Eddie the Lilac Lion’s Legacy

???-1/19/18 🌈 Eddie was a deaf toothless earless half-blind senior rescue in Beacon NY & advocate for special-needs cats & lover of Daisy. P.S. tuna.


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lookie what i found! this is a never-before-seen photo taken by the stupendously talented human who manages @themainecoonlife, who visited last year along with @approvedbyarchie and @roweomalley. i love when eddie would stare off into space like this, thinking about god knows what. (i know, i know—tuna. but maybe it was astrophysics. or lint.)


pretty boy floyd lives in a perpetual state of frustrated disappointment because he can’t osmosisiphize himself through the window to get at the birdies and squirrels and cats and dogs and imaginary scuttling fairies that would taste so good in his chompers. he’s really the OG numnut.
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one of my favorite pics of our goofball before he had his ears removed. god he was such a dork, haha.



this sleepy little girlie has stolen my heart and fled with it. her little face slays me!
thank you guys so much for sticking around. i’ve been taking a bit of a break from instagram because, i’ll be honest, it’s hard sometimes to see posts of kitties who are still with us. i know that sounds terrible, and i absolutely ADORE daisy and floyd, don’t get me wrong. and i’m doing okay vis-a-vis grieving. but i feel like i’ve lost the keys to the car, you know? i’ll figure it out. but in the meantime, thank you for being out there and supporting me.
oh! before i forget—if i did another eddie sock fundraiser, would you guys be interested?


you guys! the lovely artist at @tobeabirddesign is creating a deck of tarot cards featuring all kind of cats, and she’s done one for my boy eddie. i can’t wait to get my pack; the art is really beautiful and soothing (and while i personally am somewhere between an atheist and an animist, i find beautiful and meaningful projects like this to have/be their own source of spirituality. we draw what we need from things such as this, and we find meaning where it makes sense. if you’d likea deck, visit @tobeabirddesign’s profile for a link to the kickstarter campaign.💜
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The king of cups! Featuring @eddie_the_lilac_lion. Eddie is a former New York street cat who was rescued three times! He resembles a seal because he lost his ears to an infection that also took his hearing. Eddie has quite the story that you can learn about on his page. Eddie has recently passed on after living a great last few years in his forever home. I illustrated Eddie surrounded by forget-me-nots💐 and I’m sure he won’t be anytime soon! I made Eddie the king of cups because it represents a strong male figure who is also kind and compassionate. #78daysofcattarot #eddiethelilaclion


a little late-night #fbf action to the time #flateddie and i met @iamlilbub and her dude. it was as transcendant an experience as you can imagine when encountering a spacecat made of magic. #goodjobbub #lilbub #rescue #specialneedscat



in celebration of #internationalwomensday i give you daisy, our #ginger queen, who’s figured out that she can use her paw to get at the water in the tumbler, because girls are smart and resourceful and fierce and fanfuckingtabulous. 🧡♀ (sorry for the crappy quality. our domicile is cavelike in its dearth of natural light.)


this is one of my absolute favorite photographs of floyd, taken in the spring of 2010, not long after we adopted him (when he was about a year old). it took him weeks to come out of the basement—but that’s what’s behind him here, and back in the day i titled this “the evolution of trust.” he’s a pushy teenager now, chasing daisy under chairs and making biscuits on my boobs. but his eyes are still green, his stripe is still badass, and he’ll always be a mama’s boy. #tabbytuesday #tabbycat #tabby #rescue #adoptdontshop


#fbf to eddie’s ridiculously heartstoppingly magnificently shockingly mindblowingly amazingly beautifully soft belleh.



it’s not every day that a flat version of your cat gets to pose in a picture with the most famous skateboarder on the planet. you rock, brandy!!
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Thanks @tonyhawk for humoring me with pictures of #flatArchimedes and #flatEddie you rock! #tonyhawk #attheairport


missing this boy and his round head and his schmutzy nose and his crossed eyes and his crooked tail and his turned-out paws and his magnificent whiskers and his stinky butt and his throaty purrs and his silent meows. #deathsucks


is there such a thing as a #sundayafternoonderpoff? because pretty boy floyd is derp af. 👅❤️



a whiskery flashback for #whiskerwednesday. damn, he was a looker.


