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I had the honor of attending my friends Travis and Kelsey’s beautiful wedding in Nicaragua. I’ve never shot a wedding before, but these two made it so easy to capture their love and the fun we had during the week. We celebrated the wedding in Grenada then spent the rest of the week on the beach in Playa Colorado. Nicaragua was amazing and shooting a wedding was super fun! Full wedding video link in my bio if you wanna check it out!
🎼: @odesza- Higher Ground


The beautiful surprises that come after the darkest of storms. I’m excited to announce I just launched this morning on Amplify Messenger (check my story for details). I’ll be using it as a tool to release additional content, post presets and wallpaper monthly, and be there to answer any questions you have on social media, photography, video, or travel! Seriously ask me anything on there, I’m here to help and I want to make it the best resource possible for you. I already posted a couple free presets and some wallpaper that you’re more than welcome to use! Thanks for all the support!


8AM thousands of feet over the Canadian Rockies and above the morning fog. That’s my kind of wake up call.



Nicaragua was such a welcome surprise. The surf was incredible and I ended most days floating right about here recharging from a busy travel schedule.


I may have been the coldest I’ve ever been the second I took this shot, but standing in Banff overlooking the mountains at sunrise couldn’t have been more perfect.


These guys scored front row tickets to the greatest show on Earth



When the pool meets the beach I think I found my house goals. Running as many laps as I can between the two before the sun sets on another day here in Nicaragua.


The beachside cafe next door to our house has the best açaí bowls. I’ve been waking up for sunrise, hopping in the ocean, and relaxing to the best Nicaraguan coffee. Thinking of making this place my morning office for a while 😎


Sunrise in Nicaragua checking out the first waves of the day in front of our house. Life is so enjoyable and slow paced down here. The people are friendly, the food is amazing, and the mellow days are a refreshing change from the California lifestyle. The 90 degree temperature jump from Alberta was a little rough adjustment, but one surf sesh and I’m aclimating just fine 👌🏻



Traveling as much as I do I don’t get to spend as many days at home as I’d like. There’s so many beautiful places in the world but Southern California will always hold down the number 1 spot.


Walking on a frozen river in the canyons of Jasper National Park. Seeing the ice formations and snow falling throughout the rock walls on our @beautifuldestinations trip was so surreal. Alberta sure scored landing both Banff and Jasper!


The warmth of the first rays of sun creeping over the mountains is one of my favorite things to experience. Pair that with the Canadian Rockies and you have a dynamic duo.



The ice castles of Edmonton were very chill. 0 degrees chill. @storyofsage and I had to run around to keep warm and I think the ice slides were definitely intended for children but oh well. Such a fun place, can’t wait to be back in the land of ice cubes soon!


When we got to @rockiesheli in the dark of the early morning, the weather was moody and we weren’t thinking our chances of catching sunrise were promising. The second we climbed above the clouds was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen. The peaks surfacing out of the morning fog layer paired with sunrise made for an unreal dream. We landed in the backcountry with the @beautifuldestinations team and had the best time playing around in waist deep powder before heading onwards on our journey.


Laying above the frozen methane bubbles and cracked ice formations of Abraham Lake. As plants decay on the bottom of the lake, methane gas is formed and freezes while rising to the surface. Such an amazing thing to witness in person with the @beautifuldestinations and @travelalberta group.



Sunrise this morning over Banff with @rockiesheli. We got lucky with some amazing fog and beautiful light. These mountains are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Thanks so much to @beautifuldestinations and @travelalberta for the flight!


Today was bucket list for me. I love huskies and getting to go on a sled ride over frozen lakes and through snow capped forests was straight out of a dream. Thanks so much to @beautifuldestinations and @travelalberta for making it happen! We’re off in search of more winter fun ❄️


Welcome to Banff the sky said. I found out the fun way what it’s like to break through the ice and check the water temperature with my foot. It’s cold in case you’re wondering. Couldn’t have asked for a better first sunrise with @travelalberta x @beautifuldestinations



What a world. Just landed in Alberta with @beautifuldestinations and made our way into the park. Seems like this is a good spot to hide away and ride out the snowstorm. Stoked to show you guys what we’re up to this week in a true winter wonderland.


Nothing beats watching someone chase their dreams relentlessly and succeed.


Team Blood Moon vs. Team Sleeping In. At least my bed was comfy.


It’s called The Dead Sea but I can’t think of a time I’ve ever felt more alive. Watching the sun dip into the horizon, floating above salt crystals and experiencing the feeling of being weightless.


January means 83 degrees and beach days around here. No complaints, I’ll have my toes in the sand at the office today.
Shot on @sonyalpha a9 and 24-70 f2.8 #alphacollective


Making friends during rush hour traffic


Slowly learning to let go of expectations has made traveling such a more rewarding experience. When I first started traveling a lot I’d get so disappointed if I couldn’t catch the best shot ever at each location I went to. Not sure what world I thought I lived in where an amazing sunset would follow me each place I went, but I’d often leave feeling let down by the shots I took. Sometimes circumstances are simply out of your control and looking to other aspects of a destination can bring equal enjoyment. On this particular trip to Puerto Rico, we had two photo missions to incredible spots derailed by flat tires at the worst possible times. I never got to see those spots. In the end, the time spent chatting with new friends on the side of the road was probably more valuable than any rushed photo mission would’ve been. Maybe I didn’t capture the beach sunset I wanted or make it to the waterfall, but I made some great friends which wins every time.


Welcome to the West Coast. January afternoons look a little different around this neck of the woods 🌴


One of the cooler places I’ve ever visited, an unreal cenote tucked deep in the depths of the jungles in Campeche. A few hours drive down dirt roads and ended up having our own swimming pool for the day. It’s better in a way that places like this are a bit of a trek to get to and makes the reward of finding them that much more special if you’re willing to take the journey.


It’s polite to check in and say hi to your neighbors often. Looking forward to spending more time up north this year and getting some more Canada in my life ASAP 👌🏻


Sure beats the rowing machine in the gym. Who gets the invite into your kayak?


From the top of Europe to the incredible towns at the base of the mountains, the Jungfrau region was pure magic. When I landed in Switzerland, I didn’t know I’d soon be sledding on the longest run in the world, skiing for the first time, and venturing into ice caves. Had a blast with @muenchmax in Grindelwald for a few days to end the trip as well! Winter has always been one of the harder seasons for me to shoot due to the lack of color. I tried to put myself in the video more to make up for the lack of sunsets 😂 Here’s some highlights from the week with @flyswiss and @myswitzerland!
🎼: @moonzzmusic- Every Every (@telykast remix)