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Chasing tails.
One of the most amazing trees I've ever seen. Surrounded by the colours of Autumn.
Surrey, England.


Stranger things.
The magic continues under these beautiful forests.
Surrey, England.


Yellow fever.
The warmth of the late afternoon sun and the crunch of fallen leaves on the floor. I could spend hours exploring and shooting these scenes, and luckily this year I had the chance, with new local discoveries.
Surrey, England.



Autumn Lane. Ever walked down a road completely covered by a thick carpet of leaves?
Surrey, England.


Last weekend autumn forest sunrise with @nickaseymour. I do love a good sunstar. Put your hand out and touch it πŸ˜‰πŸŒž Micheldever forest, England.


Golden veil.πŸ‚
Windsor, Surrey, England.



Yesterday morning autumn shoot with @nickaseymour. A forest with a carpet of leaves you just want to roll around in. This image is 10 shots focus stacked to get the depth of field. The foreground leaves are on a tree stump and the nearest leaf was only about 20cm from the lens. Tricky one to edit, and I'm sure I smelt smoke coming from inside my computer while Ps was rendering this. πŸ˜‚πŸ


Another beautiful scene from waterfall country. After negotiating some interesting slippery slopes we managed to get to this composition. The streaks are white foam bubbles floating on top of the water. W/ @nickaseymour and @templopolis 🍁


Shooting this, possibly my favourite waterfall along the trails in Brecon with @nickaseymour and @templopolis.
Sgwd yr pannwr



Eira's window.
Framed by nature.

Sgwd yr Eira, Brecon beacons, Wales.


Another Brecon beauty. Still got quite a few to post. I hope you like waterfalls πŸ˜‰


Waterfalls that are impossible to pronounce, but easy to look at.
Sgwd Ddwli, Brecon beacons. With @nickaseymour



Last weekend myself and @nickaseymour headed up to Brecon beacons to shoot the amazing waterfalls. We finally had the chance to meet up with @templopolis too, which was awesome! Thanks for showing us around buddy! @nickaseymour , @templopolis give these legends a follow!


Happy Friday! Have a magical weekend everyone!


Saturday morning shooting with @nseymourphoto. I've shot a lot of forest scenes in the past 2 years, but nothing likely this. The light must have been on drugs! It's moments like this that motivate, inspire and make those early mornings so worth it. It doesn't happen all the time, but i want to make sure I'm there when it does!



Ray bans? No thanks!
Such a magical morning shooting with @nseymourphoto today. Kind of a last minute decision to shoot some woodland, and I'm so glad we did!


Sunrise at Corfe castle with @nseymourphoto. Not the conditions we were hoping for, but still a beautiful morning and pretty happy with how this turned out. 3 exposures used here, a long exposure for the sky, one for the castle and hills, and another for the sunstar. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Sunrise this morning with @nseymourphoto. Tide out on West Wittering beach left some interesting sand formations. A still, peaceful morning and some lovely reflections.



Big Ben will chime for the last time today and remain silent for the next 4 years as it under goes major repairs. Going to miss the sight of this beautiful tower soon to be completely covered up by scaffolding. Good night #bigben


Fantastic morning shooting with @nseymourphoto. Great location, perched high up on a sea stack which you can climb up to get this vantage point.
Mupe Bay, Dorset, England.


Frozen rock pools and fresh fluffy snow with some magical arctic light glowing above the mountains in Lofoten, Norway


There are certain places you dream of going, but you just can't see how it could happen because of your life circumstances or finances etc. Don't give up, doors will open, things change and happen in your life that you never expected and those dreams and places you wish you could experience become a reality. I have proof πŸ‘†

Lofoten, Norway.


White out.
Lofoten, Norway.


Golden sunlight creeping it's way in and lighting up the deep dark forest with a colourful display of bluebells carpeting the floor.
Micheldever, England.


Another stunning location, and awesome to have @nseymourphoto along for company. We met at this spot exactly a year ago and it was cool that we were able to revisit it again a year later.


Throw back to February.
Lofoten, Norway.


Accounts I suggest you follow @nseymourphoto, @templopolis @stuartbellamy_photo.


Church on the hill.
An amazing summer evening shooting with @nseymourphoto into the early morning.
St Catherine's Chapel, Dorset, England.


Two with a view.
Some guys hanging out, taking in the incredible scenery.
Land's end, Cornwall, England.


Door to the galaxy.
What an incredible weekend of clear skies. 2 nights in a row shooting the milky way. It's summer in the UK, and that means that the milky way is only visible after midnight when twighligt has faded. Then you only have a 3 hour window before twighligt starts for sunrise. Two verrrrry long nights, but totally worth it.
Durdle door, Dorset, England.