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Naked birch trees.
North-Norway, March 2018

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Eurasian elk (moose) making its way through deep snow in North-Sweden.

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Coastal still life.
Helgeland, Norway (February 2018)

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Winter scenery from the #Okstindan mountains, the "roof of Northern Norway" (February 2018)

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Play of light and shadow on a mountain slope.
#Okstindan mountains, Norway (February 2018)


Colors of a winter forest.
Frost-covered Siberian spruce forest in early morning light.

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This time of the year in Laponia...
Siberian spruce forest in late evening light.

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A photo from the forests of North-Sweden taken the other day. Good to be in the north to experience a really cold winter with a lot of snow. I doubt that this moose calf is as enthusiastic about the deep snow as I am…

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We have just returned from 2017’s last and 2018’s first photo trip in the Norwegian wild. Tough winter conditions and several encounters with wild reindeer made our two weeks stay in the mountains a very special experience. Happy New Year!



Thin layer of fog undulating like waves over frozen winter landscape. #Laponia World Heritage Site #Sweden.


November day in the Muddus National Park in Sweden: frost- and snow covered spruce forest in low winter light.

This image won 3. prize in the Plants and fungi category and a special prize by the Multiexpo Ltd. in the Hungarian Nature Photographer of the Year 2017 competition.

You can also find it in our book "Laponia – Majestic stillness" that can be ordered online here:

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"Snow spat"
Mountain hares are nocturnal – even in the mating season, most activity happens under cover of darkness. Fights occur among the individuals, either for food or for the females, but it is seldom observed. This atmospheric image, of softly falling snow around the fighting hares in a perfect position, is a unique moment that Erlend Haarberg had been waiting long to capture (Vauldalen, Norway, 2016)

We are pleased to share with you that with this photograph, Erlend was named the overall winner of the GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 competition. The winning image is the result of a long term project that Erlend started more than 25 years ago in the upland birch forests of Norway. This work became an important part of his life over the years, therefore he is very pleased and deeply honoured that the international jury selected this particular image.
We sell a limited edition of 30 fine art prints of this photograph (15 copies of 40x60cm and 15 copies of 67x100cm) on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta paper. Please contact us in a private message if you are interested in purchasing a copy.



Last weekend we got the wonderful news that Erlend Haarberg won the Photographer of the Year award at the Golden Turtle international nature photography competition. What a pleasant surprise and great honour to be named overall winner in a competition with more than 10.000 entries and a jury that has been composed of some of the most respected professionals in the field of nature photography!

Nine images of Erlend have been awarded, five of them from the mountain area in Middle-Norway where where he has been working most actively in the last 30 years, with a special focus on mountain hares.

The prize-giving ceremony took place in Moscow on 13 October 2017.

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Eurasian jay flies silently in the fairy-tale Scots pine forest of the Muddus National Park in Sweden. Although it is one of the most common corvids in Scandinavia, it is a shy and cautious bird, and Muddus is close to the northern limit of its distribution in Sweden.

This image of Erlend Haarberg won a 2. prize overall at the Bio Photo Contest 2017 in Italy.
The Bio Photo Contest had a great focal theme this year: the boreal forests. This topic was a perfect match for our newest image material as we have just completed our project in the Swedish Laponia World Heritage Site in the middle of the boreal forests of Europe. We are glad that we have altogether 8 highly commended images among the total of 80 awarded images in the competition :-)
All awarded images can be seen in the link below:

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Frozen river channels accompanied by narrow stripes of birch forests create a minimalist black and white design in the Swedish Rapa delta (Laponia World Heritage Site). This image has just been awarded in the landscapes category of the OASIS Photo Contest.
See the winning images on the link below:

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Curving rocks. Varanger-peninsula, Norway.

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A couple of weeks ago in the Varanger-peninsula in Norway: colourful sedimentary rocks in magical early morning light.

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Arabesque of wetland—aerial photograph of string bogs in the Muddus National Park, Sweden.

This picture of mine is among the 42 awarded images in the Big Picture Natural World Photography Competition 2017. Awards Ceremony was held yesterday at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, California, and the winning photographs are exhibited at the same location from July 28 – October 29, 2017.

This image will also appear in our new book "Laponia—Majestic Stillness" that is being printed at the moment. Exciting! :-)



Waving water horsetail—summer evening in the Femundsmarka National Park, Norway.


Deep inside the Swedish Padjelanta/Badjelánnda National Park we have found this friendly ptarmigan, wandering around the river bank right in front of our tent door. This was one of the few days when we were blessed with sunshine from a cloud-free sky, which was the perfect condition to capture the bird looking relaxed in the last warm rays of sunlight.

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Dramatic sky above Lake Sádijávrre in Sweden, after wind storm. Winds were both a blessing and a curse during our two weeks canoe trip on the lake: a blessing because they blew away the clouds of mosquitoes which made life almost unbearable in the middle of the summer in this region; and a curse as we had no chance to take the waves when strong winds hit the 40km long lake along it's length... #laponia #lapland #sweden #sadijavrre #satihaure


Excited to share the front cover of our new book "Laponia—Majestic Stillness" that is available for pre-order through the web link in the bio of @haarbergphoto

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In the last four years, we have been engaged with travelling in, and photographing the Swedish Laponia World Heritage Site. The whole journey started with a @natgeo magazine assignment back in 2013 which allowed us to explore Laponia’s varied ecosystems in all of the seasons. After eight weeks in this Nordic wilderness, we were hooked. Laponia is one of the last few areas in Scandinavia, where we could leave all the stresses and worries of our modern life behind, as in most places there is no mobile or internet connection. Surrounded by the wild scenes and sounds of nature we could find peace and quiet. This feeling kept us returning, year after year.

