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Friday, January 19th. A day with at I will never forget. The day I held dancer auditions for the 2018 Demi Lovato world tour. I could NOT of done it without these amazing humans by my side, running that day like a 5 star cruise ship.
Thank you dancers for coming and sharing SO much incredible talent and love in that room all day with us. As I sat next to @ddlovato watching the last round, and she watched my fellow peers applauding their talent, I started to cry. It was the most beautiful moment. No matter what side of the table I’m on, it’s always a dream. Can’t wait for this year ahead❤️🙏🏼 #herewego #demilovato


This football Sunday is so riveting. Too lazy to close the curtain. 🕶️


🎩 I wish I worked for Bob Fosse.



Can’t wait til I can eat more than soup and smile again🦔#wisdomteeth


I wanted to share this, not to brag or gloat, but share that by working your ass off you can honestly achieve anything. I had a goal and a dream when my parents divorced 10 years ago to be able to support them individually (which was completely impossible for so long because I myself was trying to survive daily lol) I’ve worked a ton of weird jobs cleaning houses, babysitting, personal assisting, handing out flyers, taking apart TVs for copper, dog walking, gogoing, blogging & more, but the biggest fire under my ass I gained was at the dozens of restaurants, bars and clubs being treated like a spec of dust 90 percent of the time. I would have to serve so many fellow dancers etc in my world and I remember being made fun of and talked down to so much. I would even be on tour with Rihanna, and dates in between shows I would still work at the restaurant. There’s always money to be made; and you are NEVER too good for any job. Getting this house with my dad this past month I cried, so hard, because all of those hours working towards my dream to be a dancer/choreographer and also just chasing my tail FOR SO LONG in a circle just making ends meet. I think now of those times when I would sit in my car wondering if shit would ever pay off... it did when I moved my 70 year old father (who still works full time) out of an apartment to a house and while I was ripping off 60 year old wall paper in the bathroom this past week in Ohio lol....


Ending the year yet again with my best friend since 9 @lizzytheg ❤️ we haven’t choreographed together in a while so this was a special one🙂 #dance #6lack #problems #choreography #dancer



True story: This photo was taken my junior year of high school in photography class...when I didn’t do my final...took this photo outside of the art building before walking into class, developed it in the dark room and turned it in lol.
I got a C.


With all of the holiday shopping going on, I’ve been so overwhelmed with love from friends I know, and even people I don’t, sending me these photos while shopping for @underarmour at @dickssportinggoods ❤️💦 #iwill #underarmour #underarmourwomen #nomodelingcontract #dancersareathletes


I tried to impress my pro athlete, extreme sports, thrill seeking boyfriend by snowboarding with him today...RECAP: I sucked & I disliked it and thought of my health care plan I chose the entire time lol 😂 #whycantibegoodateverything #wherearemypointeshoes #myfeetarestuck #givemeastudio #5678



Finally almost all of them en pointe!... and Almost all taller than me lol.... My ❤️ 🙏🏼


Haven’t taken a class in months so it was good to “Hair whip” the cob webs off with @yosheryl and just liiiivvvvveeeeee my little life away lol 🙌🏼 it’s always scary stepping back into anything after being gone for a while, just frickin’ do it lol...have to start back somewhere 🤷🏽‍♀️ #dance #theweeknd #edge #jazz #jazzfunk #sherylmurakami


My goal this past year has been to show the world of dancers and non a look into our insane lives. What it "takes" to be a professional dancer is a big unknown world to a lot of people, and I am so lucky that @underarmourwomen has been on this journey with me. @iamwellandgood came over to my house to see what I pack in my dance bag when I go to a 12-hour rehearsal or to take a class at the studio—check out the full video at the link in my bio! You can never overpack, just under-pack ;)#iamwellandgood, #unlikeany #partner



There is SO much content now a days that the ones with an added sprinkle of heart and story behind it really inspire me ❤️👰🏽 I was helping them create that back story so they could reach inside and pull something out of themselves that they haven’t before.
In my ramble, I wanted them to picture someone sitting in front of the room... someone special to them, and it would be their last time to communicate something that they have either never said before to that person, or something that they say or ask too many times to the point of giving up. We have all been there... —- thank god it worked or else they would have been looking at me so crazy haha.
Music is so powerful. #savethedate #tellmeyouloveme comes out tomorrow 💍 #demilovato @ddlovato @nordahl_creative #dance #choreography #danceclass


This is SO beautiful @art.roc ❤️


Definitely can’t go in...



