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The best thing since sliced pumpernickel: Extra-sliced whole wheat!
This is the letter lamed ל, for “lekhem” לחם. Bread. .
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Woo! #goodtypetuesday this week is #surfacetype, and I’m combining it with another favorite: #typeforants
Swipe to zoom 👈👈👈
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(Tag a friend with whom you’d like to share ribs👇, and you can both win a TGIF gift card) I teamed up with @officialtgifridays to announce their new “bigger, bolder, meatier” ribs, coming this Wednesday. Bon appetite! .
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HT408 / You’ve probably heard of an en–dash, em—dash and the regular old dash-dash. But Hebrew has a special one called upper־dash, which for the most part is pretty much like a regular dash, used for things like repeating-repeating words-words. In chocolate here we have an upper־dash #ambigram of shwayeh-shwayeh שוויה־שוויה: a phrase of Arabic origins meaning “chill, one moment buddy, take your time.” Next time you’re feeling anxious, just reach for a bar of the nearest chocolate and remember to take things shwayeh־shwayeh.


HT407 / You may have noticed that my theme this week was same’ah שמח. Happiness. Apropos that the holiday which we consider a time for happiness (sukkot) fell at the same time as world mental health day. What does it mean exactly to be happy? I don’t think such a state exists; rather happiness is a journey of contentment, of being satisfied with the things I have. Your happiness isn’t the same as mine, necessarily, but for the next three days I’ll be away and focusing on counting my blessings. Journeying towards happiness, whatever it may be. #חגשמח #etroglettering


HT406 / Moadim L’simha מועדים לשמחה, friends. Make today a "time to rejoice,” no matter how small. This is white ink on a hadas #הדס (myrtle) leaf, a plant that is part of the #sukkot traditions. .
#mltype_ea and #typeforants


Mo’adim lesimha. It’s a time for שמחה, happiness. Wishing you all a happy and festive #sukkot .


Something BIG is coming to @officialtgifridays. Can you guess what it is? Seriously- comment below and if you guess correctly (and maybe also if you don’t 😎) I can hook you up with some when it’s released (in the form of a TGIF gift card).
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HT405 / חג #סוכות שמח, and a Happy #Sukkot holiday 🍃🍋🌴
It’s happening tonight!
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The letter häf כ for kroove כרוב. Sounds like “groove,” but you don’t need a translation. Second slide is kusemmet כוסמת, which sounds like qos-emek, a curse with Arabic origins that I will also not translate 😎. Fun fact: Some letters in Hebrew, like ך, have a different shape when they appear at the end of the word.


Yom Kippur begins tonight. I wish you all a hatimah tovah, a good signing.



This will never get old. The coffee, the greeting, the shaky hand. Happy #nationalcoffeeday
Boker tov, good morning, and l’chaim!


TODAY. Is. National. Kafeh קפה. Day.
Brb. Going to get injected. .
#nationalcoffeeday #coffeelettering


Made with @moshebien entirely of aravot ערבות willow leaves, this is vesamachta bechahecha ושמחת בחגך. “Rejoice in your holidays,” like sukkot that’s coming up next week. Limited quantities available for sukkah decoration, link in the old you know where.


Digging into the archives to one of my first ever #foodtype letterings. This is koosbara כוסברה – coriander aka cilantro in both fresh and dried form. Part of my #spicytype series, from when I first discovered food lettering and basically raided my spice cabinet to get my hands dirty. Shout out to my wife @elishevasa for being cool with that.
#GoodtypeTuesday #foodtypeTuesday


HT404 / When I saw that #GoodtypeTuesday is all about #foodtype, I knew I had to try something new. So I took a cherry tomato, a banana, and celery leaves, and married them all together to form sababa סבבה. “Sababa” is the definitive exclamation of agreement and happiness. It's like rad, fab, awesome, for sure, yeah, and alriight wrapped into one.

I’m feeling pretty sababa right now.
How about you?

#typeforants #foodtypeTuesday


OMG! #GoodtypeTuesday this week is my favorite hashtag: #foodtype! I can’t wait to see what everyone cooks up. Pun totally intended. (This is turmeric in four forms: dry ground, fresh chopped, sliced, and whole. Notice how much it stained my fingers making this thing. Wear gloves!)


