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Those Eyes will be happy again...


Bedrock came to visit us at The Swarovski event last night... @marina.raf5


Billy today, reflecting his father's state of being. Soon we'll be together...
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All of a sudden, I thought that I was watching the start of a Baywatch episode. I thought to myself "Please God have her ask for a picture" hahahha


This is also how Instagram sabotages BJWT: Current flow of comments, and then for 10 minutes, nothing. Look at the time...


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Nothing personal towards Blake...


#Ugly @elizabethcturner :)


These are made of Chocolate and Sugar...




What? You've never seen an obsessive Chihuahua hugging a Panther?
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Part 1: On 9/11, we shoot Osama. F..k him. I couldn't see a lot with those scratched glasses but I destroyed him :)


I posted this video on BJWT already but I hate @gavinbondphotography for playing light sabers with Luke Skywalker so much that I had to put it out there. Gavin likes cross fit and ballet. He doesn't deserve this. And I bet he's a Star Trek guy too...
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Good morning from Lovey and his tongue, or for the English impaired, Buenos dΓ­as...


#ThinkBlue by @thinkblue_erin


Woody and Papa Bear survived the Mexico City Earthquake of 1985. Since you were kind enough to worry about my kids and PB this morning, I'll tell you a story: My grandfather Karim arrived from Las Vegas on a Monday, he rested on Tuesday and on Wednesday, he came to visit us to bring me my Star Wars toys that he bought for me there. I was their favorite grandkid and they were the light of my life. That Wednesday, I asked him if I could go sleep with them at their apartment, he said no, "Today is not a good day my Love", he told me, "Come over the weekend". The very next morning, on September the 19th, his apartment collapsed with the earthquake, killing him, my grandmother and my uncle Fernando, my ultimate hero. All I remember when I was told that they died, is sitting in the stairs crying and promising never to speak again, it was my tribute to them being silenced. I didn't accomplish it but I managed to silence the mind 21 years later, a bigger feat, so I didn't fail them. Woody and I would have ended our path together that day if it wasn't for my grandfather. My whole family went to hell without a strong figure around, it's a mess. They say that I have the same character as my grandfather but that he never said a bad word in front of his family, although I have tapes with his cousin, Mauricio GarcΓ©s, one of the great Mexican actors, and they're cursing each other. They used to play Gin but since they suspected each other of cheating, they decided to tape themselves. This is why I run a tight ship here, I'm not responsible for the idiots that came before me, but I'm totally responsible for my kids. I'm a Loving father with a tough hand, the way that my grandfather ran his family. Thanks to all for your concerns this morning. Earthquakes have kissed my Mexican butt, so don't worry...
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Africa & Ali...
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We were by the pool and had nothing to do that day so I decided to play the annoying kid part "Ceciliaaaa: Champagne and my Pepsi Max". Notice how I'm my holding Grace. This was in LA like 6 years ago. I Love Ceci with all my Heart. I miss the people from my past life, not the things or the city, but the people that I Love...


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This is actually my niece. I used to have a sister and this is her kid. Her name is Juliana. She looks exactly like my mom...


Darkness x 2
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@sethsemilof and @crimebydesign bet a dinner saying that I was not a size 31. I have to wear skinny jeans because if not, the kids will play with them...


With my nephew and nieces. In the second picture, with their mom, Mariam. I miss those kids...


Cielo stalking Love...
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Julio has always meant business...
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Lovey Dovey Loves his brush...
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2 years after @berenice_mthe did this drawing of Karmita with her dad, I finally saw it. You honestly don't understand the amount of people that 6.4 million contain. Literally, you do, but not what it means on a day to day. Asia and it's only me on this side. I try my best, that's all I am able to say. Berenice: Thank you very much, I Love it. And for the people that I haven't seen their messages, I'm very sorry, I mean this, I Love you all. Perhaps we haven't met, but I Love you already, that's the beauty of Love. We might not like each other when we meet, but Love is a Universal frequency, it is like a water ripple. Liking, however, can be between two beings only, but once you Love, YOU ARE LOVE...
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Just a playful bite by Julio. It's healed completely now. This was taken a week after the bite...


Kaley by @gavinbondphotography