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Hmmm... who was naughty.... who was nice? 🤔📝🎅🏼 (the mouse is really working those eyes 😂)
An old favorite of mine 👑🐭🐒


For those that are new to our account, Rain (gray Parrotlet) is sick with Avian Gastric Yeast aka Megabacteria. She can’t be in direct contact with the flock but her cage is next to her boyfriend, River’s. I let the two visit up close like this, with a plexi glass barrier between them, a couple of times a day. It’s sweet and sad to watch as River tries to feed Rain. She’s kind of a mess here from a recent feeding. She gets syringe fed every 2-3 hours (going to try cutting back to 4 today) and meds 3 times a day. The formula hardens super fast and is a pain to get off. I don’t want to try and bathe her for fear of her getting a chill. She has a heating pad wrapped around her cage to keep her nice and warm. She is actually showing a lot of improvement which is very encouraging ☺️🙌🏼


Let’s roll Rudolph ✨🦌☔️
Miss Rain is doing great! She has more energy and is moving around almost like normal. She was even up for a little RAINdeer ride today 😉🎄❤️



Entre deux coeurs qui s’aiment, nul besoin de paroles 💕

Two hearts in love need no words ✨
Every time I come across a post from @this_cool_dad my jaw literally drops and my mind is blown at the level of creativity and skill Marcel has in creating these magical scenes of his. You can imagine my excitement when we spoke of doing a collaboration. Seeing my two floofs of love cuddling above the streets of Paris....ahhh my heart could just burst. Thank you so much for this beautiful piece Marcel @this_cool_dad. I’m in love 💞


Can you hear those sleigh bells jingling? 🎄✨🎶
Flashback to the Friesians enjoying a snowy day ❄️🖤


Need some ☕️☕️
#didwemakeyouyawn 😴
Happy #FluffyBirdFriday!! 🐥🐥



When your best friend is also your best cuddle buddy 🐒💕🐭 #bliss

Check out our highlights to see a little bts of this shoot 😊


Rain hung out for a bit with my oldest daughter, Sydney. Syd has Down Syndrome and her speech is limited but the animals don’t need the words to sense her sweet soul. The birds are especially calm with her and Sydney adores them. Rain was very content sitting on Syd’s arm, preening herself and then falling asleep ❤️
Rain seems to be holding steady. It’s only day 7 of her 30 day treatment so there’s still a ways to go. Our vet said it was okay for her to be close to the other birds as long as there was no direct contact. I moved her cage next to River’s and oh my gosh the two were soooo excited! River wiggle necked and tried to feed her through the plexi glass 😍😆 They’re both so happy to see each other! I think this will go a long way in helping Rain’s recovery ❤️


If you haven’t seen our stories today..... WINTER, SPRIG AND RIVER TESTED NEGATIVE FOR AGY!!!!!!! I can’t even begin to tell you the relief I’m feeling. I thought for sure they would at the least be carriers. That would’ve made the situation complicated. Now I can relax about those three and continue focusing on getting Rain better! Thank you guys so much for your continued prayers and positive energy. We’re gonna beat this thing!! 🐥💪🏼😄



Sorry for another throwback (I don’t think I’ve ever shared this picture though) but I’m really in the mood for snow pics... aaand... we have no snow so... 🤷🏻‍♀️
Freya is standing in the pond bed. The red stems on the ground are weeds that are under water when the pond is full. Not sure what plant it is but it looks different in each season and is really pretty when it flowers while the pond is empty 🌸


Sprig 🌿 💬 Uhhhhh... heyyyy Mommm.... nothing happening here... we’re just, uhh, hanging out... go back to your editing 😁😅
Me 👩🏻 💬 Is that my phone back there? 👀🤨📱🙄

#crazybirds #rulingtheroost


Built for this kind of weather 🐻☃️
A throwback of Finn just because I wanted to see some snow pics in my gallery. This poor bear has missed having a true snowfall the past two winters. Let’s hope he gets something good this year ❄️🤞🏼



Oh Winter, I think we already know who’s the fluffiest of them all 🙊❄️✨🐥


If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there forever.
~ Winnie the Pooh

