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Ticiane Pinheiro

⏮⏭ #BritAwards || #DavidBowie honoured with two major awards at this year’s event, while #Beyonce, #LittleMix, #Drake and newcomer #RagNBone Man also took home prizes. 🏆 The three remaining members of #Wham! paid tribute to #GeorgeMichael - tough to watch 😭 @Coldplay frontman #ChrisMartin delivered an emotional performance of A Different Corner. Nice touch to include a clip of #Prince - a massive supporter of George. #EdSheeran and #Stormzy were the only act who managed to get the industry to their feet at #TheO2. Watch our story for the red carpet & @WarnerMusicUK after party. || All images Copyright @davebenett 👊🏼 || #thisislondon



Run Smoothie, run!


Hosico Cat

Defender of the Fatherland Day! С днем защитника Отечества! ⚔️🛡⭐️
500k!!!!! Thank you for the love everyone, Love you all! 😻❤🍀



When you don't care anymore😂🐱 Video by @hana__kitty



Because sometimes, paddling back out is half the fun. Papa New Guinea. Photo: @chris_peel_photo @pngexplorer


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Best buds 🐶
Photo by: @kaya_gsd
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Mommm wait up!


Cats of Instagram

From @Leonthemeow: “Too bad you’re studying but I need some snuggle right now 💖💕 ” #catsofinstagram


Aww Club Baby Animals
Beautiful Nature & Animals
詩丸 utamaru


Throw back Thursday♡
Baby maruru♡♡
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Pitbulls ❤️ Dogs ❤️ Puppy ❤️

@armtheanimals Has the coolest clothes for Pit Bull lovers! Best part is, they support animal rescues, so you can represent a good cause and look fantastic while doing it! Take advantage of their awesome sale going on now, up to 30% off! @armtheanimals @armtheanimals



And the award for "Cutest Odd Couple" goes to: THESE NUGGETS #socuteithurts 🔊



The reason I love bunnies 😍❤ #rambobunny


Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

"Fans! I'd like to invite you to participate in Q&A blog post! So in the comments here, ask me a question you'd like to know, and I'll choose 10-20 questions to answer in next week's blog! 😁" ~ Crusoe


Milla (Public Feline Figure) 😺

BUB turned her wildest dreams into a reality with the @loveframy app. Download it to do the same for yours! #madeinframy #ad



Crowd pleaser. #MinionMoments


Coby The Cat

Sup, kitties? I know where the laundry piles are.


Gary and supporting cast

Hashtag eyeroll.


Daily Overview

A checkerboard pattern, seen here in Siuslaw, Oregon, is caused by clearcutting. This process involves a rotating operation where every 40-60 years, all trees in a certain area are cut down, and new trees are planted in their place immediately after. Clearcutting has a major environmental impact on a forest, the most immediate being habitat loss for the trees and species that live there. Furthermore, the deficit of roots also causes erosion of the soil, and the loss of the forest canopy enables light from the sun to dry out bodies of water, making it impossible for certain species of fish and amphibians to survive. /// Overview: @micahjmarshall, source imagery: @digitalglobe



Pack Leashes is looking for the world's next top dog models and yours could be it! If you think your pup could be in the running please email photos of your little star to 📧 PACKLEASHES@GMAIL.COM 📧
Pack Leashes makes super durable dog leashes out of climbing rope and carabiners, and for every sale they donate 2 pounds of dog food to an animal shelter in need! Make sure to follow @packleashes to keep up with the cutest of adventure pups! @packleashes
Model @ghoststale



You're welcome to our place😆❤️


World of Labradors

"Happiness is... snowfall" - Finn @mychocolatedog


Pumpkin The Raccoon

🎃"My paws are freezing but...can't...stop...playing..." A throwback to discovering ice for this Wideo Wednesday!🎃❄️ #pumpkintheraccoon #raccoon #instagood #instalike #instagram #instadaily #wideowednesday #love #pet #weeklyfluff



🐻I won't leave you. 🐕No thanks.
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Munchkin cat

😻 Albert, world's most famous munchkin cat.


The Many Cats Of Instagram

"I recently adopted Zoey (the tuxie) and Emma (the torbie). In fact, tomorrow is their one month adoptaversary! They are not litter mates, but have very quickly become sisters and best friends. Zoey is 5 months old and is the curious, active, independent one. Emma is 4 months old and is the affectionate, floofy lap cat with an insatiable appetite." - @Tailsofatuxieandatorbie


Loki the Corgi 🍁

Free hugs


Black Jaguar-White Tiger

I honestly wish that all of you could have witnessed the Magic of Karma. I live surrounded by Magical Beings but Karma IS different. When she left, joy left the Planet with her. Life is not and will never be the same without her. I am super grateful to our Planet for honoring me with the position of taking care of the kids, but honestly I'm like a zombie nowadays. Karma, from the moment that I saw her and as cheesy as this will sound "Completed me". She's the one that showed me True and complete Happiness so when she left I found myself all alone stranded on this Planet. The Cheyennes are so fierce because they were rescued by us in the middle of my sadness so even though I Loved/Love them I didn't dedicate my whole being to them so they remained raw. In all honesty I'm still on this Planet to take care off the kids, if they were not here I would already be with Karma, but well, I have to take it like a Human and continue my trip home pretending to care. That's the key to my Art...
Good night Karmita Bonita, see you when I close my eyes...
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Sledgehammer Games

On this day, the Twentieth of February, Two Thousand Seventeen, we celebrate George Washington's Birthday, also known as #PresidentsDay.