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Changing the conversation on mental health because when we get our #HeadsTogether we can achieve great things.


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6 months ago #teamheadstogether took part in the @londonmarathon
From those that ran for mental health, to those that came to cheer them on - we are incredibly proud of the whole team and all they have achieved.

Got a ballot place and want to join the team? Link in bio.

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#TBT to this absolutely fab insta story take over by @adwoaaboah. You're great!! Thank you for taking us inside Buckingham Palace!! 👏👏#HeadsTogether #oktosay #buckinghampalace #takeover #mentalhealth #worldmentalhealthday


If you've got a ballot place, join #TeamHeadsTogether and keep the conversation on mental health going.

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In the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon you can be part of #TeamHeadsTogether.


This year, #TeamHeadsTogether showed they were determined to change the conversation on mental health.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry hosted a national celebration on mental health at Buckingham palace on World Mental Health Day. @kensingtonroyal

It was incredible to be part of this celebration and see that people are ready to keep the conversation on mental health going.
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"If we just step back for a second and think about where we are and how far we've come, it is a remarkable achievement" - Stephen Fry

This achievement is down to all of you. @stephenfryactually, president of @mindcharity gave an empowering speech, reflecting on what we have all achieved so far and how we can work together on what still needs to be done.
It was fantastic to be part of the national celebration on mental health, hosted by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry @kensingtonroyal at Buckingham Palace @theroyalfamily
Let's keep the conversation on mental health going, helping others find their voice to talk and being there to listen when loved ones feel ready to open up.

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We had so much fun celebrating World Mental Health Day and celebrating all you have achieved so far.
Each of you have helped create a national conversation on mental health whether you were a Team Heads Together runner, a mental health campaigner or a person who found the courage to open up about your mental health this year.

Thank YOU for all you have done and continue to do to change the conversation on mental health.

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Head over to our insta stories for an insta takeover from @adwoaaboah, who is at a national celebration of mental health

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Feeling motivated by the determination shown today to keep the conversation on mental health going.

You all truly show that when we get our Heads Together, we can achieve great things.

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry hosted a reception at St James' palace to celebrate a few of the people that helped to create a national conversation on mental health this year.

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The day has finally arrived! We are so excited to celebrate World Mental Health Day and everything you have all achieved so far.

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry will be thanking those that have already done so much to help end mental health stigma.

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"For too long, acknowledging emotion or challenging thoughts was seen as counterproductive to the fundamental characteristics of the Armed Forces"

The partnership of The Royal Foundation and Ministry of Defence marks a change and significant day for military mental health.

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"This is what the partnership between the MOD and The Royal Foundation is all about. Placing mental fitness and mental health at the heart of the training and support provided to the entire defence community" - Prince Harry

Link our bio for more info.

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The Royal Foundation have launched a new partnership with The Ministry of Defence to strengthen the mental health support and services that are available to Defence Personnel. The Royal Foundation will provide advice and resources to the MOD to improve training and education in mental health to integrate into training courses and briefing processes across the Armed Forces. It is with the hope that people will no longer have to suffer in silence, and that physical and mental health will be considered of equal importance in the military. #militarymentalhealth #mentalhealth #veterans #military #beyondinjury #headstogether #oktosay @kensingtonroyal @ministryofdefence


Today, Prince Harry and The Ministry of Defence will be making an important announcement about their work in military mental health. Watch our story for live updates.

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The Duke of Cambridge visited the Data Observatory at Imperial College London to look at the impact of the Heads Together campaign, and talk through its next steps, including the investment by The Royal Foundation in a new start up for digital mental health innovation.
We can't wait to share more about the new digital start up, as well as our schools, workplace and military focused programmes, and we look forward to having you with us on the next stage of Heads Together's journey.

There's more to come, so keep your eyes peeled in the run up to #WMHD17.
When we get our heads together we really can achieve great things.

