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Another epic weekend... 📷@carlospintophoto



Happy bday Hulk @marlonlipke level 3.4 💪🏽 keep it up ! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
📷 @joaobracourt #carvemaster


I had a really nice weekend... hope you did too! 🤷🏼‍♂️#cheirasaalfarrobacheirasalagos 📷 @salty_frames



#Indo with the @volcomsurf team was so fun last year, here some waves from that trip to #Sumbawa. Thanks for filming @metal_neck you legend! 🤘🏾and thanks @volcom for making it happen ! #metalneck #truetothis #volcom


Going left in the land of rights ... #rippumuki💥 📷 @polyya



Fun session at the @siampark to wrap the @tenerifepro !
Thanks for the invitation 🤙💙 and congrats @jonathang_onzalez @vicente_romero @paulineado 🏄🏻‍♂️ #Tenerife


Some good heats in #Tenerife #wsl1500 😊5th place finish. Congrats @ruben.vitoria impressive come back vs @jorganncouzinet to win the contest. Hats off! El primero de muchos ! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 📷 @polyya / @surfphotos_tnf


Feliz Cumple Lord @spanishlordoftherings 🎉🎈que hagamos muchos viajes más juntos! #chesterholiday #petermcclisten 🙌🏼❤️
📷 @polyya



Offshore days 🤘🏾 Obrigado @shivagordo 🎥


Muy buen día para comenzar @lainvernal en #Laredo 🤘🏾sick waves for the opening day in Laredo, #Cantabria #Spain 📷 @polyya



Tubazo en #Vigo back in the day ... con @santizubizarreta y @silviamoyabritti #86


Fun surf today in #Kontiki #Israel 200 duck dives and a few turns ! Early call tomorrow for round 2 of the #QS3000... 💪🏽🏄🏻‍♂️😀
📷 @malkanihom



First #stalefish attempt ... better late than never 😂
#oestreminis with the boyz @marlonlipke @fishtacofish @salty_frames #Algarve 📷 @joaobracourt


Sickest art by #DrewStruzan for #SabbathBloodySabbath “The front of the cover represents a man dying on his deathbed. There are all these distorted figures bending over him and gloating as he lies there. These figures are actually him at different stages of his life. He’s a man of greed, a man who’s wanted everything all his life and done all this evil stuff. But flip the album over, and the back represents the good side of life. The person on the bed has been really good to people. He’s got all these beautiful people crying over him as he’s dying. At the bottom of the bed, he has two tame lions guarding him. All in all, this represents the good and bad of everything”.
#BlackSabbath 🤘🏾


Very emotive paddle out today in #Ericeira for our dear friend from #Açores Tania Oliveira 💙🙏🏻 Thanks @pyrras for the beautiful and powerful words. #rip #gonetoosoon


First snap of the year... 📷 @joaobracourt #BreksEye #Genious


What a year 2017! Thanks everyone involved 🙌🏼 took a few days to post this, still recovering from NYE 😂🎊


Gracias una vez más a todos los participantes y a los que habéis hecho posible este evento tan divertido en #Patos Lo disfruté mucho y espero que vosotros también ! 😊🏄🏻‍♂️ Podéis ver el vídeo completo en mi Bio ! 🎥 @matiasbbk
@laconserveradelsurf @jamtraction @volcomsurf @laburgueria @oceanicagin @novalbos_wave_company @jimmylionnyc @fgsurf #RiasBaixas #Galicia


Te la dedico @ghettobeer 🤣 #Galicia #skateboarding a la espera de la tuya surfeando !
📷 @nachomorancuadrado


Craziest mission of my life for sure, hiking 18km over rocky mountains ⛰️ to surf a hidden wave in #Norway... hard, but beautiful and tottaly worth it! Check out the full story and video at @stab link in my BIO! Thanks @lapointcamps and @jamtraction for making it happen!
Una aventura inolvidable en Noruega 🇳🇴 9 horas de alpinismo para surfear una ola escondida... podéis ver la historia completa en @stab link en mi BIO.
📷 @hallvardkolltveit


Un día muy especial en #Patos, la playa donde aprendí a surfear. Un placer compartir el sábado con la nueva generación de surf Gallega y amigos. Un evento diferente con @laconserveradelsurf @jajiboy donde lo más importante era pasarlo bien a la hora de competir. Felicidades a todos los participantes y gracias al apoyo de @jamtraction @fgsurf @volcomsurf @novalbos_wave_company @laburgueria @jimmylionnyc @oceanicagin #galicia #vkkm 📷@matiasbbk


Mañana a las 9:00 os espero en la playa de Patos, en el local de la @laconserveradelsurf para inscripciones y comenzar con el evento #GonyZSeries
Explicaremos en la playa el formato y criterio de puntuación, será algo diferente a lo habitual 😊 pero no tengáis miedo, lo pasaremos bien!
Stoked to have this little event for the kids at #PatosBeach where I grew up along with @laconserveradelsurf 😊 100% free ! Thanks for the support @jamtraction @volcomsurf @novalbos_wave_company @laburgueria @jimmylionnyc @fgsurf @oceanicagin