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WTF? You think things through. You're #considerate to those around you. You always strive to #dotherightthing. These are qualities that the #universe should #reward with bountiful #riches, right? You should be #financially set by now, shouldn't you?

Here's where everyone reading this let's out a #collective sigh. If only we could pay our bills with #goodintentions (or #Instagram hearts) .

Have you ever seen a documentary on #ants? Or even just watched real ants closely? They don't just walk in a straight line. They move erratically, which allows the #group to cover more area in their search for food. Ants are masters of #synergy and they don't even realize it.

Your path isn't intended to be a straight line.

Your lack of cold, hard cash sucks right now, but is really part of the overall plan. It allows you the #freedom to take risks because there really isn't that much of a comfort zone to step out of. A year from now you'll look back and say, "If I had the job I wanted then, I'd still be in a cubicle under fluorescents instead of on this #safari chasing my #dreams. "



For a minute there you thought you had this #life thing all figured out. The younger you knew exactly what you wanted and it went out and got it--no questions asked. So why is the older, more experienced you starting to question the plan? Why aren't you growing stronger in your convictions?

I don't know much, but one thing I'm pretty sure about is that the old ways of thinking are no longer relevant. The tried and true pathways to #success are guarded by the #HoundsofHell. The #goals we thought were just out of reach reveal themselves as #illusions the closer we get. The #rewards of hard #work have become #myths once recited by the #elders.

It's time to get back to basics. Time to do a little #alchemy. Reduce your entire #existence to the #elemental essentials then recalibrate and redistribute them as your #DivineSelf.

Stand proud in what you've accomplished. You're an #amazing being of #light. Now let's see what else you've got. Because something tells me, we ain't seen nothin yet.



Think of your #life as a good #NetflixandChill marathon. You sit down with a big bowl of popcorn and a bottle or two of wine... and you start to get into it... you connect with the characters... the lead #love interests have great #chemistry... you feel the #beat of the story.

Then, suddenly, at about the halfway point, something happens that you didn't see coming that sends the heros on a completly #new path. And for a minute, you #wakeup from your comfortable daze and pay attention.

This is where you are right now--at the #midpoint of the movie. And you need to spin this story in a new, #unpredictable direction to get you to the #crescendo with some #excitement. Add some twists and turns to liven life up a bit.

But listen (this is important), you have to remember that your life is a #marathon, not a single episode. When the first one ends, you have to start another one. Otherwise, you're just sitting there a little bit drunk in a silent house, deconstructing what you just watched.

And why would you do that when you still have so many episodes left to watch? So many, in fact, that you won't get to all of them. And some are going to suck. But it doesn't matter because there's always another one waiting in the #queue.

Always be #writing your #story. And when one ends, start a new one. Always be #recreating.




This #life isn't exactly what you expected it would be. You have so many good ideas, but you just don't know how to make them #manifest. I feel you. But don't get frustrated.

We aren't all given a fair chance in life. It's ok to say it--it's the #truth. The #realization of this fact is the first step to changing your situation. It's where you stop blindly going along with an #existence that someone else created and start #creating your own.

The old ways of doing things just don't work anymore. No matter how hard you fight, the system is designed to keep you just #happy enough to continue feeding the machine instead of starting a global #revolution.

Listen--stop playing the game with the rigged set of rules. Stop betting against the house and become the house. Stop trying to raise your status in life from pawn to queen and transcend the game completely. Rise from #pawn to #player. You don't want to be a piece. You want to be the one in control of the pieces.

Stop being a piece. You're not a piece.

Chess pieces are easily discarded to the side during the game, and once the game is over, they all go back in the box. Meanwhile, the two players have shaken hands and gone off for a beer. But there you sit... in a box... with the rest of the pieces.

No, forget that. Play the game. You know what I'm talking about. I know you know what I'm talking about. I know who you are and so should you. We're cut from the same cloth.

That fire that burns in your gut? Let it burn. Stand up in the the town square engulfed in flame and be the shining #light that the #Divine energy meant for you to be.

Anyone who tries to discourage you is just trying to take your pieces.



There’s this great quote from #SharonSalzberg that goes, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire #universe, deserve your #love and #affection.” And she’s right… it’s true. You deserve just as much of your love-infused attention as everybody else.