👋 Hello everyone joining me here in the last few days. Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Enon (pronounced like my handle, e_known), I am a UX designer & coder at @adorama by day, Hebrew typographer by night, and father and husband at all of the times. I love hebrew type so much, that I started a community account to feature artists from around the world. Check it out at @hebrewtype
If you want to chat about my work, or ask just about anything, my DMs are always open. And if you’re in NYC and time allows it, I’ll happily sit down with you to a cup of coffee.
I also enjoy giving away some of my non-edible work every once in a while. See my last post for an example. I’ll be raffling it off some time tomorrow.
This olive avatar is part of #dimensionalportraits


HT403 /
UPDATE: Closed. Winners are @dirajenna and @ashleyepstein DM me for receipt.
Sometimes wishes do come true. Read on, plus, this is a New Year 🎉GIVEAWAY🎉: If you ever worked with exacto blades, you know how fleeting they are. The tips are super fragile, and they break quickly. A few weeks ago I was chatting with my buddies over at @excelblades, and they sent me their stainless steel tipped blades to try out. Previously I’d probably go through a dozen or more blades to make a multi-level papercut, but I made this thing with literally one blade. One. Blade. This isn’t an ad folks, just me taking out time to praise a local product that’s insanely well done and going to save hours of frustration for me (and probably you too). Thank you, @excelblades
Anywho, if you’re still reading this, tag a friend in the comments to wish them a #shanatovah (a happy new year; the Jewish one’s starting tonight). If you look closely you’ll see I made TWO paper cuts. You and your friend will be entered to win the pair, which I’ll pick randomly at the beginning of next week.

In the meantime, I wish you a sweet new year, a year where your wishes comes true, large and small alike.



HT402 / Wishing you all a #shanatovah, and a sweet new year. May it be a year where you embrace your mistakes (like the one I made on the bottom left), and move on to better things. For all those dipping apples into honey this Wednesday night, this one goes out to you. If you weren't planning on doing the #diptheappleinthehoney , I highly recommend you give it a try!


Was just reminded by @ettavee's kiwi paintings that it's been just about a year since I carved my own 🥝. So on that note, have a nostalgic, delicious, and inspiring weekend! Shabbat shalom.


NEW in the shop! A sticker of the most meaningful #ambigram I ever made. Ships free worldwide. Linkinbio
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HT401 / One of my favorite designs I ever made, this ambigram of shalom שלום (hi/bye/peace) can be read in two ways. First in the usual right-to-left, but when turned ninety degrees counterclockwise, the same word is read in an entirely new way. It's my little reminder that no matter which direction the day's outlooks lay, shalom is on my sights. #mesimaivrit


Why didn't anyone tell me it's #NationalAmpersandDay day today!? This doodad is from last month, but national. ampersand. day! Gonna put this up again on national rainbow day. And national miniatures day. And national so satisfying to watch day. And national I cut my fingers a million times while making this day. And basically every day to infinity. #infinity_ampersand represent ✊️


HT400 / Have a colorful weekend, and a shabbat shalom שבת שלום!


Thank you so much @goodtype for spreading the love, because indeed: loving is good. Hey: this week 100% of all proceeds from this print I made will go to the Houston Food Bank. If you were looking for an excuse to donate, and help, get one and spread some love.


An #ambigram for #GoodtypeTuesday
Ze tov lehove. זה טוב לאהוב. (It’s good to love/loving is good). Spread some love to your fellow humans and help out those affected by Harvey. A small donation to the right place can go a long way.


Yogurt יוגורט in the shape of the letter yod (י) for #mesimaivrit
I basically lost all control of playing with my food before I eat it. This is a serious problem, you guys. .
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There's only one day left to get LiberTee. DM me your @cottonbureau receipt, and you'll be entered to win this handmade papercut companion. That's it! (link in the you know where)

You have until 8pm Eastern on Wednesday. And…go!


HT399 / My second #peachy_art, this time coming in with a יאמי (yummy) white peach and a yod #ligature. Mmm mmm mmm good.