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I may not be a father yet, but raising @aspenthemountainpup alongside @sarah_michelle_lawrence has been one of the best adventures yet. Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there!


Sweet sweet summer time ☀️


Nordic simplicity at its very finest. Definite home goals right here 👌🏼


Saturday's were meant for morning snuggles on a mountainside ✌🏻


This sure beats that bumper to bumper traffic life.


A few peaceful minutes with the tribe before the entire sky of Austin turned blacker than I've ever seen. The storms here lately have been wild; it reminds me of the days we would get chased down a mountainside in the Rockies when a storm out of nowhere would show its face and force us to drive back home to Denver. I miss those days, not that they were the "good ol' days," rather just fond memories I wouldn't mind re-living again soon.


The sun baked mountains of Morocco are seriously something to marvel at; there is seriously nothing like coming home to a pot of mint tea after a morning spent exploring this landscape. There are certain places for each of us that we are constantly drawn back too year after year, this place is of the foremost of them for us. 🇲🇦


Gelato on the coast of Italy 👌🏼Sarah and I will be in Florence for a few weeks starting at the end of July and are in search of a place to stay. We typically don't do this but figured, eh why not? If any of you know of an apartment or house in the hills of Tuscany we could rent or have any connections in the city of Florence please let us know!
Also, we're looking to rent our cozy casa in Austin for a month while we are gone, if you are looking for a month rental this summer or know of someone who is, send us a message!
Muchas gracias!


I can remember sitting on this canoe a few months ago with Sarah and our good friend Anton during his trip to Austin, talking about things like Topo Chico & breakfast tacos and dreaming with Anton about the day he would open a coffee shop in his hometown back in Iceland.
Fast forward to today, and we just got done Face Timing with him, in his recently opened coffee shop, and it's got us scrambling to buy tickets to get back asap!
I'm sure many of you will find yourself in Iceland this year and if so, do yourself a favor and make a stop in the town of Olafsvik out on the Snæfellsness Peninsula, and grab a coffee and some lamb soup at his cafe, @kaldilaekur_! How many coffee shops have you been too that overlook a glacier and a massive waterfall and sit near the sea? I'm just saying:) We'll see you there! ☕️


Canada, eh? 🇨🇦


I suppose we could have just sat at home and talked about how fun canoeing on a glacial lake one day would be, but what fun would that have been? Take risks my friends. 🛶


Summers in the North Atlantic aren't exactly your typical California flip flop kinda weather ... think winter in Texas ... I'll take it though👌🏼


Among the giants of the North.


I'd walk down any Spanish cobblestone street with you @sarah_michelle_lawrence, just as long as there is a glass of vino at the end waiting for us.


scandinavian summer. also we just found out that sarah is 1/4 swedish so that's fun, maybe that's why we love this part of the world so much 👌🏼🇸🇪


I wonder how many sunrises and sunsets the three of us have watched together over the years.


People ask us all the time what is next for us and where are we headed too after this season. To be honest we have no idea. There is no simple answer. Sure we have dreams and desires and goals and vision for what we want in life, but what if the struggle to figure out what's next is more than just an issue of discontentment. I think the pursuit to find that one spot where you think all your greatest dreams and desires will be filled is probably an endless one, and probably pretty unattainable this side of heaven. One day a little cabin back in Colorado sounds awesome, other days I want to live in a riad in Morocco or live in a small village in Italy or on a beach in Mexico. Our neighbors probably think we're from Latin America because we often have reggaeton music blaring from our speakers, and then they see two white folks out in the front yard playing with their golden retriever and it leaves them confused. Oh well. Our house smells like the cumin and coriander we bought last year from the souks of Marrakech and we sip Moroccan mint tea most nights to remember our friends in North Africa. We have Polaroids in our home from our friends visit from Iceland, and we treasure the book of Icelandic sea sayings he sent us last Christmas. I speak Spanish and keep it fine tuned so I can talk with our friends in Honduras when we Skype every week. The truth is, often times Sarah and I wish we could be in 5 different places at a time, not because we're discontent but rather because we treasure the relationships we've made on the road and wish we could be doing life with all the people we've grown to love like family. I had someone ask me the other day why I think I like to travel so often, and honestly it's because I love the idea of family being bigger than just flesh and blood. One day we long for our children to to dine around our table alongside faces from all around the world. Maybe what we long for is heaven, and if so, then maybe what we're longing for isn't actually a bad thing and can't just be boiled down to "well Hunter and Sarah are discontent." Here's to the road ahead, and to all the people we'll welcome to our table ✌🏻


The hot spring game is on point out here in the West Fjords. There are more sheep around than people, no entry fees, parking meters, parking lots or big signs directing visitors...I really hope it stays that way for years to come ✌🏻


In my experience, if you go a few steps further from the crowds the reward is pretty remarkable.


We just bought our tickets for a little trip across the pond this summer and I seriously cannot wait to have more views like this. First stop Switzerland, then Italy, Spain and Portugal...then who knows. We're stoked about the narratives that we are setting off to capture and would love any recommendations of your must see places along the way. Here's to the road ahead ✌🏻


I wish every Monday could start off like this.


From the Canadian Rockies to the swamps of Louisiana and all the places in between, life on the road is such a gift with the two.


Somebody was pretty pumped about our coffee and donut selection here in @visitknoxville. We are beyond thankful for our time exploring Tennessee alongside @TNvacation. Here’s to the road ahead. #ad #madeintn #knoxrocks


Exploring the streets of @visitknoxville has us like…woah! We love visiting places that are vibrant, active and full of life. The fact that we can see the Smoky Mountains from our hotel room already had us hooked. So thankful we got to visit Knoxville alongside @TNvacation. #ad #madeintn #knoxrocks


There is nothing like starting the day off with your favorite people and views like this. Sarah, Aspen and I had a such a wonderful time exploring the city of @Chattanooga_Fun alongside @TNvacation. Between the insanely good access to nature and the thriving food and coffee scene this place is definitely on point. We can’t wait to return! #ad #madeintn #ChattanoogaFun


Someone got real excited about the river below us and nearly took a dive off. Life with these two 👌🏼


There’s something beautiful about venturing off into lands that are unknown. The unfamiliar can be frightening but in our experience, most of the times it leads to something worthwhile…like a waterfall all to yourselves in the middle of the jungle.

Friends we’ve partnered up with @amazonstudios, because we’re pumped on the release of their newest movie #LostCityofZ. Check out the link in my profile to get movie tickets, and may it encourage you like it did for us to take risks and step into the unknown. #ad