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Fire and ice in the mountains of @visitmontana. Starting the hike at 6am in the bitter cold was challenging, but the toasty sunrise helped thaw us out and keep us trekking on 👌🏻#montanamoment #sp


On this cold and rainy morning I was so close to hitting the snooze button, but when you're waking up in one of the most beautiful national parks, sleeping in isn't an option. Can't believe it's taken me this long to @visitmontana. The mountains and lookouts in Glacier National Park are some of the most beautiful I've ever had the chance to witness, and this sunrise made waking up and rolling out of bed 100% worth it. #montanamoment #sp


My first time to @visitmontana and I'm treated to an incredible sunrise in Glacier National Park. We braved the cold and started our hike to Grinnell Glacier before any other cars were in the park. What an amazing place! #montanamoment #sp


A few hundred feet above the ancient city of Petra is where @aaronbhall, @robstrok, and I took a break and enjoyed the morning light before the crowds made their way to the Treasury. After catching a mysterious candlelit glimpse of the city the night before, this lookout was the perfect spot to see one of the New Seven Wonders of the World lit by the sun for the first time. @visitjordan


The moment when @robstrok and @aaronbhall realized their shoes weren't staying dry on this epic hike. We started our canyon trek in the morning rays and made our way miles deep until we reached an incredible waterfall. Wadi Mujib is one of the coolest hikes ever! @visitjordan


Never thought when I started taking sunset pics after work on my iphone that years later photography would take me into the deserts of Wadi Rum camping with bedouins and learning about their daily lives. What a wild journey this unpredictable thing called life is. From the deserts of @visitjordan, to the Dead Sea, to the ancient city of Petra, the landscapes across this country change so drastically and provide opportunities to meet people with amazing stories to tell.


When the winding canyon hike includes waterslides you have no excuse to not act like a kid. One of the most epic spots hidden deep in @visitjordan 👌🏻


Pretty amazing places like this exist and even more special if you're lucky enough to catch them without a crowd. @visitjordan


Sunset sessions at the Dead Sea over 420m below sea level. The salt formations on the shores create a dramatic entrance to the lowest place on Earth. @visitjordan


Deep in the desert of Wadi Rum where we spent the night sharing stories with strangers who soon became our friends. Traveling opens up your mind to places you never knew existed on this amazing planet we call home 🌍


Hiking through the winding river canyon of Wadi Mujib made for one of the coolest hikes I've ever been on. Our trail started 420m below sea level at the Dead Sea and ended at a waterfall, hard to beat that combo 😍@visitjordan


A magical night in Petra where I felt like I could've been standing in another century. One of the 7 Modern Wonders of the World and a place that needs to be seen with your own eyes in @visitjordan.


Enjoying a moment of peace at the Dead Sea and trying to not float off into the sunset at the lowest place on Earth.
Gonna be a fun week running around @visitjordan with @aaronbhall and @robstrok 😎


I'd be 100% happy in a blue and green world.
Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by this horrible storm 🙏🏻


Hopping on a plane to Jordan tomorrow with @robstrok and @aaronbhall . Super excited to re-visit one of my favorite places in the world and eat hummus at every meal 👅


With so much to see in Oregon it's hard to pick each days adventure. Checking out the falls was a must and @robstrok and I were more than happy when @ryan.cline wanted to jump in. Check out the full video from our eclipse road trip! (Link in bio)
🎼: @theiaofficialxo: Roam


Cruising the curvy Hawaiian coastlines with @robstrok


Little islands in the mountains 😍


Some highlights from a road trip I took with @robstrok and @ryan.cline chasing totality into Oregon. We got to experience some awesome spots throughout California and Oregon, full video in bio!
🎼: @theiaofficialxo- Roam


Number 1 pic in my fantasy national park draft.
Edited with my Tahoe Blue filter! (Link in bio)


Drifting into the desert. Edited this with my "Spark" filter. Link in bio if you wanna check the rest out 😎


A lone surfer ready to take on the mighty sea 🏄🏼


A midnight hot springs session under the stars. Summer camping at its finest 👌🏻


Let's get lost more often 🌲


Each state has its hidden gems and this spot sure scores some points for Oregon. Thx for jumping @ryan.cline, hope you feel your fingers by now 😬❄️


The Oregon fires and desert dust storms added color and flare to the setting sun. As darkness came upon us, we set up camp on the dry lake bed and didn't have a neighbor in sight.


The night before the eclipse: We didn't have a plan or place to spend the night. After sunset we stumbled into a campground at midnight, lucked out, and found a vacant spot. The next day we drove into what was supposedly going to be horrific traffic and a crowded gathering of people. Somehow the lake we found was rather quiet and we enjoyed totality with just a few others. Sometimes the most memorable trips are the ones with the least planning.


The most rewarding shower you can find, but still looking for the temperature dial 😨❄️


I wish the moon passed in front of the sun more often because that was a pretty unforgettable experience. From day to night back to day all in a couple minutes. We weren't sure what we were going to get with the haze from the nearby fires but lucked out and got a clear sky. Happy to share this moment with everyone who couldn't make the trip to see it.


It's hard to fall asleep on nights like these. Whoever guesses the amount of stars closest wins a prize ⭐️
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