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Frisbee; adopted May 2013. When not catering to Miss Frizz, I read, garden, cook, knit & crochet. Miss Flake, love & miss you (1995-2012). πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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Visiting a friend tomorrow and just finished sewing buttons on the sweaters. Top one is for her granddaughter (sized for 4 yr) and bottom for new grandson (sized for 2 yr).



Thanks @jquimb Now on loop, especially tracks 8 and 9!


A very drizzily dreary #caturday, so Miss Frizz decided napping on the freshly washed fleeces on top of the table was the place to be


It's FriYay! Not in a box for the #fridaynightboxpawty unless you count the screened-in deck a big box! Hope everyone has a splendiferous weekend


The calm before the storm - literally. It has gotten so dark and the thunder is getting closer. Figure Frizz is going to go hide, that the TV signal will be lost, but hoping the power stays on.


Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Frizz is a bit perplexed by the neon green Rabbit in her basket. 😺🐰


Ha ha, I win. The box is Mine!!!!


No surprise. I love the "box" Mom took outside for her knitting project. Not happy she took the yarn out (who doesn't want cat hair on their sweater???). Arriving a bit early to the #fridaynightboxpawty


I think someone is happy the weather is warming up!


Sunday evening and wondering where the weekend went.


Sunny but chilly, although we'll take the mid-50's over yesterday's 30's. πŸ˜ŽπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸŒž


Meet Miss Cranky Pants.
Hates the food flavors for today (has eaten barely anything), doesn't want real chicken or real cheese and won't nap. I feel like there's a 3-year old in the house. 😈
Making a weekend day feel long (and not in a good way). πŸ˜€


Finally! Mom brought home something worthy so I can attend the #fridaynightboxpawty in style. πŸ“¦ It's a good place to hide from the snow, yes, snow showers that came late this afternoon.


Checking out the beautiful card sent by my sweet friend Diego @diegoedwinparfitt . I love it and love you!!! Thank you so much handsome Diego. πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’ž


What a beautiful evening! The window is open, Frizz hangs out while mom works on her next baby/toddler project


Mom's playing with Prisma again.


Even though its still chilly, Mom removed the thermal drape that blocks the cold air from coming into the house. Now I can watch the birds and squirrels and Chipmunks in comfort and sunshine.


Thanks @smilie_74 for tagging me for the #sevenfactsaboutme. Hmm
1. FurMom adopted me 4 years ago this coming May.
2. I was in the shelter for 5-1/2 months before FurMom visited (btw she was my first...AND... Very last visitor).
3. I hate fish and seafood anything. I know I should loose my Cat membership card.
4. I love outside! FurMom screened in the deck just for me.
5. I am thoroughly spoiled.
6. I am a champion napper.
7. For some reason, I only sit on FurMom's lap when we're on the deck. Inside, I just lay nearby. Neither of us know why...


Behind the fleece.


Thanks @atouchofbasil for the #showmeyourtummy challenge. I have lots of tummy as you can see!


Frizz was so excited to join in on the call @snowpawz, she couldn't sit still!


My hairy CPA helping me do my taxes


Happy Caturday πŸ’€nooze. Sunny and warmer; here's hoping it finally melts the snow from 2 weeks ago.


About a month ago, I planted an old red potato that had quite impressive "eyes". This is going to need to get outside soon.


Not sure what I did, but Frizz has decided to be as far away as possible on the couch.


Loving the new kitchen fixture!
For once, Frizz didn't care there was a stranger in the house. Chair pad and fleece makes for great afternoon napping on the deck


Not much of a hide, but Frizz is still participating in #boycottmondays thanks @cfilicky for the tag.