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I am *so* excited to share updates with you on the major projects happening behind the scenes -- I'll be on Insta live tonight at 5pm cst to give status updates on the refugee sewing co-operative, the @joojoojournal, the radical reading club, and the upcoming spring speaking tour in LA, Toronto, Chicago, & NYC! 🌷 ALSO Persian new years/spring is in a week so y'all know I'm hype! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🙌🏽 📸: @whittensabbatini for NYT


"We tend to continuously allow negotiations in our feminism or support of women: we forgive multi-billion dollar exploitative corporations as fast as they can put a headscarf on a model or imperialism as fast as it can put on a pink pantsuit." My piece for #internationalwomensday on the blog this morning! Excerpts in stories and link in profile. Today, and always, let us commit to a deeply intersectional, radical love-based, and community-rooted movement for liberation that does not flatten or simplify realities. ✊🏼✌🏼I've also uplifted badass brown working-class women being inspirational af throughout the day on twitter, if ya wanna peep!
P.s. ppl have been messaging me saying my posts no longer appear on their newsfeeds ;( -- you can still "turn on notifications" or whatever by tapping the three dots on the top right of profiles you want to stay updated with! ❤️ 📷: @whittensabbatini for @nytimes


Did a lil shoot with the @nytimes for a feature on my work (link in stories) and the photos make me look like I'm part of a rad middle eastern punk rock band and I am not at all opposed to this idea (just so long as we can still play some classical stuff)✌🏼 مصاحبه با نیویورک تایمز داشتم و عکسم انگار که تو گروه راک شرقی هستم. البته ویلون می زنم و سه تار دارم یاد میگیرم. 😂 📷: @whittensabbatini (thank you for the fun shoot!)



You've asked, and we're raising the ante. Excited to launch an international, virtual (with in-person meetups!) radical reading crew, based 100% on your feedback & suggestions! (This is in response to the much-demanded request for a 'radical' reading list post this meme and line being your favorite, apparently). I don't want to just drop a reading list and leave, let's spark an ongoing and engaging conversation for everyone to be a part of learning, teaching, and growing, together! So, drop a line, leave a comment, tag your friends, send a DM -- what do you want to see happen? How do you want to engage? What platform? What types of books? Let's put your ideas into action! 💪🏼📖


Looking extra & running the hell away from the WGN studio after that interview went down like...haha no but wowowow where do I even begin? Truly, I can't thank you all enough for the incredible love & support from around the world. This past week has been absolutely wild, from interviews every few hours with media outlets from @dazed @refinery29 @guardian @rt @ajplus @glamourmag @bbcasiannetwork to notifications that wont stop on all of my social media platforms (I promise I read every DM even if I can't respond to them all!), I'm so honored that you all are sending so much love, my work and words resonate with you, and that we're all committed to being forever unapologetic learners, readers, educators, community organizers, fighters, lovers, and resisters, together. This work has not ended, nor has it just begun -- but one thing is for sure: we're in this together. Have you learned your histories or talked to your community elders? Does your community have unmet needs? Are there Black or Brown, working-class, or other community organizing groups that are working on challenging systemic racism, white supremacy, and structures of violence here and abroad you can join or support? Do you have a platform you can use to uplift important work? This is not about me at all, this is so much larger than that. So what are you going to do about it?

P.s. I'm also starting a virtual book club I'll be announcing on JooJoo Azad soon! ✌🏼 Photo: trying not to die while crossing the street in Havana, Cuba, 📸: @sahlmaaa
P.p.s Thank you for 40k! ❤️🙏🏽


So last week I did a live interview on TV, where I was asked to speak about my work and book, but when I gave answers the hosts didn't like, their questions (& comments) started getting hostile, literally telling me I "don't sound American" -- which is an incredibly loaded statement to say to a visibly Muslim woman on live TV, pushing every stereotype of "other", "foreign", and "incompatible with America" that Muslims are so systematically characterized as. I was born in this country yet they demand I am suspicious of my Iranian-ness but unquestionably patriotic of America. The double standards are wild. Anyway, link in my profile to watch the interview and my discussion about it! ✌🏼



The candy-colored capital of Cuba that I'm literally dreaming about in the midst of this blizzard in Chicago. Oh and to respond to everyone asking from my Insta story if I had to eventually brave the cold and leave my house, unfortunately, I did -_-


When you just tryna snap a selfie in your revolution palace but tourists ruin everything. And yes this is probably close to the outfit I would wear when proclaiming the start of the revolution.


Cant decide what I'm more excited about: @thisiskayem's upcoming show in Chicago on March 3 or the empanadas we just ordered at @ninisdeli ✌🏼
(P.s. #Chicago friends if you haven't already gotten your tix you best tap the link in @thisiskayem profile and get you some!)