This is me hoping no one falls off of the stage, nor knocks Demi over, and me trying not to get hit by a steady cam during rehearsals for the #amas #sorrynotsorry


Casual Sunday with @ddlovato #amas
Big thank you to D for having dance be apart of her epic performance & message.❤️
Choreography team: thank you @jojogomezxo & @calvitjr for the STANK.
Dancer styling: @joeythao
Dancers: @laureltcanyon @cachemelvin @deeglazer @idalizcristian @winni3ta @avaflav1 @jasmineperri @serenapetruzello @savanapetruzello ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ thank you girls for your hard work, professionalism and smiles. Landing from Paris at 4pm and driving straight to a 7 hour rehearsal for this with y’all was PAINLESS lol. Everyday is still a dream to me and crossing paths with fellow dancers/choreographers has been so rewarding. Sitting just staring at the ceiling with tears welled up with so much gratitude. 😩😂


Tonight we ran off stage to catch the last lighting of the Eiffel Tower⭐️



London has some talent unlike any other place. These girls learned 4+ routines the past 2 days and murdered every single one. Then last night they all ran off the #emas stage with #demilovato in tears 😍🤧. Nothing beats being able to make dreams come true like so many people did and do for me.
Thank you ladies for making my job the best, thank you @happykath for being literally the best agent to these girls that I have EVER seen. ❤️ can’t wait to come back soon xo #sorrynotsorry #mtv #london #dancers


I can’t even put into words what this EMA performance in London was to me. I mean other than @ddlovato Having me in tears being able to create with her & @johnlloydtaylor . I also got to share this experience next to these 3 today.. These humans @sarabiv @calvitjr choreograph for @camila_cabello & @owensc18 for @liampayne ... we all have danced and toured with Rihanna together for many years and have gone through the highest of highs and lowest of lows arm in arm. Then to be here in London, as the THREE choreographers for these INSANE artists we all were running around the dressing rooms like it was our very first job in 2010 doing “Where have you been”, but now we are standing at monitors watching our monumental performances. The amount of love we have for what we do and the artists that trust us is unreal.
I still can’t believe we stood all next to one another today at WEMBLEY (the Lillypad lol) ❤️❤️i love you guys. Congrats to us on an amazing night ❤️❤️ #emas #mtv #mtvemas


@ddlovato & I were livvinnggg at the #telehit awards 💦❤️💋#coolforthesummer #demilovato
Choreo/staging: @jojogomezxo & I
Dancers styled by: @joeythao


My mom took my 86 year old grandma to a @dickssportinggoods in Cleveland, OH today to see the @underarmour @underarmourwomen campaign I did... She then sent me this video 😩🤧😭❤️
In our family and culture, my grandma might as well be my mother. Funny story my mom and her tell me, I️ used to actually call my grandma “mom” when I️ was little and my grandma would never correct me lol!
She has always been my biggest supporter. When I moved to LA at 17 years old I️ had 8 dollars to my name. She would send me monthly care boxes with minutes to buy for my cellphone, her homemade Italian “S” cookies, (you know what those are if you are Italian haha), soap, toothpaste, vitamins, anything she possibly could to help me survive and stay out there. This little lady is my everything ❤️ sometimes we get so caught up in the “journey to success” that I forget how huge these moments really are. She acted like this too when i got my very first head shots done! No matter the magnitude of the job/project or how “cool” i think it is, me living my dream out is what makes it so special to her and our families 🤧💋


Pro dancers. They are just like us.
#monday #waitforit 🤘🏽


My trainer this morning put me through hell 😂🤣 LITTLE ROCCO PUT THE BAND ON HIS LITTLE LEGS HIMSELF!! He then yelled “cake”at me for 15 minutes... #whenyourdadisaPT #startemyoung #gluteactivation


He drunkenly came home from World Series game 6 last night and woke me up eating In-N-out IN OUR BED at 1am.... therefore I made him take me to eat Italian tonight. #forceddatenight #ihatedhimlastnight #lovehimsomuch ❤️


I thought sleeping in @tombrady’s recovery sleepwear was the closest I’d ever get to him... This was such a surprise going to the site today and see this @underarmour @underarmourwomen ‼️‼️


Wanted to share what I’ve been whole heartedly consumed with the past couple weeks❤️ these 3 lovely girlies @kaitlyn.gilbreth @samlandyy & @izzy.128 have solos with me this year & we have been putting in some serious OT at the studio to get these pieces finished and perfect. They each are so different and challenge me to make it personal for them, creative, unique and challenging so that they improve on things this season. Half the time they look at me like I’m crazy (because I am in the Studio haha) but they are always trying any crazy ideas I have, and being the most beautiful little dancers. Can’t wait til these are done so you can run with them xo thank you for trusting me with your pieces. love you babies! ❤️❤️ #dance #dancers #choreography