But there’s a reason that your #energy is in such high demand--it’s a #selfless energy that only grows stronger and brighter the more you #share it. That’s what happens when you realize #selflove is actually #universallove. We’re all different perspectives of a singular #Source, which means we are all #one, which means that when we show unconditional #loveandkindness to others, we actually #heal ourselves.

This doesn’t mean be a #doormat. This doesn’t mean sit on concrete with a welcoming grin while strangers clean their boots on you. This is where you need to find #balance. This is where you need to turn your #healing gift of #unconditionallove inward. Seek #connections of mutual #intention. Release anchors that prevent you from #growing.

You’re name is #worth more than a trip through the mud. You yourself are worthy of receiving as much love as you give. Be open to it. Let it in. Let it lift you higher.



It's time to come out of your shell. You're an #artistic, #intelligent person and you're tired of being talked to like a child... so stop tolerating it.

The #art waiting to #manifest through your fingertips is nothing like your insecure outer appearance. The ideas in your head are big. They're #inspiring. They're mature. And it's time that the world to hears your #voice.

There's just one small problem. The people who know you aren't going to necessarily appreciate your #growth. They've become quite comfortable with relying on you to do their bidding. You're the one whose ideas and plans get put on the back burner while louder voices get their way. You're the one who goes along with everyone else's plans and doesn't complain when your plans get canceled.

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.

Your voice matters. Demand it be heard. Find the #courage to be bigger than your #selfesteem. You have important #work to do and you aren't #serving anyone by not being #true to yourself. I know you can do it.




Imagine if the two sides of #you--the Inner You (your #morals, your #hopes, your #dreams... who you are at your core) and the Outer You (the mask you wear in public)--were dating. We rarely think of these two aspects of #Self as being in a #relationship, but it's a constant compromise between the two if you want to keep #harmony in the #home (your body) .

Right now, Outer You is pretty much calling the shots and Inner You is feeling more than a little neglected. Outer You gets up in the morning and deals with traffic and #life... then comes home late at night and crashes without even acknowledging Inner You or the #nourishing dinner that Inner You spent the entire day preparing and watched go cold alone... at a table set for two... as the dining room went dark.

Look, I'm not one to give couples advice, but if Outer You doesn't make some compromises so that Inner You can express itself a little, there are gonna be some real problems. Your #soul is screaming for acknowledgment from your physical being.

It just takes a little #realignment to get things back in #balance. #Wine your soul. #Dine your soul. Let your soul know you #love it. You know that saying, "a #happy wife is a happy #life"? That same thing applies here, too. And while "a happy soul makes a happy lole" doesn't have the same ring to it, I think you get the picture.

#onelove #hobosafecamp


Talk about #goodvibesonly! Your #soul is filled with #spirit and #love. Your #work is #meaningful and has #purpose. Your drive and #intent are #pure. So what's this feeling that keeps you up at night? Why do you sometimes feel trapped and misunderstood?

It's time to take your focus off the physical realm and #tune in to your higher mind. Be content that your human goals are on track and look inward to your #heart then upward through your #crown.

You'll find #liberation from this discontent in serving others right now. #Nourish those who need you with the #healingenergy of #unconditionallove. You #shine brightest when you stand in your true #light.

And remember--you're never alone. Return to your #spiritfamily often for love, #strength, and #support. You receive the love you give... what we tend to forget is that it doesn't always come from a reciprocal #source. So be open to it in all its forms.

#onelove #hobosafecamp


The #successes and failures that each person faces in #life ebb and flow to a #natural universal #rhythm. Selling out can create an unnatural #movement to apparent #success, but won't shield you indefinitely from the inevitable failure that always eventually follows.

This is especially #true when it comes to #money. Unless you're a high-ranking member of the #Illuminati, #wealth always fluctuates like a fickle stream... which is why it's important to always excersise #humility and #love unconditionally, regardless of your #financialstatus.

After all, we're all always just a single uncontrollable outside influence away from losing everything material. Being of #strong character, on the other hand, can make you #immortal.

#onelove #hobosafecamp



Nothing like a #supermoon with an #eclipse to shake things up. Make it a #bluebloodmoon for good measure and the world seems to fall on its head. These types of wild-energy events always seem to come along when we’re at our most vulnerable. It’s almost like it’s by design! But regardless of reason, we always seem to #wakeup a day or two later and look back with a twinge of regret at how we lost control of our reactions.

