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que hondas

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sista sista


look ma, no legs


merry christmas ya filthy animals



❄️happy to be back in burrrmont❄️


que pasa


(about the new curtains that Jane bought)

Jane Smith: If you don't like them we can take them back.

John Smith: All right, I don't like them.

Jane Smith: You'll get used to them

Mr. & Mrs. Smith



dont cha wish ur cousin was hot like mine #genconf


I don't know where I'd be without my sister Laura.
Thank you for constantly pushing me to be my best and for always reminding me what I deserve. Every good decision I've made in my life has been inspired by your example. Thank you for being born first!

Happy 23rd Birthday Wawa❤️


cool AF canyon



my favorite part of today was when a 4 year old boy embraced me sobbing because he finally got to meet Moana

cup bop was a close second though


soaking up that last bit of summer


it's cool to not be the only Mormon in a 30 mile radius again



happiness (noun)- when Tess Bloom comes to visit for the weekend


see the light where the sky meets the sea it calls me ¿Hannah or Moana?


don't hike a mountain in a skirt



It's my favorite human's birthday today. I'm grateful for this 53 year old and all that he's done for me and those around him. Thank you for picking me up every time I fell down, for staying up and waiting for me every time I got home late, for helping me with essays at 2 am, and for always encouraging me to live up to the potential I didn't know I had. I would be nothing without my dad. Love you! With or without hair! 😉❤️


She told me she was in the same 300 mile radius as me so I got in my car and here we are🤷🏽‍♀️


water holes don't care if you put makeup on today or not



When your high school friends are true homies and go to church with you just to hear your homecoming talk ⛪️❤️


How to Take Couple Photos Without an Actual Boyfriend 101: use your brother


Project Free the Fro


on cool segways with great friends and a gorgeous vermont view


Kayla Smalls is hot and so is @entrebandhad 's music 🔥


Happiness is temporary. But joy is everlasting. And family is forever.


If you talk enough sense then you'll lose your mind


Here's to new beginnings #homebound


"I cannot believe I am just about to close this wonderful chapter of my life. My time as a full-time missionary has come to an end and on Thursday morning my dad will pick me up at the mission home. Am I already crying in anticipation to embrace that man? The answer is yes.
Growing up my dad always told me the same thing, over and over. And I truly believe this phrase was the little seedling that led me to filling out my mission papers. He said: 'Every good thing I have in my life is a result of my mission.' I never truly understood what he meant by that until I came on my mission and was able to see for myself the many blessings that my family and I have in our lives because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. For the first time the gospel wasn´t something I only learned about on Sundays. The Spirit wasn´t just a good feeling I only felt at Youth Conference. I realized that being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints isn´t my religion.. it is my life.

Thank you for your support, your prayers and for your love. This week I will be saying my final goodbyes and visiting old areas. You could say I´m excited!

See you soon!

Hermana Antillón"


•Week 73! •

I love this area with a burning passion. And I love my companion Sister Zelaya.

She´s from Honduras. Her favorite color is blue. She likes to eat Baleadas. I love Baleadas and I love the color blue and I love Honduras so we are the perfect companionship. Hallelujah." "....Another miracle was that our cocinera painted my nails and they really needed work. She´s an angel.

I love my companion. I´m so happy to be a missionary. And I will continue to live in the moment of every moment of every day."


Week 72! "It´s officially official... I will end my mission in Atlacatl! YAYYYYYYYY!"


This weeks highlights! •••••••••
-During interchanges with Sister Ramirez we bought Mangoneadas from the apartment in front of ours. We started commenting how how good the fish they were cooking smelled. Before I knew it... boom. Free plate of food. I love this spiritual gift of mine. Such good fish. AMEN.
-After only 3 weeks in the area I was here on interchanges with Sister Ramirez and didn´t even get lost! Yay! Haha
-Last night my companion and I fixed our toilet together. That was good.
-I gave a talk on Sunday about the quote by President Hinckley:
“a friend, a responsibility, and nurturing with ‘the good word of God.’