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Last week, the Duke of Cambridge, @loylecarner, @rioferdy5 , @romankemp & more got their #HeadsTogether to support our charity partner @thecalmzone #BestManProject.
This is just a short clip from their powerful conversation about men’s mental health & the importance of friendship.
📹 Click the link in our bio to watch the full conversation & join the Best Man Project today ⬆️


Next week, The Duchess of Cambridge will launch Heads Together's new mental health project, supporting the well-being of young children in schools.
One in five children will experience a mental health difficulty at least once before the age of 11, so for The Duchess, supporting young people is at the heart of Heads Together.

We have been working with our charity partners @youngmindsuk, @_place2be and Anna Freud Centre as well as @centreformh and we look forward to sharing more information about this initiative next Tuesday.

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If a friend or family member is struggling with an eating disorder, knowing how to help them can be really difficult.
Here, Hope shares her story, and from her experience, has suggested 5 ways you can support that person.
“If we aren’t ready to open up and accept we have a problem, please do just be patient with us. Give us time and make us feel loved. I know it can feel really disheartening when you are doing these things and nothing seems to be changing but please stick with us.”
Thank you so much, Hope for sharing your story, and your advice.
Click the link in our bio for more
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"Suffering from depression, anxiety and low self confidence, have since my teens, probably longer if I’m honest, given me the belief that conquering something like the marathon, is just not achievable, not only am I just not fit enough, but also, how would someone like me be worthy of taking part in such an event.

Well, now I’m in a position mentally that actually I think it is achievable, and I have some great support that helps me believe that too." It's great to hear that those that took part in the #oktosay series and the Mind Over Marathon documentary inspired him to join #teamheadstogether for the @londonmarathon and that he's working towards a goal that he has always dreamed of.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Neil, we'll be cheering for you on race day!

Read Neil's story via the link in our bio.
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What does being a best man mean to you?
Earlier this week, we joined our charity partner @calmzone to show men all over the country that you don't need to wait until your wedding to be a best man.
The Duke of Cambridge joined @rioferdy5, @loylecarner, @romankemp, Carl Anka and their best mates to talk about what it means to be best man.
Last year we released research that showed men are less likely to talk about their mental health than women and this needs to change.

CALM are doing fantastic work in suicide prevention and by joining the #BestManProject, you can find out ways you can be there for your mate more often.

Link in our bio.

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Unsure how to cope with Anxiety? You're not alone.
Here are Jo’s 5 top tips on what she finds helps her anxiety. Last year, Jo took part in our #oktosay series, talking to her mum Sue about the first conversation they had on mental health.
Please do tag people in the comments below to help them if they may be struggling.
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This evening, the Duke of Cambridge met staff, volunteers and supporters of the @calmzone #bestmanproject as part of his work on the #headstogether campaign.
The Best Man Project asks why you need a wedding to be a Best Man? If you feel like you could be there for your mates more, you’re not alone. JOIN the #BestManProject now - click the link in our bio.
We’ll share The Duke’s conversation on men’s mental health and friendship this Friday so keep your eyes peeled 👀

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Later today, The Duke of Cambridge will meet some of the @calmzone staff and volunteers, who have been supporting their #bestmanproject
Being a best man is often a shining example of what it means to be a great mate, so to celebrate this, CALM launched the Best Man Project, asking: why save it for a wedding?
The Best Man Project is a light-hearted helping hand for men who want to feel confident and comfortable being there for mates in good times and bad.
Keep your eyes peeled for updates on and join the #bestmanproject for tips and advice on being a better mate more often. Link in our bio.

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We're feeling motivated by the determination #TeamHeadsTogether are showing to change the conversation on mental health.
Got a ballot place? You can join the team too via the link in our bio.
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Mental health problems are the leading cause of absence from work in the UK.
Last year The Duke of Cambridge attended a briefing with business leaders to discuss the importance of workplace wellbeing.
The Duke heard from top employers about how mental health and wellbeing is currently understood within the workplace, and what more we can do to encourage conversations.
Currently people are least likely to talk to their HR Department and this needs to change.
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When @rioferdy5 was finding it difficult to cope with the loss of his wife, he opened up to his agent and friend Jamie.

Knowing it's #oktosay how you're feeling to people you work with can make a huge difference to your mental health.
Thank you to Rio and Jamie for showing the power of a trusted listener.
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If you've had time off over the festive period, returning to work in January can be difficult.

It's really important that we look after ourselves, and look out for each other in the workplace. Our wonderful supporter, and #TeamHeadsTogether member, Georgie, has put together these tips for how to help your colleagues if you think they're having a difficult time.

Click the link in our bio for more.
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This year, Heads Together and our charity partners will be launching new tools to help millions of people in the UK’s schools, workplaces and in the military, have conversations about mental health and get help wherever they are and whenever they need to.
Your support last year meant that we saw a real change in the conversation on mental health in the UK, but there is still so much to do. So get involved today! Click the link in our bio to find out how.