So now that we’re beginning a brief moment of reprieve before the next burst of hard #energy, we need to focus on #purification and not dwell on the perceived failures of the past. Because they weren’t failures--they were necessary steps. They were tough lessons to learn, but look where we are now. We’re standing at the precipice of limitless #potential. We’re at the launching point of everything. It’s T-minus NOW to liftoff. So no more tears--it’s #time to cleanse the #soul with #love.

Purify. #Purify. Purify.

Because what we just went through was nothing. It was child’s play. It was like we were boxers in training wearing head protection. But at any moment, we’re going to have to take off our masks and step into the ring with the real deal. And if we spend the #now stewing over the past instead of rebuilding our #confidence in a strenuous cycle of #selflove and #service, we’re looking at an inevitable first-round knockout when we eventually face off against the #future.

The energy of the winter months is brutal. It’s cold and it’s hungry and it’s incredibly introspective. And when the spring energy hits, if we’re not ready to go, it moves on through without us. Another wave missed. So it’s time to get into serious #spiritual and #emotional shape now before it gets here.

Let those past holds go. Reset. What do you see right in front of you? Start there and move forward.

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You know what we've done, don't you? We came here together with mutual #intent and we not only opened a #door, we created a door where only a wall once stood. We kicked a hole through the fabric of #space and #time so we could escape the mundane circular cycle of our prescribed #human experience. We focused our #energy and cut through with #laser precision.

And the most #beautiful thing about it is that none of us can even begin to #predict what's on the other side. We leave predictability at the threshold and open ourselves up to unknown #adventure. We grant ourselves permission to #create the moment in the moment.

We pray to our #higherselves for #guidance into the #light. As we #build a new world where everything is possible. As we move outward to our #true sense of #purpose. As we return to #love.

I know it all sounds overly dramatic--but that's because it is!!! Look at what we did! Look how the change in your #heart has brought change to the planet! Look how you change lives! ! !

We can't stop here. We can't get complacent. We can't forget to #grow.

Through that door lies #Ascension. To pass through it means leveling up toward #Source. And it doesn't come easily. It requires moving on. It requires #lettinggo. It requires fighting stagnation. Sacrifice of paralysis isn't as easy as you might think.

But you're not in this alone. We created that door together. And we'll walk through it together, too. So stop trippin’ and take a deep breath. It's time.

#everyoneonthecountofthree #hobosafecamp


How does that old saying go again? We must study #history to ensure that history doesn't repeat itself? Something like that. But it's kinda bullshit, don't you think? Isn't a more accurate statement to say that the obsession of history ensures the repetition of history? Think about it! If immersing ourselves history prevents mistakes, why do we keep making the same mistakes? Why can't we ever break the cycle?

History is really great at teaching us what went wrong, but it doesn't offer many #newideas. Why do we continue to drill old ideas into our children’s young and open minds? Why can't we allow them the opportunity to #create a world of their own without the all the baggage of our #ancestors?

Why won't we allow ourselves the opportunity to start over? To begin anew? To change?

When will the lessons be learned and #karma finally cleared?

Stop obsessing. Start #clean. Be #free.

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"If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment." #HenryDavidThoreau #tarplife #hobosafecamp


WTF? Does everything have to be a struggle? Must every move be met with resistance? Is this really it? This is #life? Really?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the answer is #yes. Just ask #Buddha. He'll tell you that life is suffering. He'll tell you that we're not here on #vacation. That we're here to #learn. To #overcome. To #riseabove.

A life of constant struggle isn't a failed life. It's just life. So stop seeing yourself as a failure and turn your focus away from the past. Change your #intention to future #success. Change your mood to cheerful #optimism.

Of course you face continual conflict. It means you're still breathing. It means you're not dead. Your frustration isn't with life. It's with your own refusal to jump through hoops.

And that's where all the #excitement is--there in the mud and the weeds. Not in the #illusion of #money. Not in the #fantasy of #Utopia.

It's right here. You're standing on a goldmine of #abundance. But you've gotta drill deep and mine for it. You have to get in the water and sift through sand. You have to do the #work.

Ya dig?

#getdirty #hobosafecamp


It's finished. All that darkness and obsession over broken #dreams has passed. It's behind you. It's proverbial water under the proverbial bridge. And I know you were hard on yourself. I realize it's going to take some time to completely #forgive everyone involved. But the wave of negativity that dragged you behind it through most of last year has passed. The only thing left to do is release the memories.

