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There were a couple gems today💎


The reef from above🚁


Getting all the angles with the boys


I need to start finding new hiking spots lol⛰


Alway fun to hangout with people that are always down👇🏾


I always try to find new angles of popular zones. Otherwise, I find that shooting at the same places become repetitive and boring❕


Is the water too shallow or too clear❓🤔


Summer vibes coming soon✌🏾


Thailand was a blast🇹🇭


I always wonder what Hawaii was like back in the day...


🌴The hammock life🌴 @twotreehammockco


Super stroked that Seth Moniz (@sethmoniz) got Wave of the the Winter Breakthrough Performance award. Also lucky to get one of my clips in it🙌🏾 Thanks @surfline for all the support!


@stefanbabylon at Leap of Faith. The free fall was so long that you can hear my camera buffer right after he hit the water


So burnt out from school and it's only the first week back🙄looking forward to summer already. Huge shoutout to @jersey_maria for the edit!


Haven't taken surf photos in forever. Can't wait for summer & hopefully consistent days for firing bowls🙌🏾


The colors were unbelievable this day😍


According to Instagram, I haven't used my Fox Outfitters hammock since August 30, 2015. Finally used it again yesterday to chill & enjoy the sunset.


This week was been crazy to say the least. Glad everything is working out and getting better❤️ More epic things are in the works so stay around😈


Whenever I make an edit, it reminds me how lucky I am to live and explore in paradise🌴🍍


You win some and lose some when it comes to perfect sunset conditions. But spending time with friends is always a win👍🏾


It's finally spring break. Time to live the Sweet Life😎@nectar


Two days ago I experienced the heaviest day of my life. I was set up to the right of the cliff where our main group was & on the opposite side of the cove. Right after Chase sent his gainer, I was looking through my photos & heard rocks breaking/rolling. I looked up to see Travis falling from Leap of Faith(100ft) with rocks around him. He hit the cliff near the bottom making an indescribable sound & bounced into the water unconscious & face down. @chaseasuncion, @stefanbabylon & @eddy.would.go swam to his aid without hesitation, throwing him onto the paddle board that we had. I didn't have cell service so I kept yelling to the tourist to call 911 & many of them got right on it. I packed up my bag & ran along the cliff to go meet the boys at the bottom of Spitting Caves. I left my bag on the top of Spitting Caves & rushed down to the bottom. Luckily no one stole my bag or my phone that was on the ground. Once they brought Travis to the waters edge, the boys timed the waves to help us bring Travis onto the reef ledge. I will never forget the worried look on everyone's faces as we tried to do everything we could to make the situation better. I helped drag the board onto the rocks with him on it & that's when I saw how serious things were. He was talking & starting to regain consciousness so I knew that was a good sign but he was still in pretty bad condition. We were talking to him to keep him calm & told him that everything would be alright. I took off my shirt to put behind his head after seeing something white from the cut on his head which might have been his skull. @micahniinuma threw down his shirt to me also because of all the bleeding. We stabilized him and moved him to dry ground. I went back up the cliff to wait for the emergency personnel to tell them where we were. After all of this he only suffered 9 broken bones, full body abrasions, a confusion and is recovering at home. This was truly a miracle. A GoFundMe link is in my bio to help him out! I'm thankful for the crew we had on Sunday. This whole ordeal has truly put the value of life into perspective for me. Live life doing what you love cause you never know when it will be your last day.


Everybody please pray for @traviseichner. He had a freak accident and fell 100ft onto rocks then was unconscious in the water. Thank God for the paddle board and all the boys that had no hesitation to react. I met @chaseasuncion and the boys to help pull him onto the rocks. He was talking and conscious but we were just trying to keep him calm. Don't know how he's doing now but please pray for him and that he has a speedy recovery #prayfortravis
Travis is at the hospital and is able to move his hands and feet. He's going for a CAT scan soon. Glad he's doing better from when we saw him but still keep him in your prayers🙏🏾


If you turn up your volume and listen closely, you can hear Mark's wise words "Fear is just a barrier." This is the day when mark was truly himself😂🍑 @markthebrownshark
Commentary by @joshleong_


Jamie O'Brien (@whoisjob) pulling into a closeout on Christmas Day 2016. Thanks for the drone footage @tiralongo!!


What a weekend. Full of hiking, tunnel explosions, trick shots, beach sessions, empty parking garage skating & tower jumps. Can't wait for next weekend😈


Finally got my pins pulled out and my cast off. Hopefully physical therapy won't take too long so I can be 💯 again