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STORY TAKEOVER! @pawschicago is having a huge adoption event today! Follow along in our Stories to see some adorably adoptable pets like Lilith, waiting for a forever home!


ATTENTION CHICAGO! You’ve got a friend in Woody! This adorable guy is searching for his very own Andy to rescue him and give him a home that will love and cherish him to infinity and beyond. He’s available for adoption at @PAWSChicago. Woody is a young, happy go lucky one-year-old Boxer mix that makes friends with everyone he meets. Woody enjoys playing with squeaky toys and going for long strolls through the neighborhood. Since he is such a big boy, he will need a strong and confident handler who will work with him on his leash manners. Woody does well in training class and is hoping to continue his education with his future with his new family. If there’s one thing he could ask for in this world it would be to finally have a place of his very own where he belongs, where he can enjoy and explore all that life has to offer. Reach out to @PAWSChicago to learn more! ***Interested in adopting an adult dog or cat? This Saturday, January 20, PAWS Chicago will be waiving adoption fees for all adult dogs and cats at both of their adoption centers! Many adult dogs and cats are often overlooked for their younger puppy and kitten counterparts, causing them to stay in the shelter much longer. Consider meeting and adopting a wonderful adult pet tomorrow! Visit to learn more.


ATTENTION NEW YORK! Ollie was found in Puerto Rico in someone's home who had hundreds of dogs. They didn't have any water, just food. It wasn't a good situation as you can imagine. Many dogs were rescued. Three of them came to @AnimalHaven. Ollie's skin needs some TLC. He is missing patches of fur and his skin is a bit raw and itchy. It should clear up completely or mostly, with time and good nutrition and care. He has actually grown a lot of his fur back already, in just a few weeks. Ollie is very mild mannered. He is waggy and wiggly but also respectful with people and their space. He doesn't jump but just looks at you wagging his tail. Ollie is fantastic with other dogs.He is just a perfect little sato, medium sized, loving and happy. For more information, visit or call the shelter at 212 2748511 📷 and bio by @sophiegamand



“All the way from New Zealand is Ruski 🐶

Coming from a background of abuse, neglect, starvation and life on a chain, Ruski is a Staffy X and roughly 1and a half years old. He turned up at the back of my parents restaurant, filthy, starving, covered in fleas and tics. He had this thick and wide black collar on and it was as if it had never been taken off, underneath his skin was stained a dark brown and his neck was covered in old sores. We searched for his owners and while he stayed with us he won our hearts immediately. He learned it's okay to come for a snuggle, that you don't have to bark and try to attack everyone that comes past and that you're not going to get hit with everything we pick up. He still struggles with loud sounds, fire and when we raise our hand above our waist he still cowers away. He can't stand things being pointed at him and we have to be careful about the tone of our voice or he'll pee himself in fear. He's definitely come leaps and bounds in comparison to what he was when we first found him, but he still refuses to play with toys because he's scared he's going to get beaten. He trusts and loves us though, and that's the main thing.

After a while we stopped searching for his previous owners and decided to give him his forever home, he was very attached to us already as we were to him so it was the perfect fit. One day walking down the street we stopped at an ATM and his old owner came up to us and said that's my dog, well her partners dog to be more exact. Ruski hid behind Vinnie, his Dad, who was holding his leash and growled and whimpered in fear of the lady standing in front of us. We talked for a bit, she said he'd been missing for a few weeks so the day we found him was the day that he had got off his chain. The condition we found him in was the condition that they put him in. So we gave her our details so we could discuss the situation further but never heard from her again. We got him healthy, registered and microchipped and he's been ours officially since the 27th of May 2017. That's his birthday now, since we don't officially know his age we just wanted a day to celebrate him” writes @ruskiboyandsadietoo


ATTENTION CHICAGO! Clinton is a happy-go-lucky one-year-old Labrador mix who wants nothing more than to find a family who will love him forever. He is available for adoption at @PAWSChicago. Sweet Clinton always seems to have a toothy grin on his face and is eager to please his human friends! He loves everyone he meets and has the sweetest demeanor. Clinton makes friends with everyone and anyone, even other dogs! He is very dog friendly and would do well in a home with another energetic and playful canine companion.
He is still learning how to mind his manners and gets extremely excited when going for walks, especially when he sees other dogs. Clinton would do best with a strong and confident handler who will be willing to help him work on his leash manners. He has a mind like a sponge and is always willing to learn! He is bound to thrive in training classes. He would do best in a moderately active home with an experienced owner and without young children. Interested in making Clinton a part of your family? Reach out to @pawschicago!


