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I just love palm trees 💚🌴 -
Don't have any new content atm so that's why I've been posting a few photos back from my trip in beautiful Sri Lanka. Thankfully only one week left until Italy 🙏🏼 Already waiting for the sick content I'm gonna get for you guys!! -
Anyways posting a new blog post probably tomorrow evening so stay tuned for that and as always check my older ones out if you haven't yet! Link in my bio 😎


Miss views like this ⛰


Where I'd rather be spending my Sunday 🌅


Think we're done exploring Ruissalo for a while 🌿
The weekend is just around the corner guys 😉 what plans do you have?


Wish I could just buy a sailing boat and sail away. Who's with me? ⛵️


Ruissalo is such a nice place during the summer 🌞
Comment down below where you live! Want to get to know you guys better ✌🏼


Been playing around with the colors a bit more recently and actually managed to make the water look pretty decent here in Finland 😌
I'm starting to get really excited because it's only 15 more days until I'm going back to paradise 🇮🇹 So ready to get out of Finland 👋🏼
Also planning on putting up a new blog post before the trip so stay tuned guys. If your new to my page, make sure you check my other blog posts out by clicking the link in my bio! And feel free to share 😊
Hope you all have a great start to your week!!


You don't always need a logical reason for doing everything in your life. Do it because you want to, because it's fun, because it makes you happy. -
How was your wknd peeps??


Happy Friday everyone!! Enjoy your wknd! 🌞


I know I said in yesterday's post that is was gonna be the last one from Tallinn but I lied. This is the last one 😂
Only two more days until it's friday again! I always feel like the week goes really fast after wednesday. Who feels the same??


Here we have the beautiful Aleksanteri Nevskin Cathedral 🕌. I also shot it from the front but for some reason I liked it from this angle better. Think it stands out more, what do you think?
This is gonna be the last picture from my trip to Tallinn. If you wanna see more pictures from there, check out my Facebook page at: Explore with Stefan 😎✌🏼


Learn to let go. That is the key to happiness.
If you're new to my page then first of all welcome! Second of all, make sure to check out my blog and feel free to share it 😊 would help me out a lot. Link in bio! Also check out my Facebook page at: Explore with Stefan for even more travel photos ✌🏼
Last but not least, have a great start to the week guys!


Happy sunday guys!


Not the basic street lights 💡
New blog post is up!! This time we're exploring Amalfi, Positano and Capri. Make sure to check it out, link in bio! Also feel free to comment and share 🤗


Old streets like this makes me feel like I've been back in time.
Been working on a new blog post for the past few days and it's finally gonna be up tomorrow! Stay tuned for that 😉


Looking a bit heavy there miss. Do you need a hand? ⛲️ -
New week, new goals! My goal is to put up a new blog post, what's yours? 💫


Yo ho, yo ho! A pirate's life for me... Took this today when we said goodbye to all the beautiful ships from all over the world sailing of from Turku. #tallshipsraces If you want to see more pictures of this event, check out my facebook page at: Explore with Stefan ✌🏼
Tomorrow I'll continue posting the pictures from Tallinn! Hope you had a good wknd 😊


Tried to look for my princess but unfortunately she wasn't home... oh well guess I'm gonna have to visit Tallinn again.
Happy friday guys!! Have a lovely wknd 😊


Into the woods 🌿
Already back from Tallinn, we had a fun time with my friends. Got some good content that I can't wait to share with you guys! Will start editing tomorrow 😎


For all you tree lovers out there 💚🌳
Currently on my way to Helsinki and tomorrow me and my friends are going to Tallinn, Estonia! The only thing I'm not looking forward to is waking up at 6am hahha. Comment down below if you hate waking up early 😴


This beauty is called Harmonia, she's a lovely fountain found in Turku 💦


This is the front of "Suomen Joutsen" which is a Full-rigged ship with three square rigged masts. She has quite a lot of history so I won't be getting into that right now sense this is not ment to be a history lesson haha 😂. For those of you who wonder, I chose to shoot only the front of the ship because I love the anchor and the swan flying above it so wanted them to stand out ⚓️🕊
As usual if you haven't checked my blog out yet, make sure you do. I have started my "travel Italy series, part one". Link in bio!
Have a nice sunday everyone! 🤗


Here we have the famous Turku Cathedral. Think I shot in a pretty nice angle, what do you think? ✌🏼
Also just put up a new post on my blog so be sure to check that out! It's part one of my Italy series. Spent the whole day working on it so would mean a lot if you leaved a comment 😊 link in my bio!
Hope you have an amazing weekend!!


Had so much fun yesterday with the family taking the boat out and just driving around. Haven't been on our boat for at least three years so it felt so nice being on it again. Brought up so many good memories. Here's a little pink house I shot, hope you like it!
Currently working on a new blog post. Gonna try and post it tomorrow so stay tuned and if you haven't checked my first post out yet, make sure you do by clicking the link in my bio! ✌🏼


Capri was a pretty nice place 🌱


Had to post another #tb from London 🌳 haven't had time to shoot during the wknd because of the festival and the weather this week hasn't been the best so will try and shoot tomorrow!


It's ok to live a life other's don't understand. Comment if you agree 😌
Thank you #ruisrock2017 you were awesome 🙌🏼 saw some amazing artist's and had so much fun with my friends, maybe a bit too much.... hah 😁
Have a great start to the week guys! And if you haven't checked out my first blog post yet, make sure you do. Link in my bio!
Photo by 📷: @helmiinafrzn, edited by me ✌🏼


Wanted to post a #tb from Italy because I really started to miss that country. Thankfully I can happily announce that I will be going back to Paradise next month!! The 22th of August 🙏🏼 Doing a family trip back to Tropea for 3 weeks and during that time we will also go on a roadtrip with my sister and our friend to Puglia so looking forward for that!
Oh and uploaded my very own blog today so make sure to check it out, you can find the link in my bio! 😊✌🏼Still have a lot to learn and need to improve the site but hey you've gotta start somewhere right!


Here we have Rudolfina 💁🏽‍♂️ she takes you on small cruises around the sea and you can have dinner and drinks there 🍴🥂
Excited for this wknd because I'm going to one of the biggest summer festivals in Finland 🤘🏼 #ruisrock2017


Decided to go with an old style vintage edit on this one. What do you think? Let me know! #vintagevibes