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​BUB hopes your Thanksgiving feast is as messy as hers. #lilbub #thanksgiving



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Visited Cleveland and got snowed on. #great


​Here’s a video from today of a happy, snorting, squonking, drooling, slurping BUB. You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting too many new BUB photos and videos lately. That's because she’s been recovering from some recurring abscesses in her jaw which has caused BUB to lose some weight in the past few months. Thankfully we were able to pinpoint the bacteria causing the abscesses, and she is on the mend! She’s back up to her normal weight of 4.1 pounds (up from 3.5 pounds), and her spirit is as strong as ever.  Our vet and BUB’s specialist both say there’s nothing to worry about, and that her magic is stronger than ever. GOOD JOB BUB. #goodjobbub #lilbub



​6 years ago today, BUB was an astonishingly small kitten! #lilbub #lillilbub #babybub


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Something so magical needs no caption, but I wrote one anyway. #lilbub #scienceandmagic #andscarves



Deluxe BUB Feature: Maximum portability. #bilbobubbins #scienceandmagic #lilbub


BUB is glowing because she and @halopets donated 5,000 bowls of cat food to our neighbors at Brown County Humane Society, so their cats can eat as well as BUB does! #lilbub #goodjobhalo


​A VERY happy BABY BUB. #lillilbub #babybub #lilbub



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Oh no you didn't. #lilbub


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Because it doesn't get much better than a BUB in a (new) scarf. #lilbub #bilbobubbins #bubinascarf


Look what I found. #lilbub


BUB BLING #lilbub #scienceandmagic


​BUB for President? BUB licking marshmallows? BUB in a tent? BUB on the MOON?! YES. #lilbub


​One of the first videos I ever took of BUB almost exactly 6 years ago when she was only a few months old. Also the exact moment that I came up with the term #goodjobbub #lilbub #babybub #lillilbub


Some serious BUB snuggling going on today. #lilbub #whatacat


In the end, BUB went as herself. Who else dressed as BUB tonight?! Tag your photo with #lilbub so she can check it out.


BUB predicts she will be a fortune teller for Halloween. #lilbub #halloween #clairvoyance


BUB carved it with her own claws. #goodjobbub #lilbub #buboo


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