ATTENTION NYC! Orson came to the @aspca from an NYPD rescue. He is a friendly guy who loves to say “hello” to new people. Sometimes he gets excited and can’t help but try and give a new friend a hug. This sweet pup has a medium energy level and would love an adventure outdoors, playtime with toys or a game of fetch with his favorite person. Orson already knows “sit” and “down,” and he’s interested in learning more of his basic manners. Orson should be the only pet in a home with teens-and-up. He’s looking for an adopter who has experience with large dogs. If you’re interested in giving Orson his forever home, please contact the @aspca at (212) 876-7700, ext 4120 or find him online!



“Our 3 legged tripod, Pheobe Rose, is a 1 and a half year old Husky, Malamute, god knows what, rescue from Harlem, Kentucky. She was dropped off in a box full of puppies and her leg completely gone and scapped over. We just recently found out she has severe hip dysphasia in both hips. We know quality over quantity in years is how we want to approach her life. She is missing her left front paw. Eventually we will have to get her a wheelchair dog cart and one day she might have to endure the pain of double hip replacement. For now, she is living her best life by ALWAYS herding her other pack members (one 3 legged friend and our 13 year old greyhound). She never would have gotten out of her situation alive if she wasn’t a fighter. I know this is quite the rant but I get emotional and passionate because she is such an amazing dog that god blessed us with and the poor dog has so many health issues it’s amazing how uplifting her spirit is. Have a blessed day ❤️🐾😊” writes @tripawd_life


ATTENTION NEW YORK! Meet Diana (PM6225) a seven-year-old chihuahua mix who is ready to find her loving family. She may come across shy at first, but with patience she will become your little love bug! If you're interested in learning more about Diana from @animalleague, send an email to Rachael at 📷by @ted.lim #GetYourRescueOn #NSALAnipals


ATTENTION NEW YORK! After traveling all the way here from Thailand, Max (IR1264) is looking for a loving home. This handsome Ridgeback mix is just looking to have some fun. Max is full of energy and excitement. He loves to meet new people, especially if they're willing to play with him. Although Max enjoys the company of his human friends, Max prefers to be the only pet. If you are interested in adopting Max, send an email to Rachael at 📷 by @ted.lim #GetYourRescueOn #NSALAnipals



ATTENTION FLORIDA! Meet Sherlock!! This intelligent, fun loving, energetic, almost one year-old-pup is ready to find his forever family. He would make a perfect exercise partner to help someone fulfill those New Years resolutions! He was originally brought to an emergency clinic after someone witnessed him fall from a second story balcony. The fall caused a small fracture to his hind leg. He has been in the amazing care of @animalluvrs Dream Rescue in Tampa, FL for several months and is all healed up and ready to go home! He is a large mixed breed dog that is great with kids, other dogs and cats. Sherlock is crate trained, potty trained and knows basic commands. If you would like to meet Sherlock email 📷by @ilckenzoo


ATTENTION CHICAGO! Put your paws together for adorable Mazola! Mazola is a shy and timid three-year-old gal who arrived at @PAWSChicago from a rural transfer partner and has had a tough time adjusting to life in the big city. She is hoping to find a quiet and calm household where she can relax and enjoy the simpler things in life. It takes time for her to adjust to new environments and to trust new people, so going slow is the best way to earn this sweetheart’s trust. She hopes she can find a patient and understanding adopter who will do just that, and someone who will give her all the time she needs. Having a doggy friend in the home will certainly help this cutie gain some confidence, so she would do best with a confident canine buddy. Once she has adjusted to her new surroundings, Mazola will surely flourish and develop into a loving companion! If you’re interested in adopting this sweetheart, contact @pawschicago today!