i’ve been searching far and wide for the right pendant for eddie’s ashes. i know many of you may find #cremationjewelry to be weird or morbid, but for me it’s immensely comforting. this one carries a great deal of meaning to me. i’m part irish, and celtic knots for me are symbols of strength and power. this particular knot forms a circle as sweet and round as eddie’s head, and as a few friends pointed out, the knot as a whole looks a bit like a cat with ears—so we know eddie’s rockin’ the afterlife. most cremation jewelry is made from stainless steel, which is beautiful in its sleek hardness, but for eddie, i wanted the softness of sterling silver. he was pretty damn special, and he deserves it, you know? and finally, the heart. now, i may be a sentimental old fool, but i’ve never really been into the heart-as-jewelry thing. but eddie, man... eddie WAS love, both in his persona on instagram and in real life. all he ever wanted was love—a daisy to keep him warm and a human to scritch his belly. and i still feel that love: last night as i was lying in bed, i felt a cat on the blanket at my feet, stepping gingerly towards our pillows. i looked up to see if it was daisy or floyd, but no one was there. at least in this realm, there wasn’t. i thanked eddie for visiting, and soon fell asleep. 💜


hey @catladybox, it looks like floyd has requisitioned the fabulous fleece blanket from the february box. i tried putting it on my lap when i was sitting on the couch the other night, but he jumped onto my boobshelf and started making enough biscuits to feed a small city. and i’m not talking about light, fluffy biscuits, i’m talking about heavy, solid balls of pure protein hardtack. floyd 1, boobs 0.



you guys! check out this phantasmagorical tribute piece that @wildmasterpieces made! it makes me smile so hard my face hurts. oh eddie, you crazy bugger. you always were bigger than life, and sort of lost in your own little bubble of fog. though i think you might be smelling some wafting grilled-tuna smoke down there, or your own patented powerpuff fart bomb. thanks, @wildmasterpieces, for making me smile and laugh when i really needed it, and thanks for all you do to help kitties in need. (and i love your portrait of @mycat_george, too. so schmexy!) 🙌💜


missing this weirdo a lot these days (e.g., every time floyd pokes his head into the bedroom before trotting in, or when daisy moves behind me and all i see is a light-filled blur). i know it was his time, but still, it was too soon. no matter how long they live, they leave too soon.


this little daisy, this sweet ball of ginger loveliness, this fetcher of milk-carton pulltabs, this chirper extraordinaire, this daddy’s girlie girl, this wondrously perfect pixie fills our hearts with a love that’s as fierce as the sun on a scorching summer day.



This is one of my absolute favorite photographs of Eddie’s predecessor Shackleton (#shackletonmcshacklepuss), his gnarled paws on full display, laying claim to a long-gone box of chocolates. Sending love and light out into the universe tonight, because we all need it. ❤️


I owe a long-overdue THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the donation for @midhudsonanimalaid in Eddie’s name. Your amazing generosity will make a huge difference in a LOT of kitties’ lives. It takes a ton of effort to sustain small local shelters like ours, especially no-kill shelters that guarantee warmth and love to ALL cats, including FIV and FeLV positive cats. I’ll be working with the shelter to figure out how best to use the funds, and make Eddie’s legacy a lasting one. There are way too many people to list in a description (because IG is weird), so look for the names in the comments. And if you missed the collection and would like to make a donation in Eddie’s honor, you can click in the link in Eddie’s bio. Thank you!!!!!!! 💜🙌


one from the archives for this snowy #whiskerwednesday


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i’m feeling down (grieving over eddie, frustrated by the endless cold, feeling anxious, etc.), and daisy’s dealing with a small ulceration in her eye from a scratch, so the two of us hid from the world yesterday and took comfort in each other. #gingergirls


bonus footage of eddie from the morning of his last day on this earthly plane. volume up if you want to hear the distant strains of cat stevens’s “oh very young,” a song i’ll forever associate with this old man. he used to get the hiccups when he purred, and you can hear one towards the end. oh and for the record, yes, his belly was as soft as it looks.


