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Nature put on a show for us last night. From the top of this mountain ridge in Slovenia we could see for miles 🔥☀️
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Kevin the llama + his mate in the background


This morning was absolutely magical. Slovenia is quickly becoming one of my favourite places in Europe 🍂🍁


Mornings exploring Bavarian lakes as autumn is in full force 🍂🍁
I can’t wait to see what else we find in the coming weeks with the gang 🤙🏼


Panorama ridge is one of the most beautiful places near Vancouver. After a challenging hike up, we made it to the top just in time for a gorgeous sunset. @adventureconwards


The amount of effort it took to get here for sunrise was rewarded by a spectacular morning ✨ yes, this place is real.
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Exploring through Germany over the past few days has been like walking through one big fairytale. If I could live in a castle, it would definitely be this one ✌🏼🏰


Somewhere above Machu Picchu, I made friends with this Llama named Kevin 🤙🏼


Autumn has come to Bavaria, and it couldn’t look any more like a fairytale ✨ This castle is also mind blowing 🏰


Day 1 of the Euro road trip complete 🙌🏼 There are so many places that are hidden gems, it’s impossible to explore them all ✨


Super excited to be road tripping through Europe with some awesome friends for the next month. Stay tuned for the adventure 🙌🏼


Oregon nights are seriously unreal.
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I use the presets for almost every photo ✌🏼 (including this one)


Day 1 exploring Paris was a success. @conormccann just arrived and we’re about to turn up the adventure 🇫🇷


A video clip from an adventure through the jungle in Java. 🌱🌿🍃 Super stoked to be meeting up with the same crew here in Paris to begin our next big adventure.
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Sunrise in front of Ausangate Mountain in the Peruvian Andes. The wind had picked up over night so the reflection in the lake was blurred. Using a long exposure, I was able to get a smoother look on the water. I shot this with the new @sigmacanada 14mm f1.8 Art lens. It quickly became one of my favourite lenses because of how fast the autofocus is and the extremely low aperture.


Magical evenings in Kananaskis Country. Who’s in need of some summer time camping adventures? 🏕️


We stood in awe as the sun rose over a rumbling Mount Bromo. When you think of a volcano, you often forget about the immense sound it makes when you get close to it. Bromo sounded like a jet engine ⛰️⛰️⛰️


Before I went to Moraine Lake for sunrise, I didn’t think this kind of reflection was real... this is definitely real and I’ve never seen a lake more calm than this one. Easily one of my favourite spots in the world.


Ausangate Mountain- the second tallest mountain in Peru. It took us 3 days to trek around the base of it, in awe the entire time.


One of my favourite shots from an unreal adventure through Oahu. It felt like a dinosaur would come out any second... ⛰️🐊🦎🌴


The more you explore East Java, the smaller you feel.
From adventures with @thenomad


Sunrise missions in Indonesia with @conormccann ☀️


There’s something about waterfalls that makes you stop and stare. I always catch myself zoning out.
This light only lasted for 10 minuets but it made everything just a little more magical ☀️
Check my story for a before and after!


Walking into heaven like...


Yellowstone has something mind blowing around every corner. We experienced all 4 seasons in 1 day as we drove through the park on our big yellow bus 🚌

Song: falling deeper by Kisnou


Imagine being the first explorer to discover this place ⛰️🇵🇪


I’m in need of a return trip to this magical Island 🌴


New Peru video is up! Check it out in the previous post or the link in my bio 🏔️


Adventuring through Peru was insane. I’ve never been somewhere that has such an awesome mix of culture and mind blowing scenery.
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Song by @odesza


If you’re quiet, all you can hear is the birds waking up for a new day and the gurgle of the stream.