“I’m Bunk: a 15 year-old twice-rescued gentleman who enjoys long naps on the couch and great works of pug literature” writes @bunkinbmore Congrats on your forever home, Bunk!



ATTENTION CHICAGO! Camden is a 11-month-old Bulldog mix who will melt your heart with his goofy antics! Camden came to @PAWSChicago from the city pound in search of a new life with a loving family. While we don’t know much about his past, he has proven to be a great and lovable boy at the PAWS Chicago Adoption Center. Some of his favorite activities include playing with stuffed animals, chasing after tennis balls and taking strolls through the neighborhood with volunteers! He is still a young pup, so he is looking for a home where he can continue training and working on his doggy manners.
He would make an amazing walking partner and once he’s all tuckered out, he’ll surely be curled up right by your side for a good quality snooze! Camden would do best in a home with an experienced owner who can put this smart boy to work and give him tons of engaging activities. Meet him at @PAWSChicago today!


ATTENTION NEW YORK! Meet Maximus, a 4-year-old Pit Bull Terrier lux available at the @aspca! Maximus is a big fan of playtime! Maximus loves spending time with his favorite friends—humans and dogs alike! This friendly guy gets along with most large dog friends. Plus, he is one smart pup! Maximus walks very well on his leash and already knows “sit!” Maximus likes to be heard! At our Adoption Center, he’s working on using his inside voice when conversing with friends. He can be a bit uncomfortable with certain types of handling and needs an experienced adopter who is familiar with dog body language. Maximus may be housetrained, but a routine walking schedule will help him adjust to his new home. If you’re interested in adopting Maximus, please reach out to the @aspca at (212) 876-7700, ext 4120 or find him online!


ATTENTION CHICAGO! Malarky is a sweet and gentle soul who arrived to @PAWSChicago very scared and timid. It has been a tough adjustment for this five-year-old Labrador Retriever mix, and it seems as if Malarky has never known what it feels like to be loved. Malarky would love to find the perfect home where he never has to feel scared and alone again! He seems to do much better with another confident dog around, he is hoping to have a confident canine buddy in his home that will be able to show him that the world isn’t so scary after all and help him come out of his shell!
Malarky recently spent time in a foster home where after four days, he began to fully trust his foster mom. Malarky enjoyed going for walks alongside their resident dog and would wag his tail happily every time he saw his foster mom walk through the door. Malarky has lots of love to give and is hoping the right person will come along and give him the chance he deserves to grow into the wonderful dog that is hiding within. Malarky is available for adoption at @pawschicago.



ATTENTION NEW YORK! Meet Pete, a 3-year-old Pit Bull Terrier Mix available at the @aspca. When it comes to fetch, Pete is a professional. This playful pup is in his element when he’s chasing and retrieving a tennis ball at top speed. Pete is also a fast learner; he has already mastered “sit,” and is eager to learn a few more tricks. Pete needs continued training and socialization in his new home. He gets along with most large dogs and likes to say “hello” with an energetic bark. Pete should continue to meet new friends in a one-on-one setting. A routine walking schedule will help Pete learn to only use the bathroom outside. A home with a yard to play fetch in would be a dream come true for this active boy. He is looking for an experienced adopter and a home with teens-and-up. If you’re interested in adopting Pete, please contact the @aspca at (212) 876-7700, ext 4120 or find him online!


