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Loyalty Over Money is an urban clothing brand. We one of the few brands that stand for something deeper that $$$


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Me & @Josephkahn looking like the 2017 version of the Neptunes. Anyway, when i say this Bodied movie will have you captivated i am not lying. This is a awesome fucking movie but since you think im suppose to say this. Go see it for yourself


Never temp a battle rapper to rap! I just Bodied this @EvrimErsoy on the @bodiedmovie premiere in the #FantasticFest


Shouts to @mobbdeephavoc for rocking with lomclothing.com. i remember when he shouted me out on a HipHopDx interview like 8 years ago. I was so hype because i never had a celebrity acknowledge my work at that point, let alone someone from my own Borough who i listen to. Much love my brother #LongLiveDaGodP


@chidi.mma The smart, the bold, and the beautiful. Go to lomclothing.com


People where I'm from think it's a good thing to never change. If you act the same way at 35 how you did when you was 21 then your an immature 35 year old. Life is all about growth and evolution. If you don't believe me then listen to the great Muhammad Ali.


Coming soon on lomclothing.com


#TBT Remember when i linked up with this humble ass megastar lol and help make the his 2nd biggest hit of his career with plugging @therealmikezombie to make the Grammy nominated song "Started From The Bottom" which also became a catch phrase that people still use. This was my little staple in hip hop/music industry. Thanks @champagnepapi for allowing me to have that moment with you.



Check me out on @complex "Everyday Struggle" for those who haven't seen it yet.


Me & @joebudden Caption how this conversation went.


My dogs is not excited!!!! Lomclothing.com


The Real Wire!!!!!


Thanks to @eminem and @Josephkahn for having me in this incredible movie. It premiere last night in Toronto. #TIFF


What about this one playas? Should I rock this at the battle, i mean they are loopy


Any thoughts! I know ladies will love this because this how they feel. Saturday we do Pop Up Shop in lower Manhattan #SummerMadness


Coming soon on lomclothing.com!!! Will have these #Sept10 #SummerMadness Let me know if you have any other Ideas of pictures or two ppl that represented. If you need a plug in LA for your brand hit @skysportswear #Loyalty


Pray for Nigeria!!!!


Go follow my man @_rellz_ we was supposed to bless the people in LA and i was running late. He said "Hollow, i got this. Ima hold it down for #LOMHelp" and made it happen like a G. In #LOM we all leaders. #LoyaltyOverMoney #donate #help #philanthropy #fundraising #giveback #peace #love #share #support #gifts #blessings


Go to lomclothing.com and get cool designs like seen here which preimeres in the @bodiedmovie which is in the Toronto Film festival this week.


Kids love to laugh but we are serious ass adults that let society and materials make us angry boring and judgemental subhumans. Thank God my son changed me back. #Kids #funny #love #LiveALoyalLife


#LOM Everythang!!!! Coming soon at Lomclothing.com


If you in #Vegas for the #fight hit up @essence_vegas they have the only dispensary on the Strip. They always hook me up so i will shout them out for life. #mcm #mayweather #mcgregor #LOM WHO YALL GOT WINNING?



Ohhhh babbbbyyyy!!!! It's going to be a diaper dandy. #Sept10 #SummerMadness #RocAByeBaby


We always make sure the kids eat!!!! This is motivation for you to do the same. Its ppl in your community that need your help. You either make an excuse why you can't help them or you do it. Remember when you was a kid and it was that guy in your neighborhood you looked up to, well you can be that for any kid in your neighborhood. All they want is attention and guidance. #LOMHelp


If you in Clearwater get your haircut at "Sapia Barbershop" @sapiabarbershop they were kind enough to open the shop up and give free haircuts to about 40 kids. Today was so amazing and everyone left happy. Support this establishment if you're in Tampa or Clearwater. None of this could happen without @silencermovement the man behind the master plan.


Support a brand that stands for something! Lomclothing.com These are limited edition


We pick our tree different!!!


I need in!!!!!!! #htownrapbattle #HoustonBarCode #freestyle


Shout to @dme13 and all my #Detroit hittas #LOM #LoyaltyOverMoney #MultipleHustles