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'61 Days in Church' Vol. 2 is now available at all streaming services

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'61 Days in Church' Volume 2 is now available at all streaming services, listen to the next 30 songs live from the Holdin' My Own Tour now!


I didn’t want to be here tonight. I didn’t want to play guitar. I didn’t want to walk on this stage, but last night, let me try to get this out, last night somebody sent me a video of a lady named Heather Melton and she was talking to Anderson Cooper on CNN and she had on our Church Choir Tour shirt. And he said, “what brought you to Vegas?” and she goes “We went there to see Eric Church because he was Sonny’s [her husband who died] it was his guy, and we went there to see his guy.” And then she said “We have tickets for the Grand Ole Opry tomorrow night.” And there’s a, over here, section 3, row F, if you’re there in row F, there’s some empty seats and that’s their seats. And, I’m gonna tell you something, the reason I’m here, the reason I’m here tonight, is because of Heather Melton and her husband Sonny, who died, and every person that was there. I’ll tell you something, I saw that crowd. I saw them with their hands in the air. I saw them with boots in the air. And what I saw, that moment in time that was frozen there’s no amount of bullets that can take away. None.

And that night, something broke in me, on Sunday night when that happened. And the only way I’ve ever fixed anything that’s been broken in me is with music. So I wrote a song...


The '61 Days in Church' rollout continues with 30 more songs, available now exclusively on @applemusic!


Come relive the Holdin' My Own tour! The first 30 songs from '61 Days in Church' are now available through all streaming services.



We had so much fun out on the Holdin' My Own tour we wanted to make sure the fans could relive those shows forever. Beginning today, 30 initial live recordings are available on @applemusic and we'll roll out many more in the weeks ahead. Listen to all the songs and experience '61 Days in Church' at the link in our bio.




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On this day in 2011, the album 'Chief' was released. The vinyl featuring "Drink In My Hand," "Springsteen" and "Creepin'" is available now in CD and vinyl at the official store,
(📸: Annie Simpson)


The rumors are true! The third pressing of 'Carolina' has been pressed into beautiful royal blue vinyl. This limited edition 'Carolina' LP, and other official merchandise is available on the @chiefmerchandise web store now!


Thanks to everyone that came out to this year's fan club party, one of the best events every year. 📸:Reid Long


62 shows
Over 200 hours worth of music
Over 2,200 songs
Nearly a million fans
Thanks for letting me Hold My Own


For @recordstoredayus this Saturday, Eric's album "Caught in the Act Live" will be released on special edition red vinyl.


All you gotta do is.....


See you tonight Winnipeg. Get ready for 3 hours of the Chief.


Standing behind his vow to put face-value tickets in fans’ hands, Eric Church has cancelled 25,000+ secondary market ticket orders on the tour and is releasing them back to the public. “You come at us, we’re going to go after you in return. You come after our fans? Well, let’s just say we see you, we know how you are, and we’re coming for you with 10x the vengeance.” Tickets are released tomorrow at noon local time for the remaining cities on the tour.


Playing our way through the South this weekend. You brought it hard every night Church Choir! Great view from the Choir loft.


"The coolest moment of the tour yet. This is why we do it" - Eric


Are you coming to the Dallas show tonight? Come check out the Eric Church VR experience at the south entrance of American Airlines Center by section 124.


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It takes a village to build this stage! All of this gear comes to your city in 14 different semi trucks so the Chief can bring you 3 hours and well over 30 songs a night!


These Boots...


If you're going to the Holdin' My Own tour make sure you stop and see Eric's custom @lucchese boots! Follow @thesebootsbyericchurch for updates on where they are setup on the concourse each night.


Last weekend Eric played over 90 songs for 9 hours to 38,500 fans. Des Moines, Minneapolis, and Green Bay you better get ready.


Sioux Falls sold out to the rafters means 3 hours of nonstop Chief.


Lincoln you brought it hard to open the tour last night with a sold out show. Sioux Falls we're ready for you. -Team EC (Photo: @tarheelphoto)


One more day...are you ready?


The Chief is getting ready for tour. The countdown is on. 2 days away. (Photo: @reid_long)