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“Mum, who are the Muppets?” writes @squidthegriff


“Fresh baked chocolate pug cookies!” Writes @dogs_infood featuring @pugloulou | Be sure to check out our Stories for more cute pooches in delicious dishes!


SENIOR SUNDAY! @susiesseniordogs has an adoptable dog from DOWN UNDER! And that ear though! Meet Buddy! He's full of energy and overflowing with cuteness! And he's up for adoption in the Melbourne, Australia area. Buddy was surrendered by his former elderly owner who was unable to take care of him anymore. He will do best with a family who is looking for a well-trained dog, but who can also keep up with his youthful spirit. Buddy may be a "senior," but Buddy is anything but retired! He still ADORES playing fetch with his tennis ball and his puppy-like antics will keep you entertained for years to come.
@second.chance.animal.rescue wrote, "Buddy is a lovable, high energy, inquisitive, spoilt cutie. He's enthusiastic and loves playing tug of war, soccer and fetch, and he will play for as long as you can keep up with him! He's toilet trained and easy to get in bed at night. Buddy must be an only dog at home as he's terrified of other dogs and cats. He's also a fussy eater who likes to get his own way, but you can't help but adore him when he gives you his belly and grins! He initially is shy but once he warms up he fully bonds to his family. Due to his shyness, young children are not recommended. Lastly, Buddy has some arthritis in his knees that will need ongoing supplements for." Buddy is up for adoption with Second Chance Animal Rescue located in Epping, Australia - just 30 minutes north of Melbourne.
To adopt Buddy, please email with questions or to submit an application.



Happy Lunar New Year! This year is extra special for us because it’s the Year of the Dog! Through 3/25, @nordstrom is celebrating with a pup-friendly “pop-in” shop featuring exclusive dog apparel, toys, treats and more for all our furry friends. Who’s checking it out? Head over to @nordstrom or check out our Story to learn more.

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“A good scratch always makes for a happy doggo😊” writes @brandified


“If being adorable was an Olympic sport, we would take the gold” writes @thatdoodsquad
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“When you have the best boyfriend who had everything ready for Valentine’s Day” writes @myloveonpaws


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STORY TAKEOVER! “You don’t need someone to spoil you on Pawlentine’s Day when you can spoil yourself!” writes @sheepish_addie 📷 by @kevloweryphoto | Don’t miss Addie’s Story Takeover to see how all single ladies should be spending their day ❤️



“I am lion hear me roar🦁” writes @iamroyal_t


“Husky Flora! The first Husky - Blogger in the world” writes @huskyflora.theblogger


SENIOR SUNDAY! Help @susiesseniordogs bring Stella home! 11 year old adoptable Stella had been loved by the same person for her whole life. Her elderly owner tried, but eventually became unable to care for Stella or maintain her diabetes and was forced to surrender her. Stella has the perfect temperament, personality, and gentleness that anyone would desire in a furry BFF. It's only her diabetes that is scaring all potential adopters away - but it shouldn't! It is easily managed, and Stella is worth every ounce of your interest, attention, and love.
@sighthoundunderground wrote, "Stella is an 11 year old #Borzoi who is ready to party in her new forever home! We've had close to zero adoption interest in her even though the diabetes is easily managed, but the thought of needles is scaring people away. She's been with us for 4 months now.
Stella has that special senior wisdom that people treasure! She is just looking for some fluffy beds, a nice crate, and a couch to snuggle away her time on. She would be great with other dogs at home and is safe around cats, too. She is super polite and totally potty trained. The great news is that her diabetes is EASILY managed. She just needs an approved diet on a loose schedule with insulin injections twice a day.
Stella is currently fostered in Wilmington, DE, but is available for adoption throughout the US and Canada. If you're interested in adding this lovely lady to you pack, the first step is to fill out an application." To adopt Stella, please email @sighthoundunderground at with any questions or to submit an application!



“Beauty sleep... zzzZZZ...” writes @_wand_wand



“The happiest shiba” writes @sora_the_adventurer


STORY TAKEOVER! “Just a day in the life of a happy little sausage. Join me!” Writes @montyminidachshund | Be sure to checkout our Story and see a day of pampered life with Monty!



“When your friends are eating salad but you’re fully committed to your winter bod 🍕” writes @mr.marcel | Tap our Story and see some adorable dogs celebrate National Pizza Day! #dogsofinstagram


“ That’s our tiny Pom Minzi. She lost her leg as a puppy due to medical malpractice but never lost her positivity. After two years of searching (cause she’s too tiny for most prosthetists to handle) we finally got her a new prosthetic leg that fits perfectly and she’s doing great with it! You can truly see how happy she is about her new leg 💗” writes @missyminzi


“Everybody was Kung Fu fighting” writes @kristiinatammik



“My bandana is the only bandana I won’t rip off as soon as my mom puts it on” writes @thenames_ralphie // Thanks for sharing, Ralphie!


“Just a little daydreaming...” writes @layla_the_labby


And they called it puppy love! Check out our ⬆️ story!

Just in time for Valentine’s, our friends at @article are donating $10 from every purchase made to Guide Dogs of America. This initiative was inspired by one of Article’s very own employees who is a volunteer trainer for these amazing assistance dogs. “We bring them to work, we buy them special treats, we have them fur-test (read: lounge around on) our furniture. That’s why this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to show some love to humanity’s number one fan: dogs,” writes @article.
To learn more about Heather’s volunteer work and how you can participate, check out the link in our Story!


“Dalmatian-ception” writes @pingoeninadalmatians // Have an awesome video? Send it in via the link in our bio


“When it’s Monday and all you want to do is snuggle. Did you know an estimated 14 million people call in sick the day after the #Superbowl ? Were you one of them?” writes @2husketeers


“Sometimes the Heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” writes @chantal_and_gulliver


Because dog videos make Mondays better


SENIOR SUNDAY! @susiesseniordogs thinks Odin is the real MVP. After seven months of searching for true love, 8 year old Highway is officially, and finally, ADOPTED!! Highway's new family has renamed him Odin. Originally, before arriving at the shelter, Odin was found along a highway in Tennessee after being hit by a car. When they brought him to the vet, they found lots of metal pellets in him - it was obvious that someone had been shooting at poor Odin. Thankfully, he received all the care he needed and fully healed from his old injuries. But because Odin is an older dog, nobody had been interested in adopting him, sadly. However, once his story gained exposure through social media, Odin has now found his soulmate family with Alex and Patrick! Last week, they drove from Jackson to Memphis to adopt him and Odin has been enjoying his wonderful new life ever since. HOORAY!!! Alex and Patrick wrote, "Update on Highway, who we renamed Odin since he is a sweet little cyclops! He is finally adjusted to a new house and new dog siblings. He had already met our dog Honey in Memphis, but the moment he got home to Jackson with us and met our other dog, Ralphy, both of their tails went crazy! They are best friends.
Odin mostly wants to sleep but when he’s awake he is right by our sides for some snuggles. He loves to eat and is constantly looking at all the dog bowls hoping someone left something behind. He is the sweetest most gentle soul I’ve ever met! You would never know the hardships he went through in the past from his personality. He has made his way right into our hearts and family!
And I’m overwhelmed looking at the comments on his Instagram! Even those who don’t know him know how special he is!"


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STORY TAKEOVER! “ We don’t have a short attention span, we just… Look a squirrel!” writes @ilckenzoo | Be sure to checkout our Story and see a day in the life of this adorable crew!


“When you see yourself in a mirror” writes @bosunthefrenchie // Submit your favorite video(s) via the link in our bio!


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