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Fabletics from head-to-toe #finally
We heard you and they're here. Meet our all-new shoes:
+Everything from sneakers to slides.
+Errand-ready styles.
+Cloud-like memory foam insoles.
+The perfect match to your leggings!
+ VIPs: Get $20 off your first sneaker purchase
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When you remember Monday is almost over 🙌
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#RealTalk Free routines from @lekfit are the reason we wake up on Monday. Have you gotten your workout in yet?

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#Mood: Early fall vibes with @rocky_barnes _
Liora Dress: The go-to summer to fall transition look.


Cheers to all (rosé) gold everything. #linkinbio for the Joelle Outfit


Cycling away from Fall 🚴‍♀️
How are you spending the last summer weekend?
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Saturday sangria game strong 💃💯 Try your hand at making some @trytheworld snacks with our VIP exclusive offer (link in story).


Sneaking out of work early on a #Friday like... Sneaky escape made possible by our PowerHold fabric #fourwaystretch


A little sweat never hurt anyone 🏋️‍♀️ Challenge your routine with @gingerressler's #MoveOfTheDay


Stretching for Friday. #repost from @angelakukhahnyoga in the #Demi4Fabletics Hustle Outfit.

@angelakukhahnyoga's instructions:
Spend 5-10 breaths in each pose, then switch sides.
😘Place a block on an angle against the wall. Think pyramid pose and place your right foot on the block. Step your left foot back about three feet and hips distance apart. Square your hips. Walk your hands up the wall. Pyramid like this is amazing for tighter hamstrings as it places your pelvis in a good position. A lot of times when you have tight hamstrings the pelvis ends up tucked under which is not ideal if you want to stretch your hamstrings.
😘If possible walk your hands further down the wall. Let your head rest on your forearms and then line your forearms up with your shoulders and wrists.
😘Twisted Triangle
😘Low Lunge. Walk your hands back alongside your hips. Lift up from your pelvic floor and lower belly. Square your hips. Feel your inner thighs engage as your draw your right hip back and your outer left hip forward. Loop your shoulder blades down your back as you lift your sternum bone to the sky.
😘Rest your right hand on your left inner thigh and sweep your left arm up and back. Keep lifting up and out of your pelvis.
😘Pincha Mayurasana. Measure the distance that you need to be from the wall by sitting on the floor with your legs straight facing the wall and the balls of your feet on the wall. Place your blocks where your hips are. Then get up and place your hands where your blocks are. Ta da! Magic! Place your hands on either side of a block and frame it with your index fingers and thumb. Root down through your hands and kick up. Square your hips by rolling the inner thigh of the leg that is on the wall down towards the floor and drawing the outer hip of the leg in the air towards the wall. Then imagine your are squeezing a rubber ball between the tops of your thighs. Pull your heart towards the wall as you reach through your toes.


We’re going barre hopping.

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Time to revamp your #legday style.
The VIP exclusive Legging Shop is back 🙌
+Returning best-sellers
+All-new prints
+Exclusive styles
+Plus @ddlovato's Tag Ombre Print is back! 😍


Daydreaming of midweek adventures #humpdayfeels
@actionjacquelyn in the Kendall Outfit


Hands up if @katehudson is responsible for your leggings obsession 🙋 #noshame
Inspired by our new commercial? Show us how you wear your #Fabletics by using #myfabletics.


Mornings are for moving (and toning, stretching, and working).
Pack it all in with free VIP exclusive workouts from @lekfit. Link in story for this week’s routine!


We had so much fun with our girls @ddlovato and @brooklynandbailey at the #Demi4Fabletics @legacywestplano event!
Thank you to everyone who joined us to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and @girlupcampaign.


Deep breath in and a moment of silence #neverforget


Looking to the week ahead like...#wegotthis

#linkinbio for @rocky_barnes look.


So much yes for @dianawelhamyoga stunning in the #Demi4Fabletics Bolo Outfit.

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Slay your weekend workouts 🏋️‍♀️ @GingerRessler's #MoveOfTheDay:

1️⃣Single-leg squat to row
2️⃣Side to side plank with pull
3️⃣Slide board mountain climbers
4️⃣Beast position walks ➡️ alternating arm-leg kick-ups


Fridays: 99% chance of lounging and rosé. #linkinbio


Don’t sacrifice pretty for powerful.
Meet the supportive Ines Legging:
+ High-rise lace waistband (keep is sultry from the barre to the bar)
+ Chafe-free design (easy movement necessity)
+ Maximum compression fabric (aka the ultimate booty sculpting look)
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Sippin' and shakin'
😍 @ddlovato's #Demi4Fabletics collection! #linkinbio
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Having a meditation moment.

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Short week, long stretch.
@rocky_barnes in the Dash Bra II and Lisette High-Waisted Leggings #linkinbio


The prettiest in pink 😍


Add a little fun to your #Tuesday 🙃

@actionjacquelyn giving us handstand #goals in the Marly Outfit #linkinbio


First day back and starting strong 💪
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Chill out, it’s a long weekend 🙌
@jordanmariebrennan in the #Demi4Fabletics Hustle Outfit. #fableticsvippricing


Statement making shine.
@GingerRessler in the Joelle Outfit
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