ATTENTION NEW YORK! Take one look at Nash and you’ll find it nearly impossible not to smile from ear to ear! This one-year-old Doberman mix is a peppy youngster with a friendly personality. He’d fit best in a home with an active and attentive household, and we would love for everyone in the household to meet him before adoption. If you’re interested in meeting Nash, contact @animalleague today! #GetYourRescueOn #NSALAnipals


ATTENTION PENNSYLVANIA! Meet Kibbles, a four-year-old lab mix available at @lamancha_rescue. Kibbles is a total lover and hugger! The LaMancha family describes him as affectionate, charming, handsome, social and sweet. He loves spending time with the volunteers, and especially loves their children. He is their “go-to” dog to comfort and befriend the dogs that arrive at LaMancha as well as the dogs that don’t do well with most others- he gets along with everyone! He is the perfect companion who would be a great fit for any family. He's looking for his forever family who will include him on their family adventures. He has so much love in his heart, they say, to know Kibbles is to love him! If you’re interested in adopting Kibbles please contact @lamancha_rescue today! 📷 by @rophoto4



ATTENTION CHICAGO! As a transfer from another shelter, Yodellee had spent the first seven years of his life without the love of a family. With only his left eye and a skin condition that left hairless patches scattered amongst his body, Yodellee was not quite what one would consider a ‘looker’. But @PAWSChicago is hoping that someone will take one look this seven-year-old Chinese Crested mix and fall in love. Albeit his hardships, Yodellee is a friendly, loving dog who would benefit from continued training and care. Yodellee’s ideal home would include experienced, adults-only family who will be patient with him as he adjusts to his new environment. He would prefer to soak up all the attention from his new and loving forever family as the only pet in the home. If you’re interested in adopting this adorable pup, contact @PAWSchicago today!


ATTENTION NEW YORK! Rondo is an eight-month-old Pitbull/Lab mix looking for a new loving home. He is very smart and knows commands like sit, paw, and down. If you're interested in adopting Rondo from @animalleague, please send an email to Melissa at for more information. #GetYourRescueOn #NSALAnipals


ATTENTION NEW YORK! Meet Jake from @AnimalHaven! Jake is a 2-year-old Bulldog Mix who was brought to New York with many other animals from a shelter in Miami-Dade that was evacuated before Hurricane Irma. Jake is a high-spirited and playful dog looking for a forever home. For more info and to apply for adoption please visit! 📷 and bio by the very talented @sophiegamand


ATTENTION NEW YORK! Cash (BF1299) is a young Dachshund mix with a whole lot of spunk available at @animalleague! He loves to play, but don't underestimate his tiny little legs! With his energy he could still out run you! If you’re interested in adopting Cash, send an email to Rachael at #GetYourRescueOn #NSALAnipals


ATTENTION EUGENE, OR! Sky is a 3-year-old Pit Bull mix who came to @LuvableDogRescue with her daughter Rain who had the chance of being photographed by @SophieGamand! She is deaf so learning basic training took a bit longer for Sky, but she has learned hand signals for "sit", "stay", "down", "crate" and "no bark"! She is housebroken and crate trained. She does not get along with other dogs but she loves all humans! She is very mellow, easy to walk and very sweet. Sky is looking for a family to give her the love she deserves. Adopt her and she will give you endless cuddles! Sky loves having people around so she is looking for a home with someone who is home often, and has a home with a fenced yard. For more information, and to apply, visit 📷 and bio by @sophiegamand


ATTENTION CHICAGO! Max is a ray of sunshine whose dream is to spend every single waking moment playing in a pit full of squeaky toys! Max is a happy-go-lucky one-year-old Labrador Retriever mix who is looking for an adults-only home with an experienced family who hopefully enjoy being outside and going for long walks just as much as Max does! Loud and strange noises sometimes spook her, so she would love to walk in low traffic environments first before venturing out to busy streets. Max loves to be outside whenever she can and play fetch with a tennis ball.
Sometimes it takes Max a little while to warm up to new people, but that’s easily managed with slow introductions that include lots of yummy treats! Max really likes the stinky treats the most! Once she is completely comfortable, she turns into an extremely inquisitive and affectionate girl with a lot of love to give! Learn more about adopting Max at @PAWSChicago.


