Holly & Juneau

β†Ÿ Two merle Aussies β†Ÿ Minnesota ❅ USA Β» Nikon + GoPro πŸ“§ hollyandraven@gmail.com


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If I had to choose one song to go along with this picture, it would be Bloom by @thepaperkites.
Just wanted to share an update with you all. Next fall I plan on going to college online to get my foot in the door with my photography business. I’ll be moving into a larger town but we are looking for places that allows dogs, I couldn’t imagine leaving them at home! It would only be two hours away from where we are now so luckily the drive wouldn’t be that bad and Holly, Juneau and I can still come back and enjoy nature at its finest. I’ve been in a creative block this summer so I apologize for the lack of posts. I hope to soon return fully and start posting every day. I’m sure I will once we get snow though since my schedule will be basically cut in half. Thank you for all the love you guys continue to show, I love this Instagram community and all of it’s dogs ❀️


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This gloomy, moody weather goes well with their merle colors πŸ‚


Fall is in the air. Can you feel it? πŸ‚


Early morning light and an always distracted dog ✨


A wet, dirty dog is a happy one!


This is the photographic representation of pure bliss


A great day starts with some sun, dogs and TREATS! .
Luckily for Juneau, @cannapet makes treats that help with aches and pains for those pups that struggle with arthritis and other ailments! Not only do the dogs love the flavors, it's good for them too πŸ˜›
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The dog days of Summer


Pure bliss β˜€οΈ
#healthiertogether @nulopetfood


As hot as it gets now, I'm trying to appreciate it because I know for a fact I'm going to miss it when it's -35F!


Up North:
It's the place people go to escape. A place made of cabins, pine trees and lakes. No matter how far you drive there's no sign to say "you've arrived", so just follow your heart until you find your special place that brings peace of mind. As you breathe in the air and unwind, your cares are all left behind. It's no mystery where the northwoods start, when you arrive Up North...you'll know in your heart 🌲


How I feel when I realize it's Friday πŸŽ‰

#healthiertogether @nulopetfood


Here comes the sun doo doo doo doo... β˜€οΈ


Got that Summer state of mind β˜€οΈ


This evening was one of those evenings that you dreamed about in the middle of winter.


Jumping right into the weekend!
The grass is so tall now that Juneau has to hop through it like a deer πŸ˜‚


Here's a cute then & now for you all. I can't handle this 😭 #theygrowuptoofast


It's always fun to see the plants and trees start to get some life back after an incredibly cold Winter. I guess you could say that about myself too πŸ˜‚


Whenever I'm taking a picture of Holly, Juneau always seems like he's somewhere in the picture photobombing it. I can't tell you how long it takes sometimes to get a photo that I want πŸ˜‚


Holly and I watched the Northern Lights dance across the star-filled sky like a green wildfire burning in slow motion. It's moments like these that will be remembered forever.


I think Holly and Juneau's favorite time of year is Spring, because they look happy 24/7 when they can roll around in mud and go for a swim in the ponds all the time πŸ˜…
What distractions do you use to get your dogs to look into the camera? I usually make weird noises or I use treats such as the ones from @cannapet! I had a Turkey Dinner biscuit in my hand for this photo!


It's the WEEKEND πŸŽ‰
What are everyone's plans?


Happiness is sitting in a field of green grass on a warm evening while watching the sun go down β˜€οΈ β €
@nulopetfood + #healthiertogether


I'm not sure what this life has in store for me, I just know that I want my dogs alongside me every step of the way 🐾


"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't show evil, jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace." - Milan Kundera
β €
#topdogmom hosted by @1800flowers & @sniffandbarkens


It was one of those Sundays where you're excited to go home and do absolutely nothing. β˜€οΈ


"- and after a swim in the pond, Juneau was the happiest dog they ever did see"
His owner, not so much. #hesalwaysdirty πŸ˜…


Ahhh.... warmth. β˜€οΈ


It's been pretty slow and quiet around here lately and now today it's been snowing on and off. I hope to get back into taking daily pictures once it gets warm again, for now, enjoy ❄️