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One of my favorite toys, which I find is totally underrated: a nose shackle.
What is it? Well, it's a small device that pinches your septum by way of an adjustable screw (not a piercing). Even just a small tug can make your eyes water! I love using it for subtle control, it's a very different feeling from using bulkier bondage gear items and gets me feeling really subby without much effort. ♥️


absolutely love my new corset from @isabellacorsetry -- it's a custom design regular length, 20 inch Justine. I'll be putting it on and showing how I lace it today during the Livestream.


Last day in San Fran, so had to stop to get my macaron fix at Chantal Guillon. So many flavors!



Really wish there was a photo that actually showed the leg tie. ❤️😪


Sir sneakily took some photos while we were using the daytime play space yesterday~ I'm surprised he was able to get any shots in focus ! (suspension is a single leg dragonback, with a chest harness not suspended from)


just a quick little haul from today~ new leather pencil skirt and neck corset from Leather Etc. (Kookie and Pride brand), new hitty things, muzzle and gloves from @mrsleather (paddle is from @postmowoods because I am always drawn to their work even when I don't catch it on the label right away). We haven't even gone to the vendor area yet so more to come I am sure.



Hello everyone!
I have a very special announcement of something that has been in the work for quite a while now, and that is Kinkfest 2018!
For those of you who don't know, Kinkfest is an annual BDSM conference held in Portland, OR for three days typically over Easter weekend. I attended last year and had an amazing time, every day is packed with classes ranging from consent 101 to advanced bloodplay. Not to mention the art gallery, the vendor fair, the socials and meet ups and of course the unparalleled dungeon space -- over 35,000 square feet.

What I loved about Kinkfest is how open it is. They have something for everyone, from ABDLs to pets to old school Leatherfolk. Poly, mono, or single. Everyone is welcome regardless of your experience level or how old you are (18+ only of course). And in particular if you are new I would recommend it especially because you will have complete access to a variety of classes, equipment and new toys that you may not have on your own. Want to learn to throw whips, to do suspensions or draw blood? You can learn it here!
If you have any interest at all in attending I would highly recommend getting tickets now! The whole weekend is on sale for $99 -- but only until Nov 11th! Please go to @kinkfest to learn more, or check my bio to a link to their site. If you sign up don't forget to mention you heard about it from me! I will also be working with Kinkfest this year to produce some amazing content with you all -- interviews, a tour of the space, and of course vlogs from when I attend myself. Note details on that soon. ❤️


Good morning everyone! Sorry for the lack posts lately. I have been sick this last week and focusing on recovering and getting ready for travel this month ✈️ but I do have some fun exciting news to share with you all -- expect a post on that soon!


Happy Friday everyone!! The weather here is gnarly so I am not really getting up to too much. How is everyone? 🐾 (Harness by JMD21407 on Etsy, Tail from @/furbrainedstudios on IG)



I think my school girl outfit game has really improved. â¤ï¸ğŸŽ’


happy Friday everyone! I just realized I never shared this photo of me as D-Dog from MGS for PAX a few weekends ago. 😱 I hope everyone likes it! It was a very casual thing I threw together but I hope for other cons I can spice it up a little. And I am already plotting on Halloween look for this year.


Speaking of "special announcement".... I OPENED A MERCH STORE!! (link in the bio)

I have been working on this for the last month at least, with the help of my Patrons giving me feedback and advice. For a long time now I have struggled to find shirts that fit me in the lifestyle. That told my story as a female pup, that suited me. What was out there was tailored either to male pups or were nothing more than plain crop tops. I wanted more than that. So I decided I was going to start designing my own.
This store, these designs, are for EVERYONE to be able to show their pride. Kitten, pup, Daddy, Domme, pet, slave, anyone. No matter your age, gender, or style. I've tried to make a little something for everyone -- mugs, aftercare sweaters, pride shirts. But I have *way* more desgins coming. Every dollar I make from sales, I am putting right back into licensing fonts and icons for more designs. This is 100% a labor of love for me, to show my appreciation for this community and the people in it. We all deserve to be represented and to be able to show our pride.
My goal is to have monthly releases with new designs, with voting for said designs available to those who subscribe to my Patreon. As well, all of my patrons will get a coupon code to use in my store!



From my trip to New Orleans with @thebrittanysimon and several of my lovely friends. â¤ï¸ğŸŽ¶ More photos to come! It was an absolutely unforgettable experience and I am so sad it's over already.