Having met John E. Utsi, a Sami writer who grew up in the vicinity of Laponia, we eventually made up our mind to share our images in a book, accompanied by John’s texts that give an insight into the Sami’s appreciation of this land. Together with John, we publish our Laponia book in four different languages, in September 2017. The last few months passed by quickly, busy with the translations and the design. We love the result, the layout gives space and the best appearance to the images in the book. Printing starts soon... Today, we can finally offer the book for pre-order at

Please take a look and if you have already fallen in love with this place during your travels in the past or would just like to experience the serene scenes of Laponia through our images, we would be delighted if you ordered the book. Until 30th August we are offering it at a discounted price, and with free collection at nine different nature photo events in Europe throughout the autumn season.

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There is always a risk of becoming soaking wet and zero visibility when dark clouds like these roll in over the mountains of Badjelánnda from the humid west in North-Sweden. But when they are approaching from the east, they are less "dangerous", and therefore we ignored them when we started climbing this mountain top nearby Stáloluokta. The wind was so strong at the top that we could not stay on our own two feet, and I quickly found shelter behind some rocks just below the top, limiting my view to a certain direction. This is how I noticed this spotlight that lit up a small snow patch in the neighbouring national park, Sarek. Both Badjelánnda- and the Sarek National Park are part of the Laponia World Heritage Site in Sweden.

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In years with good birch seed production, red poll can often be observed in the mountain areas of Norway. It is a bird species that flies long distances to invade areas where food is abundant. Normally you would hardly notice this small creature with a little red spot on its head, but they attract notice when they gather in large flocks. In early spring, when food supply is scarce in the forest, they often get in fight around feeding stations. Later, when birches are flowering, they move from tree to tree, hanging on the outermost branches to collect birch catkins.

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For the last few years I have spent springtime in the mountains of central Norway, photographing mountain hares, Lepus timidus, in the upland birch forests. These are shy, cautious animals, and with good reason – they are highly coveted by predators and – a popular target with human hunters.
Mountain hares are nocturnal – even in the mating season, most activity occurs under cover of darkness. So, I rely on artificial lighting to observe and photograph their behaviour. The animals usually remain wary of me, even after several weeks of my presence, but gradually become accustomed to the clicks and whirs of the camera and the subtle movements of my lens.
When storm comes and the trees of the mountain birch forest shake with the wind, the hares' hearing is reduced and they have to rely on their relatively poor eyesight. On such days they are clearly more cautious than usual.

This photograph is a part of our exhibition — showcasing our recent work from the Norwegian Røros region — in the Vauldalen Fjellhotell that can be visited throughout the summer.

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With the increasing human population and continued economical growth, we can see a number of conflicts arising around the protection of nature and remaining natural resources. Unfortunately, the Swedish Laponia World Heritage Site is not an exception. An iron ore mine is planned in the vicinity of Laponia, threatening reindeer herding in the region, practised by the Sami for millennia. According to Mats Djurberg, general secretary of the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO, the world heritage status may be withdrawn, should mining be permitted!
Sveriges Natur has just published an article about this issue, illustrated with our images:

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For the 10th anniversary of Earth Hour, I’m joining the #MakeClimateMatter online community.
This photograph of two Atlantic puffins speaks to me about the climate change as I am aware of the susceptibility of this species to the impacts of global warming. Besides the consequences of overfishing, rising sea temperatures and sudden shifts in prey distribution and abundance lessen the chances of survival of the species. The European puffin population, that holds more than 90% of the global population, has been declining significantly in recent years, especially in Norway and Iceland. One reason why the population is still strong, is due to the puffin's long lifespan – the colorful ‘parrots’ of the sea can live as long as 20-25 years. Based on BirdLife International's assessment, this species appears to qualify for uplisting to globally Endangered species due to projected future declines, that shows the urgent need for climate action.
Earth Hour is the world’s biggest movement for action on climate change. Sign up to take part on 25th March at 8.30pm at


Glittering frost in early morning sunlight.
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Reindeers are well adapted to the harsh arctic climate, and they can tackle challenges such as deep snow, cold and wind, throughout the long, winter season. They have adapted to their snow-covered environment by developing wide hooves which act as "snowshoes". These also serve as a perfect tool to dig up their food from under the deep snow. To prevent much loss of warmth, the reindeers efficiently exchange heat in their noses, cooling the air down before exhaling. As a consequence, no steam appears, even in chilly winter temperatures of minus 20-30 degrees C. On top of this, their dense winter fur grows thickly, trapping air inside the hollow hairs and providing outstanding insulation against the sub-zero temperatures, making life above the treeline possible for these majestic animals.

This image of semi-domesticated reindeer was made in the Swedish Sarek National Park in the middle of December, when darker days add to the challenges animals already face in this wintry environment.

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