San Diego Mermaid Hair

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FAIRY. DUST. ✨ before & after. Fresh cut, color using @pulpriothair & @brazilianbondbuilder 💜


JEWELS. 💜💙💚🖤

assisted by @glamourwitchxo

@brazilianbondbuilder #b3


Clients: Be sure to book your holiday appointment asap, my month is filling up quick. Only 39 days until xmas😉

NEW CLIENTS: if you're looking to book with me please email me a current pic of your hair & any inspiration pics you have. or there's a link to my email in my bio. •

Thanks everyone! I look forward to seeing you all soon 🤗 #sandiegohairstylist #sandiegosalon



Who hates moving houses??🙋me. Ok I shouldn't say hate, I'm super excited about our new house but that's why I've been a little absent on IG, I've been going a 1000 miles a minute this past week😞 but damn do I feel productive💪🏻

Ps don't forget to book your holiday appointment now to be sure you get in during this busy time of year. Shoot me an email or text if you have my number💗

Color: @pulpriothair
Strength/shine: @brazilianbondbuilder


That time @hairbyfranco & I turned our girl @jaceyjohair into a unicorn using @pulpriothair & @brazilianbondbuilder 🙌🏻🦄 #b3


Who else can't live without @framarint ?! I'm obsessed with it all!! brushes, foils, bowls, whisks, clips, meche, evvvvverything! It's the only tools I use for coloring hair 😍🎨 #myframar



GREEN. WITH. ENVY. 🐍 fun @pulpriothair project with my assistant @glamourwitchxo we used @pulpriothair #blondeaf & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 to prelighten & a bunch of custom #pulpriot mixtures.


GRADIENT. Natural level 2, in order to achieve an ashy tone the hair must be lightened past all warmth & then toned. This is a lightener retouch, so after lifting to a level 9, I went back in to do a colormelt with my desired ash tones. This was our session before going platinum. If you go back 6 posts on my page you'll see our latest appointment. I use @brazilianbondbuilder in all my formulas. Thanks to #b3 this hairs integrity has been protected👊🏻


Created this awesome CONFETTI MERMAID yesterday but I was losing sunlight for pics because of the damn time change, this was the best one I got & it doesn't do this color justice😭 but you get the idea. Process is still up in my stories, so check it out while you can. I used all @pulpriothair & @brazilianbondbuilder & painted with my fave brushes from @framarint ✨🌈💗

#hairbykristinamarie 🦄🎀



Blonde transformation 🙌🏻 swipe to see the befores. This was quite the project, took over 4hrs because I'm insanely meticulous & needed it to be right. No warmth, cool but not too cool, natural but still bright, soft, blended, melted. This may seem like an easy task but it isn't. If you watched my stories the day I did this then you know the process. I actually colored all the hair darker first then went back in to do babylights & balayage. Seems counter productive I know, BUT it got me the exact result my client & I desired🤗 and I tell ya what, I couldn't have done it without @brazilianbondbuilder it's seriously a life saver you guys🙏🏻 volume: @designmehair Puff.Me Light <--- best volumizing product out there!🙌🏻


CHESHIRE. CAT. @pulpriothair & @brazilianbondbuilder 💗🔮

Thank you @glamourwitchxo for helping me slay this hair & taking this rad pic🙌🏻

#hairbykristinamarie 🦄🎀


BLEND. BABY. BLEND. This was our 3rd session of lightening from black. @brazilianbondbuilder is an absolute must when it comes to lightening for me, it keeps the hair strong & helps with the longevity of my toners. Softly blended with one of my fave brushes from @framarint the Power Painter 🎨 and a HUGE CONGRATS to my beautiful client @its_ricalalala on getting married, so happy for you girl😘



That time I colored my babe @stephygnarstagram 's hair with @pulpriothair & @brazilianbondbuilder 🔮 love you so much Steph!😘 #b3 #pulpriothair


SWIPE & listen to see the step by step of this transformation. This was our second session & we have another session so I can get super meticulous & make everything super even because I'm a freak with my blondes😜PATIENCE is key when you're going lighter, luckily my client is super understanding of the process, makes my life so much easier🙌🏻 @brazilianbondbuilder is also the major factor, it keeps the hair strong & smooth. I don't lighten without #b3 bottom line. 👊🏻



Quick video of @hairgoalsbyshelby 's blonde transformation 🤗 I used all my favorite products @pulpriothair #blondeAF with @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 to babylight & balayage. And have you guys tried @framarint 's new Power Painter brush?! It's awwwwwesome💪🏻 and these precut long foils from @framarint are the shit too🙌🏻 side note: Shelby's hair was basically virgin with the exception of the last couple inches of her hair, so that made it easier to lift her so light in one session plus I had #brazilianbondbuilder in my formulas so of course her hair felt amazing afterwards☺️ #pulpriothair


#tbt to my coral hair that my hubs @dasilva_hair gave me 🤗


Anyone used the new @pulpriothair Barcelona toning shampoo?! It's pretty damn amazing! I did a babylight/balayage combo using #blondeAF & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 on my client & washed with Barcelona. Barcelona is a purple shampoo so it combats warmth on blondes & it's awesome! 🙌🏻💜 #pulpriotbarcelona



MELTING. METAL. Prelightened with @pulpriothair #blondeAF & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 then color melted with a custom Pulp Riot mix for roots into Mercury on mids/ends on Miss Mel from @ardentreverie


That blend & @pulpriothair fade🤗 and @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 keeping the hair strong 💪🏻


CASCADE. All @pulpriothair & @brazilianbondbuilder used from start to finish. Starting with #blondeAF for roots & mids, then #blankcanvas to remove old color on ends & then ending with a trio of customized @pulpriothair colors💜💗 #b3 keeps this hair long and alive🙌🏻😉 thank you @glamourwitchxo for helping me tackle this mane 💜


SUNSET. retouch on @delaneyink using @pulpriothair & @brazilianbondbuilder 🌄 braided by my lovely assistant @glamourwitchxo 👊🏻 I'm so excited to get tattooed tomorrow by @delaneyink 🙌🏻 check out my stories to watch it go down💃🏼 #brazilianbondbuilder #b3 #riotsquad


BANGIN. BLUSH. Fresh cut & color 🤗 I used @pulpriothair blush diluted with clear to create this soft pink. I also added @brazilianbondbuilder to my lightener & the pink, to help with strength & longevity of the color. I just love pink hair, makes me so happy 🙌🏻


SMOKEY. I'm loving muted tones lately, well I've never stopped really. This was quite the color correction, bands needed to be fixed & it had a minty residue from previous colors. Super excited about the end result on @theadas 🤗 Couldn't have done it without #b3 that's for sure🙌🏻


#tbt to this peach beauty using @brazilianbondbuilder in everything from the lightener to the fashion color. #b3 protects the integrity of your clients hair, along with giving it that beautiful shine. It's my fave, if you haven't heard🤗😬


CANDY. CRUSH. 🍭🍬🍡 can you even handle these braids that Franco created on our masterpiece?! Love collabing with @hairbyfranco 🙌🏻😬

Color: @hairbykristinamarie & @hairbyfranco
We used all @pulpriothair @brazilianbondbuilder 💜


🎶SOUND. OF. MUSIC.🎶 outdoor lighting of @pulpriothair #electricneons ✨ I used @brazilianbondbuilder from start to finish & thank you #b3 for my @beatsbydre again! ☺️


🌿MINTY.FRESH🌿 #fbf to this stunner using @pulpriothair & @brazilianbondbuilder 🙌🏻 just look at that shine, would ya?! 😉