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BYCATCH, in the fishing industry, is a fish or other marine species that is caught unintentionally while catching certain target species and target sizes of fish, crabs etc. Those that are not desired for their meat, are simply returned lifeless to the ocean.

Studying the fishing industry's wasteful and unsustainable methods, scientists predict the oceans will be devoid of fish by 2048!
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When this orphaned baby chimp arrived at a sanctuary, he was so terrified that he wouldn't let anyone touch him. Then he met a friend who changed EVERYTHING.
Via The Dodo
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James Cameron's new film just might scare the socks off the meat industry!
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A whole entire country banning straws!!!! This is just one part of a broader plan to ban single use plastic altogether. Talk about Scotland the Brave! 🙌🙌🙌


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It's easy to claim the animal's participation is voluntary when they don't have a voice to say otherwise.
Filmed at @sealifepark, a facility that has had 139 dolphin and whale deaths since opening.
YOU CAN HELP by asking @tombarefootstours @hawaiidiscount @robertshawaii @hawaiitravel @thisweekhawaii @kahalamall @hawaiianairlines @honolulufamily to STOP supporting @sealifepark by promoting it to tourists, providing ticket deals, offering tours, and accepting their advertisements.
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Just received this video from a follower via our FB page Animal Instincts.
This dog has been seen running alongside every train at KANJURMARG station (MUMBAI). She goes near the ladies compartment of every train in search of someone. I guess she is either lost or abandoned.
Hopefully someone might recognise her and come to pick her up. Everyone deserves to be with a family.
Please share. Please tag your friends & family. 🙏🏼thank you.
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This dog was buried alive in a drainpipe, but these firefighters kept her calm and didn't give up until they freed her. 👏💙 #firefighters #dogrescue #dogsofig


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The cutest spider in the world is back... and he has a song! 😍



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Some of the world's most important forests, containing critical elephant habitat, continue to fall for palm oil linked to McDonald's french fries, PepsiCo snacks and other major brands.
A reminder to cut out products with #palmoil and continue to boycott companies like PepsiCo that are not moving fast enough to solve this problem! They have made more money than we can imagine at the expense of #orangutans, #elephants, #tigers, #rhinos and more. #PalmsOffPalmOil 🤚
Via: @animal.radical
📹: @rainforestactionnetwork (via @mrsllve)-
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Breaking! A man was shot last night during what is being called a “hunting accident” in Alexander County, North Carolina.-
According to WBTV, 26-year-old Michael Marsh was reportedly hunting coyotes and using an electronic coyote call yesterday at approximately 6:00 PM when he was shot by a neighbor, also a hunter, who heard the sound.-
Once the neighbor realized he shot Marsh, he called 911 and told deputies that he “heard coyotes screaming in the area, and fired two shots at the brown and gray movement he saw near a tree.” -
If hunting did not occur, which it shouldn’t, neither would these types of “accidents.”-
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After a dramatic escape from a van bound for a Polish slaughterhouse, a cow has found safety living alone on an island.

The animal was one of many being herded from a farm shed onto a cattle truck in southern Poland in January. Perhaps sensing that the drive wouldn't end well for her, the cow rammed a metal fence and took off.

The cattle owner, whom Polish media have identified only as Mr Lukasz, tried to force the cow back onto the farm, but she wasn't having it. Instead of giving up, she broke a farmworker's arm and made a run for the nearby Lake Nysa.

Polish current affairs show Wiadomosci reports the cow was seen diving underwater and swimming to one of the islands in the middle of the lake, where she has stayed for the past three weeks.

Mr Lukasz tried in vain to retrieve the animal. Firefighters used a boat to get to the island, but the cow simply swam away to a neighbouring peninsula.

The cattle owner was reluctant to shoot the cow because it would mean losing money. After several days, he gave up trying to retrieve her and has reportedly been delivering food to the island for the cow to stay alive.

