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love the good people in your life everyday.


teaching TODAY @mlthestudio 3:30pm πŸ’šπŸ’›



Tickets are available now @fairplaysummit. Humbled to be asked to teach in this company. πŸ’š


training with this fire group for 6 weeks @danafogliadancestudios. Not enough words to describe my appreciation. #letsgoletswork



ray of light


Class today @mdcdance 5:30pm Photo by @lzcfotos


Teaching TODAY @mdcdance 7:15 πŸ’š Photo by @lzcfotos



be kind


Happy Birthday to @mattypcock! I'm so grateful to have met this man and connected with him. Thank you for the uncontrollable laughter and keeping my days so bright. #body 😏 Being with you is such a joy. #kingofthenight #sisissus #gangstershh #whoishe #firstthree πŸ’› Cheers to an even dirtier year than the last #breakfree #startsfootstompfromendoftime



"a flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms." Thank you @youngarts for shining your light on the roots of us artists and celebrating our growth. Thank you to everyone involved in making this night possible. Miami is always the best xo


wishing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man on my side in this photo. So grateful for the head he has on his shoulders and the heart he shares with. He has so many admirable qualities and makes me laugh so much. Thank you for all you do and your consistency. You have taught me so much and saved me and inspired me for so long. #icantstandtherain #okaynow #themostflexibleback #diagonals #cleanandclear #loveee #huthutonehuthuttwo #thephotoshoots πŸ™πŸ½



I Care #RIP


"peace is more precious than diamonds or silver or gold" Happy MLK DAY


#fbf to when I first started dancing. Thank you @violet_kr3ts for the space to learn and all the fire you instilled in me. Thank you for everything always. @meeka_kameoka hitting that triple bounce ❀️Thank you for being family. @noelbajandas helped give me the name spelling for Boy Boi and inspired me so much everyday. Super proud of @noahlot_gotit for using all of his gifts and blessings too. 🌊 #longblueshirtwiththeratchertransition #theheadwasbiggerthanthebody #thanksforteachingmeeveryone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



teaching TONIGHT @mlthestudio 9:30pm #humpdaytreat Photo by @lzcfotos


teaching tomorrow night @mlthestudio 9:30pm. Not in town for my regular slot but happy to be teaching the #teamDFD monthly class. πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦#letsgoletswork loveeee. Photo by @lzcfotos


@ansel @tchalamet These two have always been stars and I am so proud of the characters they've always been. Congrats on all you have achieved since high school :) and definitely much continued success. I smile so much every time they cross my mind. #thetalentisreal #thesweetest #trained 🌟


this past year has been another great one. So grateful for the people, places and all of the new things. Thank you for the love. I've had the best time performing, traveling, teaching, sharing all of my heart & learning through it all. Not enough words but let's keep going and get stronger xo HAPPY NEW YEARS πŸ’›πŸš€ #thisiswhatyoucamefor


@we_just_dance1 CHILE!! Thank you for a beautiful time. I loved being surrounded by you guys. Thank you for inviting me to share and experience your fire. Los amoooooo Photo by @lzcfotos


HAPPY HOLLADAYS family, friends and followers. I hope you're smiling and your hearts are filled with joy. xo Thank you for year round love #mother #whatabrighttime


One final teaching shebang this year! Let's go, let's work Switzerland.


7 weeks in 7 dance studios in 7 beautiful cities around the world. At the very least 7 pounds of sweat from my body and more than 7 days to wrap my head around it all.
#DFDWW the first go around was so special and I'm so happy to have experienced its purity, passion and all of its love. I have a great mentor who has taught me to give- shown in class room settings and in all areas of my life and although I give consistently -on this trip I am so proud I gave more than I have ever before and I will go up from here. All of me is working and growing and living day by day. I am grateful for the trust I have earned and for the incredible energy I have received. No amount of support/ care goes unappreciated. I am so thankful. #suimasen #giveittomebaby #preggo #notpossible #amsterdayummmm #pliΓ©close #thegreatestloveofall #wehavenopicturefromlondonbuteveryonewentdownatmybday


TODAY is the submission deadline for the @danafogliadancestudios 6 week program beginning Feb 5 in Los Angeles. If you know me you know how much the opportunity to train and be in the studio with Dana and her company means to me. Invest in finding your best self and let's get to work. #fire #iwant #plieclose #sixweekstillthe6week


back in LA teaching tonight! 8pm @mlthestudio πŸ’›


Photo by @lzcfotos