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Today we are standing with the women in Poland who are protesting against anti-abortion laws #czarnyprotest @vogue.polska


Let’s change the narrative - be our own heroes and help each other 🎨-@rubyst #gurlstalk


Whatever you’re going through please remember you do not have to go through it alone 🎨-@crashboomdesigns



Know your worth and never settle for anything less than you deserve 🎨 - @jaymieraefta #gurlstalk


✨A reminder to embrace our individual style ✨ @adwoaaboah is the new cover star for @allure #gurlstalk


Incredible activists (@palomija @hunterschafer @mariahidrissi @teddy_quinlivan @iammarimalek @crystalvalentine94 @adwoaaboah @gurlstalk) from our New York event explain what girl talk sounds like. What do you want? @teenvogue #gurlstalk



Don’t compare yourself to others. No one on this earth has been on the same journey and no one on this earth is going to walk on the same path. Your goals may be similar to your neighbours but you will take different routes to get there. Just because someone reaches their end goal sooner than you doesn’t mean you will never reach yours. 🎨-@blindsaay #gurlstalk


Last week Crystal Valentine hosted a poetry slam at our NY event. It was a space where everyone could share their story through poetry/spoken word. It was so empowering to see everyone snap, clap, cheer and embrace each other ❣️#coachgurls


Fantastic day at @liberatum festival in Mexico City. Yesterday I had the honor of being able to bring up two wonderful women from the Gurls Talk community here in Mexico. Thank you so much @imjuliahecht and @amonterrosas_ and the whole @liberatum team. So grateful to have shared the stage with not only these two women but so many other great talents.



There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise 🎨@paola_delucca @refinery29




Over 780 guys and gurls attended our NY event - this is just a small group of them ✨💓 It was amazing to see how diverse our community is. No words will ever do this event justice thank you all so much for attending. You are why we continue to do what we do. - Adwoa and Gurls Talk team #coachgurls #gurlstalk



@cheerupluv hosted a Polaroid station at our NY event. Gurls were able to get their portrait taken, and write an experience, quote to do with sexual harassment. This resulted in a wall full of Polaroid’s. #coachgurls


“Be the person you need the most” - @janayakhan during our Race panel yesterday #coachgurls


We hosted a dance party after the event with the coolest guests and DJ @chloecaillet 🔥🔥🔥 #coachgurls #gurlstalk



GURLS! Thank you so much for the best day. We had people from all walks of life come in and share their story. Thank you to every single person that traveled to the event from 2 blocks to 20,000 Miles. Also thank you to @coach and @teenvogue for the support. Where should we go next gurls?! #coachgurls


A familiar face in @teenvogue 👀💓 #coachgurls


GURLS AND BOYS TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Here’s the line up of the day. See you soon ✨💓 #coachgurls



Model and body-positivity advocate Paloma Elsesser (@palomija) will be at our New York festival tomorrow! Come down and listen to her workshop on body positivity ✨ #coachgurls


CALLING ALL NEW YORK POETS AND STORYTELLERS. There’s going to be a slam poetry session for the community to share their thoughts and feelings through poetry. The session will be hosted by three-time grand slam champion of NYU’s poetry slam team - Crystal Valentine. To have a chance to take part please email with your poetry and a subject heading of “CRYSTAL VALENTINE”. Spaces are limited so get sharing! #coachgurls


The amazing iO Tillett Wright will be joining us tomorrow at our Gurls Talk event! Swipe to see what they will be talking about. See you there! #coachgurls #gurlstalk


Giving me Lyf and one hell of a confidence boost. Sickest video by my bestie @kittywordsworth and some banging ladies in celebration of #internationalwomensday . Full video in Bio. #onceuponatimesup #thefurytales #metoo @onceuponatimesup


Happy International Women’s Day Gurls! Make sure you use today to appreciate yourself and the women in your life. Tag someone to show them you love them ✨💓 #gurlstalk 🎨@analeovy_art


@Thestonework will be joining us this weekend at our New York Festival! They will be offering free live chainstitching for the first 100 guests! So make sure you bring your favourite denim jacket or shirt for them to customise. Swipe to see what their work looks like! Make sure you rsvp for our event on Sunday by emailing #coachgurls


So excited to announce that @donatella_versace @versace will be supporting @gurlstalk this International Women’s Day. 10% of all proceeds from Versace North America will be donated to @gurlstalk so we can continue to create a more efficient space for all gurls to talk without feeling judged. There will also be a one day only 10% discount for all customers. Lots of Love – Adwoa and Gurls Talk Team #InternationalWomensDay #GurlsTalk #versace


New York native Emilia Ortiz (@ethereal.1) will be at our one day festival in Brooklyn this weekend! Ortiz is a spiritual advisor and will be hosting a workshop about mental health, empowerment and management. You won’t want to miss this. Swipe to hear what she has to say and make sure you rsvp by emailing #coachgurls


Be You, Not Them – Remember that you are your own person. As cheesy as it sounds you are literally one of a kind and you don’t need to follow the crowd to ‘fit in’. Remember what makes you, you. 🎨 #gurlstalk


@hello_voter brings you the tools to be a smarter, more engaged voter. Now more than ever, it's imperative that our voices are reflected in the policies that affect our lives and the lives of our fellow citizens. Hello Voter is a new resource aimed at engaging people with government. They aim to a light on our increasingly complicated electoral process and break down the jargon (gerrymandering, what?) that exists to keep you on the sidelines while others make decisions for you. Hello Voter do this by coming directly to you and hosting training sessions (hopefully over cocktails) where we help you and your friends learn about your elected officials, what they stand for, and what important elections are coming up. Hello Voter will be registering attendees over 18. All you’ll need is your address and social security number (not necessary but would be great). To RSVP please email #coachgurls


Note To Self: I will not compare myself to a stranger on Instagram. It’s so easy to compare your body, your looks, your experiences to that of a stranger on Instagram and feel like we aren’t enough or aren’t doing enough. We need to remember that what we see on Instagram is not the whole truth. It is a small snippet of someone’s life that they have chosen to share with you. 🎨@emilycoxhead


"I was walking to a supermarket in Marseille. A guy got out of his car and said to me just as I was walking past, “La Pute c’est magnifique.” – Florence - @flxssie
@CheerUpLuv is a photojournalism project, dedicated to retelling women's accounts of street harassment. It is a platform for women’s voices to be heard, and to take ownership of experiences that were once out of their control. Cheer Up Luv's aim is to send out a positive message, of women reclaiming these spaces for themselves, and raising awareness to combat the normalisation of street harassment. The project strongly holds the mantra that these women are not victims, and shines a light down the lens into the everyday occurrences for most women. They will be hosting a polaroid station where girls can get their portrait taken, and write an experience, quote or few words to do with sexual harassment on the photo before sticking it to the wall. The aim will be to have a wall covered in polaroids and experiences, and then each girl can take their photo home at the end. To RSVP please email #coachgurls