Polish politician Pawel Kukiz posted to Facebook about his desire to save the cow and have her transported to a safe place to live out her days in peace.
A local political leader has reportedly said the cow will not be killed.


Source - http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2018/02/cow-escapes-trip-to-slaughterhouse-swims-to-freedom.html



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This 16-year-old saves every single sheep, pig and cow she can find. She has a favorite — and he was by far the hardest of all of them to rescue 🐮🐷🐑
Via The Dodo
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Two leopards found yesterday in the forests of Palampur in India’s northern state of Himachal Pradesh became the latest victims to fall prey to greedy poachers.-
The young leopards, protected under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act, were found entangled in wire traps laid by yet-to-be-identified poachers.-
Tragically, one died at the scene while the other, who was severely injured, passed away after being transferred to a local zoo for care.-
As forest officials continued to scan the forest area for more wire traps, The Forest Department registered a First Information Report (FIR) with local police.- 💔🐆🐆💔-
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Rescued monkey released to join its family.
Just look at how happy they are to get him back!
Nothing is more important than family!
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This heart warming story portrays the depth of an dog's love for his master. It’s wider than the sky!
Via NTD Inspired


COUGAR ON THE PROWL Home surveillance camera captured this big cat coming right up to a Wisconsin family's window. Authorities are telling neighbors to be alert - and to keep their distance. _
Via ABCNews
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Someone was keeping a sweet pit bull in a crate for days at a time, and when this woman found out, she knew she had to do something.
Via The Dodo
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DALY CITY, Calif. – A heartbreaking recovery unfolded at #ThorntonStateBeach Monday after a 67-year-old man fell down a 500-foot cliff while he was trying to rescue his dog. CBS San Francisco reports the #GoldenGateNationalPark ranger said the man's dog got away from him, and when he tried to go after it he slipped to his death. Long after the fatal fall, the man's dog continued pacing and barking on a perch, as is if to sense something was wrong. "The dog knows if you are hurt and sometimes with the cliff they get overstimulated and don't know all the facts," says dog walker Kyle Moreno.

This is a popular area for dog walkers. Tedd Leblanc of Daly City and his friends were out hiking Monday. He says the terrain is steep. "Sometimes things can move around. You gotta be careful. Always be on alert because rocks can tumble"

Rescuers airlifted the man's body from the bottom of the cliff. Later they helped the dog get back up the steep cliff and gave it to the victim's family.

Park rangers say there are no leash laws in place, but advise dogwalkers to put their animals on a leash or make sure they respond to voice control.

The area is home to beautiful scenic trails but it is very steep.-cbs #rip


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Jennifer Lawrence is quitting acting to help fix the American political system.


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For the first time ever, scientists in Antarctica have attached a camera to a minke whale and captured remarkable evidence of how it feeds. The camera – one of three “whale cams” funded by WWF-Australia – was secured to the whale’s body using a non-invasive suction cup that is designed to fall off after 24-48 hours. The footage from this whale cam will help scientists better protect whale feeding areas.


Cameroon’s Defence Minister, Joseph Beti Assomo said on Monday that poachers killed six soldiers and two guides. The soldiers were attacked while out on patrol in a wildlife park in the northern region of the country. “Six members of the defence forces and two civilian guides were killed on Thursday during a clash with heavily-armed men on horseback in Bouba Ndjida national park in the north of the country,” Beti Assomo said in a statement aired on state radio.

In 2012, 128 elephants were killed in the Bouba Ndjida Park within two months, according to the government. The Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) put the figure at 480, AFP reports.

The WWF attributed that massacre to poachers from Sudan and Chad.

After the 2012 attack, the government deployed troops in the wildlife reserve to help deal with the threat from poachers.

Poaching has killed an estimated 110,000 elephants over the last decade, with transnational organised crime syndicates taking over the illicit trade, the report said.

Despite a decline in poaching 2016 figures show that the global trade in illegal ivory continues.

According to the Great Elephant Census in 2016, the first ever pan-African survey of savanna elephants, numbers are estimated to have fallen to 352,000, down from 1.3 million in 1979.

