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Welcome To Spirit-Filled Sunday My Sweet Angels! ❀️ LOCKED AND LOADED Life can deal you a world-shattering blow at any moment. If one wants to know how strong another is, just watch how they handle setbacks. I, for one, have discovered that it is in those very moments when I AM the strongest...I AM the most powerful...I AM the most courageous...I AM the most focused...My faith is strongest! Everything I have ever learned about facing a challenge and every weapon needed, rises up in me in that very moment. I know a setback Is an opportunity for God to show how real HE IS in a time of trouble. My Daddy is always on time. One door shuts, He opens up another one. Sometimes I just sit back and all I can say Is "WOW"! God has came through for me once again. This Is why It Is good to know Him BEFORE trouble comes. Dedicate time to renewing your mind daily! (Romans 12:2) Saturate yourself with the Word of God! Cross the bridge called TROUBLE with FAITH! Allow the Holy Spirit to β€œdownload” its β€œweapons” into you daily. I guarantee you that if you do, when troubles come, you will be LOCKED AND LOADED!!! Ready to take on and defeat the enemy!!! Be Blessed Angels!β™₯ #Favor #Increase #KingdomDream


Well...The day you (and I) have been waiting for is finally here!!! A new journey awaits you!!! I am so glad you are excited!… This will be your best year yet! Welcome to Middle School Dante! Be AWESOME Angel Boo!!! #FirstDayOfSchool #BlessedAndHighlyFavored #Ephesians320SchoolYear