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Now this is a view! @kalenthorien “Zion light show 🙌🏼 Powered by @goalzero#getoutstayout


Wise words from an amazing human being @navajomylo, plus who can resist a stellar black and white photo! “Light comes in different shapes, sizes, colors and some are real, others are artificial. I’ve always felt that the best light changes us on the inside. I hope we can spend more time on how light works. It’ll make you a better photographer. It’ll make you a better person. And it’ll allow you to take light into dark places and illuminate the scene.” #getoutstayout #thisisgoalzero #goalzero #LightTheWorld


Would you camp here?
David Jimenez climbing in Ama Dablam in Nepal for Mountains Against Cancer to help raise funds for cancer research.

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We all need one of those moments were we turn off the computer and wade into some new adventures. Follow the footsteps of @charles_post and sit back and take in the view.


@tere.abumohor // “Tú que llevas en tus viajes?? What do you carry on your trips??”
🎥 @nathalypinheiro

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Finding the perfect spot in Norway with GZ ambassador @brodyleven
PC: @joeyschusler
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Awesome rig from @elsarhae “The new solar panel. MUCH larger than we anticipated😅 @goalzero
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PC: @elsarhae


Fishing the Bolivian Amazon in search for the prized Golden Dorado a.k.a. The River Tiger


“There is no ego in Glamping. Glamping is a sacred art, one mastered by the outdoor nerd and the fearless gear geek. We live in a golden age of fancy car camping and there are three items I’ve added to my quiver that really step the game up. 1) Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Charger 2). Goal Zero Light-A-Life Party Lights 3). Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar Speaker. All items perfect for dancing to Toto’s “Africa” while editing photos in an atmosphere that was designed by a Skittle. Taste the Glamping rainbow baby 🤘🏼🎶🍻🌮 Land Cruiser recommended for optimum Glamping performance. —-> Powered by @goalzero#getoutstayout #thisisgoalzero #goalzero
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#tinyhouse bedroom goals 👌🏽


Goal Zero ambassadors @mikelibecki and @lilliana_libecki Hanging out with the locals in #Antarctica
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PC: @schirfphoto


Navajo Nation has Roughly 250,000 people call this “domestically dependent” sovereign nation home. It is a place full of diverse landscapes, tradition, beauty, and history. Many inhabitants live in such remote places that simple amenities like running water, power and lights aren’t available. Miles of rugged dirt roads separate neighbors and the cost of running power and water to each home becomes fiscally impossible. Thus, over 18,000 homes are without power.
@braydonbphotography captured this image while at Navajo Nation. “This man lives just outside the middle of no where. We drove miles and miles over rock and through bushes to find him. Thanks to @goalzero this man will not be in pitch black when the sun goes down.”
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Goal Zero fan @austingwhite //
“Waiting for some summer beach days”
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Oh, would you look at that!
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PC: @forestwoodward



A little messy, but it’s home away from home. A little over a year ago burning the midnight oil @charles_post and @forestwoodward editing in the back of their mobile office working on their BANFF Selection film Sky Migration 👌🏽
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PC: @forestwoodward


after 56 days, 600 nautical miles, -40°C weather, Robert Swan and Barney Swan (@swansnaps) who spearheaded this expedition, have completed the first ever trek to the South Geographic Pole using only renewable resources. Congrats to them their team.
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@benjaminjordanadventure Above The Crowd // “Invermere, BC is a popular place ..a cottage getaway or the gateway to many adventures in any season.

On this morning however, I had the swansea lookout all to myself, imagining everyone down there thinking "This weather, I tell you! When is this going to clear up!?"
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Goal Zero Fan @braedin //
“Fire and ice.

Iceland is home to the largest glaciers in Europe and some of the most active volcanoes in the world 💥❄️” Awesome to know that are gear provides all of you with the ability capture moments such as this. To take you further out in the wild and not be tied down to the grid for power. We would love to see where are gear has taken you all, use the hashtags below to share your experiences and stories with us.
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Wherever you go we’ll go
PC: @oneofaclimb
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@lilliana_libecki is a force to be reckoned with. She’s done so much good in the world from donating and installing solar and lights, computers and shoes. She’s an awesome explorer and enjoys #joyineering. Not only that she also has her own non-profit, The Joyineering Fund. Joyfund.org. We’re proud to have her on the Goal Zero team
@roam #RoamReport // “The future of exploration needs people like this 14 year old. @Lilliana_Libecki has already reached summits on all seven continents and visited more than 25 countries, including five major expeditions. Each of her adventures includes a humanitarian objective, such as installing @GoalZero solar equipment and @Dell laptops. Now she’s founded her own nonprofit, The Joyineering Fund, with help from her dad, Nat Geo Explorer @MikeLibecki, to develop humanitarian and conservation projects around the world.”

>> Footage by @ladzinski, @andy_mann, @joshpovec, @schirfphoto @mikelibecki @kingmargaret, and @lilliana_libecki

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Scouting locations in Smith Rock State Park.
PC: @tedhesser
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@footloosefotography //"Every year during the short summer climbing season, the Denali National Park service in Alaska relies on volunteers to help their rangers patrol the upper slopes of North America's highest peak. Denali, at 6,190 m above sea level, is a significant mountaineering objective and while it's not a technical climb, the dangers of hidden crevasses, extreme cold, changeable weather and altitude illness can take their toll on those who approach the peak ill prepared.
I have just completed a stint as a voluntary medical ranger on the first patrol of the season and it was a physically and mentally challenging few weeks. It felt like an 'arctic work camp' as we towed sleds up the lower glacier on skis and then spent a number of days establishing the park service infrastructure at 14k camp (4300m). Once established there we were on stand by to respond to any accidents or significant illnesses faced by the climbers as they began to arrive in increasing numbers. It was a low winter snow year in the Alaska Range and of particular concern were the crevasses along the route from Base Camp. Luckily there were no major incidents for us to respond to.
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Leaning Towers by @forestwoodward // “The placebo effect laundry day” #getoutstayout #goalzero #thisisgoalzero


Goal Zero fan @mrtrich // “It’s not a bad thing to have the van constantly smell of bacon and coffee.”
@traegergrills being powered by our Yeti 400 portable power station.
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PC: @mrtrich


Winter camping ⛺️ can be fun, especially when you’re floating above the cold snowy ground. 💡powered by our Lighthouse Lantern.
PC: @johndalephoto
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Goal Zero fan @justincostner // “This camping thing ain't so bad! Who else is ready for supper I've got it under control guys!” ||
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On January 15, 2014, four years ago, GZ ambassador @alexhonnold free-soloed El Sendero Luminoso (The Shining Path) in El Portrero, Mexico in a little over 3 hours. The climb rises 2,500 feet to the summit of El Toro. This image still makes our hands sweaty just looking at it.
Photo credit: @renan_ozturk
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Clean. Crisp. Perfection.
Interior game strong with @basillynch and his office/home at the beach.

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There are 57 peaks with an elevation over 10,000 feet (3,000 m) in the Sawtooth range. Another 77 peaks fall between 9,000 and 10,000 feet (2,700 and 3,000m). And awesome ladies from @andshesdopetoo to climb all of them. “After unloading our packs at base camp (oh, such sweet relief!), we took a day trek to the top of the Cramer Divide. There were just as many mosquitoes as there were wildflowers, but when you’re somewhere with views like this, bug bites seem like a small price to pay. Even from the bottom of the trail, the jagged peaks left everyone speechless, and they only become more impressive the higher we went.” - 📸 @elisabethontheroad
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