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Not huge, but superclean and infinitely surfable on the Outer Banks today. Stay tuned for more.
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I foster because it saves lives.
I foster underage kittens that are too small to be adopted, and require time and resources that the shelters don’t have. Underage kittens are killed more than any other animal in shelters. They need us! People say, “I could never foster! I’d keep them all!” But the brief sadness you will feel when saying goodbye should not outweigh the sadness of them being killed in the shelter. And the joy you feel when they find a home is incomparable!
I also foster shy adult cats! They need out of a cage to show their true personality. And if they have notes and photos in their file proving that they are friendlier in the home than in the shelter (which they always are), it will help them find a home! When a shy cat I’ve fostered finds a home, my heart swells with pride and joy.
I foster hospice cats because it’s the greatest gift you can give an animal, to provide them comfort and love at the end of their lives. People say “But that’s so heartbreaking!” And it is. But an old cat dying alone in a cage should break your heart even more. Hospice fostering is my absolute favorite because you know this animal will pass away happy and comfortable and loved… in a home… thanks to you.
Do you know how much it costs me to foster? Nothing. The rescue provides me with everything I need to care for my fosters, even medical care. So what’s stopping you? Make a difference. Save some lives.
This is our current hospice foster Josh. He was living on the streets of Los Angeles for over 10 years. He’s in kidney failure, FIV+, and has no teeth. But he’s having the happiest end of his life with us. You can follow his happy adventures at @yohananddesmond. || #COIFosterStories ❤️


This cute kitty prefers to cook on vintage stoves via @antiquestoveheaven


Got the Human’s WALLET! Time to pop them tags 😝


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From @brightstack: "swiss caramel: a love story, coming soon to theaters near you" #catsofinstagram


The ears! Love these @popyourpup canvases. They make the best Mother's Day gift ideas!


Para cocinar como todo un experto, sólo se necesita tiempo y dedicación. Lograr increíbles comidas al grill es tan sencillo como poner en práctica estas 5 reglas para luego seguir aprendiendo de la experiencia. Aquí les explico mis métodos, si tienen tips o consejos, no duden en compartirlos conmigo en los comentarios.
-No se debe probar la comida sin darle tiempo a que se cocine, hay que evitar al máximo voltear constantemente los alimentos a la parrilla, o estar chequeando a ver si se cocinaron por debajo. Lo ideal es darles tiempo, así se cocinarán bien en su interior y se separarán de forma natural de las rejillas sin pegarse.
-Evita introducir cuchillos o tenedores a los alimentos mientras están en la parrilla, al hacerlo, estos soltarán los jugos que le dan sabor y suavidad teniendo como resultado alimentos secos. Si se siente la necesidad de realizar un corte a una carne para chequear si está bien cocida, debe hacerse después de darle tiempo a que se cocine. Se pueden realizar pruebas tocando las carnes ligeramente; un bistec medio rojo se siente blando, término medio se siente más elástico y uno bien hecho se siente firme. Esta regla de mientras más cocción más firmeza se aplica igual para pescados y aves. Mientras más experimente el cocinar a la parrilla, mejor sabrá cual es el momento exacto en que su término de cocción está a punto.
-Las carnes rojas y aves deben tener su tiempo de reposo al retirar de la parrilla antes de rebanarlas o servirlas. Al cortarlas antes, botarán los jugos perdiendo el sabor y la textura ideal. Esperando un par de minutos para realizar el primer corte, los jugos se expandirán uniformemente.
-En caso de duda sobre la cocción exacta, es mejor menos que más, los alimentos siempre se podrán poner nuevamente al fuego si no están en el punto deseado, pero si están sobre cocidos, no habrá vuelta atrás.
-La mejor sal para preparar parrillas es la Kosher, es pura y sin químicos. Además, viene en granos gruesos y su sabor es intenso, con la combinación del sabor que dan las brasas junto con esta Sal no se necesitarán más especies o condimentos.


So, @mattspracklen has been behind the scenes of #PhotoNumber6 again today for a London episode and took @fletchy1 in @thelondonheli with the doors off! Check out @anthony_chp hanging out for this shot! 🚁🙌🏻 || #thisislondon


"‪If u need me today, too bad‬" -Doug


Give me some Salad 🥗
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Happy 9th adoptaversary to the best cat who ever lived. Gary has changed our lives for the better since his first day with us. Read on if you don't know the story yet.
I came home for lunch 9 years ago today, and thought I heard kittens somewhere in the neighbor's yard. I could not find them. When I got home from work, my husband was in the backyard - saying look what I found behind the doghouse. There he was, about 3 or 4 weeks old. I loved him instantly. I saw his mom and the rest of his litter once, in my neighbor's backyard about a week later. I assume she was removing her kittens and was interrupted by catdad before she could get the last one, Gary. I bottle fed him for about a week until he started biting the hell out of the bottle, and the rest is history. I'm very grateful that Gary chose us.


🎃"Let's play catch"
👩🏻"But Pumpkin, you can't catch"
🎃"Point taken...staring contest on three, 1...2...3..." It's Wideo Wednesday, be sure to check out more pumpkin videos on her YouTube channel!

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Epic deer selfie who talks back 😂




Tiny Tiny bunnies
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The best begging team ever!!👍🏻✨


When you get that sinking feeling that the roast lamb isn't for you. 😭


What would you do if you could spend one day with Smoothie?


Pepper, Cardigan Welsh Corgi (9 m/o), Thompson & Bleecker St., New York, NY • "He hasn't quite grasped 'sit' yet. He definitely likes chasing dogs and little kids on the street."


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Dog doesn't recognize owner until he sniffs him!
#repost Eric Andersson
Shane Godfrey had been away for around five weeks, recovering from a period of illness.
In that time, he lost more than 50lb – so much weight that he looked very different when he got back home.
That’s why his dog Willie didn’t realise who it was at first, cautiously creeping forward in guard dog mode, nervous of a stranger – until he got to smelling distance.
‘He sure didn’t realise it from seeing me but all it took was one sniff,’ Shane said.


One of the downsides to having a beard: washing it makes baths last even longer.



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出勤前のひと遊び(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ु⁾⁾ .





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