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That one time.. this sharp brother wouldn’t let me take a selfie, lol.
I remember going to the clubs almost every weekend with my friends. During this time I was broken and numb using substance abuse (marijuana and alcohol) to escape. Escape from the reality of being homeless at the age of 22 and feeling alone... Looking back at this picture makes me smile. 😊 it reminds me that I never looked like what I was going through. The Lord kept me when I didn’t deserve to be kept.
The Lord is just beginning. I know if He can use someone like me, He can use you if you allow Him to. #KeptbyHisgrace


This is something I am working on. Being a strong independent woman, submission has been my needed area of improvement. I am reminded that as a woman I was created to help the man God has for me to fulfill his life purpose.
Look at Michelle Obama. Do you think Barack would of survived without her?
Keep God first in your life. Help the man God has created you from and for, and grow together to please the Lord.


Would you?



Let go and let God.


I cut my hair.
Early this week my mother was courageous enough to reveal to all of her Facebook followers about her alopecia universalis condition. So I decided to cut my hair to make a point to myself- I am beautiful. I am free, and I define myself. And to be honest, by me showing you all that I cut my hair does not mean that I am going to stop wearing wigs; that’s a form of creativity and expression.
But I want you all to know that you have to love yourself from the inside out and embrace YOU.
I will be documenting my experience as I attend doctor appointments and treatments if needed to see if the disorder is hereditary. #SelfLove 💕


If He told you it wasn't for you. Would you trust Him?
I trust you Lord. ❤️🙏



Check out my last post for the @nowaistnotrace hula hoop. ✨👉🏾


Who else grew up hula hooping ? Double Dutch and the Hula Hoop were my favorite games growing up, and @nowaistnotrace has brought it back! They have created a way to obtain abs and have fun at the same time. Check it out for yourself! #fitdrea



Anyone else listen to Kirk Franklin ?? 👋🏾👋🏾


Lord take the wheel.