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Sunrise at Corfe castle with @nseymourphoto. Not the conditions we were hoping for, but still a beautiful morning and pretty happy with how this turned out. 3 exposures used here, a long exposure for the sky, one for the castle and hills, and another for the sunstar. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Sunrise this morning with @nseymourphoto. Tide out on West Wittering beach left some interesting sand formations. A still, peaceful morning and some lovely reflections.


TGIF! If you had just 2 hours to visit any place in the world, where would it be?


Big Ben will chime for the last time today and remain silent for the next 4 years as it under goes major repairs. Going to miss the sight of this beautiful tower soon to be completely covered up by scaffolding. Good night #bigben


Fantastic morning shooting with @nseymourphoto. Great location, perched high up on a sea stack which you can climb up to get this vantage point.
Mupe Bay, Dorset, England.


Frozen rock pools and fresh fluffy snow with some magical arctic light glowing above the mountains in Lofoten, Norway


There are certain places you dream of going, but you just can't see how it could happen because of your life circumstances or finances etc. Don't give up, doors will open, things change and happen in your life that you never expected and those dreams and places you wish you could experience become a reality. I have proof πŸ‘†

Lofoten, Norway.


White out.
Lofoten, Norway.


Golden sunlight creeping it's way in and lighting up the deep dark forest with a colourful display of bluebells carpeting the floor.
Micheldever, England.


Another stunning location, and awesome to have @nseymourphoto along for company. We met at this spot exactly a year ago and it was cool that we were able to revisit it again a year later.


Throw back to February.
Lofoten, Norway.


Accounts I suggest you follow @nseymourphoto, @templopolis @stuartbellamy_photo.


Church on the hill.
An amazing summer evening shooting with @nseymourphoto into the early morning.
St Catherine's Chapel, Dorset, England.


Two with a view.
Some guys hanging out, taking in the incredible scenery.
Land's end, Cornwall, England.


Door to the galaxy.
What an incredible weekend of clear skies. 2 nights in a row shooting the milky way. It's summer in the UK, and that means that the milky way is only visible after midnight when twighligt has faded. Then you only have a 3 hour window before twighligt starts for sunrise. Two verrrrry long nights, but totally worth it.
Durdle door, Dorset, England.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Land's end, Cornwall, England.


Coastal still my favourite place to shoot.
@formatthitech #firecrest 13 stop filter, and @pluto_trigger.
Nikon D810, f10, iso 64, 325 seconds.
Cornwall, England.


Pre sunrise in Porth Nanven with @brownhillphotography. This beach is known as "dinosaur egg beach". The beach is protected by the national trust and if caught removing boulders from the beach there is a serious fine.
Cornwall, England.


The Cornish coast.
Nikon D810, f9, iso 64, 410 seconds. #firecrest 15 stop filter and @pluto_trigger


Shot this with the highly impressive @pluto_trigger. This Bluetooth remote controlled by a brilliant app is packed with some incredible features, 24 to be exact. With sensors built in to the trigger it is capable of triggering lightning strikes, sounds, infrared and comes with a lazer which you can also use to shine into one of the sensors to trigger the remote. One of my favourite features is the built in ND calculator which works out your exposure taken from your base exposure and ND filter, it comes up with the exposure time and all you need to do is tap the button on the app and away it goes. Seriously, this gadget is a revelation. Check out @pluto_trigger to see more.
Land's End, Cornwall.


Delicate arrival.
Surrey, England.


How perfect is this forest? Peak bluebell season in a beech forest with new shoots of leaves in vibrant greens. Warm sunlight brings everything to life.
Micheldever, England.


The wise sleeper.
Yesterday was an incredible experience for me. I spent about an hour shooting this owl in Micheldever forest while it was fast asleep. I consider this a huge privilege and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was so close to him that I could have touched him. Not one bit concerned by my company, the only thing it wanted was sleep! The purple background are bluebells. #NTchallenge @nationaltrust


It's been a joy shooting in these enchanted woods the last couple weeks. Yesterday I was treated to an encounter with an owl, which I'm still trying to comprehend. Anyway, here's a shot I took last weekend while out with @nseymourphoto. Glorious sunlight and the bluebells in full bloom!


Textures and early morning sun breaking into the woods.
Surrey, England.


Where is your happy place? A place you feel at peace, an escape from the crazy everyday life. Where you can connect with nature again and forget about everything else? Mine is fast becoming these magical forests in my area. The coast would have to be up there too ☺️
Surrey, England.
#realhappiness #earthcaptures @bbcearth


There are certain scenes I come across that I still find unbelievable. This is one of them. Daffodil Valley, Surrey, England.


Been exploring local woodland the last few weeks and getting some shots leading up to spring. The forests in the UK are just magical around this time of year.
Surrey, England.


Blessed to have stood in this moment.
Lofoten, Norway.


Location, location, location.
Happy Easter everyone!