It's starting. A new era of #unlimitedpotential has opened up and spreads as #light. It's time to build on the #foundation of #lessonslearned. It's time to build a #life of #dreamsrealized. A life filled with #abundance of #love. A life of your choosing. The life you deserve.

But it doesn't happen on it's own. It doesn't #manifest for those who sit waiting. You have to initiate #fate. You have to go get it. You have to make the impossible real.

You have to do the #work.

You don't #exercise your #will by closing your eyes and #hoping. You don't #create change by sticking with the status quo. Innovation requires both #imagination AND #action. A #happylife requires #awareness AND #participation. Total #freedom requires #knowing what you want AND not letting anything (yourself included) stand in your way.

Get #free.

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A recent study of people who have gone through near-death/life-review experiences suggests that after we pass, #time really does seem to stop and our lives do indeed pass before our eyes. But the most interesting thing found was that while reliving those moments, we're able to experience them through a completely new perspective. We're able to empathetically wear the shoes of the other participants and know what it was like for them. And not only that--to know them fully and recall their memories that we weren't a part of, so that we can understand their actions in the moment completely.

It’s just more proof that we really are #connected. We really are all different perspectives of a singular #Source. But you already knew this. You’re already able to silently feel the suffering of others. You already feel their #joy.

It’s this recognition of #self in others and your comprehension of the #whole that allows you to #build a #peaceful life in the #hereandnow.

This is what makes you a great warrior--your ability to empathetically feel the pain of your haters. It’s what turns your enemies into #friends. It’s what allows you to keep cool when the fighting starts. And it’s what allows you to #create change when the fighting finally stops.

And once you #know that we’re all living each other’s lives, it only makes sense that you want to #heal the world. This is why #forgiveness of others is the ultimate form of #selflove.

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Well, here we are… two weeks into January and returning to routine. You didn't even bother with #newyearsresolutions this year because, really, what's the point? So at least you're not about to start breaking promises to yourself that you knew you'd never keep. This, however, does not change the fact that you're bored beyond belief. In fact, this does very little to add spice to your bland and predictable life.

So just start something new. Just let everything go and saunter your bad self into the future. Easy breezy, right? Piece of cake for someone as naturally talented as you, wouldn't you say?

That's the problem for people who make #life look easy--people assume that you don't have to work for it. They don't understand the effort you have to control and focus every second of every day to make your #light shine.

But you do work for it! You work harder than all of them! That's the real #magic. There isn't any #hocuspocus. Saying #abracadabra doesn't do shit. It's 100 percent dependent on #work.

And you work. Holy fuck, you work!

But what's the alternative? Throwing in the towel and joining the minions in their gray march toward death without meaning? A pointless existence in pursuit of hollow dollars?

No way! You're not about that life! And that's what I #love most about you. And I'm not alone.

Embrace your magnetism. They're drawn to you for a reason.

#manaratarot #aceofearth #sevenofwater #theemperor


The concept for Hobo Safe Camp was originally conceived about 3 years ago on the corner of Grand Ave and Carlsbad Blvd, right outside the #kokobeach restaurant. As @stoopcrone and I waited for the light to change so we could cross the street, a chance encounter with an old #mentor set the wheel in motion.

Whenever the #creative well starts to dry up, we always return to this spot. And even though it doesn't appear to be anything special to the naked eye, the #vibe of this intersection is responsible for so many personal and #spiritual incarnations as my #creativity continues to #evolve. Today included.

Where's your special spot? Where do you go to find inspiration? When was the last time you went there to seek #clarity?

#visionquest #hobosafecamp



Why did you come here? You were seeking something more to #life, right? It's why we're all here. The adequate connections that our brewing #spirituality required didn't exist within the physical boundaries that our earthly bodies are required to exist in. So we #digitized our #souls and reached out. And it was electric.

Like minds exist. There are energies out there who also seek #love above all. Who also understand the power of #unconditionalkindness. It's actually pretty awesome.

But lately, what the fuck? What happened to the #progression? What happened to the #sacred bond that was supposed to be stronger than competition?

I mean how long are we gonna sit around talking about this big #change that we can all feel coming? When are we going to pull our #collective heads out of our asses and acknowledge that it's already happened? Change comes in the night like a whisper. And if we miss it and we keep on like everything's the same and we do nothing, then I suppose we all get what we deserve--another fucking day just like the last. Another night wondering if tomorrow's the day. An entire life of routine.

It's stupid. What's wrong with us?

