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I heard it was National Puppy Day. No better reason to share some pics from Day 1 of getting our boy @aspenthemountainpup. He was a heartbreaker from the start!


I’m so stoked to get out among the fjords, glaciers and black sand beaches with this chica in just a few weeks. We just announced our newest @thelawrencehouse destination for April and can’t wait to return to one of our favorite places on earth. Check out the link in my profile for all the details. ✌🏻🇮🇸
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Regardless of their popularity, some places just deserve our attention. I debated whether or not we should make a pit stop here, I wondered if we would be standing a line of other photographers trying to get “that” shot. We’ve been places around the world that have gained in popularity over the years, and i’m always shocked at how quickly people seem to jump out of their cars, take a photo and move on as if it was some checklist of places they had to see. Surprisingly we were the only ones here, which made standing here for quite a while all the more worth taking it all in.


We took a drive down the 101 looking for the perfect spot for a picnic, found a little trail leading out to the the cliffs, spotted 10+ whales in the distance, got really excited because there aren’t whales in Colorado, tried to get Aspen’s attention as if he would care, nope he was fast asleep. .
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#sonyalpha #vsco #discoverearth #roamtheplanet #neverstopexploring #nakedplanet #wildernessculture #nationalgeographic #optoutside #earthfocus #campingofficial #stayandwander #ourplanetdaily #natgeo #natgeoadventure #beautifuldestinations #liveoutdoors


Because sometimes all you need is a good ol’ fashioned family road trip. So thankful for this crew.



Oh Aspen, you heartbreaker you.


Watching the whales together. @aspenthemountainpup truly is the epitome of man’s best friend.



Our road trip has lasted a whole week longer than we originally planned. Every place we've visited we've had a conversation like this " Wanna stay another night? Yeah why not?" We expected to be back in Denver by now but somehow we are only 4 hours north of LA. It is what it is. ✌🏻


This is the @Pepsi that I enjoy on an impulsive road trip out west with our best friend @aspenthemountainpup. California has been far too good to us. #ThisIsThePepsi #ad


Watching the waves roll in and chasing the occasional seagull. I’ve always said I was a mountain person, but I think this trip is changing things for me. 🏄



Morning walks with my crew. I wish you all could see @aspenthemountainpup enjoying the ocean, he’s halfway scared of the waves and the tide and acts all confused as if the water is chasing him, but loves being out here nonetheless, as do we.


Impulsive road trips are my favorite. Sarah, Aspen and I are so stoked to be camping along the California Coast over the next week or so. It’s pretty overwhelming how much there is to see and do out here, but we’re just taking it one day at a time, and enjoying every minute of it! ⛺️


And this is why we love Colorado. ❄️



Oftentimes I’m convinced that the simple life is the good life.


I fear that one day i’ll look back and realize how a simple app became a filter and a lens to my life and my work, and I think in that moment i’m going to realize just how silly I was to believe such a lie.
As photographers, creatives or maybe even as just people, I wonder how many of us make decisions filtered through the lens of “will this perform well on my feed or not.” We base performance off whether or not someone had enough time to double tap our photo out of the thousands of others they will see in a day, thousands of of which are just spam accounts…let’s just be honest. And that somehow validates us, makes us feel good about our work, and so we do it again and again and again and then one day we sober up and realize we were doing it all for the wrong reasons.
I mean honestly, as photographers why do we share a picture, monitor it like some sort of experiment and then delete it after a day or two if it hasn’t met some standard that we’ve built in our minds based on the validation of a platform. You liked the photo enough to capture it, edit it and then share it, but you trick yourself into believing it’s somehow not good enough to keep around…why? What are we honestly afraid of? I personally wonder if we removed “likes” from this platform how different the work we would be creating and share would be.
Don’t let this platform dictate your work, don’t let this platform rob you of joy and most importantly don’t let this platform validate you.
This year, i’m vowing to create what I want to create & share what I want to share.
Thank you @sarah_michelle_lawrence for continually reminding me of where my validation truly comes from.


Sarah and I have been making plans for our 5 year anniversary this summer, it feels like yesterday we were getting married. I’m voting for a cabin by the sea somewhere off the beaten path. Lord knows, being back in Colorado has us both with cracked lips and super dry skin...some sea air never sounded so good. Any recommendations of places that are off the grid? Preferably in Scandinavia or South America.



Scandinavian simplicity with one heck of a view. 🇫🇴


Not even the bitter cold temps can keep us away from the mountains.


We’re all cuddled up watching the snow fall outside our window. We’ve got homemade sourdough cinnamon rolls in the oven, and good friends on their way over. Thankful for these days.


We only made it half way up because of the insane winds, but as you can probably tell @aspenthemountainpup could care less. @sarah_michelle_lawrence was just cold and ready to be back in the car 😆


We’re intentionally making more space to enjoy life together outside of work and it’s been so life giving to our souls. Here’s to climbing more mountains on the weekdays ✌🏻


Curled up with my two favorites watching the snow fall outside our window. We’re taking some time to slow down after what has felt like a whirlwind of a season. I find it funny that often people think traveling and taking pictures is all fun and games, like a constant vacation we get to live in. When we say “I’m tired,” people look at us confused, wondering how can this be tiring? The truth is, there’s probably 75% of our life you don’t see. You don’t see the hundreds of emails, all the paperwork and contracts and documents it takes to run a small business. Don’t get me wrong, we are so so grateful for what we get to do for a living, often times it’s doesn’t even feel real. Some days I just crave a vacation without a camera, I wonder what that would be like. Maybe it’s time for one.


Mornings like these are good for the soul 👌🏼


Sarah and I are so grateful for the opportunity to join @united on their inaugural journey from Houston to Sydney. From gate to gate we were spoiled in their Polaris Business class, and I think we’ve been ruined for all flights moving forward. Seriously Australia we can’t wait to return and enjoy your pristine beaches, amazing food and seriously intense sun. G’day mates! 🇦🇺 #unitedjourney #ad


And just like that, we’re back to winter. ❄️


So thankful to be back home with this boy. Now I’ve just got to get over the flu and this crazy jet lag!


One last moment of summer before we head back to snowy Colorado. Thank you so much @theoldclare for putting us up for the night!


Byron Bay was an absolute dream. The food was amazing, the beaches were amazing, our hotel @the_bower_byron_bay was amazing. There were hundreds of VW vans lining the streets, hippies handing out free mango smoothies just because and live music on the hills overlooking the ocean. We ate our fill of açaí bowls, drank our fare share of fresh juice and got enough sun to last us the whole year. Thanks for the warm welcome Byron, we can’t wait to return.