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Wish every week was shark week, these guys are way too cool 🤙🏻


First sunset session last night with the @sonyalpha a7riii. Pretty amazing how camera technology is evolving and it’s fun to try out the new wave as they come out! Feel free to ask any camera questions and I’ll try to answer them all. #alphacollective


Imagine living on Volcano Crater Blvd.



The break of dawn in Montana. A freezing cold morning where we were luckily treated to a fiery wake up alarm. A little dreamy magic edit thanks to @blazing_heavens from one of those mornings you never forget!


Hard to say goodbye to Fall and all the color it brings. Currently planning out my winter travels, anyone have a cool trip planned and have extra room in your suitcase?!


Got out of the water yesterday just in time to catch the evening glow. Spending time in the water lately has me appreciating this place I call home even more.



Just needed a slice of pumpkin pie and this would’ve been a 10/10 moment


My whole page is sunsets right now but this hot streak has been too good to ignore. I didn’t have a waterproof housing but keeping my shorts dry was the last thing I cared about 😂💦


Whether you’re on land or in the air, nights like these are ones for the books



Electric evenings on the California coast ⚡️


A tropical night amongst the stars. Can’t imagine a better place to kick back and stargaze 💫
Big thanks to @blazing_heavens for helping bring this idea to life. The beach and night sky are two of my favorite things in the world and imagining them together is what my dreams are made of.


Best show on the planet and it’s free every night.



The floor is lava


Could’ve sworn I felt the ocean warm up a bit last night during this explosion of color


Enjoying the last sunlight hit El Capitan before making it back to the campground for the night. Can’t wait to see this valley dusted with snow soon!



It’s not quite the beach, but grabbing a spot on the shore right here and enjoying Fall seems like a solid morning to me


Sunrise hops in the valley


Enjoying a moment with friends as the light fades and the temperature drops in the valley. Always a fun feeling seeing your campsite in the distance below you as you head up for a better view.



I love the beach, but escaping to the mountains always renews a sense of adventure. I still remember visiting Taft Point for the first time and being amazed that such a place exists. Watching the sunset and the light fade from the valley floor makes this my favorite spot in the park.


No visit to San Diego is complete without a stroll down the beaches of La Jolla. I’m excited to partner with @SouthwestAir to announce a pretty incredible sweepstakes for those like me who love to travel! Southwest is giving away 100 million Rapid Rewards points to residents of California in the month of November. Whether you’re looking for a beach getaway or a trip to the mountains, those points will definitely come in handy! Check out the link below for more contest details. #CaliforniaMillions #partner


Some morning light and fall colors in Yosemite. Even though it was a short trip, seeing the color in the park was 100% worth the drive!


Fall in Yosemite is a beautiful thing 🍁


Had to pick up my jaw up out of the tide pool during this one 😱


One of the cooler friends I made this year. He didn’t talk much, but having the Tetons as your playground scores you major points in my book.


Where’s the furthest you’ve been from home? South Africa is my longest journey but hoping to change that soon!


End of the hike rewards deep in the canyons of Wadi Mujib in Jordan. Felt just like hiking the Narrows in Utah but throw in some waterfalls!


6 parking spots I’m jealous of


Even though the palm trees don’t change colors in Fall at least the sunsets do!


100 degrees in October? Here’s where I’ll be trying to beat the heat.


Just floating around at the lowest point on Earth