A Brooklyn Baby. Darlene. The Deuce.HBO. Young Gloria Carter in JAY-Z Smile on tidal/YouTube now! For my solo show @subvertedsolo! ❤️

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Thank you #vmagazine ! I had such a fun shoot! #Repost @vmagazine ・・・
@domfishback's got approval from #JayZ after starring in the #Smile music video, but her role in #TheDeuce is what's grabbing everyone's attention.
Photographed by @benhassett
Styled by @annatrevelyan
#DominiqueFishback wears @emporioarmani.
Head to to read the full interview by @shiffmane.


Guess who’s birthday is next Thursday, the 22nd... 🎂 #tbt where my fellow ARIES at??!


Rome and Ja’net... truly a magical night.
When Brooklyn natives come together you know the swag is just right.
Had the honor of sharing some words I newly strung together
I felt like Elena from the vampire diaries and Ant was my Salvatore brother. 😩
If ya know me you know ima teen girl at heart.
know i swoon from romantic poetry, so I put it in my art.

And I have to say for me personally it felt good to be the love interest.
We are capable of more roles than just best friends to white girls....
And Tuesday night @openingactny let me prove that.
#hearmehere #anthonyramos #dominiquefishback



Love getting pictures of the pictures... Had the pleasure of being inspired by the students of opening act at their annual gala #hearmehere Thank you @openingactny for sharing your space, stage and opportunity with me so that I could be heard as well. So honored that #romeandjuhnet had its world premiere with you all! #domspeare

Hair by @juannaofakind


#Domspeare: read the words on the page...Im oppressed with Romeo and Juliet. She is a dream role of mine both on stage and screen. But sometimes you gotta write your own. Make your own adaption..until you can’t be denied... Here’s a sneak peak of my words... i think you will love this short play even if you are not familiar in detail with the play but when you are.... it gets real... swipe left... #romeandjanet PS the @bazluhrmann screenplay came in the mail today! I swear I look at those scenes.... endlessly.


Remember when Jay Z and Gloria Carter dropped a dope short film/ music video to put images to their history? And got Miles Jay to write and direct it and me to rep her? Sending so much love to @milesjay who is currently holding us down at #sxsw2018 for the beautiful #smile . Check it out if you’re there! #jayz And HAPPPY BIRTHDAY MILES 😍😩❤️



Does anyone else scream when they laugh?? If you pick up a copy of #vmagazine tonight and meet us wherever we are in nyc I’ll sign it on sight before 8:30.... . Just don’t tell hbo I said this..... 👀u soon?! 😂(4 minutes left )



Tomorrow I get my darling back. 🤩 what do you think she’s been up to??
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They asked me My favorite movie quote..#friday #christucker #icecube #smokey


Hope this makes you as happy as this makes me. I had an awakening in my art tonight with my #deucebag family. #thedeuce #hbo #deucebags #art #abstract #selfexpression



“Don’t pull up at 6 am to cuddle wit me” ( in my @champagnepapi voice) #fbf #youngdom


Today is forever known as Smutty day. Because its her birthday. my sister, Deziyah, is 12 years old today!!! I remember the day she was born. She came through and reached for ya girl. Thats when I knew I didn't need that puppy. She was all the love I needed it. She is funny, angelic, kind, silly and every other word that describes the perfect pre teen. I love her! 😍😍💐💐


From me to all of you! Thank you so much I felt the love ❤️. Thank you for the dms/texts on a day where I felt overwhelmingly sad. I know that it can be easy to look at someone blessed to live their dreams and not knowing what their sadness feels like dismiss it,so thank you for not judging mine.
And on the “final” my favorite picture of all time. #drkingandcoretta #blackhistorymonth



Finale part! Rip Grandma 😢 swipe left


Part 3
Guilty one
Rip Gram cracker


My grandma passed from cancer on this day 2012... me and my grandma had a weird relationship that caused me so much guilt when she passed.
This is my poem pt 1



Switch the style up...


I started composing my first song (ever) on piano. It’s a work in progress but here’s my progress. #babypianist #music #expression a love theme!


#Repost @subvertedsolo with @get_repost
Be sure to check us (and by us I mean all 20 something characters) when we come back.
SUBVERTED written and performed by @domfishback
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Couldn’t resist! 😂😂😂 #tbt


What a beautiful day to have voice/ piano lessons and the sun all back at once. With #aaliyah watching over me and having my back too and my photo from brunch with #rocnation. Fun fact I had this jacket for 16 years ...


#wcw throwback to my natural sisters at #curlfest2017. Finally, I love my hair forever.


Fun fact about me. I’m a Brooklyn girl that loves to travel the world. This time last year @lissabrax and I started calling ourselves @blaryblateandblashley and taking the world by storm!! first Costa Rica (Puerto Viejo) then Greece ( Athens and Chania) and then Colombia (Cartagena) I wonder what’s next. Whatever it is y’all know what the hashtag is #blaryblateandblashley swipe left


Walking into Deuce season 2 like...
Let’s go #Darlingdarlene #thedeuce #deucebags #deucebae #hbo
Ended this video with the true me. Smiley and not “sexy” ☠️😂


Method man told me to let him make the intro speech when I get my lifetime achievement award....only if you rhyme meth only if it’s a rhyme. 🎧🎤😍❤️ #deucebags #hbo #thedeuce #toknowhimistolovehim #methodman #dominiquefishback #rodney #darlingdarlene


Ya like that? 😊💃🏾💋🍒 deuce s2 #deucebags


I looked around this table today as we read episode 1 of season 2 of the Deuce and I couldn’t help but smile so hard because I love these people here with all my heart! ❤️ #deucebags #thedeuce #hbo #darlingdarlene