@lilsoy_kitty, you did an amazing job capturing our beautiful boy! i can’t thank you enough. seeing this, and all the fabulous posts and drawings and tributes and gifts and cards from so many people, has made these last two weeks infinitely more bearable. so much love for all of you! 🙌💜


#tbt to the first time we met eddie, in april 2015. he’d been at @midhudsonanimalaid for a few years, and as you can see, he had wee little ear flaps left over from years of infections and scarring, which led to his ear canals being removed. it wasn’t until the fall of 2016 that he had the flaps removed (because they were getting infected too). hot damn do i miss that pouty little face. 💜


now, where were we... oh yeah! LOVE! daisy says hi, and she also says she’s glad y’all are still here, and i know she said this because she lives inside my head, which is also where eddie lived, and so i know what all my kitties think and believe, because their thoughts are my thoughts, and my thoughts are their thoughts, insofar as any of us can really know a cat’s thoughts, which in this instance are my thoughts, and i know this because i’m a crazy person... crazy in LOVE, that is! i mean, look at this girlie girl! oy, she has my heart, this lady.


FAIR WARNING: this post gets political. so, i’m reposting this one tonight as an antidote to the state of the union speech, which is happening as i write. i refuse to watch it, because i quite literally cannot bear to listen to that pustulent hatemonger who calls himself president. i know some of you reading this may disagree with my disdain for our current administration and its utter lack of decency, and you may also disagree with the message inherent in this photo. and that‘s okay. but now that the human has come out from behind the kitty kurtain, i’ll make no tuna bones about it—i believe in love, fairness, equality, kindness, and science. i believe that black lives matter, i believe women deserve equal pay, i love my muslim neighbors, i believe in marriage equality, and i believe in immigrants’ rights (because, unless you’re a native american, you descended from immigrants too). honestly, i think it all comes down to the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. it really doesn’t get much simpler than that. so as that curdled scumbucket’s isolationist rhetoric fills the airwaves tonight, i’m putting up my kitty fist of resistance and posting this golden-rule oldie. because love is love. period. 💜


so, last night this happened. this has never happened. ever. we’ve had floyd since 2010 (he was a year old when we adopted him), and daisy arrived in 2013 (also a year old then). we’d had shackleton, our first special-needs cat, since 2011, and he and daisy bonded instantly. you can see that in some of the old shackleton pics (#shackletonmcshacklepuss). when shack passed in 2014, daisy was truly bereft. eddie arrived on the scene just two weeks later, and he quickly became the alpha. he wasn’t aggressive at all, but daisy and floyd both knew they were in the presence of a king. they would occasionally chase him, and he’d let them, until he decided he was done with them; then he’d stand his ground. he never, ever went after them, though. over time daisy accepted him as her new beau, but floyd never quite knew how to relate to him. he and shack had a solid brotherly relationship—greek wrestling, chasing, napping. last year floyd started to get super aggressive, especially with daisy, chasing her into corners and whatnot. but since eddie passed, he‘s calmed way down. he hardly ever goes after her, and for the first time ever, they‘re playing together. i think they both miss eddie a lot; they’re both needier than ever (last night jeff and i listened to an old bruce spei gsteen show from 1978 and floyd spent the entire time sacked out and dreaming on my chest). and, well, this happened. i think they’re ok. they’re turning to each other, and to us, to find comfort. (another example: daisy is daddy’s girl, and soends every night curled up in his armpit or the lee of his knees; lately she’s been curling up next to me, too.) it’s not always like this between these two kids, but it makes me happy to know it’ possible. i wish we were as adaptable as cats, man. btw, sorry for the shitty photo quality. i took it late at night with very little light. #artsyfilmgrain #yeahthatswhatitis