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Founded in the Congo as a cause looking for a business, we make portable power products and solar panels | #GetOutStayOut | #OfficeAnywhere


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The Yeti 400 Lithium.


Our friends at @topodesigns pulled together a Spring Campout Giveaway that ends in a few hours! Head over and enter for your chance to win. The link is in our profile.


Introducing our new Boulder Solar Panel line up. Rugged, reliable, and easy to use. See the link in our profile to learn more.


//Leaning Towers by @ForestWoodward//
"Breaking free from the hanging cloud that smothers our camp we zig and zag upwards across fresh glacial moraine and raucous tumbling fields of wild flowers, eventually reaching the sloping shoulder at the SW base of Hall Peak. After months of planning, days of rainy bushwhacking, and narrowly escaping an attempted abduction by roving insect swarms in the valley below, this much anticipated encounter with the rock faces of our imaginings had us hooting an laughing till our bellies hurt." #GetOutStayOut


//Leaning Towers by @Forestwoodward//
"As we settle into our basecamp at the foot of Hall Peak (our home for the next 10 days) soggy alpine scrabbles provide a temporary distraction from our delusions of sunny alpine scrambles." #GetOutStayOut
Powered by the Sherpa 100



//Leaning Towers by @Forestwoodward//
"Dark clouds churned and grumbled on up the drainage to our West. Even on sunny days the approach to Hall Peak necessitates an aggressive no-holds-barred approach to bushwhacking. Moral slouched with each sogging step, rescued only by the sight of Hall Peak's muscular granite shoulders shrugging into the clouds beyond." #GetOutStayOut


No noise. No fumes. Big power.
Follow the link in our profile to learn more.


The Next Generation of Portable Power. Follow the link in our profile to learn more.


If you haven't already watched the trailer for @chrisburkard'a upcoming film Under An Arctic Sky, go check out his Kickstarter and show your support at www.kickstarter.com/projects/chrisburkard/under-an-arctic-sky-film


The new Goal Zero Yeti Lithium line is even more powerful than its predecessors, with increased surge allowance and advance lithium battery protection, combined with a sleek design that makes for a lightweight, big power solution. From the outdoors to the indoors, the Goal Zero Yeti Lithiums provide the perfect power solution for all types of projects.
Follow the link in our profile to learn more or go to https://www.goalzero.com/yeti


Join us on Facebook this Wednesday at 11am MST for a live product unveiling and Q&A.



@forrestshearer surveys what Idaho has to offer. #getoutstayout 📷: @robaseltine


//Riders Of the Storm// "After nearly four weeks of battling terrible conditions @bretteharrington and I (@mayanclimbs) accompanied by photographer @drewsplan finally reached our objective - the crux pitches Ines Papert and I discovered last season. Still, the weather remained extremely unstable and though at several points we were ready to leave, Brette’s steadfast determination matched mine and we fought on for the entire six weeks in Torres del Paine. Though the trip did not go to plan at all, Brette and I confirmed that the crux pitches go free and we're planning to return next season."
📷: @drewsplan


@brodyleven on the hunt for snow in Norway. Learn more at pedaltopeaks.com. 📷: @joeyschusler


There's no law stating it's illegal to stare at a spreadsheet while a mountain breeze blows across your keyboard. #officeanywhere 📷: @andy_best


Simple pleasures. #getoutstayout 📷: @masonstrehl


More than a phone charger. The Switch 10 Multi-tool.



"A little bit of light can go a long way, and happiness never decreases by being shared."
From our Nepal Rays of Joy Solar Project this past June


“Roughly 11 years ago, Mark was taking a course with the AMGA (American Mountain Guide Association) and met a fellow climber who had done 20 in 20 (20 classics in 20 days). He asked the climber what the classics were and he explained they were from an iconic early guidebook called the 50 Classic Climbs of North America. He asked him if anyone had done all 50 and he said no, so Mark decided it would be a great challenge. He came home and asked if I was into it. I like adventure and climbing and said, ‘Let’s do it’. We thought maybe it would take us a couple years, we had no idea what it entailed.”- @JanelleSmiley
To see the film and to read the interview follow the link in our profile


//The Highs and Lows of Climbing the 50 Classics//
“Reaching 18,000 feet on the Cassin Ridge on Denali was on of the best moments for me. At that point I knew we would make it to the top. It had taken us three attempts, and we were finally going to succeed. The weather was perfect for us. Janelle and I didn’t argue all all, no horrifying moments on the climb. Everything just clicked. It was amazing. For the worst, there have been plenty; Watching Janelle fly off the glacier early on our Mt Logan attempt due to her hips being injured, seeing Janelle get hit in the leg by a football sized rock that came really close to her head while rappelling off Royal Arches… I also almost killed her on our first attempt of Longs Peak when I pulled loose a huge rock and it zipped past her. Pretty much anytime I thought I might loose my soulmate was the worst.”
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Nearly seven years ago, climbers Mark and Janelle Smiley set out to climb a long list of difficult routes made famous by a 1979 guidebook aptly titled “Fifty Classic Climbs of North America”. They have had Goal Zero products with them almost since the beginning and we have been proud to power their journey. @smileysproject @janelle.smiley
To see the full film follow the link in our profile.


Not every office needs to have soul-sucking fluorescent lighting. #officeanywhere


Over a three week period, Polar Explorer @icemandoug and Paraplegic skier/mountaineer @aronanderson traveled the 437 miles from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. Stoup pulled a 300 lb. sled while Anderson propelled himself forward using ski poles. We were proud to power the expedition. It is currently a Global Snapchat story if you'd like to see and learn more about their journey.


We were happy to receive this note from Kushea, Ghana in response to an ongoing project with @TifieCommunity and the local leadership (King Nana Prah). "My name is Victoria Asagmi and I work at Kushea Health Centre as a nurse. The provision of the [Torch 250] flashlight has improved my work tremendously especially in areas of reptile attack in the night, with the supply of the flashlight these reptiles are easily identified and killed. On behalf of the workers at this health centre, we will like to thank Nana Prah and his partners for such wonderful flashlight which has made our work easier and enjoyable.“
📷: @rybay


The Venture 30. 📷: @forestwoodward


@danpatitucci appreciating the extended office hours on the summit of the Gassenhorn. No rush to get down, in the Alps it's sunny up high and foggy below. Have a good battery and stay high.


//Pedal To Peaks: Norway//
"A side road led to a snowy cirque. An hour of walking on dirt took us to snowline on a mountain on the ocean’s edge. Spring encroached, and the sun stayed above the horizon nearly all day and night, and our spirits mirrored it.
Was it a failure? Does five days of skiing and two weeks of biking mean that it’s not even a ski trip? Do hours spent staring at maps and trying to find mountainous aspects that might hold sufficient snow indicate a poorly planned trip?

Watch the film and decide for yourself at PedaltoPeaks.com." Words: @BrodyLeven Photo: @JoeySchusler