Rain is on day 4 today of her 30 day treatment for AGY. She seems to be doing well so far! The use of her claws to grasp is returning and her weight is maintained so I think those are good signs. Counting down the days till we retest and get the all clear so these two can reunite 🙌🏼💕🐥🐥


Pippa’s got her holiday sparkle going on ✨✨✨



Found a little surprise on my phone 🐥📱👀
This is what happens when you leave your phone unattended for a few minutes with the floofs around 😆 I found this yesterday as I was going through the pictures and videos I took the day before Rain came up sick. I was looking to see if she had given me any signs of not feeling well that I had missed. I had no idea I would find this little gem in there 😂 That’s River “operating” my phone while Rain sits on top of my computer looking on and in the last bit I think that’s Rain down there joining in on the fun and then flying off 😆🙈


My favorite kind of Saturday... hanging with Freya and the horses at the farm, watching Olivia ride and then coming home to the rest of the crew... furry, feathered and human ❤️


I look forward to the day the floofs can all be together again 💕🐥🐥🐥🐥
They all got weighed at the vet yesterday and Winter is the “fluffiest” at a whole 31 grams 🐥 She definitely loves her food 😆




There are so many #lovebirds in my house ☺️
So nice to be back home with everyone! I admit, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed yesterday but you guys reminded me of what I need to do. Getting focused today on a treatment plan for Rain and looking into some alternative therapies for my daughter. The doctors at Boston Childrens were wonderful. Not all the answers were the ones we wanted to hear but there were some positives in there too. I’m grateful we were able to get up there to be seen and grateful for all of you and your amazing support. Happy Friday! 💗💗 #fbf


Test results came back for Rain. She is positive for AGY, Avian Gastric Yeast also known as Megabacteria (it’s actually a fungus not bacteria). It can be difficult to get rid of and can be recurring. It’s also contagious to the other birds. It makes it hard for the bird to digest food and although they eat a lot, they will starve to death if untreated. We will start Rain on a medication that will be given for 30 days. I’ll get the other three birds tested tomorrow. Hopefully we can get this under control and manage it. I was told that it’s very common for a bird to carry it but rare for infected birds to actually show the disease. I was really hoping to get all negative results but we’ll fight this and hope that Rain can live a nice, long life 🙏🏼
For my daughter, it’s complicated. There are no easy answers but she’s tough and I’m proud of her outlook on life. Thank you all for the positive energy. We really appreciate it ❤️


About to start a busy day here in Boston with my daughter. Lots of doctors to meet with and hopes for some good news. Rain is doing well and seemed energetic yesterday. This will sound crazy I’m sure to some but I think most of you here have a love for animals and will get it. I FaceTimed with the birds yesterday ☺️ They all responded by watching, cocking their heads to listen and Rain even looked like she was about to fly at the camera 🙈 We stopped at that point cause I didn’t want her to get hurt. Can’t wait to get back home to everyone tomorrow ❤️


The little pipsqueak says “hi” 👋🏼
Hope you don’t mind a throwback 😊 Olivia and I are in Boston tooling around today. Such a neat city. Tomorrow is a full day of appointments and testing. Rain is continuing to do well at home 💜☔️


Rain loves to snuggle in my hair. I’ve been carrying her around in this scarf with my hair falling down on her and she’s been very content. My husband was worried what he would do to comfort her while I was away. Well I told him, he would of course, have to wear the scarf 😆 And because he’s the awesome guy that he is, he agreed right away. To solve the problem of the hair, I cut some of mine 😅 Hopefully this will keep Rain calm until I can get back to her 🤞🏼
I felt really good about our vet visit today. One test was negative, another two have been sent off and hopefully we have results by the end of the week. We were there for over an hour and though there’s no way to be certain, the vet felt from observing Rain that hopefully this is a case of trauma (she ran into something) and she’ll continue to get better. This would be the best case scenario. It doesn’t exactly explain what appears to be a distended organ on the X-ray but even that might be nothing. It’s very hard to read and see things on these little guys. She definitely seems to be improving so I’m going to hold on to that. I’m sorry I can’t respond to all your messages and comments. I’m scrambling right now to get ready for our trip tomorrow. I’ll try to update if I can but if not, I’ll see you guys in a few days ❤️


