Holly & Juneau

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Oh hi 👋🏻


Really? Just one treat?
Luckily for you guys (AND Juneau), @cannapet has boxes of super yummy, healthy treats for you! They’re organic and is a natural CBD supplement made specifically for animals. Their products are non-psychoactive and veterinary recommended! #petconcious365 #ad


Silently protesting the lack of snow this year #fbf



If it’s going to be this cold, it might as well snow a lot and look pretty at least ❄️


If we had any chance to skip out on this cold weather and go somewhere warm, we definitely would if we could! @outdoorvoices is hosting a 5k Dog Jog on Nov. 19th in Austin, Texas! We were invited to go to this awesome event but sadly can’t due to work and other activities going on at the time. You can still register though! What could be better than spending a day with a bunch of dogs while supporting a great cause like @austinpetsalive? #doingthings #OVDogJog


There’s always that one friend... 👀
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Looking forward to the weekend like..


Have you ever walked outside while it’s snowing and everything is quiet? No birds chirping, vehicle engines, leaves rustling, nothing. Just an eerie stillness that makes it seem like you can hear the universe? Fresh snowfall actually dampens and absorbs sound. ❄️


So much love in one photo ❄️❤️



Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻 Double-Tap to toss candy (treats) in here 😜


This is the face of a dog who knows you have treats 😅


Your local neighborhood squirrel watch



When you open Snapchat and it’s on the front camera 👀
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Why do I live where the air hurts my face.. ❄️😒


While Juneau is always running with his nose to the ground and tail in the air, Holly will sit for minutes at a time watching and listening to the sounds of the forest. 🌲🍂
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Embracing the little bit of Fall colors that we do have left... there’s talks of snow later this week! ❄️😳


An accurate representation of their personalities - Holly is aloof, always happy, loves everything, has the same look all the time while Juneau is excitable and always thinking of how he can attack my face with kisses


My heart dog, the light of my life ☀️



With a little coffee, dogs and early morning light, all your problems get smaller.


If I had to choose one song to go along with this picture, it would be Bloom by @thepaperkites.
Just wanted to share an update with you all. Next fall I plan on going to college online to get my foot in the door with my photography business. I’ll be moving into a larger town but we are looking for places that allows dogs, I couldn’t imagine leaving them at home! It would only be two hours away from where we are now so luckily the drive wouldn’t be that bad and Holly, Juneau and I can still come back and enjoy nature at its finest. I’ve been in a creative block this summer so I apologize for the lack of posts. I hope to soon return fully and start posting every day. I’m sure I will once we get snow though since my schedule will be basically cut in half. Thank you for all the love you guys continue to show, I love this Instagram community and all of it’s dogs ❤️


This gloomy, moody weather goes well with their merle colors 🍂


Fall is in the air. Can you feel it? 🍂


Early morning light and an always distracted dog ✨


A wet, dirty dog is a happy one!


This is the photographic representation of pure bliss


The dog days of Summer


As hot as it gets now, I'm trying to appreciate it because I know for a fact I'm going to miss it when it's -35F!


Up North:
It's the place people go to escape. A place made of cabins, pine trees and lakes. No matter how far you drive there's no sign to say "you've arrived", so just follow your heart until you find your special place that brings peace of mind. As you breathe in the air and unwind, your cares are all left behind. It's no mystery where the northwoods start, when you arrive Up North...you'll know in your heart 🌲


How I feel when I realize it's Friday 🎉

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