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Finishing pending commissions β™‘ Ryuzaki is an OC by @meena_chan :D (jaa der Bustshot ist ausgeufert x"D ich hoffe, du magst ihn so x"D) #traditionalart #pencildrawing #OC


Overview of my eight most recent prints β™‘ thr new ones finally arrived and the preorders will be shipped withing the next days :D
AS ALWAYS : TAKE 3, PAY 2! (the cheapest print will be for free β™‘)
All are printed on a high quality linen texture paper. I have more prints in my shop :) >>> honhonshop.com


Please tell me :D I need to do some research and would like to get to know your favorites!



Finished the first page of my new #StillmanAndBirn Zeta sketchbook!
I really like the paper β™‘ I especially bought it for rough paintings like this one :D #traditionalpainting


Finished artwork if my OCs #Noa&#Mio!
Filmed the coloration process for patreon and ordered prints as well that are set to arrive on Monday along the "Dope" & "Farewell" prints that I did the preorder for. I already received prints of the latter two, but I wasn't happy about the results so I ordered a new batch ;_;
This artwork was mostly colored with #CopicMarkers and #Postercolors on #StrathmoreMixedMedia paper


The new prints are here ! There is only a limited, small quantity of these. Once they are sold out, they are gone for good! Check out my store or my IS story if you want one :) my patrons will get theirs first, so I'll start shipping the 'regular' ones in about 1-2 weeks.
#RedVelvet #BadBoy #traditionalart



#wip gotta finish this today! Going for a more matte coloration style this time, so I'm working on many areas at the same time to get the contrast right #traditionalart #Noa #Mio #OC #EarlyGrey


Background : Done β™‘ Somehow the camera likes to change the peony color to a more reddish hue ;A; #nickerpostercolor #StrathmoreMixedMedia #GoldGelPen



Finished my 'Bad Boy' inspired drawing! Limited pearlescent prints will arrive in 1-2 days, so keep your eyes open if you are interested :)
My Patrons received multiple rewards for this one: WIP scans, lineart, high res scan, coloration process video & a material overview β™‘ Mainly colored with Copic Markers and colored pencils on Fabriano hot pressed watercolor paper #traditionalart #kpopart #RedVelvet


For anyone asking "how did you make the effect/color?" 1.Take a photo and open it in Photoshop/Gimp/Clip Studio whatever you like to use 2.Add a multiply layer with color (if you want to make colors pop, try to get a nice contrast e.g. through saturation) 3. Add another layer and add some highlights :) hope this helps!


First Sketch in my new #stillmanandbirn sketchbook β™‘ Soo in love with the paper! It finally is fun to sketch again ... it really works great for my sketching style :3 Here are my OCs Noa & Mio from my #EarlyGrey story β™‘ I'm going to color this one for the pending A4 Patreon print #traditionalart #sketch #OC



Finishing this one today! ;A; monthly Patreon drawing of February (I'm late OTL) #wip #RedVelvet #BadBoy


Please tell me that I'm not the only one going berserk while art shopping πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ with my sketchbook full and my watercolor pad nearly gone, I had to refill my stock.
Excited to test these out because I never used them πŸ˜€ the textures feel reaaaallly nice for all of them β™‘ perfect motivation after being forced to stay away from the drawing board for a few days.
Some recommendations by my friends @chenlongchung and @chrabibi along stuff I just had on my do-want-list for a while πŸ˜— Once I'm done testing, I'lm probably do a new post for the 'honhoninfo' hashtag #Strathmore #HahnemΓΌhle #StillmanAndBirn #Schmincke


My tl was flooded with so many artists joining #Vero in the past few days, that I decided to give it a try as well. Of course I'll still be posting here, on FB and the other platforms as well, but it won't do harm to check out this app as well :) Feel free to follow me there if you want to β™‘ I'll probably keep the connecting thing friends/people I've met in person only atm ._. I need to figure out things first and I won't be posting personal stuff anyway.
BTW: Thank you sooo much for reaching the 150k milestone with me β™‘β™‘β™‘



New #wip for the monthly Patreon drawing of February β˜† #RV #badboy


Keeping up with my sketches β˜† I've done more I haven't posted yet ΓΆ.ΓΆ I don't really have a bias in Pentagon, I just thought that E'Dawn would be interesting to draw #pentagon #EDawn #kpopart #sketch #HonHonDailyKpopSketches


Finished commission for @fenryll.artworks β˜† his OC Raven



#wip of a commission I'm working on for @fenryll.artworks β˜† it is his birthday today, so: Alles Gute :)
The girl is his OC Raven β™‘


Realised I never posted the finished artwork here ! I really took a long time to complete it (roughly 30 hours) β˜† I'll get prints of it soon, so watch out for these :) you can preorder it until the end of th week β™‘
#traditionalart #CopicMarker #PrismacolorPremier #Watercolor #postercolor #whiteink


#5 of the #honhondailykpopsketches β˜† keep suggesting your fave KPop groups and solo artists and I'll add them to the pool of possible picks if I like them as well β™‘ I recorded the sketching progress of this one for my Patrons #EXO #Chen #kpopart #sketch #Washi


#4 of my #HonHonDailyKpopSketches β™‘ this one was the hardest so far xD this time my grandpa randomly picked 2NE1...I think the next one should be a boy group bias of mine! Keep suggesting and I'll keep adding groups to the possible picks β™‘ #2NE1 #Blackjack #kpopart #sketch #CL


I wrote all of your kpop suggestion onto little pieces of paper and let my gran pick one :) As you can see, she picked SISTAR β˜† feel free to keep suggesting artists to add to my pool β™‘ I'll try to draw one of my bias each day for my practice routine #traditionalart #kpopart #SISTAR #HonHonDailyKpopSketches


2nd one! Decided to make a RV page afterall X'D second in my biS ranking, Joy β™‘ #RedVelvet #Reveluv #kpopart #sketch #parksooyoung #HonHonDailyKpopSketches


Sleepless at my mom's place // started sketching and ended up drawing #Seulgi in my style β™‘ I should draw more of my biases for practice, shouldn't I? Throw in some group suggestions that you'd like to see :D #RedVelvet #Reveluv #kpopart #sketch #HonHonDailyKpopSketches


Finished my μ©”μ–΄ drawing :D as some of you were asking: Yup, BTS related :D
If you want a print of it, you can preorder it through my webshop honhonshop.com β™‘ the original drawing is up for sale there as well :) hope you like it! #traditionalart #kpopart #CopicMarker #ColoredPencils #Postercolours #watercolor #ink


The new limited pearlescent prints arrived of my #monthlydrawing series for #Patreon β™‘ they can be bought in my webshop as well, shipping starts at the end of the month (because my patrons will be getting theirs first) :D


Still so much to do! Just started applying the base coat β˜† #wip #traditionalart #CopicMarker #ShinHanPostercolor #Watercolor


New #sketch for my next illustration