We can see it plain as day. We #know what we're capable of. We've witnessed our power at #work. But it's so much easier to continue the chase than to actually catch up to our #higherconsciousness. To have to decide what to do next. You know I'm right. Talking about #levelingup is way easier than actually leveling up. Think about it… nobody wants to #startover. There's comfort in past misery. We know it so well. We wear it as our skin. We #love it more than we #wish we could #letitgo.

But it's not too late to catch the shifting wave. There's still time to be the change we seek. We just have to be it. Right now. In the current moment. Not later. You don't even have to read this entire caption before you change. You can do it now.

Or now.

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You know what you want. That’s the easy part. To just exist in this #beautiful world--what bliss! To surround yourself with #light and #love and warm, glowing #goodvibes--is it really possible? You have to believe it is. And you’ll fight to the death to make that #dream a reality.

But there’s a reason that your victories don’t bring satisfaction. It’s no secret why your conquests always fall a little flat. It’s what happens when you chase the #dreams of others. It’s the natural course when you choose to follow the #algorithm of the masses. It’s what fighting someone else's war does to you.

You always do this. You don’t even let them stab you in the back. You face them. You open yourself up and give them everything.

And they eat you alive while staring you cold in the eyes.

And you stare back. You know exactly what you do. You allow yourself to be the host. You #sacrifice your labels so the parasites can thrive. It comes inherent with being the #teacher.

Because you understand #resurrection. You know what it means to be #reborn. And you’re eternally becoming a #butterfly. There’s no before and no after. There’s only #now. You’re continuously becoming who you are.

This puts you at an advantage. If you can #transcend emotional pain. If you can #detach from the hangers on. If you can rise from the ashes as a #phoenix to blaze new trails--a new #hologram for a new day.

Then do it again. Because you know they’ll come for you.

Then do it again. Because you know they need you.

Then do it again. Because it’s what you want.

Then do it again.

Because #infinity.

And you know who you are.

#tarotofthenymphs #sixofwands #tenofswords #theworld #hobosafecamp


No more excuses. No more pointing fingers. #2018 is the year you take #ownership of your #experience. Every second of every hour is yours for the taking. You can sit and do nothing, but that choice is yours. Nobody else's.

Don't say you can't… just find a way. #getupstandup

#tarotoftheiiimillennium #thehighpriestess #sevenofcups #hobosafecamp


The problem with #socialmedia is that it's all very external. It's extremely difficult to #translate our inner #spirit into a medium driven by #photographs. This is why when we scroll through our social media feeds, we're flooded with #images of people’s stuff--food, clothing, faces. We're inundated with pictures of the physical world.

Don't let yourself get sucked into this false sense of existence. We’re not our food, clothing, and faces. Not at our cores. We're so much more than that. Don't use the images of what others post on social media as your basis for self-judgement. We are physical AND #spiritual beings. We’ll never find full satisfaction in the competitive world of #Instagram glamour.

We'll never live up to each other’s expectations if we resort only to #Facebook stunting. Nobody ever went to bed completely fulfilled after posting something that basically says, “look at what I own. "

We are not what we own.

The stuff is the least important element of the #journey. The journey itself takes place in the #ethers of #experience, which doesn't require a credit card. It isn't visible in a mirror.

Now take a moment to scroll back through your own social media profiles and ask yourself how you are using these tools. Are you simply #reflecting the physical world around you or are you #broadcasting a higher #frequency?

Of course, there's no right or wrong way to use social media. In fact, the creators of these platforms will tell you the very reason they were created in the first place is sell shit to consumers. But we're smarter than that. We can harness the #power for #love.

it's all about how you want to be perceived.

So how do you want to be perceived? As a #lightworker? Or a showoff? As a #teacher? Or a braggart? As a #light in the darkness? Or a slave to fashion?

Do you hear the cries of a million suffering souls? They look to you for guidance. Be the light.

#wearenotourthings #hobosafecamp


There's no stopping it now. You've given ideas #life and now they soar high on their own wings. You've managed to bring #ethereal, intangible #passions into this living, tactile dimension... and now it’s time to let them live. To give them space to grow.

But how do you do this? How do you exist as #creator, then turn around and relinquish control?

You do this by sacrificing #ego. You do this by detaching from the physical. You do this by getting out of your own way and bending to the will of the #cosmos.

You do this by trusting #Source.

