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My previous visit to this location found me scrambling over rocks and exploring crevices and compositions. On this morning I knew I wanted this shot, I sat down in the grass and didn't move until I got up to leave. Sunrise on the Dorset coast.
Nikon D810, 20mm 1.8, f10, 69 sec, iso 64. @formatthitech firecrest.
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Happy Friday everyone! Here's an autumn shot from waterfall country, Brecon beacons.


Above beauty.
One of the best views on the jurassic coast in my opinion. Man O war cove, Dorset, England.

Nikon D810, 20mm 1.8, f10, 112 sec, iso 64.


Golden morning light glowing on the rocks at Dungy head. Happy Friday everyone!



Stepping stones.
Exploring this place with @nickaseymour. We were blown away by the abundance of compositions available here. Probably the most difficult place to get to along the Dorset coast, but so worth it!
Dungy head, Dorset.


The rough, rugged, and beautiful Cornish coast.
Have a great week everyone!
Kynance cove, Cornwall.


A moody scene from some of the most insane cliffs along the Dorset coast.



Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have some awesome plans for the weekend. Here's a shot from Cot valley in Cornwall, Aka, Dinosaur egg beach.


Sunset at Man o war cove. At the end of last year I got a special sunrise at this place but looking in the opposite direction from the cliffs top right of this image. A couple of weeks ago, first week of January I got this sunset. This location has been really good to me so far with epic light. This is also the only beach I have ever seen wave formations on the sand like this.
Nikon D810, 20mm 1.8 lens, f9, Iso 64, 5 sec. Firecrest polarized filter.
Dorset, England.


Tropical streams.
Lush forest scenery from
Kloof, South Africa.



Morning bliss.
Getting to location to shoot sunrise, and nothing happens Then 2 hours later you get some thing like this. That's what I love about the winter light here, golden hour is more like golden 3 hours.
Lulworth, Dorset, England.


Some more stormy goodness along the jurassic coast.


Stormy conditions sometimes just as good as calm sunrises and sunsets. Waves pulling back along the Dorset coast.



So much spray here, constantly wiping my filter before taking shots and camera drenched. I needed to get close though😉

Kloof, South Africa.


Shot some favourite spots in my homeland a couple weeks ago. Lush jungle vibes in my old neighbourhood.
Kloof, South Africa.


Spent 3 weeks in SA over the Christmas period with family and friends. Didn't get to shoot much, but got a few shots which I will be sharing. This was taken on a sunrise shoot after arriving the evening before and only getting 2 hours sleep. 😭
Thompsons Bay, Ballito, South Africa.



Wishing you all the very best for 2018, filled with more adventures, experiences, memories and awesome images! Thank you to everyone for your continued support and friendship here on IG!


Brecon beacons tallest.
The beautiful henrhyd falls.


I'm officially on holiday😝! Anybody else?


Photos of this place never do justice to how incredibly big this place is. @nickaseymour and I walked towards it and felt like we were entering another planet, the rocks, structures and cliffs so much bigger than we remembered. It's a place I absolutely love to shoot, so many possibilities for compositions.
Jurassic coast, England.


Exactly 3 months since my last trip to the coast and this happens. What a welcome back. Sunrise with @nickaseymour at Man o war cove, one of the many beautiful bays and scenes along the jurassic coast.
Dorset, England.


Final image for Autumn this year. Have an amazing weekend everyone!
Surrey, England.


Seasonal splendour.
Shades of Autumn in harmony.
Surrey, England.


Chasing tails.
One of the most amazing trees I've ever seen. Surrounded by the colours of Autumn.
Surrey, England.


Stranger things.
The magic continues under these beautiful forests.
Surrey, England.


Yellow fever.
The warmth of the late afternoon sun and the crunch of fallen leaves on the floor. I could spend hours exploring and shooting these scenes, and luckily this year I had the chance, with new local discoveries.
Surrey, England.


Autumn Lane. Ever walked down a road completely covered by a thick carpet of leaves?
Surrey, England.


Last weekend autumn forest sunrise with @nickaseymour. I do love a good sunstar. Put your hand out and touch it 😉🌞 Micheldever forest, England.