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Thank God It’s Monday!
Comment one goal you are going to accomplish this week. #TGIM


I need you to do me a favor and get the right information !! Once you get that information it's time to make lifestyle changes !! A lifestyle change will prevent you from having high HIGHS and low LOWS !! .
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Keep going after the dream! 🎥 @benlionelscott



Congrats to our latest certified speakers !! Who’s going to be the next speaker to be certified? Is it you? #GameChangers
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The hand doesn’t make the man, it’s how we play the hand life deals us!!!


Every time something crazy happens in the world everyone wants to talk and critique !! Take action that promotes love, stop talking !!! #LoveConquers



l finally figured lt out, you don’t get a reward for trying, but you do get one for executing!!! Shortcuts are for babies and fools.


In ATL we talked about the levels of entrepreneurship. Make money, have influence, and then make an impact. Charlotte you’re next I hope you’re ready to learn.


What’s your anchor, because money isn’t.



Sometimes is just boils down to that Dog!!! How bad do you want I️t!!!


Never asked y'all for help. I Need Help...
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Training up our Certified Speakers in our #GameChangers program.
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7,000 students walk away from their education everyday !!! I was one of those students and I’m on a mission to prevent it from happening to other kids. I’m asking for your help as we attack this problem head on. #SchoolDays
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Thank you Atlanta! Now it’s time to take your business to a whole other level. Charlotte your up next!! #TakeControl2018
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What’s driving you?



Your team is critical !! Things in business change all the time and your team has to be able to adapt !! ~ Quote via @jhatchlife from #TakeControl2018
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To think some of y'all still stuck on money... this little girl made me promise last time I left her school I would come back. I kept my promise. She appreciated it. Made a lot of money in my day and not one check felt better than that hug. You're depressed and stressed out because your life is all about you. Try making a positive impact in someone else's life and then come tell me how you feel.

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Establish your routine!!!


It takes a team to make something great !! In this workshop you get to learn first hand from me and my team !! Playtime is over, it’s time for you to Take Control.
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Atlanta - Feb 10th
Charlotte - Feb 25th
Dallas - March 18th
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Don’t choose artificial Why’s. Choose a Why that’s meaningful. Choose something that will push you for the next 40, 50 years!!!


Listen to me very closely!! This workshop is for those of you are seriously looking to go to the next level!! No fluff and no games!! Just real information once you apply will take you to a whole different level!! #TakeControl2018


When you start loving yourself and embracing your uniqueness. When you stop comparing yourself to others and celebrate you, Life, Liberty and Wealth begin!!!


Thank you Miami for a phenomenal event! You now have the blueprint. What are you going to do with it? #Atlanta you’re up next!
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Stop waiting for everyone else around you to change and start changing yourself !! #etinspires


I need you to understand that everything you build has to be built on bedrock !!! Building on sand, topsoil, and any other substance will not work !! When life comes at you, you have to be able to withstand the storms, and bedrock will only allow that !!! #TGIM
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Preview of today’s TGIM. Live From #TakeControlMiami


I’m giving it my all today. Miami let’s go! #TakeControl2018


Some battles aren’t meant for us to fight. Handle all of your issues with a high level of integrity. #etinspires


l use my pain to push me toward greatness!!! What’s your pain doing to you!!!!