Source - https://africa.cgtn.com/2018/02/13/poachers-kill-6-soldiers-2-guides-in-a-wildlife-park-in-cameroon/


All the snake wanted was water and now it’s agitated by the caffeine/alcohol in its bloodstream compounded by its natural instincts to defend itself. This guy is walking a thin line between success and disaster!
Via ViralHog
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This bus driver showed a level of kindness that’s too rare these days!
Credit: RideMCTS.com
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You care to make a monetary contribution this is the source 👉🏼@funprodea 👈🏼
They have managed to get an appointment with the zoo to negotiate weekly visit to feed the animals. Will keep you up to date on the outcome of the meeting. In the meantime there is a Wishlist for medical supplies and food on their page. Read below!!! #thankyou #venezuela
Rp @mariaconchita_a
Via @funprodea ・・・ @funprodea (@get_repost)
・・・LEAN, COMPARTAN! #zulia
Ayer me concedieron una CITA en el #Zoo con el fin de realizar algunos DONATIVOS para los #animales. Recuerden q esto lo realizamos por el bienestar animal mientras ellos canalizan la problemática existente en el mismo. Nosotros TENEMOS algunos insumos de alimento concentrado y medicamentos q donaremos, dejaré una lista para aquellos q deseen realizar su APORTE, el cual se realizará un #video al momento de la entrega de los mismos. Pomada Matagusanos EQ 335. Polvo cicatrizante.
Enrofloxacina en tabletas o inyección. Oxitetraciclina LA. Desparasitantes (albendazol, fenbendazol). Doramectina, ivermectina. Vacuna para aves "Newlarine".
Anestésico Ketamina (se ha hecho muy difícil conseguirlo). Alimento concentrado: para herbívoros, aves, caninos. Nuestro NÚMERO DE CONTACTO 04146443811. #ayudazoo #zoológicodelzulia #soszoologicozulia necesitamos colaboración de todas aquellas personas q puedan aportar algún insumo. #Venezueladuele #Venezuela @four_paws_international @worldwideveterinaryservice


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When celebrities ride elephants they make people think it’s ok. That the elephants enjoy the experience. Wild elephants won’t let humans ride on top of them. So in order to tame a wild elephant, it is tortured as a baby to completely break its spirit. The process is called Phajaan, or “the crush”. It involves ripping baby elephants away from their mothers and confining them in a very small space, like a cage or hole in the ground where they’re unable to move. The baby elephants are then beaten into submission with clubs, pierced with sharp bull-hooks, and simultaneously starved and deprived of sleep for many days. Pictured —> Keisha @iansomerhalder @khloekardashian Liz Hurley @rubyrose Danni Minogue @krissmith13 @floydmayweather #saveelephants #cruel #dontrideelephants #love #respect #bekind to #wildlife


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We’re very sorry to report that less than 48 hrs ago another elephant has been poached in #Kenya for it’s #Ivory. We will bring you more Information about this developing story as it comes. 💔🐘💔 THIS IS A WAR AGAINST OUR WILDLIFE & WE MUST FIGHT BACK & SUPPORT ANTI-POACHING UNITS ON THE GROUND WORKING TO SAVE THESE ANIMALS!!! 🙏🐘🙌 PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! THIS HAS TO STOP!!! -
Via: @bruneblonde_official -
@the_lokefoundation -
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A kangaroo in Western Australia made at least one hunter face the fact that killing innocent animals is not acceptable!-
After hunter Joshua Hayden stuck his body out of a car window to shoot at three kangaroos. One kangaroo, which had seemingly disappeared, suddenly launched itself at the car, smashing the window, and subsequently Hayden’s jaw. Don’t Mess With The Roos! #KARMA -
READ MORE: 🌍👉www.WorldAnimalNews.com @worldanimalnews @peace_4animals -
ABC Australia (*Note, Kangaroo Image not of actual Kangroo who broke Hunter’s jaw)