned 59, I’m amazed as I look back at how varied my work has been. When the sun comes up and I’m standing in a makeup and hair trailer at my job, waiting to go do my work, it never ceases to amaze me that I get to do this. That I get to pretend to be other people. I get to work with creative people. That’s it’s how I make my living. My sweet friend @seanjameshair hair feels the same way. He took this picture this morning as I was stepping out of the trailer. I’m sure he felt the same as he stepped off the plane from Australia all those years ago, knowing no one here and creating a big life in the arts. We both are feeling very lucky today and immensely grateful. @newgirlonfox



Going out with a bang, albeit a very short one! So fun to be back for one of the last episodes! It has been a pleasure to be the New Girl’s mama, Joan. End of the run and my girl is all grown up! @newgirlonfox @seanjameshair


Apparently my barrista at @lovecoffeebar thinks I deserve some. We all do. Children do. The earth does. Animals do. First responders do. Everyone, despite our differences and disputes does. Remember what The Beatles said. “And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love
You make.”
#makelovenotwar #makelovenotMoore


‪“A date that will live in infamy.” Thank you to all our armed forces who gave their lives for all of us. For freedom. For 🇺🇸. One of my greatest honors was narrating the Pearl Harbor tour. @ussarizona @usnavy @usairforce @usarmy @us.marine.corps #sacrifice #service #bravery



Courage to change the things they can. Jung said “only that which changes remains true” and Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in the world.” These women and hundreds of thousands if not millions of others are creating that change with their courage and honesty. I thank you @time and thank you to each and everyone of them if these brave women and men.


‪give. verb. giving‬
‪1. freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone). In this great land of freedom use this action word to help. 👶@Childrensla 🐩@perfect_pet_rescue 🌎@nrdc_org 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 @plannedparenthood 🕊️@Aclu_nationwide #peoplefortheamericanway 🌲@TreePeople



Today is #nationaladoptionday I wrote this book almost 20 years ago to help people understand how adoption works in a family. Adoption is sacred and like all families, filled with real people and feelings and imprints. The joys and sorrows of each adoptive story are the threads of a tapestry in a world filled with similar stories of families being born, devoted to each other. I honor my children and my husband and family and their biological families and all who open their hearts and minds to adoption.


You couldn’t write this. All of us are trying to figure out how to be human beings in this complicated world. But this is just a perfect example of the blindness and deafness of this administration.


#saturday The anticipation of the time change has wiped @runivision OUT!



Michael and I will see you all next Halloween 10/19/18
#Trancasfilms #Blumhouse #Universal #Halloween #H40


When I had the privilege of going to Cuba I was so impressed with the history, culture, beauty and thriving spirit. I loved visiting @clandestina99. These two young women, entrepreneurs and artists are transforming Cuba with their signature brand of creativity, clothes and fun objects. Today they launch their first ever online store from Cuba. Please check it out and support. Website in bio! Clandestina.co #clandestinaonline


A legend recorded so much great music here. Fats Domino. Thank you.



How I’m feeling today with the meanness and craziness in the world! #tbt @inezandvinoodh


In this wonderful year of Wonder Woman comes a delightful book for children called Superheroes Club. The central message is that a superhero is not what they look like but what they do. A message of caring and sharing, much-needed in this time of division and hatred. A loving gift for a child in your life. #superheroesclub


Once in a lifetime evening. The premiere of J A N E with a live Philharmonic score by Philip Glass @natgeo @janegoodallinst @fox @hollywoodbowl opens 10/20


Our beautiful mother, gone this day too many years ago. Adding to the sadness of these hard days of loss and longing.


Yes, it’s me flanked by @dav_pilkey @alfredyankovic ! Supporting Dav at his new book release @childrensbookworld #aeromovietheater and a chance to celebrate the UNDERDOGS! #represent


In 1998 Richard Rorty wrote a book called Achieving Our Country. As excerpted in @newyorkermag in 2016 this passage makes today understandable.


There are times when we all are one. Every time there is a catastrophe, we focus, often on a single image, and our human need to help and heal emerges. @strongerthefilm and the story of #jeffbauman and his family and girlfriend tells such a story. It LIFTS you UP and makes you realize that we all are STRONGER together. I urge you to go today, on the birth of this film and be transported and made better by it. #strongermovie #strengthdefinesus In Theaters September 22nd!


I M E A N C O M E O N!
@janegoodallinst @natgeo #heroine


This is what community looks like. Today in Malibu People came together, sacrificing personal time,suiting up and showing up, some people blood sweat and tears all to help raise money to help children who need our help. @nautica @childrensla In this bifurcated country it is crucial to remember that we CAN come TOGETHER and FOCUS on our most vulnerable citizens....CHILDREN!


"Same porch. Same clothes. Same issues. 40 years later. Headed back to Haddonfield one last time for Halloween. Release date 10/19/18."


Behind every great artist is her supportive husband and children! @ankenbrandt @saatchiart @ergobaby