UPDATE! Sicily has been adopted! 😊 This is Sicily from @AnimalHaven. Like any young lady she's looking for someone who understands her. She's the kind of gal who likes attention from whoever wants to give it out. But like any introvert, there are times when she likes to be left alone (like when she's eating). Do you like when people try and take your plate? Then why should she! She can be pretty active and remain low-key during downtime and should probably go to a home that does not have small kids. Visit Animal Haven located in NYC to check her out or visit for more info. 📷 and bio by @sophiegamand


ATTENTION NEW YORK! Just look at the smile on this goof ball! This is Cooper (R162741), a young Terrier mix with tons of energy available at @animalleague! Cooper is basically a full grown puppy who loves to play and run, but is house broken. If you're looking for a puppy to keep you busy without the worries of house training, Cooper is the one! If you're interested in meeting Cooper, send an email to Erica at and she will be happy to answer any questions you have. Photo 📷by @ted.lim #GetYourRescueOn #NSALAnipals


ATTENTION FLORIDA! Meet Bailey. Her owners are moving overseas and cannot take their sweet girl along. They are looking to rehome her. Bailey is an 8-year-old female terrier mix who is in perfect health and is current on all vaccinations and shots. Bailey loves to sleep, play, and going for walks on the beach. Bailey has been with her family since she was 4 months old when they rescued her from a shelter in California. According to her family, Bailey “has been a wonderful part of our family and is so forgiving/tolerant of our two young children. Please contact us if you think you could add Bailey to your home and heart. This could be a long term adoption of our girl or a forever home as we’re not sure if we’ll be overseas for many years or not.”
Contact Kristin at 828-674-1049 for more information on Bailey.


SUCCESS STORY! Two weeks ago we shared Fifteeny, a five-year-old lab mix who was returned to @pawschicago after fives years in a home. Joni (@abobobook) saw Fifteeny on @dogsofshelters and decided it was time to welcome him into her family's home. Read the heartwarming story below! "I have been following @dogsofshelters on Instagram since our beloved Gym-the-Dog died from cancer in September. We weren't really planning on getting another dog, but I liked seeing the posts about dogs.
We were traveling with friends and I was scrolling through my Instagram feed over lunch on Friday, November 3rd. There he was: "ATTENTION CHICAGO" and I was captivated by that adorable face!
I told my husband that I wanted to inquire and the four of us talked about the doggie all weekend. I messaged @pawschicago on Instagram and filled out the thorough online adoption application. After the weekend, I called to follow up and learned that he was being fostered and would return to the shelter at noon on Friday.
So, a week later we were in Chicago to meet him and bring him home! It was a 12-hour adventure. Our doggie was number 15 of a litter of 18, so Fifteeny was a serial number, of sorts. His family had gotten him from PAWS about five years ago and they called him Parker. They loved him dearly but, when they had twins, there was some elder "sibling" anxiety. PAWS is a lifetime shelter, and his family brought him back, where he officially became Fifteeny again (and some of the staff called him Parker too). The people at Paws Chicago were a delight to work with. It was readily apparent that the team that we worked with when we visited — Cait, Joan, Joey, and Louis — love working with animals and with people who love animals. As they all told us, Fifteeny was a real favorite.
We are calling him Parker, since he knows that name, and he seems very happy about that. We've had several nice 5-mile walks in the Village, and he is a dream come true on a leash. He is a very good boy and we are so happy that he's joined our lives!” A big congrats to Parker on his new home! ❤️


ATTENTION EUGENE, OR! Wicket from @luvabledogrescue was born special needs with no eyes. He was part of an accidental litter and the family waited until he was done being weaned from mom and then surrendered. He came up to Luvable and became a staff members' foster puppy (@lovecommalumen) at 11wks old. Wicket is a sweet, playful little boy who is looking to make more friends! He is now 9 months old and looking for a forever home! Visit for more info and to apply! 📷 and bio by the amazing @sophiegamand


ATTENTION NEW YORK! Meet Precious (V21126), an 11-year-old Border Collie/Retriever mix available at @animalleague. Precious is looking to go home to someone who will be patient and understanding as she is sensitive due to her impaired vision. Precious, the princess that she is, prefers to be the one and only pet in your life. If you are ready to open your heart and your home to this sweet girl, send an email to 📷 by @ted.lim #GetYourRescueOn #NSALAnipals