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Had to bring this back. Get innnn! ⚒️ #coyi


What a year. Extreme ups, extreme downs and everything in between. Every breath is a blessing regardless and as long as my heart keeps beating I’m gonna try to keep going. To share what I’ve learnt as well as test out some new music, I’m headlining a show in London in 10 days time. Notting Hill Arts Club, December 13th. Would be sick to see you there. Tickets from (+18 event.)


A million. Mad ting. Thanks everyone! When we wrote this modern version of a classic hymn we had no idea we’d hear so many amazing stories of people connecting with it. Definitely one of my proudest moments 🙏🏾



I’m not great at communicating well in normal conversation so I’m extra grateful for music 🙏🏾 P.s over 100,000 views / streams on the new single. Chuffed, so thanks ✊🏾


Real. Everyday lyrics up on @genius


E V E R Y D A Y.
Out now.



Yooo I’m back with that new new. You can now check out my brand new single ‘Everyday’ along with the music video. This one means a lot to me & it’s out on all platforms right now! 💥 Link in the bio my g’s 👊🏾


Black Friday weekend over at @allomateonline right now + my new single drops at midnight. God is good init?


It’s nearly Friday ⏱️ #everyday



I’m putting out some new music next week. Haven’t put anything out in a while so I’m looking forward to sharing some again. In the last few months I’ve learnt that life doesn’t always go according to plan and it’s really tested my faith.
Previously I’ve always felt the pressure to have it all worked out and for my life to be in a pretty good place before I can share my art. You know like the “I used to struggle with this but now life’s great.” kinda vibe.
Recently I’ve learnt that there’s beauty in the struggles that life brings and there’s strength in vulnerability and honesty. So now it’s more like “Sometimes I still struggle, life isn’t great again yet, but I’m trusting one day it’ll get better.” Come along on the journey if you fancy it. My new single #Everyday is released on November 24th. P.s I read this the other day. It’s sick.
Why am I almost never satisfied with what I have, but always wanting more? Why does absence make the heart grow fonder? Why is the pursuit of achievement often more enjoyable than the achievement itself? Why does loss, hard times, and suffering often produce the best character qualities in us while comfort, ease, and triumph often produce the worst?
The more you desire something, the more you will be satisfied when you get it. It is through mourning that we know the joy of comfort. Emptiness makes us seek and wanting makes us ask.
Sometimes the tougher times help mould us into the people we need to be.


It’s been real America. Until next time 🇺🇸 Love to @mattredmanmusic for bringing me on tour and all the great people that made this trip a special one ✌🏾


Allo New York 📍This lil London boy had to play his new album demos to the good folks over at Spotify U.S today. They gave it the green light ✅ New Music out soon! #HAMFW



Allo Las Vegas 📍Such an emotional place to have the last tour date but it was a privilege to witness such hope and light in what has been some very dark moments. After the show tonight we went outside to light some candles and sing some songs. Special moments w/ @mattredmanmusic @amandalindseycook @leonardrayonkeys - Love will have the last word ❤️


My first MLS experience was a gooden! Atlanta United now my 2nd team. Thanks @louiegiglio @shelleygiglio @mattredmanmusic ⚽️🇺🇸


Allo Atlanta 📍Good vibes down at Reach Records today. Inspired by what’s been built and how you guys work. Big ups @kb_hga @aceharrismusic ✌🏾



Allo Fayetteville 📍“If you believe in God then one things for sure, if you don’t aim too high then you aim too low.” On Forest Hills Drive listening to 2014 Forest Hills Drive.


Allo Cali 📍 Today I learnt that it’s about who you are becoming more than where you are going.


It was sick to play my part on the new @mattredmanmusic album. Some real special songs on this with some real special people. @tashacobbsleonard @kierrasheard @kimwalkersmith @madicunningham - out now! #GlorySong



It was sick working on this project with @london and @hpeurope for #MicroFocus - Link to the full video in @london 's bio. #DiscoverTheNew


Very gassed about this. Over 3000 books sold! Huge thanks to everyone that has picked one up. Considering it's my 1st ever book, the support has been unreal. To celebrate, I've just released the audiobook. It contains snippets of exclusive songs and it's available absolutely everywhere that you can get an audiobook from. 📕🎙️🎉


This pic is crying out for a 'smile through the rain, the sun will shine once again' type caption. Really I just wanna say, wa gwan peng ting? @emmaborquaye


Every test is a lesson, every lesson is a blessing if you choose to see the message.


Yoooo, huge thanks for all the prayers and kind messages over the last few weeks. Really appreciate it. It's easy to have faith when things are going well, but in tough times you find out what you truly believe. When it's been tough to pray and have faith I've pulled through because I'm still choosing to trust that God's got a plan regardless. That doesn't mean we won't have ups and downs, just means that no matter what life chucks our way, we're never alone and all things will work out for good. Apologies for any shows that had to be cancelled. Looking forward to getting back on the road and making pops proud. 📸 - @solomonuk


I can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on. ✨🕯️💡


Caption this.


I've had ups, I've had downs
I've been stuck, I've come round
I don't just thank God in the good times
Blood, I thank Him when it goes south
Cos Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Them days might go great
But if Friday Saturday Sunday ain't
Just know that I still thank Him


Rider. Whatever the weather she's really really down. My g. ❤️🔒🔒🔒




This is my not so little bro @joelryanb - He's just graduated from Leeds University and starts a new job on Monday as an A&R scout for @kobaltmusic . I'm very proud of everything you've achieved and how strong you've been through a very difficult time. Love you my g.


Happy birthday Mum. Better days ahead. Love you @vborquaye x