About to get on a flight to NoLa! So excited~ And I also ordered a full restraint set (collar, waist belt, wrist and anklet cuffs -- Sir has the chains and locks) which I have been told will be ready by next week! 😱 I am so excited!! The cuff sets I have all used before have been one size only and they have been so loose on me, these should actually be fit and not chaff when I wear them for long periods.


Good morning everyone! On to day 2 of the convention... so excited. :) Doing my cosplay today, so more photos to come.



Dunno why but I have been so dissatisfied with how I dress lately, looking back on my old videos. I have always admired youtubers like Angela Benedict who seem to have this effortless way of styling themselves, and that their outside look matches their inside. I have struggled with that. I feel like I try to present (especially in the past) a certain look when I film that isn't always genuinely my style to fit in more. I just want to be able to show and wear my goth style and have it shine out in a genuine way and look effortless. Rather than wearing tails and collars if every video because I am afraid people will accuse me of not being a pet anymore if I don't. Looking back it just seems awkwardly combined and forced because I thought that was what people wanted to see. It's silly isn't it? I don't always dress goth of course. I like to experiment. I have a very subdued 90's goth style, like Angela. But when I DO want to dress that way I don't want to be told I look dour, or that I look like a poser! Which is silly because I have been listening to the music for years now, not just wearing the fashion. :P


Last of the wax pictures ✨


another view of the wax play scene. 💕



Throwback to my last waxplay scene with Sir. 💕 Definitely want to do more of this again soon


I cannot tell you all how much I have been waiting to reveal these beauties from @postmowoods ! I literally got them in the mail an hour before I went camping and didn't get a chance to take any photos. Finally got to fix that today.
The one on the left is a makore (exotic wood) beater, somewhat like a small bat but surprisingly light. The one on the right is a custom flat beater, made with rosewood (I believe?) and a custom moon phase design that is significantly heavier.
Both pieces are extremely smooth, well-sanded and well-treated in addition to being two of the prettiest toys in my toy box. I would highly recommend checking out their Etsy shop if you are in the market for unique paddles! They also do custom designs including words and phrases.


I hope everyone has been having a wonderful memorial day weekend! I just got back from the market with Sir, yesterday I had @itskata_rina over for dinner and movies, on Saturday I was at the lake all day and on Friday more movies and dinner with @thebrittanysimon ! :) Feeling so loved and so busy!
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Happy Friday everyone! Today didn't start off super great (my phone reset and got rid of all my alarms and changed my background on my phone and I was late for work ; _ ;) but I am happy it is a long weekend this weekend!
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Good morning everyone! Sorry for not being so active -- I have been focusing on research for videos and making candles this weekend for the most part. But should be back to my usual routine soon. This was the first weekend I have been in my own apartment for months and I had so much I wanted to do!
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Good morning all! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Last night was a petting zoo night at the smaller dungeon and it was soooo much fun. Mostly kittens, but luckily they were nice. Then after I was done with that I had the loveliest scene which I think has made me reconsider the whole "I'm not a masochist" thing.
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Canes from @toolsofdarkmatter ! Going to be filming a full review on my canes and paddles from them I've gotten over the last few months. I'm excited to share some "real" BDSM gear for the first time on my channel. We've come a long way from unboxing and ear reviews.
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Had an amazing time last night at a high protocol party. I really feel like I am getting the hang of this high service thing. ❤️ Lovely people aside from a bit of drama with a non-consensually bratty server but a great event nonetheless. Also had some time for play afterwards too. The first scene we did wasn't​ perfect but Sir didn't let that ruin the evening and we flowed right into an amazing sensory deprivation / coconut rope / knifeplay type scene that a fantastic end to the evening. Still feeling the afterglow and finding more confidence in my submission.


The internet is crazy today. I don't want to go on more than a hundred people already have but I do want to correct one little piece of information. A lot of people are calling this outing. It isn't. It doesn't make what happened any less distasteful. It doesn't make it right or okay. But "outing" specifically refers to exposing private, damaging kink information about a specific person to a vanilla person / people such as their job, friends or family. Or, exposing detailed personal vanilla information to a kink community such as someone's legal first and last name, address or place of work without permission. Don't water down terminology guys. I think a better way of saying what happened is that personal details were leaked. Not that it makes how everything was handled better (or worse) than it is, but outing has a specific meaning and connotation which is not this. Stay safe and act like adults, ya'll.