You can’t force a #seed to #grow. You can only make sure the conditions are right. You can provide water. You can fertilize the soil. You can keep the space #clear of weeds. But the #plant grows on its own. It reaches up for the #sun like all living things. It finds itself separate and seeks connection just like you. Just like me. Just like all of us who crave #solidarity in the #collective. Just like all of us who seek both #sovereignty and #connection.

How do we reconcile the #duality of the #soul and the #whole? How do we survive the cold, singular #perception of separation?

It begins with three words, spoken or implied. And from there, we grow together.

#mayantarot #eightofwands #thehangedman #aceofpentacles #hobosafecamp


New year, new you. Isn't that how the old saying goes? And I suppose it's important to use milestone markers such as the changing of the calendar year to reflect upon the previous year and plan for the year ahead. But it's also important to take other overused cliches into consideration, as well, such as that one about each new day being a new beginning. So if your #2018 resolutions aren't working for you in, say, June... you don't have to wait for #2019 to make another big change.

In fact, we can make this even more immediate. Why wait for morning? Each #breath presents an opportunity for #change. Every second brings a #newbeginning. You don't have to wait for a #newyear or a #sunrise to physically morph into your #higherself. You just have to be it.

Love is the law. Love under will.

Stop all negative thoughts and destructive behaviors now. Right now. Not next year. Not tomorrow. Now! Be reborn as #positiveenergy. Be the #goodvibes you seek.

There will be those who try to keep you anchored to your past mistakes. There are some who will always identify you as your stupid, youthful choices. Listen to me--this is not your trip. It's their trip. The #newyou needs to forgive the #oldyou so you can move forward in #light. Look back only with #love for the people you've met and the lessons you've learned.

Are there going to be dark days ahead? Of course there are. But take a moment in quiet introspection here at the end of #2017 to appreciate what you've already overcome. You've been to hell and back and you're still standing. Imagine what would happen if you focus your #energy on creating #heaven right here on #Earth instead of fighting through the muck.

So much beautiful #life still to be lived.

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I don't think it's a stretch by any means to say that you’ve completely transformed this year. You might not be exactly where you want to be as far as worldly comforts are concerned... and your bank account could use a few more zeros… but there's no denying that your #higherself game is on point. As far as #spirituality goes, you're vibing in the zone like a #zen master.

Unfortunately, very few landlords accept #goodvibes as acceptable payment for rent. Unconditional #love and #kindness only count as legal tender out here in the #socialmedia ether. But back on #Earth, where our #souls are physically trapped inside these #human vessels, we’re required to have jobs so we can buy #shelter and #food and #cleanwater. So we can buy #music and #medicine and #fun. So we can buy the #nourishment our bodies need to survive.

So we can keep breathing. So we can keep #dreaming. So we can continue discovering the answers.

This is why #2018 is going to be about reconciling #soul with body. Or maybe it’s more like separating ourselves from our labels. Or an opting in to the #collectiveconsciousness. There’s gotta be a way that we can feel this #fifthdimension love in our “everyday” lives.

Where do we find #love in the crippling #language of the daily grind?

We find it in ourselves. In our #words. In our actions. We find it in our #smiles. And the smiles of others. We find it in each other. Because let’s face it… we’re really all we’ve got.

#loveoneanother #hobosafecamp


"You're captives of a civilizational system that more or less compels you to go on destroying the world in order to live... I think there are many among you who would be glad to release the world from captivity... This is what prevents them: They're unable to find the bars of the cage." #DanielQuinn #Ishmael

The repair of #MotherEarth begins with you. Right now. Right where you stand. Earth does not exist so you can live. You live because #Earth exists. Be the change.

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#Repost from @sierraclub - "Darkness dominates over daylight with the #solstice on December 21, but not for long. Winter has just begun, but our days will ever so slowly get longer. The days around the #wintersolstice are the shortest of the year, but they are lengthening minute by minute, eventually restoring some sunlight to the evening sky. In the meantime, make the most of the darkness by keeping an eye on the #stars." Read more about December astronomical highlights at sc.org/2017solstice *

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Transmission 2 of the Tin Can Telephone #podcast is now available for your listening pleasure.

This week, I introduce you to C.R. Tenet's A Treatise on the Mercurial Word.

Just go to www.hobosafecamp.net (link in bio) to listen or download. Also available on #iTunes, #Stitcher, and #GooglePlay.

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That moment when your outer mask aligns with your inner flame. #fusion
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