It’s 2018 and we’re so excited for all that’s to come.
With thanks to all of you, last year was incredible. After decades of campaigning by charities across the UK, we saw millions of people talk about mental health and a shift in the conversation.
So much has already been achieved, but there is still so much more to do.
Get involved now by clicking on the link in our bio. 💙


Over the festive period, our Instagram will have limited moderation.

If you are struggling with your mental health, and need some support, you can reach to our charity partners, using the information below.

We’ll be back to welcome in the New Year with you on January 2nd.



2017 has been incredible.
Ever single one of you has truly shown that when we get our heads together, we can achieve great things.
We've listed just a few memorable moments on the link in our bio.
Roll on 2018 ❤️🎉


3. ‘I am here if you need me’

A quick reminder goes a long well in helping us to not feel like a burden on others

Christmas can be a challenging time for those that are struggling with an eating disorder. Read Hope's 10 helpful things you can say to a loved one that may be finding things tough.
Link in bio.
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We ❤️ Liv's incredible reason for running for mental health in the 2018 London Marathon.

If you've got a ballot place, why not join her mission and be part of #TeamHeadsTogether? 🏃

Link in bio.

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What's your favourite song to listen to when you're running?
Radio 1xtra DJ @nickbrightdj has created a playlist for some #MondayMotivation to get you running.
Link in bio

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We've got that #fridayfeeling looking back on @themixuk's volunteers Christmas party from last year.

We joined them to celebrate the important work of the volunteers who make a huge difference supporting others with their mental health.
A big thank you to the team from all of us at Heads Together.


If you're feeling anxious or struggling with social anxiety, the festive season and in particular, your work Christmas party can be really difficult.
We've put these tips together that you may find helpful and can share with others to help anyone that may be struggling during the festive season.

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“People sometimes don’t realise that there’s a human being at the end of the words”
The Duke of Cambridge spoke to Lucy Alexander and Chloe Hine about the importance of stopping cyber bullying. Lucy lost her son Felix to suicide having been continuously bullied online; and Chloe Hine experienced cyber bullying growing up.
If you haven’t already seen The Royal Foundation’s new campaign on the prevention of cyberbullying, check it out now @stopspeaksupport #stopspeaksupport


“Our conversation about mental illness has just started”
Some #mondaymotivation from #teamheadstogether runner Leane after finishing the 2017 Mental Health @londonmarathon


However you're feeling & whatever you're going through, it really is #oktosay. Remember that talking can help and that you are not alone. @ladygaga and the Duke of Cambridge @kensingtonroyal showed that two heads are better than one when they had a transatlantic conversation about mental health earlier this year. 📹 If you haven't already seen it, click the link in our bio to watch it now.


Yesterday, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited a Stepping Out session at the BBC Children's department, where they met Josh, who appeared in a BBC Newsround special, telling his experience of mental health challenges.

You can watch his programme by clicking the link in our bio.
They also chatted about #mentalhealth to children from The Friars Primary School who like to show each other that it's #oktosay


The wonderful @blackdogwalks was part of #teamheadstogether and #mindovermarathon in 2017.
His experience helped him learn more about himself and showed him the power of this community in starting a conversation on mental health.

Since the marathon, Jake has committed to keeping the conversation going & has been walking all around the country, helping and encouraging people to talk about mental health.
This message from Jake is to inspire you all on #MarathonMonday. If you’ve got a ballot place, you can join #teamheadstogether now. Visit our website to find out how.


What an inspiration - Dan Keeley has run 1,250 miles from Rome to Home in aid of our charity partner @calmzone, showing it's #oktosay by sharing his story of dealing with Bipolar Disorder & inspiring people to open up and get help if they need it.

Click the link in our bio to find out all about it.


Sometimes being a good friend just means taking the time to listen. Conversations where a friend feels comfortable talking about their mental health can make a huge difference.
@professorgreen @aflintoff11
#ThursdayThoughts 💭


At the launch of the @stopspeaksupport campaign to tackle cyber bullying, the Duke of Cambridge made this powerful speech.

He said: “I’m always amazed by the saviness and creativity of your generation, and I’m excited about the world you’re going to create and lead in decades to come.” The aim of the campaign is to help young people know what to do if they see someone being bullied online. To find out more, or watch the speech in full, visit www.stopspeaksupport.com, & remember, if you see something online that would make you uncomfortable if it happened face to face, #StopSpeakSupport. ✋ 💬 👍


"Once you can convince yourself to get out the front door, that's something to be proud of, regardless of how far or fast you ran. That pride is invaluable to motivation." Click the link in our bio to read an article written by our very own #TeamHeadsTogehter runner Karl Hinett on how running helps him.