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No I always get my makeup done topless don’t u


hello instagram here’s my face again


Welcome to my International women’s day rant!!! It truly warms my heart seeing so many strong women being celebrated!!! But at the same time this day slightly annoys me. Not the existence of it, but some of the reactions to it.
This is not a day of congratulations, flowers and a pat on the head. Not a day to make fun of. It’s a day to be reminded of what’s actually going on in the world, how the toxic masculine culture harms women (and basically everyone else). It pisses me off that anyone can actually be against, and mock, a day of talking about women rights when 2/3 of the adults that are illiterate are women???? When 60% of the chronically hungry are women???? When there’s a common freaking fact that women and girls don’t have the same right to their bodies as men, don’t have the same right to speak and dress as they like??? And that last part is so accurate, EVERYWHERE. I LOVE my country. Sweden is one of the most equal countries in the world. But I will never stop being an angry feminist for my own sake too, as long as I can’t spend one night on the town without getting into fights with disrespectful men. As long as my dad still makes some of my phone calls to airlines, authorities etc, because we both know that he, as a man, is being taken more seriously than I am. I will never stop being an angry feminist as long as women make less than men for the same fucking labor.
With that said, I love this day!! I love all the strong women that surrounds me! And I love all the men that gets it!! Women rules!!!!! ❤️



Overjoyed being back in the sun after some well needed home time. 💕


Me with my favorite lunch, salad and latte foam


I rarely post pictures of my food but @majaelmstrom keeps bringing me to the best places <3



Keen magazine shot in nyc last year by the lovely @carissalancaster ❣️
Also these are my pants and I do not know when I’m gonna start buying jeans my actual size.


Sundays are for beaching 🌹


Favorite part about California is that I can tan through my bedroom window



Managed to squeeze in some more work before Christmas #jinx 💄 by @hannalindbloom ❣️


Christmas is just around the corner!!! Love this look by @naokoscintu for @rodialbeauty 🤶🏻❣️


Bye for now freezing nyc, cya next year 🇺🇸 I'm going home <3



Miami's all fun and games until you realize that your Swedish and it's December.👻 (Tanning next to an Australian beach babe doesn't help at all @elisha__h )


Two of my favorite people in the world came to visit 💞 spent the entire time touristing and I'm not sorry about it



Airport lyfe:/


7 pictures because Grand Canyon is freaking beautiful 🚁


No filter needed when the Texas sun treated you this good (?? how great is the iphone camera though? didn't edit anything??)(also I def could've used a roller)
Hoping California offers something similar for the rest of the week, so excited to meet my family there tonight 💞



Fresh polas!!! Completely forgotten to put this out there but a while ago I finally got my visa!!! So so happy to be working out of New York the following months with @nextmodels 💘 Happy Friday!


Texas car rides ☀️


Locations from heaven 🦋


Had such a good time at the @sherrihill show in NY Tuesday, and so happy be with them for the rest of the week 🌹


Nyc treated me good!! Very excited to spend the rest of my week in LA 🛩️


Busy week ahead 🛫🛬🗽Last weeks polas by my angel @lottenbreitholtz <3


After a few unexpected days off I'm very happy to go back to work and Hong Kong tomorrow 🇭🇰


Grattis på födelsedagen till mitt alldeles egna lyckopiller 💘


Två av de vackraste och starkaste kvinnorna som vandrar planeten får jag ha i mitt liv, och det är jag otroligt tacksam över. De vet även hur man ordnar årets fest!! TACK för en fantastisk tillställning❤️ #mikas30


and proud 😈


My hotel in Borås may not have this exact view but very happy to spend the next couple of days back with @nellycom 💘


Pissed about that shadow but pls let my brows look like this everyday forever? @gabbiemakeup is 💣