Mondays probably aren’t the best for long posts but I’ve got one so I hope you’ve got your coffee ☕️😉

I am so proud of these two (Winter and Sprig). River has been lonely without Rain (I have to keep her away in case she is contagious) and I was reluctant to put him with Winter and Sprig because I can’t monitor as closely as usual. River kind of got full of himself once he had a girlfriend and wasn’t the nicest to Winter and Sprig. I worried that without Rain there to balance things, the two would leave River out or pick on him. But, yesterday I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I can’t let them loose right now since my bedroom is potentially contaminated so I put all three in Sprig’s cage and held my breath. To my surprise, Winter and Sprig were very kind to River and the two brothers even sat and cuddled together 😯 They say Parrotlets don’t need or even like other birds but my experience has been so different. Don’t get me wrong, they sometimes fight and I would never keep them in the same cage when I’m not around to monitor... but so far, overall, it’s been really great. Maybe things will change one day but I really hope not. As for Rain, she is showing some improvement! She went from having to drag herself with her beak, to being able to sit upright and wobble around a little. It’s still very hard to watch as she struggles but it’s better than it was Friday. She can fly but she isn’t able to land safely so I don’t let her. I am so thankful for all your positive energy, your support and the offers of help. I’m feeling hopeful 🙏🏼


I took this video the day before Rain showed her illness. They were on my arm cuddling while I attempted to edit. It’s almost like River knew something was wrong. He looks like he’s saying “Hey... are you okay? Are you okay my love? Hold my hand, it’s going to be just fine” 😢 And they both reached in and held hands... feet... whatever... this makes me cry so much 💔
Rain is the same. Not better, I don’t think worse though she seems thinner. Thanks to my amazing friend @callymatherly, I was able to speak with one of the top avian vets in the country. We need to get blood work done. Unfortunately KSU wasn’t equipped to do it (their analyzer is too big) and there is no certified avian vet in our city. Another problem is that I have to travel Tuesday to take my youngest to be seen for a full day of appointments in Boston. It’s a big deal and not something I can change. I actually made an appt for Rain at a great medical facility in Boston but then found out @southwestair doesn’t allow birds. So, I will see what I can do tomorrow but otherwise will have to leave Rain with my husband, who will take great care of her, and I’ll try to fly or drive somewhere I can get blood work done when I return. I need her to hold on for me. I’m overwhelmed by all your comments. I’m still going through them. I truly believe in the power of positive energy so thank you for sending bucket loads to Rain and me ☔️💜🙏🏼


I was hoping when I woke up today, yesterday would’ve just been a bad dream and all would be well. But it’s not 😞
This is really hard for me to talk about but I feel I need to tell you. Yesterday morning I got breakfast for the birds but when I went to get Rain out I realized something was very wrong. She couldn’t use her legs. I immediately called our vet but the avian vet was off for the day. I called all around town and finally on my fifth try, found someone to see us. I drove 30 mins just to be told they don’t have experience with this type of thing yet they charged me $45 for it 😠 I called K State and drove 2.5 hours to get her there. Rain wasn’t happy being in the travel cage so I held her in my hand, tucked under my chin where she likes to be, while I drove. She was content enough to beak grind and preen herself there. We spent the whole day at the hospital. She had X-rays done. The prognosis isn’t good. My heart is broken but I’m not giving up. The dr said although it doesn’t look good for her, if anyone could get her better, it’s me. I plan to do all I can. I won’t go into detail on what it could be right now. It’s very hard to diagnose things in something that weighs 25 grams and is so delicate. Birds are also masters at hiding illness until it’s too late. We are waiting on some test results that may or may not give us more info. We’ll know more at the end of next week. Please send some positive energy and prayers for our sweet baby. She really needs it bad 🙏🏼


Happy December everyone! ❤️
This was almost exactly two years ago. I love seeing my big girls together. Freya has become much more relaxed around the horses than she was back then 😊


It looks like someone had fun with a highlighter on Sprig’s head 😆 He started out a soft, turquoise green up top but after his first molt, it came back in a fluorescent yellow/green 💚💛😍


Sorry to show it all Freya... but dang those legs 🔥😮😍😍😍


Judging from Winter’s face, I think Sprig hit the spot ❄️😌 #bliss