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A new @aerin fragrance launches tomorrow, it’s filled with wild and exotic flowers for an instant escape... Stay tuned for more. #AERINBeauty #MyPerfectEscape


The @aerin Fragrance Collection is growing. Stay tuned to discover where your next perfect escape could be. #AERINBeauty #MyPerfectEscape


We’re on the way to celebrate @aerin’s new launch somewhere tropical. Check back soon for more! 🌸#AERINBeauty #MyPerfectEscape



Things are looking up: help your skin boost its natural collagen and reveal a younger, more lifted and firmer look with Resilience Lift. Shop via the link in our bio. #Skincare


Hydration? We've got that. Our #AdvancedNightRepair family features #HyaluronicAcid to help keep your skin hydrated all winter long. Visit a counter near you to learn all about it from an expert #EsteeBeautyAdvisor! Your skin will say thank you!


Can’t get enough #AdvancedNightRepair? Neither can we. ✨ Our number one #serum hydrates, strengthens and smooths, meaning you’ll wake up to more beautiful skin, no matter what your Friday night brings. #PowerOfNight



Discover the #PowerOfNight with a personalized nighttime skincare routine from our new nighttime expert on #GoogleHome!✨ Just say “Hey, Google, can I talk to the Estee Lauder Nighttime Expert” and start chatting. Find out more through the link in the bio.


#VanityGoals ❤️ What #EsteeEssentials are on your vanities, #EsteeBeauties?


Everything's better with a little red #lipstick. 💄 Thankfully we've got shades of red and pink for every day of the week. Shop #LipstickEnvy through the link in our bio now.



#EsteeBeautyDirector, @violette_fr gives you quick tricks and techniques for the ultimate French girl #beauty look: red lips, of course! 💋 Shop her look now via the link in the bio. #MakeupTutorial #BeautyTutorial #EsteeLauder


💕 Pink pout perfection made easy with #LipstickEnvy Matte #lipstick💄


Our #lipstick lineup has major mattitude. 💋 #LipstickEnvy Mattes come in three glam #matte finishes: sheer, velvet and metallic. Link in bio to shop all shades & finishes.



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Double tap for #DoubleWear! Share your ❤️ in the comments below! #DoubleWearOrNothing


We’re blushing and crushing on the ultra-silky glowing definition of our #PureColorEnvy Sculpting #Blush. 💕 Shop all our radiant shades through the link in our bio. #Makeup



#EsteeBeautyDirector @violette_fr, shows you her trick to getting the perfect winged eyeliner every time, using #LittleBlackLiner. Watch the full film on the #EsteeStories blog (link in bio). #MakeupTutorial #BeautyTutorial


The key to a good #shelfie is great product. From cremes and #serums to cleansers and masks, never underestimate the importance of a well-rounded #skincare routine! Did you know that our new skincare expert #GoogleHome will match you to a personalized regimen just by answering a few questions? All you have to do is say: “Hey, Google, can I talk to the Estée Lauder Nighttime Expert” and start chatting! Link in bio for more. #AdvancedNightRepair #MultiMasking #SupremeSkin


Our new Resilience Lift Cremes are packed with the intense nourishment and energizing #hydration of a new Tri-peptide Lift Complex that helps you look as young as you feel. Click the link in our bio to shop. #Skincare #moisturizer



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We can’t help it, we’re perfectionists. So, we’ve created a new #serum, #PerfectionistPro. It’s packed with advanced #skincare technology that is a holistic approach to lifting & firming. It targets key facial zones to reveal smoother, more radiant looking skin. Link in bio to shop!


Master your #skincare routine like a pro. Our new #PerfectionistPro Rapid Firm + Lift Treatment uses innovative science to target multiple facial zones, leaving skin firmer, softer, and brighter. Shop now through the link in our bio. #skincare #serum


Fight gravity fast with the NEW #PerfectionistPro Rapid Firm + Lift Treatment. Our newest #serum is designed to help skin feel and look like perfection. Link in bio to shop. #skincare #EsteeLauder


Tangier Vanille, Amber Musk, and Evening Rose turn to #gold with the @AERIN d'Or Collection. These three fragrances are transformed with notes of Oud, Patchouli, Incense and more. Link in bio to shop. #AERINBeauty


A touch of #gold adds just the right amount of romance. Try our best selling Rose De Grasse scent, re-imagined into an even richer and more luxurious scent. Hand painted by Italian artisans in 18K gold, Rose De Grasse d’Or is the ultimate gift of luxury. #AERINBeauty #AERINGifts


The most beloved @AERIN fragrances take on a golden brilliance. Complete your winter fragrance wardrobe with the d'Or collection. #AERINBeauty


Your face is a work of art, so why not prime your canvas to be the best it can be? NEW #DoubleWear Custom Coverage Correcting Duos let you tackle everything from dark spots to redness to dullness. Choose yellow to 🚫dullness, lavender to 🚫yellowness, green to 🚫redness. Or, to 🚫dark circles and blemishes, choose one of the top 5 shades by skin tone. The dual-ended wand lets you choose exactly how much coverage you need. Link in bio to shop.


Say goodbye to dry winter skin! #EsteeBeautyDirector @violette_fr, gives you quick tricks to keep dry skin glowing and flawless. Shop all of the products featured in her routine via the link in the bio. #makeuptutorial #beautytutorial


When your days are non-stop your #concealer should be too. Click the link in our bio to shop our #DoubleWear Waterproof Concealer. #DoubleWearOrNothing


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#DoubleWear’s five 🌟 rating from all our #EsteeBeauties is even more of a reason why we know when it comes to #foundation, it’s #DoubleWearOrNothing. Shout out why you ❤️ Double Wear in the comments below! #EsteeStars