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💗 Wishing everyone strength for today, and hope for tomorrow. 🎈Join us on Saturday 25th - 11.00 @ Battersea Power Station, as we mobilise the Instagram community onto the streets of London, to do acts of kindness all over the city. It's part of the @instagram #WWIM15 initiative announced weeks ago. It just happens that kindness day is Sat 25th March - 3 days after the #WestminsterBridge attack. But we will use this day for good, and are taking more than 300 instagramers around London in a heart shaped route, carrying out acts of kindness as we go, and sharing the inspiration on Instagram. If you want to stand with us, you're more than welcome to join us. Sign up here for free: meetup.com/London-Instagram 💗 || 📸 @findjoel feat. @icreatelife_ 💗


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@m.e.77 ちゃん本当おめでとう😭これからもよろしくお願いします☺️✨
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From @ourbeautifulbengals: "When your morning routine is rudely interupted by your sister blocking the cuddles 😹 Where are my cuddles meowmy? 💕" #catsofinstagram


Have a good night everyone 😽😴


🐱🐱 .

すー の手が…

赤い( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ^ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )💧 .

Red is the light of toys.🐾 .






Joy-In ViS ( @vis_jp ) での撮影の様子や、プロモーションの詳細についてブログを書きました📝💕

working as a fashion brand model 👒👗🌸


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Omg 😂


Photo by @milliehusky


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Golden happy hour with @brendan_tighe_, shot by @dprzygocki


"Riley and his best friend Remi celebrating Riley's 2nd #birthday" - @mister_country



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A protective mother was sheltering her baby as it crossed the road. You can see the baby elephant behind her. This was shot in Amboseli, Kenya, home to hundred of Elephants. For years their number was decreasing dramatically due to poaching but in recent years, thanks to the work of incredible people, such as Nick Brandt's BIG life foundation, there is hope for those beautiful creatures. Photography&caption by @christian_ghammachi


Tanning my paw😆



"‪When they give u too many chips and not enough guac‬" -Doug



Suki has an announcement to make: "I'm okay! I miss my best friend Wally, but I'm okay!" Suki loved and admired Wally so much. Even when they were first bonding and Wally turned into what I called the "evil dragon-bunny," Suki never gave up trying to be his friend. It was always so funny to me how she'd run to safety on the patches of hardwood floor in my room. Wally would ferociously chase her up to the edge of the carpet and then he'd be too scared to run on the wood. 😆 He was quite fierce and confident ... until he had to leave his carpet. ☺ While I know Suki misses Wally, I can tell she loves being the center of my attention. She's a true snuggle bug. (And I didn't even know that "snuggle bugs" were real until I realized that Suki IS one! 😉)


¿Qué les parecen estos Pappardelle con Salsa Boloñesa para hoy?🔥 Si se animan a prepararlos, aquí les explico cómo. Recuerden usar #SoyCocinero al publicar sus fotos para que pueda verlas.

500 gr. de Pasta Pappardelle

350 gr.de Carne Molida
120 gr.de Mantequilla
6 Tomates
2 Cebollas grandes
1 Pimentón pequeño
4 Dientes de Ajo
Albahaca al gusto
Pimienta Negra al gusto

-Cocina la Pasta según las instrucciones del empaque, mientras se prepara la Salsa.

-Hierve 2 tazas de agua. Realiza una pequeña incisión en forma de cruz en la parte superior de los Tomates; una vez empiece a hervir el agua, colócalos y cocina a fuego alto durante 3 minutos.
-Retira los Tomates del agua hirviendo, colócalos en un bowl y vierte agua fría.
-Con ayuda de la abertura en forma de cruz, pélalos y ábrelos por la mitad para retirar las semillas.
-Córtalos en cubitos pequeños o procésalos en la licuadora. Reserva.
-En una olla aparte, vierte la Mantequilla y un chorrito de Aceite. Sofríe la Cebolla, el Ajo y la Carne por unos minutos.
-Luego,añade los Tomates, el Pimentón, la Sal y la Pimienta al gusto.
-Cocina a fuego lento. Agrega agua de ser necesario y condimenta con las especias de tu preferencia.
-Cuando esté casi lista y obtenga la consistencia deseada, agrega la Albahaca, rectifica de Sal y deja cocinar un par de minutos más.
-No dejes que se seque y agrega más Tomates de ser necesario. Puedes rayarlos si deseas para darles consistencia o picarlos en cubitos.
-Sirve la Pasta con la Salsa mientras estén calientes y disfruta.
📷: @patriziasnyc


Homeless since 2013!
At just nine years old, Daisy has already lived a third of her life in shelters! Daisy came to @purrfect_pals in July when an Oregon no kill shelter had to close its doors. Daisy was surrendered to the CRAFT shelter in 2013 when her life-time owner went into a long term care facility. Because Daisy truly hates other cats, she can be difficult to handle sometimes, scratching volunteers and generally making it difficult for someone new to try and connect with her. We recently placed Daisy with an experienced foster parent to give her a break from the store, some space of her own and a chance to show us her true personality. Here is what her foster mom Kelly has to say: "Oh my gosh I love Daisy so much. It's crazy to me she has been in a shelter for so long! She uses the litter box great, not one accident. Loves her heated bed and carrot toy. Not a fan of being picked up but tolerates it. She'll lay with you all day if she could. She will swat and play bite but just cuz she doesn't want you to leave her. She's obviously too old to quit this behavior so I think she would do best with cat savvy kids that realize she bites and swats (never hard though). She would be absolutely perfect for an older couple or someone who works from home. She just wants her own human and tons of attention!" Daisy was severely obese when she first arrived at CRAFT but has since lost 10 pounds. Her weight is now steady at about 15 pounds. As a Manx, with the characteristic hind limb foreshortening, any increase in weight predisposes Daisy to arthritic joint disease and she should be on Cosequin for her joint health. Daisy has early chronic kidney disease and is now on a prescription renal support diet and is currently stable. Her new folks will certainly want to work with their vet to maintain good joint health, an optimal weight and to support her kidney health.
We are hoping to get Daisy adopted from fostercare so she doesn't have to return to the shelter or be caged again. Daisy needs a calm, quiet home without other pets or young children. If you think you might be a good fit for Daisy, please email fostercare@purrfectpals.org


"Mirror, mirror on the wall..." ~ Crusoe


Bernice, Sheepadoodle (3 y/o), Bleecker & Morton St., New York, NY • "She loves sitting in the window and watching the world go by."


How cute! 🐷🙈Video by @mybestfriendhank


Beware of Bunny! ARF ARF ARF!


This pose is called "not dead, just sleeping". 🚫💀😴💤


Dogs require: food, water, love, MASSAGES, more love, MORE MASSAGES, etc #dogspa 🔊 for snorts


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@bengalcat_bear 😻😻😻


sweetest baby armadillo 😍