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GIVEAWAY! We're so in love with these illustrations from @woofmodels featuring our line of Puffer Vests that we decided to do a giveaway. Here's how you can enter to win your favorite Puffer Vest:
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"Early morning swim in bow lake, after we went on a hike up to Saint nicholas peak. A perfect day for me! " writes @akiakthehusky


@irresistiblecharlie knows the importance of eating food that's made with ❤️. Did you know that nutrition experts at @purina evaluate EVERY detail of their ingredients origins - from weather patterns to air quality to live stock management practices? Why? Because all these factors can affect quality. They also utilize technology so that they're able to trace every ingredient that passes through their doors to its original location or batch. They believe that every ingredient used in their food has a purpose and that's why they know where their ingredients come from, all the way back to the source. But it doesn't stop there; they also thoroughly test every batch of food they make to ensure all ingredients in the bag are safe. Click the link in our bio to read more about @purina'a commitment to sourcing high-quality ingredients and what that means for the health and well-bein god your pets. #PurinaPartner


"I've solved the theory of everything!" writes @deanthebasset


Who else is excited to see JB the Pug in the new #Kingsman movie? #ad: Yesterday, JB stole the show the at the premier in London rocking an orange tux and black bow tie. Check out our Story to see more of JB at the premier. Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters this Friday! 📸 @charliegrayphotographer | @kingsmanmovie @20thcenturyfox


"don't let this face fool you. she's always up to something!" writes @kyra.bc


#ad: Anyone who's ever had a puppy in their home knows to expect the unexpected. That's why the LifeProof carpet brand is rolling out a new line at @homedepot specifically designed to be "pet proof" as an answer to the toughest pet stains. Here's why this carpet is the perfect addition to animal friendly homes:

1. 0% moisture absorption to reduce pet odors in carpet fibers
2. Nanoloc spill and soil shield or for quick and easy cleanup
3. 3x easier to clean dirt, hair and pet dander

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"Dovahkiin the great floof!" writes @goldilocksandthewolf


SENIOR SUNDAY! @susiesseniordogs has a friend they'd like you to meet! Talk about a total gentleman, 12 year old Blazer is all that...and then some! This adoptable senior boy weighs 70 pounds and is just a big ol' love bug. He is incredibly easygoing and does great with other dogs of all size - even the ones who try to give him trouble, Blazer pays no attention to them. He also knows how to make friends with cats! It's hard to understand how someone could let Blazer go, but he is such a good boy and he needs a forever home for his golden years.
Blazer's foster writes, "He is an affectionate guy, but not at all demanding. If you're standing still he might walk up and nose your hand or give your hand a lick. He also just seems love anybody and anything that pays attention to him. We have a cat in the household who hissed a bit and batted at him once. Blazer didn't even react, then later that night when the cat started cautiously approaching him he started wagging his tail. He is extremely patient and mellow.

Blazer doesn't seem to be formally trained or know any verbal commands, but he definitely picks up on things quickly. He's also very guidable - just touch his collar and gently guide him and he will go along wherever you lead him. He also loves a nice brisk walk. When outside he's curious and has a good deal of energy, but once he's back in the house completely content to lie on the floor (preferably with his head on your foot). He is an all around a great guy!" Blazer is up for adoption with @PupStarzRescue in NYC. He can be adopted in the tri-state area as long as the adopter travels to NYC to meet him. To adopt Blazer, please email to submit an application!


Chester the Doodle in his new outfit | Thanks for the 📸 @hopefeathers


"My life in one shot" writes @martina_doglife



"Rescued as a pup from a kill shelter in Kentucky, Bates is now enjoying some cooler weather up North at his new home in New Jersey!" writes @jamiemariegardner


"Kaden is a laid back Dood! He loves posing and modeling for the camera although he can be camera shy at times. He loves playing fetchies and hanging around with some big dogs!" writes @kicking.back.with.kaden



"Problems come and go. Pizza is forever." writes @piggyandpolly


"Meet Milo. He's always smiling no matter what life throws his way!" writes @onelesspinna


"Pupperazzi!" writes @mortimerthecorgi


"Bed time stories with Dogs on Instagram and Chess" writes @jennycarlsso


"Hello! I am Momo, the sleekest lab-pit-pointer mix in all of the hoods of NYC. I am 7 1/2 months and I love love love to play with dogs twice my size and will give paw for treats!" writes @momofromthehood



"If you have to ask if it's to early for a cocktail, then you my dear are an amateur and we can no longer be friends! #imakepourdecisions #pitcherperfect ." writes @kingsturge


ADOPTABLE PUPS. Attention New York! Head over to @dogsofshelters to learn about Bo and Daisy who are in need of a forever home. 📸 @sophiegamand
#dogsofinstagram #dogsofshelters


"Take us away Magic Bathtub!" writes @lunathewonderbeagle


"Chief and Koda are two dogs loving the life they live in Oahu." writes @chief.koda



"There's nothing quite like a summer sunset in the Pacific Northwest" writes @wanderousshepherds


STORY TAKEOVER! Checkout today's story as @wallythewelshcorgi hosts a meet and greet at @moreyspiers water park!


SENIOR SUNDAY! Ever wonder how our friends at @susiesseniordogs got their start?! "Senior dogs have my whole heart. About six years ago, a 10 pound girl with a natural mohawk came into my life. By fate. Her name is Susie and she was around 11 years old. Susie lived with her former owner for her whole life, until the owner stated he was no longer able to keep her when he got remarried. Susie's past is irrelevant, but necessary to include solely to highlight she was given up for reasons entirely unrelated to anything one may think she did wrong. Not at all.

Soon after Susie came into our lives, she quickly bonded us with. She traveled with us as often as we could take her along. She was mellow and easygoing and adapted well in every situation. She went for nightly walks in Central Park, dipped her paws in two oceans, and even once crossed the Canadian border! Before we knew it, life before Susie was hard to recall. Susie was so impossibly easy (not to mention incredibly lovable and adorable) that we often wondered how she could have ever been let go. But that is no matter, because for so many reasons I feel ever grateful that our paths crossed. Susie opened my eyes to the beauty of loving a dog in their senior years. And she made me aware of the sad fact that so many homeless senior dogs never get the same chance Susie did in her senior years.
A little over three years ago, I created @susiesseniordogs on a whim -- but whole-heartedly because of Susie. I wanted to promote dogs from shelters who simply had a few years on them, and were getting lost in the shuffle because of it. Every senior dog without a forever home - regardless of size or breed - represents Susie to me. And it crushes me to think of Susie not finding love just because of her age.

On April 22, 2016, our sweet Susie passed away. I very much believe time is irrelevant when it comes to love. A day is a year...and a year is a day. I'd rather have had a day with Susie than to have never known her at all. Loving a senior dog, and being loved by a senior dog, is one of the greatest experiences I wish everyone would allow themselves to have. Simply put, adopting a senior dog is truly, wholly, 100%."


Tag a friend and tell them which hoodie is totally their dog.


"Happiness is a good waterfall and a pup to share it with." writes @winterthesiberian


"Keeshond Fauna knows how to pose" writes @lapphundtuisku


"'s our secret" writes @lola_pepe_frenchies



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