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My favorite Marine❤ Dude I miss you so much😫 It's really weird not having you around especially when I was so used to seeing you all the time. I'm so proud of you and how far you've come! I love you fam💕#marines #marinecorps



Missing my partner in crime😖 We gotta travel and have wild nights again soon💕
#sanfrancisco #butitaintsacstate #partnerincrime #wildnights #travel #queen


Day 3: Stanford, San Jose, and UC Santa Cruz. San Jose had perfect weather🌞 I couldn't take the Banana Slug mascot seriously at Santa Cruz. Even with a 5% acceptance rate, I am definitely applying to Stanford... But none were Sac State💕


Day 2: Sonoma, San Fran, and Berkeley. Went to Pier 39 and saw the Golden Gate bridge😊 Best view all day tho was Johnny😂 Berkeley was quite the workout...but none were Sac State❤


The very thing that makes you different is what makes you special💙
Got some big things planned for you guys hopefully happening soon😊




Officially signed and working😊 #LMT #acting #modeling #signed


Ubuntu~ I am who I am because of who we all are.


Some highlights from the Red Carpet. Thanks to those who watched the Fashion Show✨
#style2016 #joehyatt


I keep walking these tracks but I don't know where I'm going, I'm lost but no one seems to notice.


I'm dead. I'm alive, but I'm dead😶 Absolutely in love with this beautiful boy😍❤@shawnmendes
#shawnmendes #mercy #Illuminate #emabiggestfansshawnmendes


I could tell you all the reasons why you should be with me and not with her, but I know you wouldn't care in the end. I damn sure hope she's the one you stay with because if not you ruined your chance of being with someone better and by the time you realize it, it'll be too late. ~Danita Magari


Happy 18th Birthday Shawn🎈❤😘#emabiggestfansshawnmendes


By far one of my favorites by him😍 @shawnmendes #emabiggestfansshawnmendes


"You are always enough for yourself"~Danita Magari
It was 84 degrees at 9 like wtf


Congrats to my beautiful sister on graduating from CSUMB. I agree with what your cap said "The best is yet to come." I'm so proud of you and can't wait to see what you accomplish next❤


These girls are the best I honestly couldn't ask for better friends than them❤ Love you girlies💋


You think you know her because you've seen her naked, because you've touched her skin and kissed her lips. But if I asked you her deepest desires, her biggest dreams you'd remain silent. You think you know her but you only know her body not her soul and you mistake it for love.


Today was amazing! I love you guys!❤ Hope you all had an amazing Valentine's Day💋


2015 was a long one but you all made it a bit better❤ I love you all!😘 Lets have a great 2k16!


The only Bae I need😍


Fangirling like crazy😍


Thank you, all of those who showed up and those who tried, to attend my quince. It was a lot of fun. Love you guys so much😘💕