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With your help, the conversation on mental health in the UK is changing.
We've done the UK's largest series of surveys on mental health, and here's what we found... From our research, we already knew that conversations about mental health can help. So we set out to show as many mental health conversations as we could.
You can see in the second picture that half the country is talking about mental health. Women are talking more than men, and that the younger you are, the more likely you are to talk.
And it's been absolutely brilliant to see that during the peak of the Heads Together campaign, 2.1 million more people had a conversation about their own mental health.
But there is still more to do.
Heads Together is now working to help people have conversations about mental health, and get the help they need.
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We have some exciting news to share... With #WorldMentalHealthDay on the horizon & following over a year of campaigning to change the conversation on mental health, we're really excited to announce that The Royal Foundation is investing in a new start-up for digital mental health innovation. The start-up will focus on the development of digital tools to help people have conversations about mental health, whether in times of calm or times of crisis.
We will also continue working with our charity partners, and will be investing in programmes to support the mental health of millions of people in the UK's schools, workplaces and within the defence community. We can't wait to share more information about our mental health programmes with you in the year ahead.
For more information, click the link in our bio.
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Phil contracted a debilitating condition after serving in Afghanistan, which had a huge impact on his mental health.
Ashamed to admit he needed help, he wouldn't let his wife tell anyone that he was struggling.
Since then, he has been able to share his story and through support has learnt how to manage his mental health.
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Finding the right person to talk about your mental health with can be a crucial step in finding support.
David Titman, Marketing Manager at Unilever shares his experience with Depression and how a conversation with his friend, began his journey to support.

Link in our bio.
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"Our vision is to create a society that treats mental health like physical health"

In December 2016, The Duke of Cambridge urged top businesses to embrace their ability to effect long-lasting social change on mental health.

The Duke met with business leaders such as Unilever, to discuss the importance of workplace wellbeing and heard from @mindcharity & @timetochangecampaign to learn more about their work supporting workplace mental health.
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Celebrating kindness is a fantastic way to promote mental health & the power of being there for someone.
At Mitchell Brook Primary School & @_place2be 's Big Assembly, Liban & Ammaar shared their thoughts on the positive effect showing kindness can have if someone is struggling.

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What did you want to be when you grew up?
This student from Mitchell Brook Primary School wants to be a poet and at @_place2be's Big Assembly earlier in the year, she used her voice to spread a message on kindness & the importance of being there for each other: "We are born as clean slates.
We are born innocent.
The kindness factor is vital for everyone.
The kindness factor is being bold.
The Kindness factor is not for the cold hearted.
The kindness factor is to show humanity to the less privileged.
The kindness factor is to put a smile on someone's face.
The kindness factor is to lend a listening ear.
The Kindness factor cannot be bought.
We can all have the kindness factor.
We can all make a difference in the world through kindness.
The kindness factor is what I stand for.
The kindness factor is what our generation should inspire to have.
The kindness factor is what Mitchell Brooks School stands for.
The kindness factor is what the world should stand for." #NationalPoetryDay


Sometimes the simple things can make a huge difference.

When Louise opened up to her boyfriend about her mental health, the simple methods of support really mattered.

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LOVE this.

@trewrussellbrand getting involved with our charity partner @themixuk, learning more about the fantastic support they offer.

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Jimmy Carr on stage at the Heads Together Comedy Night, ready to #StandUpForYoungMinds.

Thank you to all the comedians for empowering young people's mental health.

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We're getting our #HeadsTogether to end stigma on mental health at the Heads Together Comedy Night.

@adeleroberts is ready to #StandUpForYoungMinds. Are you?
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You are all AMAZING. Big congrats on completing the @nfmarathon 🙌💪🏅 #Repost @blackdogwalks (@get_repost)
We run for Mental Health 👊🏻
Running today at the @nfmarathon were @claudiaharriet1994 and Mel from #mindovermarathon and @peter26point2 : all #mentalhealth advocates fighting to raise funds for mental health charities @mentalhealthfoundation @mindcharity @ocdukcharity and to keep the conversation about mental health alive. .
Today is also #worldsuicidepreventionday , a day where we remember those whose pain was just too huge to live with, and where we let those who suffer in silence know - you are not alone.

I battled thoughts of taking my own life for a long time, and for me the turning point was realising that the people around me WEREN'T better off without me, they WOULDN'T be secretly pleased I was gone and they DID care about me and my happiness. I realised these things by dropping the act, and talking. Today we reach out to those who have yet to to realise, and to let them know that by opening up, there's another way out.
And to anyone struggling today, I want you to know that times change, situations change and your perspective, in time, will change. This pain inside you will not last forever. You matter. You have worth. The night is always darkest before the dawn x
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You can make a difference this #WorldSuicidePreventionDay

Take a minute to ask someone if they're ok.
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We're feeling inspired by @iamdankeeley and his determination to normalise the conversation on mental health.
He's running from #RomeToHome in aid of #HeadsTogether Charity Partner @calmzone. That's 1250 miles! GO DAN 💪🏃🙌 #MentalHealth #oktosay