Half of our heart - the car of our neighbor, Eduardo. He recommended we visit his favorite spot in the city: the museum of alcohol 😂


Pouring rain Cuba calls for hiding in corners with coconuts ✌🏼 also not the best day to be wearing so much white, oops / 📸: @sahlmaaa


6 DAYS LEFT to apply to the JooJoo Azad paid internship program! Two spots open, one Chicago-based and the other is open internationally! App link & more info in featured stories ☄️ / wearing underground Iranian designers, photographed by @sahlmaaa



When sanctioned lands converge: Tehran Streetstyle meets Havana, Cuba ❤️


(فارس زیر انگلیسی)Persian(ish) food at Topoli the Iranian Restaurant in Havana (and Cuban home of Tehran Streetstyle) (see last post)! P.s. the chicken is halal! I ordered the Joujeh kabob (of course) & @sahlmaaa had the Ghorme Sabzi ba morgh, which, we realized, just doesn't taste the same without ingredients from home. 🇮🇷🇨🇺 I'll be interviewing the owner for an article-- do you have any questions for him? غذای ایرانی (جوجه کباب و خورشت سبزی با مرغ) در رستروران ایرانی در کوبا! با صاحبش مصاحبه می کنم برای مقاله، شما چی سوالاتی دارید؟


When you find an ACTUAL IRANIAN RESTAURANT in the middle of Havana and the owner turns out to be BFFs with one of your favorite film directors (Asghar Farhadi), you have no choice but to befriend the owner and take a photo in front of his sign (and spend the rest of your day there). Also in other related news, can you guess what the only restaurant in Havana is that now carries a copy of Tehran Streetstyle? ;) !تنها رستوران ایرانی در هاوانا، کوبا! صاحبش هم ایرانی است! 📸: @sahlmaaa, who had to put up with it all ☄️



A baby Chinatown in Havana! 🀄️ چینیها در هاوانا، کوبا! Fun little fact I actually studied Chinese for a year and despite Arabic being closer to Farsi, Chinese was so much easier to learn and remember (probably because I'm a visual learner and associating meaning with characters made more sense)! Oh well regardless I've forgotten all of it now, either way! 🙃 (But I really need to work on that Arabic still)


Ahhh thank you @hosseiniraziiie.artwork for the rad collage! ❤️ #iranianartists


The little bookstore where we copped some rad posters and danced salsa with the owner 💃🏽The only type of stores you could really find everywhere in Havana are bookstores. Cubans (& Hodas) sure love their books ❤️



INTERN APPS NOW OPEN! (peep my story for more!) 🌹 Last day in Havana, soaking in the sun and playing cards until 2am with strangers. 🌹 Back in Michigan and ready for my workshop at the South Asian Awareness Network annual conference this weekend! ✌🏼
📷: @sahlmaaa, who apparently isn't half bad at taking photos 😂😗


Downtown Havana, Cuba, outside the National Theatre 🇨🇺 I didn't realize my Spanish could get *worse* the more I traveled but apparently it's a thing, oops.


Learning and exploring in beautiful Havana, Cuba ❤️ p.s. there is minimal Wi-Fi so please excuse belated uploads and responses to emails/DMs! رسیدم کوبا! بسیار زیبا است 📷: @sahlmaaa


If you zoom in on the camera my eyes are shooting red beams so that's cool ✌🏼 (photo via the Newsy team during an interview yesterday morning about JooJoo Azad tings, wearing ethical label @sandrameynierkang via @shopnewclassics) ☄️


2018 resolutions: take more time to get lost ✌🏼


Squad says no $95 million cop academy in Chicago (or anywhere) 🔥🚔🔥 #nocopacademy


As we prep for 2018, I'm announcing the 3 major projects launching from JooJoo Azad that I'm so excited to share with you! Despite a shitty political time, this year we've continued to resist and thrive through this work: I toured the country with my book and got to speak on national stages about Iran, intersectional feminism and anti-colonial resistance, was featured in international platforms like @teenvogue and @i_d, collaborated with badass movement artists of color, and continued to grow JooJoo Azad as a space I'm so blessed that so many of you call home. As hard work is underway to make 2018 the most beautiful year yet, please take a moment to fill out the Reader Survey that launched this morning! Your feedback is so important for moving this space forward, and I truly appreciate all of you for being here. Thank you thank you thank you! ❤️ Link in profile for survey & project details! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


HAPPY SHABE YALDA! شب یلدا مبارک! Celebrating a night of warmth and sunshine meant to be spent with loved ones by celebrating some of my favorite Persians and cuties ❤️ peep my stories to join us! / photo: @mahyaja of the cutest pomegranate stand in Iran!


Phew, it's been a minute! Please excuse the downtime in updates -- blog, social media, responding to messages, etc -- what isn't shown on social media is the crazy hard work that is happening behind the scenes to make 3 exciting major projects come to life I can't wait to show you! For everyone asking about internship applications, JooJoo Azad is going through a moment of restructuring and will launch applications in the new year! 🎉 In the meantime, feel free to catch up on any missed JooJoo Azad reads or catch me today at 3pm CST on LA's KPFK Middle East in Focus as I talk about the Muslim Ban and institutionalized racism ✌🏼 / photographed by @d.chae for @matterprints


Oh just your average bazaar entrance in Tehran, Iran 💅🏽 / p.s. I'm announcing long-awaited exciting updates for my upcoming clothing line soon so stay tuuuuned 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 / Photo: Sonia, regram @azadicollection


Had a really fun conversation on design, organizing, and political responsibility at the @artinstitutechi within the actual Rodchenko Workers Club recreated room as part of the Revoliutsiia! exhibit currently up at the Art Institute! (If you're in #Chicago and haven't seen the exhibit you really should!) S/o to @productionmode for bringing together a rad group of designers and creatives from across the city (& beyond!) for this conversation! 🌹


Sometimes it feels good just to take a moment to slow down, especially when everything in the world seems so urgent, always. Organizing spaces can become harmful, content less mindful/significant, and stress leads to illness (i.e where I'm at right now). Just take a breath Hoda, and let life run its course. / photographed by @feltonkizer for @matterprints 💫