One of a kind magical space cat🚀 Female 😻 Small but mighty 💪 ABOUT BUB:

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This really puts into perspective both how small BUB is (4 lbs), and how enormous Special Dale Cooper is (24 lbs). #lilbub #dalecooper ​


Building FORT BUB! Thanks to Rebecca at @MountainPetProducts for offering to design a custom fort just for BUB’s special needs. This is not a sponsored post! We just think they’re a great company that some of BUB’s fans may appreciate. #fortbub #lilbub


BUB welcomes you to the first day of autumn. #lilbub


BUB and SPOOKY! #lilbub #spookythecat


bub is like a mythical creature that actually is real #scienceandmagic #bilbobubbins #lilbub


PetProof Carpet from @homedepot isn’t just pet proof… it’s everything proof. #sponsored


The only thing better than beautiful weather, is having it come from BUB. Treat yourself to the free Weather BUB App at the link in BUB's bio, or at #lilbub #weatherbub


BREAKING: New Baby BUB photo unearthed! #babybub #lillilbub #lilbub


BUB's trying to crawl through your screen to sit on your lap. #lilbub


​There's nothing more magical than a purring BUB. #lilbub


HI BUB! #lilbub


BUB is amazed by PetProof’s carpet softness, and I’m truly amazed by it’s invincibility to anything that she might do to it. Seriously, it’s incredible. #sponsored


It's easy to take nice photos with a beautiful BUB in a beautiful hotel room. A big thanks to @hotelhenryBFLO for putting us up during our stay in Buffalo - we raised over $5,000 for homeless pets! #goodjobbub #goodjobhenry #lilbub


​After almost 5 years of not drinking water (I had to mix it in with her food), BUB started drinking again!  #goodjobbub #lilbub #decisions


Lil BUB loves her Assisi Loop and needs it to help manage pain and discomfort in her joints. Did you know that cats are experts at hiding their pain? Visit the link in BUB's bio or to learn about the five signs of pain in cats. #sponsored #lilbub #cathealth #AssisiLoop #PEMF #AssisiHealth #LoveTheLoop


Meet BUB in Buffalo, NY this weekend, tickets at the link in BUB's bio, or at will be our last out-of-state appearance until next spring!

Your ticket includes an exclusive signed BUB throw pillow, BUB-Themed Small Plates from The Black Sheep, and a BUB-Themed Craft Beer by Community Beer Works. 100% of the proceeds benefits homeless pets. #goodjobbub #lilbub


Porch hang with BUB #lilbub


BUB is a wildly versatile critter. #versatility #diversity #lilbub


Today's the final day of BUB’s Labor Day Clearance sale at  the link in BUB's bio or at - Last chance to get 50% off BUB Toys, Socks, Pillows and more + 10% and Free Shipping in the USA. As always, every sale benefits Lil BUB's Big FUND for special needs pets. #lilbub #goodjobbub


BUB and I are thankful for all of the love and support over the past 6 years. I'd like to personally thank BUB for teaching me what it means to care for someone more than myself. #goodjobbub #lilbub


Since 2012, BUB has raised over $500,000 for animals in need, and founded Lil BUB's Big FUND for special needs pets. GOOD JOB BUB. #lilbub #goodjobbub


​Eternal bliss. #bubforever #lilbub #goodjobbub


BUB DOES STUFF #goodjobbub #lilbub


This is a photo of the very first time I ever held BUB. #babybub #lillilbub #goodjobbub #lilbub


This video of a half-pound, 8-week-old BABY BUB is the most viewed BUB video of all time. #lilbub #lillilbub #babybub #goodjobbub


Pssst... In case you didn't know, today is International GOOD JOB BUB DAY. It's a day to celebrate BUB, yourself, and your pets. BUB will be posting her favorite photos and vids from the past 6 years throughout the day. #bestofbub #goodjobbub #lilbub


love is cool #lilbub #biglove


Bury yourself in BUBs during Lil BUB’s Big Labor Day SALE at the link in bubs bio or at! To make room for Holiday Stuff, Plush Toys, Pillows, Mugs, and socks are up to 75% off, plush 10% off your entire order and free shipping in the USA. Every sale benefits Li BUB’s Big FUND for special needs pets.  #lilbub


A once in a lifetime chance to smooch BUB in Buffalo, NY on September 9th! Tickets at the link in BUB's bio or at

Meet BUB and get a photo with her while enjoying locally sourced BUB-themed small plates and a locally brewed BUB Craft Beer at The Black Sheep. As always, all proceeds benefit homeless pets! #lilbub #goodjobbub #goodjobbuffalo #BUBuffalo


This is BUB's alter-ego, SNARLS. #lilbub #lilsnarls